Xtorque Drop Saw Bench Kit

check out this brand-new drop saw bench
from x2 this is a professional-grade all I mean your bench with two two point two
meter extensions it brings the whole thing out to six meters of flat level
work surface the decks completely adjustable capable of taking all sizes
and makes of drop saw it’s also rated for one ton of load and get a perfect
line right across the entire bench that makes reloading between cuts super fast
and because the material won’t drop away you’ll get a perfect finish every time
keep your fingers safe I was out on site today with Alan from interlink carpentry
he’s been using one on site but just a new bench pretty impressed actually very
easy to use makes my job a lot easier production is unbelievable as you can
probably see old ventures over there up to further new all day every day with
those adjustable stops you can get mass production hammering through and at the
end of the day pack it down fold it up throw it in the back of your truck
big thanks to Alan from Interlink carpentry and the boys from ADCO for letting me
out on-site today you’ve got any questions about the new Xtorque drops or
bench hit me up in that comment section below until next time I’m Tim you’re
watching Sydney Tools TV

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