Woman Wanted To Get Caught Cheating As Revenge (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofDixon v. Hunt.Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. DIXON: Good day, Your Honor. Miss Dixon, you are furious
that your husband, Stephen, denies he fathered
your daughter, Tenaya. You believe, because
you cheated in the past, he is holding
previous mistakes against you. You plan to prove
paternity today,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Hunt, you state
you caught your wife
cheating on you and you are convinced
you did not father
14-month-old, Tenaya. You say, “Today’s DNA results
will determine the future
of your marriage.” Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. You were ordered
byCouple’s Courtjudges
Dana and Keith Cutler to appear in my courtroom after prior infidelity
was confirmed
in their court. DIXON: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Take a look. STEPHEN:I need to know
if she’s cheating on me.
I have concerns
if my daughter is mine.
(AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS)Miss Dixon, what do you
wanna prove today?
I mean, I know I messed up
in the past, but people change.
DANA:I have a direct line
to Judge Lauren Lake,
and this court
is ordering you
to appear before her
to determine
if Mr. Hunt
is, in fact,
the father of your
1-year-old daughter.
So, Miss Dixon,
you admit that you’ve
been unfaithful in… DIXON: In the past, yes. In the past. DIXON: Yes. And you own that? Yes, I do. So, do you understand
why Mr. Hunt doubts
what you say? Yes, I do. I do. Why are you cheating
in the relationship?
What, what happened? Um, in the beginning
of our marriage, he would leave
and stay gone, sometimes,
for periods of times. I left for a month. I cheated,
he had caught me, actually. Had caught me cheating. Um… JUDGE LAKE: In the act? In the act, yes. (AUDIENCE GASPING) How did you catch her? STEPHEN: Coming home
from work, and there’s
this car in the parking lot. STEPHEN: (STAMMERING) When I… Can I say something? Okay. The reason for… me cheating and
when I did it, it was… There is no reason. It wasn’t, okay,
it wasn’t right. I was intentionally trying to
hurt him, so I was not trying
to hide that I was cheating. I’m not gonna lie.
I was intentionally… Okay. Okay, I’m gonna give you
a chance to respond, but I want Mr Hunt
to finish the story about
what happened in this car. Yes. I wanna know
what happened. Okay, so, so when I walk
to the car, I heard noises,
and I knock on the window and she blatantly gives me
the look like, “And, so what?
You see what I’m doing.” (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE LAKE: And what
was she doing? Um, cheating. She was with the guy
doing whatever
she wanted to do. So, your wife was having sex
with another man in a car
out front of your house? Yes. (AUDIENCE GASPING) You were trying to get caught. Yeah. Because you wanted to be
in front of the house, ’cause you wanted your husband
to come home and catch you DIXON: Mmm-hmm. ’cause you wanted
to get him back. Yup. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING
IN HORROR) JUDGE LAKE: Goodness. So now, how soon after that
did you find out
that you’re pregnant? A couple of months
after that happened. JUDGE LAKE: Just
a couple of months? DIXON: Just a couple of months
after that happened I find out I’m pregnant. You find out you’re pregnant? DIXON: Yeah. What happens?
Who do you tell? Take me back to that day.
Did you tell your husband? DIXON:I told my husband,
because the due dates
from the time
I conceived her to the time
they said I was due, I didn’t sleep with him.
Only… That was one night…
That was a one time thing. Okay, but that’s all it takes. STEPHEN: Yup. DIXON: Yeah, that’s true.
That’s true. JUDGE LAKE: You know that. So, you had sex
with this guy one time
out in the front of the house. DIXON: Yeah. Was it protected? No. (AUDIENCE GASPING) So, unprotected sex
with this guy one time
out in front of your house, but when you get pregnant,
do you just tell your husband that I’m pregnant, or did you
tell the other guy too? I never told him. So, just told your husband. DIXON: Yeah. Once she tells you, Mr. Hunt,
what was your response? (STAMMERING) Everything else
just went out of the window.I was happy to…
I was having a baby girl.
And so, at what point
does the doubt kick in? When I thinking about the time (HESITANTLY) and I’m
realizing that I was gone during the whole month of June. And… I got back,
basically, July 1st. July 1st and… No. She’s trying to tell me
that (STUTTERING)… He was there, he was
with me on my birthday.
So… STEPHEN: I left
for the whole month
of June… So, how would you
get back there… DIXON: So… So, he never left? He left, but he
came back on June 1st. STEPHEN: She
might be confused… DIXON: I’m really
just feeling like… I’m really just feeling like
he’s taking my past
and being spiteful with it. No. No. And… His brother came,
he had nowhere to go. My brother was there though. That’s like my little brother,
I wouldn’t let him
sleep out on the street. My brother
was there, so… But realize I’m talking
to her on the phone
everyday, right? And why didn’t
she mention this? STEPHEN: For a minute if she’s
never said anything… DIXON: You wasn’t even there… So, are you insinuating
that you believe your brother could be
Tenaya’s biological father? STEPHEN: It’s a possibility. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE LAKE: Wow. And you brought a witness? STEPHEN: Yes. I’d like to hear from her.
