Woman Sees Paternity Result After 33 Years of Doubts (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. Good Morning. This is the case
ofLewis v. Palmer.Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Lewis,
you are devastated that after being
daddy’s little girl, you are now forced to
drag your father to court to prove that you are
his biological daughter.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Palmer,
you appear in court believing there is no way you
are Ms. Lewis’ father and claim you’ve always
know you are not her dad. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Lewis,
how did you first hear
from Mr. Palmer that he wasn’t your
biological father? By him. JUDGE LAKE: Explain.
How did that happen? Um, we were at his
place of business, going about our day one day and… How old were you? I believe, I was about 13. Okay. Take me
back to that day,
I know it’s difficult. Um, he brought
all of us together and said he wanted
to tell us something. And he wanted me to know
that I wasn’t his daughter. And he said that
in front of other siblings? Yes. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
How were you processing this
at 13 years old? I didn’t. He’d send me around to
talk to my grandmother. She basically was,
sorta like, saying that he… He was a little unsure, but she felt, like,
I was his daughter. JUDGE LAKE: So
your grandmother
tried to reassure you? LEWIS: Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
The man you believe to be your biological father, just, basically,
came out and said one day “I’m not your father.” LEWIS: Yes, Your Honor. You were about 13 years old? And up until this point,
you were daddy’s little girl. Yes. We started
going to visit him every summer,
up until the one summerwhen, uh, I was told
that he wasn’t my dad.
We had about, maybe,
two or three summers
before he said it. JUDGE LAKE:
That you had spent together? Yes. And do things daddies
and daughters do,
hanging out with your dad? And you had no idea? LEWIS: No. Mr. Palmer, do you
remember this day, that she says you
gathered everybody up? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Why would you
gather everybody up and tell her she’s not
your biological daughter? Because, I knew all the time
that she wasn’t my daughter. And I just thought
it was just time to tell her. When you say
you knew all the time… PALMER: Yes, ma’am. So you were just raising her,
why, to be kind? I had another daughter
by her mother. And so… I wouldn’t do
anything for my other daughter
that I wouldn’t do for her. I was a stand-up
kind of a father. So what was the nature
of your relationship
with her mother? Well, we was inseparable. At first, we was
gonna to get married. But all my friends
said I’m a fool and for me to think that
Margaret was my daughter. ‘Cause she was
going with another guy.
She had another friend. She told me that she was…
She wanted to go see her mother,
which was in, supposedly, had been
in a coma, and was dying.
And she wanted to go see her. Mr, Palmer wouldn’t take her, so she had her
other friend take her. But she said at that time, (SNIFFLES) she was
already pregnant with me. She was… I think she was,
like, four months. I drove by there one day
and I saw her out there. He had a ’59 Ford,
pink and white. I’ll never forget that.
I was in love with her. What happened with the Ford? The car. What did you…
You said… That was her boyfriend’s car. JUDGE LAKE: That was
the boyfriend’s car? It was… JUDGE LAKE: Was she
in the car when you saw her? Yes, ma’am. What did you see? She laid down,
her leg was sticking
out the side of the car. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Oh. She said that…
That wasn’t true. JUDGE LAKE: So your mother
has denied that to you? Yes. My mother said she never…
It was never nobody else. Him only. JUDGE LAKE: I’m,
I’m starting to understand. What you’re saying,
Mr. Palmer, is you saw her
with this old friend. And it was a man. Yes, ma’am. But what Ms. Lewis is saying is her mother
admitted to that. That I did ask
this man to take me because I wanted to
go see my mother
because she was dying, but I was already pregnant
with Ms. Lewis, with Margaret,
before that happened. But, what you thought
in that moment was, she was sleeping with
this other gentleman as well? Yes, Your Honor. And I can see how deeply
this hurts you. Yeah. ‘Cause as I told him
when he told me that
he wasn’t my dad. I sad, “Well, if
I’m not your daughter, “why would you
continue to raise me “as yours? “Because my mom
didn’t ask you to. “She didn’t ask you
for anything.” We reached out,
me and my sister
reached out to him. JUDGE LAKE: Well, that’s what
I’m curious about as well. So at this point where you
had this bomb dropped on you
at 13 years old, and you’re told he’s not
your biological father, where does it go from there? When he told me,
I didn’t come back. I didn’t come back
for about four years,
three or four years. I think when I came came back,
I was, what, 17? LEWIS: When I came back? Something like that.
