Woman Flashed Street Drummer To Flirt (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. -Hello, Your Honor.
-Hello. This is the case
ofEvans v. Snyder.Thank you Jerome.
Good day, everyone. [audience] Good day. Mr. Evans, you claim
your relationship with the defendant was just
a week long fling, and you are certain
that you are not the biological father
of her two-month old daughter,
Laney. Once today’s result prove
what you already know, you want your last name back.
Is that correct? That is correct, Your Honor. Ms. Snyder, you claim
today’s DNA test will prove that the plaintiff
is Laney’s father, and you need him to step up
and help support your daughter. -Is that correct?
-Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Evans, you say
you’re certain this is not
your child. -I’m absolutely certain.
-Explain. So, the baby doesn’t look
like me from the get-go. Like, as soon as I saw her I was just like…
She don’t look like me. She is–
She doesn’t have my nose, she doesn’t have my eyes.Like, I would see these,
you know, features,
you know,
that would resemble me.
And she doesn’t look
anything like me.
So, [sighing] I just want to know. I mean, if she is mine,
then okay. You know, I’ll man up
and take care
of my little girl. And, um… But if she’s not mine
then I want my name back. [Judge Lake]
So, Ms. Snyder, I see you are so emotional. [Snyder]
Yes, Your Honor, because… I just want to prove
that he is the father and… How much I love her
and all that. And when you think
about a man denying your baby and saying, “She’s not mine.” It just makes me mad. I can see
you just can’t take
your eyes off of her. What are you feeling
in this moment, right now? Emotional. And kind of sad. [Judge Lake] Why? Because it’s just
overwhelming right now. So, today truly means
everything to you. This is important. -[Snyder] Yes, Your Honor.
-This is the day that you feel like you’re going to get a father for your baby? -Yes, Your Honor.
-[Judge Lake]
A father she deserves. Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Evans, please take me
to the day you met Ms. Snyder.
How did you meet? So, I was downtown
playing drums. And… So, she walks up to me
and I see her. And she’s, you know,
looking at me and I’m just like, “Okay.” And, she’s like, you know,
starts giving me those eyes and I’m like,
“Okay, I know that look.” And then she starts
dancing a little bit. And then starts flashing
her boobs. -No, I didn’t.
-Wait, what? -[Evans] Yes, you did.
-That’s a lie. -[Evans] Yes, you did.
-Okay, so you’re playing drums. -[Evans] Yeah.
-She comes up. You all make eye contact. -[Evans] Yes. And…
-She flashes you. -Flashes me.
-No. And then she, like,
starts getting closer. Yes, you did. And, um… She starts dancing
on top of me. -No.
-Like, she’s literally
in my lap while I’m playing drums. -[Snyder] No.
-[Evans] Dancing
and everything. -No.
-[Evans] Don’t lie.
You can’t deny that. -Yes, I can.
-I mean, okay, deny it all you want,
but that’s what happened. And, while she’s dancing
on top of me while I’m playing drums,
you know, people were like, coming by. They were like,
“Oh.” You know, like… -You know, ’cause I’m–
-No. -Lie.
-You know, it’s entertaining
and what not. I’m thinking
that this is great. She’s making me more money, putting more money
in my bucket. [Snyder] No. You said, “This is great,
the show just got better.” -Okay, so–
That’s a lie though. They’re putting more money
and everybody is entertained. She’s dancing on your lap
and you’re playing the drums. -Yeah.
-[Judge Lake] Then what? So, then I get a phone call
from my ex, saying that she’s
at my house right now. She brought a guy over because he lost his job
and needed a place to stay. And it was the only place
she could think of
to bring him. And I’m just like, “Okay. You know what, fine. But, just know that at this point of time
there’s this girl dancing
on my lap right now -and I’m bringing her home.”
-He didn’t say that part. -Oh, my God!
-[Snyder] He didn’t say
that part. [Evans] I did, too,
say that part. I told you what happened
right after that. Right after I got
off the phone. So… Now, listen.
So, you end up
going home together? -[Evans] Yes.
-What happens? So, I walk in. And she’s on my couch,
he’s in my chair. They’re talking and whatnot. Giggling and laughing
and everything. So, we go to the bed. And, her and I are,
you know, in my room. And, Ms. Snyder comes
into the room. And, um… You know, she gets in the bed
with us. I’m talking to my ex
at this point. Why aren’t you
out there with him? Because you brought him here. She’s like, “I’m not sleeping
out there with him. I’m sleeping in here
with you and her.” And I was just like, “All right, okay. We’ll–” Wait. So, you go
from playing the drums to being in the bed
with Ms. Snyder and your ex. Yeah. I’m scared to ask, Jerome. But, what happened? [Evans] So… I think you know what happened,
Your Honor. Um, she started, you know,
messing with me, and then… Um, and then, my ex noticed and she was like, “Oh, no,
that’s mine.” And I’m just like… -[crowd gasping]
-[Judge Lake gasping] She grabs it from Ms. Amanda.
