Woman Married While Dating Other Man (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Richardson vs Robbins.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Mr. Richardson. DWIGHT: Yes. You claim you made
a huge mistake. You signed
the birth certificate of the defendant’s
two-month-old son,
D’Marlynn, even though you doubt you are his father. You want to prove your case before you end up
paying child support for a baby you know
isn’t yours. Miss Robbins, you say
the plaintiff’s
only mistake is denying your son, because you claim
that the DNA
will prove that he is D’Marlynn’s father,
is that correct? That is correct. Mr. Richardson,
why did you sign the birth certificate
if you doubted paternity? It was at the moment,
and I felt that… I don’t know, he may be mine.
But, I don’t know. CATHERINE:He was there
during the whole entire time,
during delivery and birth…
Uh, pregnancy.
He was there,
but he also
signed the birth, uh…
Signed the recognition
of parentage.
And did you try to
guilt him into it, or did you guys
have a conversation? No. Did he express to you
any reservation… No. …that he really
didn’t want to sign
this birth certificate? No, I asked him twice. “Are you sure you
want to do this?” Oh, why did you ask him twice
if you know that’s his child? Because we… During the whole,
during my entire pregnancy,
he had doubts.And I asked him,
“Before we do this recognition
of parentage,
“are you sure you
want to sign this?”
Your Honor,
I didn’t want to seem like
the bad guy at the time. And I was in my emotions
and… When I saw the baby,
I was like, “Yeah…” And I asked her. I said, “You sure
this baby is mine? “Is there no one else?”
And she was like… She was like, “No, there’s no one else.” But does that… When I saw the baby… He was so white. He was so… (AUDIENCE GASPING) He looked like
a Mexican or something.
He was just real light. A Mexican? CATHERINE: I’m light-skinned. Come on now. Yes, you are.
You’re very light skinned. But listen,
listen, listen… That doesn’t matter, children
come in all shapes and sizes and he just had spent
nine months or more in the womb. DWIGHT: That’s true. But, Your Honor,
you gotta realize, when I was dating her,
she was very sneaky. She’s very sneaky. So are you. Hmm. So are you. How, Mr. Richardson? She was sneaky
from the start when I met her,
Your Honor. I met her at a club. I came, approached her. I didn’t think she was
gonna give me
the time of day or nothing. CATHERINE:
So, he pursued me. I did. You’re right about that.
I did pursue you. Yup. For a long time. Yup. I pursued her.
I got out there. And we got to talking,
and she told me, she said,
“I’m married, but…” (SCOFFS) When she said
the word “but”,
that means… “I’m willing to maybe see you
or something, “I’ll play around with you.”
So… CATHERINE: Okay. So, did Mr. Richardson start off as a side piece,
Miss Robbins? Of course, I was. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) Yes. So, that’s true? Yes. Very true. But when we got into,
being more into
a serious relationship, and I knew that I wanted
to be with him,I decided that I wanted,you know, that I wanted it
to be just me and him
and I did tell him
and I showed him proof
that I was divorced.I hadn’t been with no one else
except for him, so, I don’t understand
the whole DNA part. Especially if it was
just me and him, for the last three years. We were each other’s
side piece. We, I was… That was at first. And you know that, When you showed me that paper on the internet,
I looked it up… And he said that anybody
can be on the internet, but I showed him that
declaration, so he’s… He just doesn’t
believe anything. Including that
D’Marlynn is his. No, I don’t. So, you had to go
on the internet to show him
your divorce papers? What I did is
that I pulled it
from our county. You didn’t have
a physical copy? I didn’t have a physical copy,
but I know that you can
get it on… You can get it off of the… You didn’t have
a physical copy of your own
divorce decree? DWIGHT: Hmm. No, I didn’t. So, Miss Robbins,
you assertion today is, you have no doubt Mr. Richardson
is D’Marlynn’s
biological father. No doubt, and I know that,
