Woman First Lied About Being Pregnant (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Cavanaugh v.
Bowles and McElliott.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day,
Your Honor. Miss Cavanaugh, you and your
mother are appearing in court today to prove
paternity of your
3-week-old son, Malcolm. MEAGAN:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:You claim
his biological father
is Mr. Bowles. Yes, Your Honor. Even though you admit to being
intimate with another man,
Mr. McElliott, during the window
of conception. Yes, Your Honor. Now he’s waiting outside of
the courtroom and he’ll be
joining us shortly. Mr. Bowles, you’ve never
met baby Malcolm. No, I haven’t. But you say you’re sure you’re not his
biological father. I’m positive on that. So, Miss Cavanaugh,
I have to ask you. Why are you sure Mr. Bowles
is Malcolm’s father? Your Honor, I believe
Mr. Bowles is my son’s father. Even though we wasn’t
in a committed relationship, we had unprotected
sex frequently. And… (AUDIENCE MURMURING) He has not been around.
He doesn’t ask about my son. He probably didn’t even
know my son’s name was
Malcolm until now. And I’m just ready to
prove that he is the father, because my son
doesn’t have a voice,
so I’m his voice. There is one other
person in question. And he…
Their sexual intimacy was only once
and with Mr. Bowles… Well, ma’am,
you seem to know more
about it than she does so let me bring
you on in here. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) So you’re Miss Cavanaugh’s…
You’re her mom. I’m her mother. And I’m a good mother,
and we have
a close relationship and she
tells me everything. That’s great. I’m glad that
you all are close. And now, Mr. Bowles, you say you seem to be
certain that he’s not. And if you’ve never had
contact or you’re not
involved with the child, but you admit to having
a sexual relationship
with Miss Cavanaugh, how can you be so
sure that you’re not? That’s because
when we actually, when we first met
the first night, we had sex within,
like, 20 minutes of being in her house. (AUDIENCE GASPING) It wasn’t
within 20 minutes. And then, like, probably
three weeks later,
or maybe two weeks later, I found an open condom
wrapper in her bathroom. Well, just… Just because… But she had
already said that I was the only person
she was having sex with. And so, then I
found a wrapper. Just because I had sex
with him on the first night doesn’t mean I have
sex with everybody
on the first night. I actually cared for him
and had feelings for him. We actually talked for a couple of years
on Facebook before I even met him,
so we had some
type of connection. It wasn’t just, he came over
one night and we did it. And then the condom that
he’s talking about,
it was my friend’s that I worked with.
Her and her boyfriend
spent the night. And that was that. She said she used it.
She said it was with her ex. (AUDIENCE GASPING) I feel, Your Honor, that he is
just trying to justify the reason why he believes
he is not the father. But did you tell him that
you used that condom
with your ex? MEAGAN: No. So that’s not true. I feel like he’s just trying
to justify his reason. All right, so now you
find out you’re pregnant. MEAGAN: Yes. When you find out,
who do you tell? Your Honor, I told him.
I told Mr. Bowles. Because that’s who I
believed was the father.
It was the right date, right conception time. But I did have one sexual
encounter with Mr. McElliott. And it was only because
I wanted to be in a serious
relationship with Mr. Bowles. And I felt like
he didn’t respect me. And didn’t care
about my feelings. So, yes, I did have one
encounter with Mr. McElliott, but I felt like
I wanted to do that to make him jealous because I wanted him to see
that somebody else wants me and maybe he would want me,
which is a very immature and childish way
of thinking. I now know that,
because it didn’t work
at all. I told both of them at the
time that I found out I was
pregnant. I told both of them. Well, I’m glad you
understand the error of your ways,
because now you know. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Which is why we’re
standing here today. You know, Mr. Bowles,
I’m trying to understand your doubt fully. And also before she got
pregnant, she actually
lied about being pregnant maybe like,
some weeks before. She lied about it. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) That is true.
The way that I found out that I was truly pregnant
with my son is because I was very
childish when I was
talking to Mr. Bowles. I really cared about him and
I desperately wanted him to care about me
because we were with each other basically
every other night,
if not every night. He was coming
to my house. Like, he lived about
30 minutes away, worked about 30 minutes away,
was always coming to see me. He gave me the
wrong impression, really. So when I did, childishly, try to fake a pregnancy test,
I went to the store, got a pregnancy test.