Yeah, she did. I’m sorry. They what? What? No. Oh, it’s a threesome
and a game of tug-o-war at the same time? No. So, after about a minute or so,
I’m just like, “Hey, hey, hey. You all quit fighting.
There’s enough of me
for both of y’all.” And I’m just like… “It’s enough
for both of y’all?” [Evans] Yes. Oh, no. “There’s enough of me
for both of y’all.”
And I’m just like… You know, I’m thinking
in the back of my head like, “This is amazing,
I can’t wait.” -You know, I’m just–
-[Judge Lake laughs] [Evans] You know, I’m excited.
You know, so I’m just like, I want to get control
of the situation. -[Judge Lake] Okay.
-And so, um… So, I’m talking to my ex,
I’m like, “You’ve had me
long enough. You need to learn
how to share.” And, I told Amanda– Oh, you started getting
the lingo together. I suppose. I mean,
it just kind of came
in the moment. [Judge Lake] Oh, okay. So… Okay. And then what happened? I was like, “Amanda,
do you know how to share?” She goes, “Yes, I know
how to share.” And I go, “All right.
Well, then, y’all get along, be nice, play fair,
let’s have a good time.” No. [Evans] And, so, you know,
we started having sex. And, you know,
and it felt great. I loved it. I had a great time. But you didn’t use protection. -[Evans] No.
-Which is why you’re here. Yes. That’s why. But it gets better.
It gets better. There’s more.
There’s more to the story. So… [laughing] Um, Amanda, she was with me
for that whole week that we were together. And… So, you had sex for a week,
Ms. Snyder, with Mr. Evans? A couple of times
during the week? Yes, ma’am. [Judge Lake]
And you were there all week? Yes, Your Honor. And so, therefore,
that’s why you’re saying that he is Laney’s
biological father. [Snyder] Yes, Your Honor. -[Evans] No.
-Which is why you’re here. I can’t move on
from this point until I say… Now, you know,
you don’t have no business playing drums
out there on the street then coming back home
with some woman, and not using protection. And you don’t have no business
coming home with him and not using no protection. Yes, Your Honor,
I understand that now. Was that the only time
you were intimate, Mr. Evans? No. So, I left for a week. I went to Colorado
to go get a job. And, I came back a week later. And, um, before I left, we had met up one last time, and we had sex
that night as well. -In the car.
-I didn’t use protection. Oh, my gosh! We’re here now. We’re here. So, Mr. Evans, take me to the day you find out
Ms. Snyder is pregnant. Okay. So, I’m in Colorado
at this point, working. And, um… She calls me like, between– It was like, in between
July and August of 2018. And, um… I get a phone call from her and she told me
that she was pregnant. And I was like, “Okay.
So, when do you find out,when the baby is born?”And, you know, what’s the sex
and everything.
And so, she told me
it’s possibly a girl.
And she is due
sometime in January. -So–
-December. Or December. One or the other. -And so–
-So, you just said, “Okay.” [Evans] Well, just–
Yeah, I was just like, “okay.” Well, I’m pretty sure,
at that point I thought
it was my baby. And I’m just like, all right,
you know, so, you know just– I’m thinking it’s mine,
’cause I didn’t know
that she was, you know, may have been
with somebody else
or anything like that. I’m thinking, that time
that we were together, was the only–
I was the only person
that she was with. And, you know,
conceived during that time. And so, I’m like,
“Oh, yeah, it’s fine.” You know, if everything goes
as planned, you know, I’ll be there, you know,
when the baby is born
and everything like that. Um, but work kept me held up,
so I didn’t get back until
sometime in January, after the baby was born. And, um… And then, when she–
When I saw the baby, I was just like, “Hmm, are you sure this is–
Are you sure she is mine? Because, she don’t
look like me. She don’t have my features, she doesn’t…”
You know, like… Her nose is like, more flared
and mine is like, more round. And, like, she doesn’t really,
like, have my eyebrows. And I have, like,
a widow’s peak
that you can’t really see. It’s kind of faded, but like… Like– You know,
I just got a haircut. [Judge Lake]
So, during the pregnancy, you accepted
that this is “my child.” You knew you had had sex
without protection. Correct. You did the math,
you said to yourself, “Yeah, it was probably
around that time. I own up to my mistakes
and this is my baby.
All right.” Yeah. Yeah. Did you ask Ms. Snyder
if she’d been with anyone else? Or could it be
anyone else’s baby?
Did you ask? After the fact…
Yes, after I saw her I did. What did she tell you
when you asked her? She said that she was sleep– That she had slept
with someone else. [audience exclaiming] [Judge Lake]
Oh. So, Ms. Snyder, who is this other person
you slept with? I do admit I slept
with someone else, but we also used protection. And it was after… What would have been
after the conception date. It was like a week
or two afterwards. -We used protection.