Please stand, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: State your name
for the court. Johneshia Cooper. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Cooper,
you are what relation
to the defendant? I’m her aunt. You are the plaintiff’s aunt? JOHNESHIA: Oh, yes. DIXON: Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: This
is interesting. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) My whole thing about
this case, to even insinuate
something like that… STEPHEN: (STUTTERING)
She never said anything
about him cheating. DIXON: I don’t care.
He wasn’t there though. We catch you first. But wait a minute.
Miss Cooper, hold on, hold on. Miss Cooper,
explain to the court, are you saying that you believe that Mr. Hunt’s brother
could potentially be
Tenaya’s biological father? You’re… You believe that
Miss Dixon was being intimate
with her husband’s brother? Yes. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JOHNESHIA: It’s a possibility. (STEPHEN EXHALES SHARPLY) And why would you think
that’s a possibility? That’s your family member. What makes you think
that’s a possibility? I mean, because… She clearly cheated.
I mean, he’s gone.
What is it… (STAMMERING) If he’s
still there while he’s gone,
why’s he still there? I’m gonna take
my brother with me. DIXON: Me cheating and then
me sleeping with someone
who’s blood related to him, what kind of… What
characteristics will have us
showing as you being my aunty, that I’m that type of person? If I slept with
somebody else who I know… I mean, you intentionally
wanted to get caught in
front of your own house, JOHNESHIA: That means… so that clearly proves that
you’re that person. No. No. No. JUDGE LAKE: All right, settle. No. He didn’t even know
he was standing there. So you know… DIXON: Right. What? You act like you
caught us doing something. I mean, I didn’t
catch you doing nothing,
but at the end of the day, I’ve seen him there. Forget that. At the end
of the day, she admitted
to it onCouple’s Court.She admitted this. I admitted to it
being a possibility
of the guy I slept with, not sleeping with your brother. That’s overboard. STEPHEN: Okay, I’m just… I’m tryin’ to get
all possibilities
(STAMMERING) out of the way. JUDGE LAKE: And you
do believe that
it’s a possibility that your brother could be
Tenaya’s biological father? Yeah. It’s a possibility. I’m saying (STAMMERING) if not
that, then it’s a possibility
that they slept together. And if that’s
not the case, then, uh… I need an apology.
On both ends. JOHNESHIA: Oh, I’m gonna… On both ends. JUDGE LAKE: All right, well,
Miss Dixon, you brought
a witness, as well. And I’d like to hear from her.
Ma’am, please stand. Please state
your name for the court. Katisha Dixon. And what is your
relationship to Miss Dixon? Her mother. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Now, who do you
think is Tenaya’s
biological father? Stephen. JUDGE LAKE: You do? Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE:
And you believe that
without a doubt? Without a doubt. JUDGE LAKE: Why? ‘Cause she looked
just like him. DIXON: I tell Mom everything. KATISHA: And then, by…
The brother, no. It’s “suspicion”. KATISHA:
Well, you just need to stay and mind your own business,
that’s what you need to do. Well, you put me in
the business, I’m over here. Ain’t nobody put you
in there. Well, I’m here. KATISHA: You come
down here acting like
you seen them doing it. So, hold on, so, Mrs. Dixon, I wanna be clear, you
don’t believe your daughter had a sexual relationship
with her husband’s brother? You don’t believe that? No. No. Do you believe
that there’s any chance
that the other man could be Tenaya’s
biological father? No, ’cause it don’t
add up. The months
don’t add up. DIXON: No. No. All right, well, let’s get
all the cards
laid on the table. I wanna hear from Mr. Hunt. Jerome, can you please
escort Mr. Hunt’s brother into the courtroom? (AUDIENCE GASPING) JEROME: Hi, sir. If you can go up
to the witness stand
right next to the judge. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hunt. Yeah. Thank you for
joining us today. I have
a few questions for you. There’s been testimony
thus far that indicated
that you were staying at your brother’s house
while he was out of town. Were you staying there
with Miss Dixon? Yes, ma’am. Did your brother,
Mr. Hunt, know you were
there at the time? No, ma’am. There’s also been
testimony that indicates that you, potentially, could’ve gotten in to
a sexual relationship
with Miss Dixon and could be Tenaya’s
biological father. Do you believe… You are Tenaya’s
biological father? CHRIS: No, ma’am. Do you admit to having
a sexual relationship
with Miss Dixon? No, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: You did not? No. So, Mrs. Hunt, what is
your relationship like now with all of this doubt? What’s happening
in the relationship? DIXON: Um… I mean, (STAMMERING)
we have times
when we’re good, and where we’re at
a steady float and then… It’ll take something
as small as… That don’t have nothing do
with the baby or anything, and he’ll go off.