I was going to
take two negatives, turn it into a positive. And when… Yes. Take two negatives and
turn it into a positive? MEAGAN: Yes. Crack ’em open and turn them
into a positive. Oh, and put two
of the lines together. (AUDIENCE GASPING) So you had a plan to pretend you were pregnant
in order to keep him. And then what happened? Well, I took both of
the tests, Your Honor, and I went to go eat,
and I came back and they
were both positive. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE LAKE: Wow. No cut and paste necessary. MEAGAN: No. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) MEAGAN: Yeah,
it was very shocking. When I was pretending
to be pregnant or
trying to be pregnant, I don’t think
I understood fully the responsibility
that I do now. Yes, because it’s a lot
of responsibility, isn’t it? Yes, it is. MEAGAN: It’s hard. MICHELLE: And I’m
very proud of her.
She’s really stepped up. So, Mr. Bowles,
when you heard
about the pregnancy, were you excited? Uh, actually at first
I didn’t believe her. Okay. And when I did start to
believe her, I wouldn’t say I was excited. I was still being around. MEAGAN: Yes, he was. But I knew that she
was with other guys. And actually I think it’s more
than just one other guy, because when I was
at her house one time, and I spent the night,
and my car got…
Somebody went in my car. And I thought she had
something to do with it
at first, but she… I don’t think she did.
But we kind of fell out. And I remember I was at the
DMV getting my license,
and she texted me talking about, “I’m with this
other dude.” It wasn’t… That was the last time
we talked, Your Honor. MEAGAN: I just don’t
understand his reasoning. He was acting like
he was the father. But when I told him
I wanted to be in
a committed relationship, I said, I don’t want to have
sex until we are
in a committed relationship, I was just tired of it.
I was done. I didn’t want him to
disrespect me anymore. I could be carrying your child
and you just disrespect me. I told him I didn’t want to
have sex anymore until we were
in a committed relationship. We fell asleep,
because I was tired. He wakes me up
at 3:00 in the morning and tells me he’s going to go
have sex with another woman. (AUDIENCE GASPING) What? You wake her up
to tell her that? Okay, first of all,
we were just friends, so I could leave
and go wherever… Just because I was asleep,
that justifies what you did? We wasn’t together, so I can
leave and go back to my
house and do whatever I want. This was about the first month
that I was pregnant. And, yes, I did chase him out
of my house because I don’t
see why you would disrespect a woman
that may be carrying
your child like that. Any woman. Any woman. Any woman. And that’s the last time
I talked to him. Miss Cavanaugh, do you want to be with him so
desperately that you just want him to be the father, or do you truly believe,
in your heart, he is your child’s father? MEAGAN: Your Honor… ‘Cause there’s a difference. Yeah, it’s a little bit
of both. Like… I do still, kind of,
have feelings for Mr. Bowles, and I don’t really know why. With Mr. McElliott,
he actually told me he didn’t want
to do a DNA test and
he would actually sign the birth certificate
and didn’t care if he was the father and wanted
to be with me. Even if he did that, I would
still want my son to know who
his true blood father is, because everybody
deserves to know. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) MICHELLE: That’s right. You know what?
I think it’s time we meet Mr. McElliott. Jerome, will you please
escort him in? MICHELLE: I think he deserves
a round of applause. Yeah, he’s a great person. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) (INDISTINCT TALKING) JUDGE LAKE: Hello, sir. Good afternoon, ma’am. State your name
for the court. Phillip McElliott. Mr. McElliott, thank you
for joining us today. Yes. Please describe
your relationship
with Miss Cavanaugh. My relationship
with Miss Cavanaugh,
I would say… Is a very special one. Me and her, we met, I got her number,
I called her that evening, offered her
to go to a movie. We hooked up
and went out to eat,
or something like that. But ever since… So you took her on dates
and courted her,
and treated her like a lady
should be treated? Always. Good. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) So at some point
she found out
she was pregnant, and she says that
she told Mr. Bowles. How did you find out? She sent me a picture
of an ultrasound, I also have that with me. You do?
Let me see that, please. Yes. Thank you. Um… Aw. I looked at the ultrasound.
She actually… AUDIENCE: Aw! She told me that
the ultrasound actually
resembled my mother. And, I mean, I… I really couldn’t
understand how you can
get facial features from an ultrasound, but… Well, you can, but regardless,
the point is she was talking about the baby
as if this child
could be yours. Yes. So as you look at Malcolm, who do you think
he looks like? I want to say Mr. Bowles,
but you can’t always
go on looks. But I just have a…
Like, I have a feeling. I would…
Honestly, Your Honor, I would be very pleased
and very happy
if it was Mr. McElliott’s, because he would be
a good father. But I… I just don’t know. Do you feel like he looks
like you or your mother? I would say no. How about you, Mr. Bowles?