-All right. So, how did
you meet this guy that you slept with? I have been knowing him
for a little bit. -Okay. So, you–
-But, we did use protection. Okay. So, well, this court
did track down that other man, because we wanted to hear
his side of the story. And he sent in
the following statement. “I admit sleeping with Amanda,
but I did use a condom.The condom did not break,so I know
that baby is not mine.”
So, this statement, basically,
is in line with your testimony. That you did have sex
but you did use protection. You don’t think
he’s the father, he doesn’t think
he’s the father. -Yes, Your Honor.
-You also testified
about your conception window. And that’s a calculation
that you did to show that Mr. Evans
is the biological father
in your mind. -Yes, Your Honor.
-And you did that… You bought a calendar. -[Snyder] Yes, Your Honor.
-I’d like to look
at your calendar. So,the beginning of April,
that’s when you met.
And you had sex all week,
from the first to the seventh.
It was like the end of March,
beginning of April. [Judge Lake] Okay. And then,
you had sex one other time
on April 15th.And that’s what
Mr. Evans testified to
before he went off to work.
Then, baby Laney was born
December 27th. [Snyder]Yeah, she was due 31st
but I had got induced on 26th.
[Judge Lake] Okay.
So, you had sex
with the other guy
at the end of April.The 22nd through the 28th.[audience exclaiming] And if you do the calculation, the window of conceptionwould have been
around the end of March
to the first week of April.So, that leads you to believethat Mr. Evans
is Laney’s biological father. Yes, Your Honor. And Mr. Evans is the only man
you were sleeping with during that time? -Yes, Your Honor.
-Because you didn’t meet him
until the first. -Yes, Your Honor.
-Did you sleep with
anybody else on the 31st? No, Your Honor. No. The end of March? I met him, like… the end of–
I met him end of March,
beginning of April. Okay. So, Mr. Evans,
now that you see this calendar, are you pretty convinced now? Has it changed your testimony?Do you believe you are
Laney’s biological father?
[Evans]No, she’s not mine.I’m not the father.I do not believe
that I am the father. But, are you basing
all of this just on looks? Because you don’t think
she looks like you? ‘Cause you know we can’t base
everything on looks. A baby’s face forms
and develops over time. She may not seem to have
your features now, but maybe she will later. I mean… Well, that’s why
I need proof. I need proof of that. So, I mean, if she– So, what kind of relationship
have you developed with Laney
this far? I have not seen Laney
since I’ve been back from work. So, you’ve never met her? -[Evans] Never, no.
-Never laid eyes on her? Only pictures and video chat. But you do video chat with her? -And you get the pictures?
-Yes. And when you get the pictures,
what, it just keeps reinforcing
“This isn’t my child”? Why are you even
staying in touch then? Well, I wanted to get
a DNA test to find out if she was, because she did say
that slept with this other man. And so, Ms. Snyder,
you gave Laney Mr. Evans’ last name. Yes, Your Honor. But he wasn’t there
for the the birth or anything. [Snyder] Mmm, no. And did you talk
about that beforehand? We had talked about it
and he was planning
on coming down there, but at the last minute
he was unable to
because of work. But you– Did you decide that
on your own to give the baby
his last name? -Yes, Your Honor.
-[Judge Lake] Okay. And you say, if Laney is not
you biological child, you want your last name back. You don’t want the baby
to have your last name. That’s correct. And if she is yours
you have testified that you will step up and you will take care of her. -Yes, ma’am.
-[Judge Lake] All right. Let’s get the results. -Jerome?
-[audience clapping] May I have the envelope? These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics, and they read as follows. “In the case
ofEvans v. Snyder,when it comes to two-month old, Laney Evans… I need proof.
I need proof of that. [Judge Lake]
It has been determined
by this court, Mr. Evans, you… are not the father. [audience exclaiming] You were right, Mr. Evans, you are not
her biological father. Ms. Snyder, I’m sorry, I know
that wasn’t the result you thought you were going
to get today. Have you informed
this other man that he could potentially be
the biological father? I told him. You told him? I said– I said I– I gave him a chance. I said, “You might be, even though
we used a condom.” I said there might still be
a small chance. Is there anybody else
besides this man? No, Your Honor. Okay. So, I got to say this
before we go. I know young people are
into this one night stand thing where it’s all so fun,
and you go to the bar or you’re drumming
on the side of the road. And he’s looking handsome
and then you start dancing. And then, you know, but… There are real life
consequences to this kind
of behavior. Real life. You have
a beautiful little girl now. And you have to set an example. -Okay?
-[audience clapping] If you need our help, if that gentleman
that sent the statement, if he needs a test
and you need to come back,
we are here for you. We have counseling
and resources for you both. I wish you all the very best. Remember, Ms. Snyder,
we’re here now. Let’s get the answer,
all right? -Yes, Your Honor.
-[Judge Lake]
For Laney’s sake. Court is adjourned.


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