Xgirl Nerf Gun: Warriors X Girl Fight Criminal Groups On Car

Cherry I saw a group of
weapons transport subjects Now, I will follow them You come to support me Ok Cherry, they transported weapons
to the abandoned house Please come to support me Hello Candy, I was outside the abandoned house I see the white car Is it theirs or not? Right Ok Who are you? Why come here? I want to go to the toilet Should come in this deserted house To find a toilet Who did you just call? Definitely not going to the toilet Go Go Bastard It looks like it sounds like Candy Bastard You let me go Why come here? let me go Hand stop You said fast, who are you? We are the Xgirl group It turned out to be Xgirl You go find her, kill her Ok Stop Put the gun down Candy !! Are you ok? I’m fine Let’s get their weapons and go home

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