like, the night we conceived,
it was just… It was me and him. Yeah, and there’s another
story behind it. I remember a lot, he doesn’t
remember, like… I remember that night. …people’s names, his middle name. He don’t remember nothing. I’m horrible with names. I’m horrible with names. He doesn’t remember anything. How’re you gonna
say that you remember the night that
we conceived… I remember that night… Well, do you remember
the night? Do you remember the night? CATHERINE:
I remember the night. Okay,
tell the court
what happened. So, the night we, um,
it was during Christmas. And we had just bought
a couch, and I just moved in
to my place and within that week time, (LAUGHS) like, me and Mr. Richardson,
basically, gave our house
a blessing, or my house a blessing. (DWIGHT AND
AUDIENCE LAUGHING) A blessing that
I didn’t finish. Okay, but that’s not
no one’s fault
but your own. Okay. That’s not no one’s
fault but your own. It is my fault. Look at your age,
how old are you? I’m… At the time,
I think I was 43. Okay, so that could
be the reason. So, Mr. Richardson,
you said, um, you did not finish delivering
the blessing? (LAUGHING) Yes, Your Honor, I did not
finish that day. JUDGE LAKE: The act? The whole act. That’s not the first time,
though. No, it’s… So, Miss Robbins, take me
to the point in time, when you found out
you were pregnant. I wasn’t feeling good, so, I decided to go get
a pregnancy test
and it was positive. I also got another
pregnancy test because Mr. Richardson,
he’s so doubtful
on a lot of things. We took the pregnancy test
together, in the bathroom, set it on the counter
and we watched it. She asked me,
“What do you wanna do?” I said, “We’re gonna
have the baby,”
’cause we doin’… We doin’ some
stupid stuff, we’re not gonna
blame this child. “We’re gonna have it.” CATHERINE:
So, you decided that we should
have the baby. I’m pretended
I was happy. I just pretended… Oh, you were pretending? I pretended like I was happy. Okay. You were pretending
like you were happy? CATHERINE: Oh, okay. I was pretending
like I was happy, Your Honor. That’s nice. That’s nice. Why would you pretend
you were happy? Uh, because she… And still be with me? And still be with me
the whole time. But, I mean… Like, I don’t get it. I mean, because it was…
‘Cause… Because of what?
I’m sorry? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Pregnant sex. CATHERINE: Okay,
but you didn’t get that. Pregnant sex. And you know why. I got it one time. JUDGE LAKE: Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on, Mr. Richardson. Are you saying you weren’t
happy about the baby coming, you were happy because you
could have pregnant sex? Yes, I mean, pregnant sex
is the best sex, Your Honor. WOMAN: What? (AUDIENCE GASPING) So, Mr. Richardson, please, tell me if there’s any other
reason you have doubt. Oh, my God, there’s a million,
but I’m gonna try to narrow it down
to at least
one or two.I went to
one doctor’s appointment
with her, right?
And then, I wanted to go
to the other ones, she told me, “No,
you don’t have to come.” CATHERINE: I don’t need
you to hold my hand. I said, “Why?” “I don’t need
you to hold my hand.” You kept telling me, what? This is not mine,
this is not my baby, all this through
the whole time, so… Exactly. Why would I let you
be a part of that? And so the fact that she,
admittedly, didn’t want you at
the appointment,
made you feel like, “Well, if I’m
the biological father, “no matter how we’re fighting
or how I’m getting
on your nerves, “why would you not want me
at the doctor’s appointment?” DWIGHT: Yes. Yes. And, um, Your Honor,
you gotta realize… Tell the truth. Christmas time. Uh, she just moved into
our new place. Told me she had to
put down $2,800. She was complaining
to me that,
you know, “I have no…” This is, like, three days
before Christmas. “I have no Christmas money
to buy gifts.” But I didn’t ask you for any money
that time either, did I? Let me speak.
Let me speak. She come up with all this money
after she put this down payment on her…
To move in her place. And I said,
“Where you get
this money from?” She told me,
“I got it from my 401k.”