But I know (STUTTERS)
what it’s about. I know why,
you know, so… That’s why I decided
to come here, to just
get this out of the way, STEPHEN: No. DIXON: get it done. DIXON: So, that way… Look, look… Look, I can’t, I can’t sleep.
I hold my daughter, and instead of me
loving my daughter
and look at my daughter, I’m analyzing my daughter. I’m looking
at my daughter like,“Is this…” Like,
“Is this my baby?”
Instead of me taking
time to care about this child,
I’m taking the time
to look at this child.
When I’m up at night,
I’m staring at this child,
not because
how beautiful it is,
but, “Is this my child?”
I shouldn’t be looking
at my child like,
“Is this my child?” and stuff. (STAMMERING) Or looking at her
and she’s smiling back at me, but I’m studying like,
“Is that my smile?” And say, “Oh, that is
a beautiful smile.”
Well, is that my smile? So, and that’s what
really this is about.
I need to know. So, you’re physically present,
but you’re not
emotionally present. DIXON: Mmm-hmm. No. JUDGE LAKE: And your mind
is always somewhere else? Yes. And this doubt is,
basically, permeating the fabric
of your marriage,
and also, the relationship
you have with this
beautiful, innocent baby.And that’s got to hurt.STEPHEN:Yes.JUDGE LAKE:Because these
are the golden moments.
These are the early months
where you’re just so excited, and the reason why
you can’t take
your eyes off of em’ is because you don’t wanna
miss anything they do. Yes. But instead, you’re
analyzing physical features, and everything she does
to see if it, in any way, looks like you because
you have that much doubt. Yes. And Miss Dixon, you say
that you know you’ve
had a part to play in this. DIXON: Yes. If this is what
comes from cheating,
I just wanna get past this. And prove to him
(CLEARS THROAT) that I never touched
his brother, that
that’s his daughter, and for us
to just go forward. Because we’ve got past
the cheating part, but what keeps
bringing that up is the doubt that
he has about his child.So, if we can fix that,
then we can fix our marriage.
Instead of acting like
a woman that was married… I was acting
like a teenager. Or someone who
didn’t know no better. But I do. I do
know better, and I just wanna get better. JUDGE LAKE:
And you’re hoping… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And you’re hoping
that, ultimately,
these paternity results will save your marriage.
Will help you get
your marriage on track. DIXON: Save my family. I, uh, there’s no us
going forward, without this,
it’s not, because it’s not fair to her,
it’s not fair to him. Have you thought
about, Mr. Hunt, what will happen
if you are not Tenaya’s biological father? Yes, I think
about that
all the time, and… I can’t get past that.
Like, I don’t, like… I need to know (STUTTERING)
where I stand with her. It’s going to be just
basically bad, to the point
where I would have to leave. So, this marriage
is truly on the line today. STEPHEN: Yes. STEPHEN: Yes. All right. I think it’s time
we get you the answers. So we can see
where to go from here. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. JUDGE LAKE: These results
were prepared
by DNA diagnostics, and they read as follows. In the case of
Dixon v. Hunt,
when it comes to
14-month-old Tenaya Hunt, it has been determined
by this court… Mr. Chris Hunt, you… Are not the father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Hunt… How do you feel about
hearing that news? It’s great.
(STAMMERING) I mean… I love my brother. I just needed to know
and get that
out of the way. And… JUDGE LAKE: Understood. The next result
reads as follows. In the case of
Dixon v. Hunt…
When it comes to
14-month-old Tenaya Hunt, it has been determined
by this court… Mr. Stephen Hunt… You… Are not the father. (AUDIENCE GASPING) KATISHA: Who is her daddy? JUDGE LAKE: You are not
the biological father. DIXON: No. Who the daddy, Janae? No, it’s no possibility
of nobody else
being her dad. Except for the guy that
I cheated with, but… JUDGE LAKE:
The DNA doesn’t lie. Do you know how to find
the guy from the car, the one you purposefully
had sex with? Do you know where he is? No, I don’t know. (SNIFFING) Well, this is really… (SIGHS) This is sad.
I mean, this is
a moment because… It seemed like you two
had just been through
so many ups and downs, and yet you remain committed to just tryin’ to
figure this out together, and work through these
trials and tribulations. DIXON: Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE:
And this is not easy.You’ve developed
a relationship, I see,
with Tenaya, Mr. Hunt.
STEPHEN:Yes.DIXON:Mmm-hmm.JUDGE LAKE: Do you feel like,
at this point, you can continue
to try to work on the marriage? (STUTTERING) Now, there’s even
so much more questions like, what I’m gonna do, start
bringing all my kids up here
and start testing ’em off. And, and these are things
I’m gonna think about, and… I… (EXHALES) I… I swear, when I cheated
on him, I didn’t mean
to hurt him like this. (DIXON SOBBING) I mean, I hurt his feelings, and let him see
how I felt,
but I never… I never in… I never
would do that,
to hurt him like this. (STAMMERING)
Not with a child. Not to put another life
in the middle of it. I want you to go talk
to Dr. Jeff now, okay? I wish you the very, very best. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)


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