World’s Dumbest Criminals 9: Like Idiot, Like Son

a customer walks into the jolly pirate
donut shop in west virginia but leaves without making a purchase moments later two mask men enter alright stickup,don’t move grampa and they are not for the crawelrs ok double (censored) you should changed your outfit how (censored) cash is in a donut shop, you idiot donuts are what? 50 cents. there’s a total money in there, i just brought a (censored) dozen baker’s dozen there’s at least six bucks in there then, total absurd of this but they steal scratch off lottery tickets yeah jackpot that’s not money i think they’re gonna win ’cause they seen like a lucky couple love be a lady tonight 2 losers sitting in home in shorts but scraps beneath the surface of this
donut hold up it gets even dumber these 2 donkin dum-dums are father and son, i love you son, i love you too dad this is just it’s really heart warming look how many men are screw up in the head because they didn’t get to spend quality with their father so one of these men is father of the year, ‘m glad we got this time together son i love you too dad, and the other dad is idiot of the year police use the surveillance tape to track down the
father-son team and serve them more than bake goods actualy you seeing in this video a rite
of passage the jews have a barnisbar maasai warriors have of ritual tattooing of a boy and this particular family when you father hands over the stolin’ cash register until you can’t no longer caring you sir, have become a man


  1. Can you upload the clip of world's dumbest hillbillies where a dude is driving a chair please? Please?

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