When you look
at the picture of this handsome little fellow, do you see yourself? I don’t think so. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE LAKE: All right. So she said you agreed
to sign the birth certificate. I did. The stress was starting to
get on me a little heavy. And I was certain it was
getting on her probably more. So I came up with an
ultimatum that I would sign
the birth certificate, I would be
the father of the child and we would just scratch
the DNA test and everything. I would just pick up
and we could be a family. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) When you say the stress was
weighing on you, and it was weighing on her, was that the stress
of you knowing that
you may or may not be the father, because you
knew it was a possibility that Mr. Bowles
could be the father? Yes, I would say. She was honest
with you about that. To a certain extent,
but it was enough. JUDGE LAKE:
Have you met Malcolm and established
a relationship? PHILLIP: No. You have not? I have not. So what happened
to the plan? (EXHALES) Somewhere along
the line, um, things started to get
a little bit off-track. But I believed that one thing
that me and her had in common was the intention
to really find out if
I was the father or not. Or the same thing
with Mr. Bowles here. But I believe
there was a third party or something that was
included in this? Okay. That’s true,
Your Honor. (SCOFFS) Oh, now it’s true. That’s true, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: A third party? Yes, Your Honor. Please elaborate
on the third party. It was a very
drunken night. And it was
a one-night stand. Do you remember
whether you used
protection or not? No. That’s why I think
it may be another person,
but I’m not quite sure. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) That’s something
I don’t understand. The men, like,
you’re having sex all over
and you’re intimate… Well, not for you… It’s not right for anybody. Yeah! But when a girl does it,
it’s like, “Whoa!” But what about them? It makes no sense.
And it wasn’t right
for her to do it but I just don’t understand why people can… Well, since we want
to go to school, let me take you there. Well, let’s go. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) This is the difference.
This is the difference. And I want you
to understand that. Because a lot of women
feel like they want to
compete with the men, and these men are running
all over the place,
and it’s wrong, it’s wrong all day long. However,
when you understand the basic biological facts,
you get the difference. We women bear the children. Meaning they can orbit
in uncertainty indefinitely, not knowing whether or not
they’re the father, when we know for certain
we’re the mothers. And we are responsible.
And that’s the difference we have to teach
our young girls. Do you understand?
So, yeah, we can run around and sleep with whomever
we want to sleep with, but when it’s time
for the consequence, when you slept with more
than one person, you set them in limbo. Yeah. And the weight
all lays right here. Then we, then we…
I’m a young…
I’m a woman too. I ain’t young no more,
but I wish… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I am a woman as well. We have responsibilities
to a child and until we figure out
who their father is, the child’s still got to eat, that is the difference
and that is what we need
to tell our young girls so we are empowered to know the difference. You are running around here
having sex like it’s
Ring Around the Rosie
or something.
It’s not a game! This is about a person. So it’s not about, you know, us saying that it doesn’t
matter when men sleep around. Yes, it does matter! Well, I just heard my daughter
take responsibility. I believe that
he should apologize… JUDGE LAKE:
Yes, he hasn’t just been… Look, look, look.
I haven’t been there
through the pregnancy, but, Miss Cavanaugh, what your daughter learned
was a very valuable lesson. A, pick and choose
IN AGREEMENT) Who you’re going to
lay down with, right? (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) And look, you cannot make a man love you
by trying to have his baby or trick him
into having his baby. And I never said
that she could. It’s true, it’s true. Look, these aren’t lessons
just your daughter
had to learn. These are lessons
all women had to learn. I had to learn it. A lot of women in this
courtroom had to learn it. You’ve got to
respect yourself
enough to know. It’s true. If he don’t want you,
leave him alone. MEAGAN: That’s true,
Your Honor. That’s it! I’ve learned…
Your Honor, I’ve learned
to respect myself but not only for myself,
but for my son. That’s it. I think it’s time
for the results. Jerome? These results were prepared
by DNA diagnostics and they read as follows… In the case of
Cavanaugh v.
Bowles, McElliott,
pertaining to whether
Mr. Bowles or Mr. McElliott is the father
of 3-week-old
Malcolm Cavanaugh… Mr. McElliott… …you… …are not his father. Mr. Bowles, you… …are not his father. Boo! I’m sorry. JUDGE LAKE: Calm down. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m… I’m…
I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to put you
guys through all that. I am hoping that you still pursue Malcolm’s
biological father. Do you know who that is? Is it that third person
or do you not know? It’s the third person.
It has to be. Okay. Do you know
where he is? No, Your Honor. But I want you to continue to try to find
your child’s father. Because it’s important. MEAGAN: It is. It’s important
for Malcolm, okay? (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Young men, you all
got to button it up. Now, Mr. McElliott,
I’m not really talking to you as much as I am speaking
to Mr. Bowles. And I’m going to be honest
with you, I was hoping Malcolm was not your child. Because you,
you’re not ready. You’re not ready. But when you’re not ready
to raise a person, then you should not
be engaging in the actions that produce people. And with that said,
court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING)


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