I said, “That fast?” Well, Your Honor,
I have been… It was that fast. CATHERINE:
Your Honor, I have been… On my job, this is what they
call a Christmas account. But why were you crying
about having no money? And so I told him that, I told him that
I didn’t have
any money at the time, but if I can’t get it,
if I can’t get it
from other resources, then I would use
the money part of
the Christmas account. So, wait a minute,
you felt like, “How three days
before Christmas, “you say you
don’t have any money, “and all of a sudden,
you have a 401k?” I had a 401k from… So why are you surprised, that she was able to take
a loan or something from that? That fast,
three days before… I think there was
another guy. That was kinda hanging out… JUDGE LAKE: Oh, you think… What guy is that? We’re gonna
keep his name anonymous, but there was someone
kinda hanging around. Did you have
any reason to believe that Miss Robbins
was intimate
with this other man you saw hanging around? I’m not gonna say him, but I believe she was
intimate with someone. During the time that
we were together? Why? Because, I remember
this one particular time
that I’m at her house and I’m watching TV shows,
she claims she was at work. She came home,
Your Honor. She sat next to me,
I’m like… (SNIFFS) “What’s going on?
Oh, my God,
I recognize that smell. “I mean, I haven’t had it
in a while, but I recognize it.” Really? What? I said,
“You smell like sex.” Oh, wow. And I’m like,
“You’ve been having sex?” So, that’s what
I smell like… I said,
“You’ve been having sex?” You know,
“Did you go to work?” I don’t know
that you’re at work, you’re saying
you were at work. I’m at work all day, but that’s how I come home
smelling? Really? Yeah, sometimes
you tell me
you’ve been at work… Are you not gonna say
how you smell when you
come home from work? Well… (LAUGHING) Well… Okay, but that’s not
no one’s fault,
but your own. So, is this the first time you’ve tried to get
a DNA test, Mr. Richardson? No, it’s not, Your Honor. She made an appointment,
we were supposed to split
1:35, it was 2:00 something,
to go get a DNA test. She said,
“I set an appointment, “I’m gonna come,
come at 4:30,
when you get off work.” I got there at 3 o’clock. But I made the appointment. Yes, you made the appointment. But you said it was 4:30.
I got at your house
at 3 o’clock. 3:30 come,
we sitting around. “Okay.
Appointment’s at 4:30.” 4 o’clock come,
we sitting around.
4:15, we sitting around. I’m like, “What’s up?
Are we going to get this?” But I’m the one
who made
the appointment. I asked her. I’m the one who agreed
on DNA even though… And I asked her… …that’s all you talked about. JUDGE LAKE: But did you go
to the appointment? No, Your Honor. We did not. Why, if he was
at your house
at 3 o’clock? I just…
At that time,
I didn’t do it. I wasn’t worried about
anything, it’s just that I had
other things that
I hadn’t planned. What were you doing?
You were just sitting
in the house. Other things,
other plans to do. What? Watching TV? I was on maternity leave. Hold on.
You had a chance to… Exactly. …resolve this. CATHERINE: Correct. And he was there
to pick you up to take you there. That is correct. You all had the appointment. That is correct. When you decide
you don’t want to go, in his mind, I can see, why he would feel like
you’re dodging this task. Exactly, and I agree
with that
and my thing is he… I’m not worried
about anything… But Mr. Richardson,
you believe she’s
dodging this test. At that point now,
you’ve been over there for an hour, 15 minutes
and she’s still
not ready to go. She’s not ready to go. We’re just sitting in
her house. Nope,
I wasn’t ready to go, but, at this time I was… And she said, “I’ll make
another appointment.” She said, “I’ll make
another appointment.” I said, “Okay.”
So, I come, I say, “Did you make that
appointment?” This was during the time
that I had just had
D’Marlynn. And I was not feeling well. Everybody… And I told him
I was willing to do it. I was willing to do it
without a problem. This is, this is it. You’ve got this man.
