YouTube Series On Indian Cyber Laws | Information Technology Act Part-I by Bivas Chatterjee (Latest)

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upcoming videos. Friends with this video series I’ll going to discuss about all
the provisions of Information Technology Act there are 94 sections in
information technology Act and out of them four sections has already been
omitted and there are four schedules and two schedules have already been omitted there
are 14 chapters in Information Technology Act and all the chapters
contents different provisions and different chapters covers different
parts/the issues of the cyber world and apart from Information Technology Act
there are other provisions I will also discuss about those at the end of
these series because at the advent of the Information Technology Act a lot of
changes in our criminal major act say Indian Penal Code in Criminal Procedure
Code and also the most important thing the huge changes there are important and
crucial changes in Indian Evidence Act and also because of the advent of
information Technology Act, different provisions, there are rules created and
these rules under different sections will also be covered in my videos and
another very important thing is that Information of Technology Act is not so old Act so there are not the judgment or
rulings in recovering every provisions of Information Technology Act but I will
discuss about those provisions which are available till date as per my knowledge
in discussing their respective sections so please friends be connected with this
entire video series I will going to discuss about the ins and outs of
Information Technology Act prevailing in India later another video series I’ll
try to make some videos on the international cyber laws as well so
friends watch this video. Friends there are three types of cyber crimes
generally revealing throughout the world and one is the cyber crimes against
property which includes the financial crimes cheating online illegal funds
transfer etc another is a cyber crime against persons say for example online
harassment cyber stalking obscenity etc and the third one is cyber crime against
the nations that is cyber terrorism or any crimes which damages or relates to
damaging the critical information infrastructure of the nation. Friends I’ll
going to discuss about what is the meaning of critical information
infrastructure and the law prevailing in critical information infrastructure in
Section 70 of information technology act in my later videos these are the three
types of broad segregation of different types of cyber crimes prevailing in India.
Friends, what are the cyber laws, cyber laws available in India,
frankly speaking our major cyber law, Information Technology Act 2000 and
Information Technology Amendment Act,2008 and there are some rules made under
Information Technology Act and and there are important amendments in criminal major Acts, that is in Criminal Procedure Code
Indian Evidence Act and Indian penal Indian Penal code, I will going
to discuss about all these after completion of my Information Technology
Act videos there are various chapters in Information Technology Act 2000 I am
going to discuss about all these chapters now chapter one is short title
extend commencement and applications and definitions of these Act the chapter two
relates to digital signature and electronic signature chapter three relates
to electronic governance chapter four relates to attribution acknowledgement
and dispatch of electronic records chapter V relates to secure electronic
records and secure electronic signature chapter VI relates to regulations of
certifying authorities chapter VII relates to electronic signature certificates
chapter VIII relates to duties of subscriber chapter nine penalties
compensation and adjudications chapter X the Appellate Tribunal
Chapter eleven the offenses chapter XII the intermediaries is not to be liable
in certain cases XIIA examiner’s of electronic records
and chapter XIII miscellaneous these are all chapters that means totaling four
fourteen chapters are there in our Information Technology Act so the
statement of objects and reasons of information technology Act, Information
Technology act is to provide legal recognitions for transactions carried
out by means of electronic data interchange and other means
of electronic communication commonly referred to as electronic commerce which
involve the use of alternatives to paper-based methods of communications
and storage of information to facilitate electronic filing of documents with the
government agencies, further to amend the Indian Penal Code the Indian
Evidence Act 1872 the Bankers Book Evidence Act 1891 and the Reserve Bank of
India Act 1934 and for matters connected here with or incidental thereto so friends
in our upcoming videos I am going to discuss about details of the various
chapters of Information Technology Act various provisions and sections are
there in different chapters. So continue to watch my videos……and stay connected by subscribing….

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