Ziff Law Firm in Elmira, NY – Profile Video

We here have very competitive, driven lawyers. And they absolutely give 100% to each and every one of our clients. And, I think that that’s rare. The team at Ziff is outstanding right now. What we do as trial lawyers is a unique thing. I chose to join the Ziff Law Firm because they are the best at what they do. Every attorney here has many, many years of experience with trials and personal injury law. Here at Ziff Law, we do one thing, and one thing only, we represent people who’ve been wronged. It’s all we do. Four attorneys working day in and day out representing plaintiffs. Personal injury and malpractice law is an area where you can really make a huge impact in people’s lives. That feeling that somebody is going to have a different life because of the work that we did. It’s just invaluable. Everybody wants to win, but not everybody wants to prepare to win. And I think that’s what separates the attorneys at Ziff Law from others. The most important decision that we make in any case is whether to take it in the first place. If we say to people, “We would love the honor of representing you,” we want to say that knowing that we can really make a difference for them, and we won’t take a case if we can’t. We love our work, we love what we do, but we love our play, too. And we try to have a good work/life balance. There’s no other firm like this in the Southern Tier. We’re here because we want to be here. Because we love to be here. Where we choose to raise our families and choose to make our homes. We want to be here and help our fellow citizens in this area to recover from these issues that bring them to us.

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