He’s on the birth certificate. He’s been having doubts
about you all along. I can see this conversation
we’re having today is not the first time,
probably won’t be the last. And he’s talking about
what you did. You were sneaky, you were this,
you were that. DWIGHT: Very. And this is, this is honest,
Miss Robbins. CATHERINE: Mmm-hmm. Whether he’s right or wrong, only the DNA’s
gonna be able
to decide that. DWIGHT: Thank you, Your Honor. But the point is that, you know,
at this point in time, he feels like what you say
has no credibility. ‘Cause when you met him,
you was not married,
then you was married. Then you got to get
your divorce decree online. You don’t have
a physical copy of it. I mean, the stories just keep
coming and coming and coming. And in this moment in time, you have the opportunity
to resolve all of this and shut him up. DWIGHT:
…him up! Hmm. JUDGE LAKE: Really. Put a zip on my mouth. And Lord knows… DWIGHT:
Oh, my… (LAUGHING) …we need that to happen. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (LAUGHING) So, I just don’t understand… CATHERINE:
Well, I didn’t… Wait, no. I’m, I’m…
Let me finish. I just…
I don’t understand. I know what it means
to have a baby, I get it. I don’t understand
why after you make
that appointment and he’s there, ready, willing and able,
to go to this appointment, do you not get yourself
and your baby packed up, and just get it done? As much as
Mr. Richardson talks, the truth is,
is I see how
he could be doubtful and now I’m trying
to figure out why are you resentful
of the doubt that you placed
in his mind? Hmm. That looks like
you’re dodging the test. CATHERINE: But I’m not, though. “We got the appointment.” But I did…
I rescheduled it. “And I’m here to pick you up.” “Are we going to
reschedule it now?” Why? We rescheduled it
because I told him that
we could do it at a later… I told him that it was…
I was reaching out… Was it because he was
already… No. No. Listen. Was it already… Was it because he was already
on the birth certificate
and you felt like, “You know what?
You’re the legal father
anyway, “so, I don’t really
have to get out
of my bed…” No, I really didn’t
care about that. So what it is,
is you are both
in here playing games and being silly,
while D’Marlynn
is still on pause… DWIGHT: True. …waiting to figure out,
“Who my daddy is.” And that’s unfair. You’re all talking
in circles
in here today. He’s sitting up here,
two months old and his potential father
is denying him, his mother
can’t make it
to the DNA test. And now you want
to sit up in here
for 30 minutes, arguing back
and forth doing
a, “he said, she said” when you’ve all had
every opportunity
to resolve this. Exactly. But instead,
you run your mouth
so long that you gotta now come
to the courtroom
to get it done. This is silly. I’m thankful
this courtroom exists, so that the buck can stop here and we can really
get the result. Yeah, result. And I have them. Jerome. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Here you go,
Your Honor. These results were prepared
by DNA diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Richardson vs Robbins,
when it comes to, two-month-old,
D’Marlynn Richardson, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Richardson, you are the father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You really didn’t know? (SNIFFLING) This is what
I’m talking about. (GULPING) CATHERINE: He doubted it
the whole time. (CRYING) JUDGE LAKE: Exactly. The whole time, like he… JUDGE LAKE:
And that’s what he was
trying to tell you. I can’t believe
I’m even here. After all these years,
I’m… I was with him. But what I’m saying
to you, Miss Robbins, now he knows for sure. DWIGHT: Mmm-hmm. And now,
you have been vindicated in the sense
that you said it all along. This is your child. Sign the birth certificate
if you want
or if don’t want, but this is your child. Are you ready for him
to be able to hold his child with the understanding,
without a doubt, clarity, that he is this child’s… D’Marlynn needs his father. I’ll sign. All right. I will meet you
in my chambers.
Court is adjourned. DWIGHT:
Thank you. Before I bring your beautiful, innocent little son in here,
to you, I want you all
to promise me that you all are
gonna work on learning how to
co-parent together, learning how to speak
to one another
more respectfully. He’s counting on you all
to get it together so he can have the healthy life
that he deserves. Can you give me
your word
that you will? Well, for sure. Excellent. Let’s bring in this
beautiful baby.
Jerome’s bringing him. He is gorgeous. Oh, he went to sleep. That’s what’s up. Hi, baby. Let’s have you… What’s up big boy? What’s up?
What’s going on?


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