Yeah, okay. JUDGE LAKE: So,
for three or four summers,
you just wouldn’t go back… LEWIS: No, ma’am. …to the farm, because
you remember him saying
“You’re not my child.” And even though
your grandmother
tried to reassure you, in your heart, what did you…
You felt rejected? Yes. But did you still feel like
he was your biological father? Yes I did.
I look just like him.I’m… To me, I’m his twin.Those ears,
that nose, that chin.
My grandmother told me
there’s no other way. When she seen him,
she seen my mother. And not some… Even when I stayed away, my grandmother…
She would call. She called me
a couple of times
and spoke with me and told me
to come back. Mr. Palmer, all these years
when Ms. Lewis didn’t show up, year after year after year, how did you feel about that? I didn’t bother me because I knew all the time that
she wasn’t my daughter. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) All right. That was honest. This hurts Ms. Lewis
very much. As you can see. Your denial of her. You seem very
matter-of-fact about it. Why are you so sure? If you were with her mother, and you admit that.
You were very much in love… PALMER: I was in service
at the time, Your Honor. You were in the Service
at the time? There’s no way I could’ve… To me, I couldn’t…
I couldn’t get
the timing together. So, you’re talking
of the timing? So, you’re talking about
the window of time that Ms. Lewis
would have been conceived? PALMER: Yes, ma’am. You don’t feel it adds up? That’s right, Your Honor. Did you bring
any proof of that? Over here, Your Honor.
Right here. I’d like to see it. First time I left for war
in May, 1968. JUDGE LAKE:Let me
follow along with you.
So, this is your timeline.You say you left to go to warin May of ’68. May of ’68. Let me first say
thank you for your service. Then you say you returned
nine or ten months later, and then Ms. Lewis was born
September 6, 1969? Yes. Yeah I was drafted
to Vietnam in May of ’68. And she was born… So what you’re saying is, is the way that adds up that Ms. Lewis would have
had to been conceived
in November of 1968. And that was
when you were away? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
So, thank you so much, sir. You can step back
to the podium.
So, Ms. Lewis, is September 6, 1969,
your birthday? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: It is, in fact,
your birthday? And so when Mr. Palmer
outlines this chain of events, he… His conclusion is that, you would have
had to been conceived sometime in November of 1968. LEWIS: Mm-hm. JUDGE LAKE: He says
he was away at war. What did you hear
concerning these events? I heard that he was home. He was having a relationship
with someone else. Kinda sorta the reason
why my mama was told
that he wasn’t my father. Oh. You were told that he had gotten
into a relationship
with someone else. And that was another reason
why the denial of you began. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Because
he had moved on to another relationship. LEWIS: Yes, your honor. Do you remember this,
Mr. Palmer? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You did? The plot thickens. (ALL LAUGH) So, after the Ford incident, when you felt like
Ms. Lewis’ mother
cheated on you, the relationship ended
and you moved on
with someone else? Yes, Your Honor. But you still maintain that you were away at war
when Ms. Lewis was conceived? Yeah. I calculated it up.
I was away. JUDGE LAKE: All right. I’d like to hear
from your witness
please, Ms. Lewis. Will you stand? Please step over
to the podium, sir. State your name for the court. Jessie Williams. Mr. Williams, how are you
related to Ms. Lewis? I’m her brother. JUDGE LAKE:
You are her brother? Yes, ma’am. Yes, Your Honor. Okay. Do you believe Mr. Palmer is Ms. Lewis’
biological father? Yes, ma’am, I do. I was there. I was there when he told her
that he was not her father. But I believe that… JUDGE LAKE: Oh, you were… You were there
on that day at the farm? Yes, ma’am, I was.
Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Palmer is your father? He’s your biological father? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Palmer, you do not dispute
that you are Mr. Williams’
biological father? No, I don’t, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t? He’s saying that
he was not there. But I feel like he was, because I have another sibling that was born around
the same time she was born. JUDGE LAKE: You do? Yes, Your Honor. How far apart are
this sibling and Ms. Lewis
in terms of birth? We’re eight days apart. I was born
September the 6th, 1969. My brother was born
September 14th, 1969. So, if he was here
to conceive him, he was here to conceive me. Conceive her. In my court folder,
I do in fact have
a birth certificate for another siblingborn the 14th day
of September,
1969.LEWIS: Yes, Your Honor. Which would just be eight days after your birth. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
And it says the father isMr. and Mrs. Jessie Palmer.LEWIS:
That was his wife, Your Honor.
JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Palmer… Yes, Your Honor. I’ve got a birth certificate
here in the court record here for another child of yours born to you and your wife. Born September 14th, 1969,
just eight days after
Ms. Lewis was born. That’s right, Your Honor. So, if you were there
to conceive this child, why wouldn’t you be there
to conceive that child? I probably got home on a leave
or something like that. I left on leave… AUDIENCE: (LAUGHING) Oh! I don’t know exactly.
I can’t remember exactly
where I was, but uh… So, they’re born
eight days apart. If you conceived that child,
and you don’t dispute it, why are you disputing that you could have conceived, along with her mother,
Ms. Lewis? Because we didn’t have
no relationship at that time. Oh, you were saying you
were not in a relationship and you were not having sex or
sleeping with or intimate with
Ms. Lewis’ mom during that window of time. That’s right, Your Honor. He know he’s my father. I know he’s my father. You’ve lived
your entire life with him,
basically, denying you? LEWIS:
Yes, ma’am. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
What has he missed? Uh, he missed out
on a whole lot. (SHAKILY) He missed out on my graduations. Um… I wanted my daddy to
walk me down the aisle
when I got married. He didn’t…
He wasn’t there for that. Um, I have five girls
and one son. And that one son I had, I would have loved
for my dad to be there. And he wasn’t there. But I know this turnout
is going to be,
I’m his child. And all I want to
say to him, if I may, is that, once we get this,
can I please not hear that
no more. Yeah. Please. Because I’ve always
looked at you as my daddy. LEWIS: No matter even
when you told me you wasn’t my daddy. You my daddy. WILLIAMS: It’s okay. JUDGE LAKE: How has it
affected the children? They don’t have a relationship
with the man, you believe,
is their grandfather. You’re right. We just became
into a relationship, these last four, five years. Because I moved back home. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And, uh, and that was…
I did that because
my dad was sick. And I wanted… I came back and I wanted to make sure
my kids knew who he was. And he knew who they was. Because, we not
promised tomorrow. And he’s getting older
and I’m getting older. So I wanted them to know
who their grandfather was. Even though he says that,
you know, I wasn’t his child, I still wanted them to know. So, Mr. Palmer,
when you hear this testimony, and, we’ve uncovered
the fact that you do
have another child that was born during
the same window of time, one week after Ms. Lewis. Does it change
your belief at all? No. I know what I know. And, uh, I wasn’t having
no relationship with
her mother at the time. So you’re still
100% certain that you are not
Ms. Lewis’ biological father. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: All right. I think the only way
we’re going to really
get the answers we need, is to have the results.
Jerome, I’m ready. Here you go. Thank you. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
Lewis v. Palmer,
when it comes to 46 year-old Margaret Lewis. It has been determined
by this court, Mr. Palmer, you… Are her father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) (LAUGHING) I told you. Now, don’t you say that
to me no more. (COUGHS) LEWIS: We got them papers.
(LAUGHS) We needed them. PALMER: Yes, we did. Now, Your Honor, if I may, I really believe
this came from, it stems from him
not knowing who his father is. And he took it out on me. Because, I was on my daddy. Because I hadn’t
seen my daddy. I didn’t know
who my daddy was. And I believe I put
so much pressure on him it brought him to this place. I’m very happy
that I could give you
the news that you wanted. And the clarity, Mr. Palmer,
that you needed. At the end of the day,
it’s about so much
more than that. And I think that’s
what your daughter
so eloquently stated. It’s about breaking
generational curses, you didn’t know your father
or have a relationship. And then that curse,
was passed down
to this young lady. And it almost got
passed down again to another generation
of children because they
almost didn’t have
a relationship with you but for her
unconditional love, even through your denial. You wouldn’t have known
those grandchildren. So, I think this is
a beautiful day
for so many reasons, because you get
the validation you need, but more importantly,
you get the opportunity
to break a curse. So that those children
not only know their father, they know their grandfather. This courtroom is
all about family and I can see
how important this moment
is for you, Ms. Lewis. (SNIFFLING) It is. And we are so very happy we could be here
to share it with you. Court is adjourned. (GAVEL BANGS)


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