Woman Claims Two Men As Baby’s Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
of Johnson/McIver
v. Davenport. Thank you, Jerome,
good day everyone. ALL: Good day. Mr. Johnson,
you are here today to prove that you are
not the biological father of the defendant’s
three-year-old daughter,
Malaya. You and your fiancee
say Ms. Davenport is putting you
on child support even though she already
confirmed another man is the biological father.
Is that correct? Yes, ma’am.
Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Davenport,
you say Malaya was a planned pregnancy
with Mr. Johnson, and it wasn’t until after
he met his fiancee that Mr. Johnson’s doubts
came into play. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Johnson, why do you
believe Ms. Davenport
is putting you on support even though another man
is the father? Honestly, Your Honor,
I just feel like,
at the end of the day, she knows that I am
a good and a honest man, and I’m a hard worker, and at the same time,
she knows that I’ve moved on, and that I got engaged
and I have a fiancee now. And on top of all of that,
she knows that I definitely don’t want
to be on child support to pay for a child
that’s not mine. And so, Ms. Davenport,
what is your position
here today? You know for certain
Mr. Johnson is Malaya’s
biological father? Yes, Your Honor. And it’s not about
the support to you? No, Your Honor. What is it about for you? Let him know the truth,
and I want him to take care
of his child. Because you think it’s
important he knows the truth? Yes. Who does Malaya think
is her dad now?
Because she’s three. Um, my current boyfriend
right now. So you have a boyfriend
right now? Yes. And Malaya
calls him “daddy”? Yes, Your Honor, Because he’s been there,
before I, um, was pregnant, and he was at the hospital
with her. JUDGE LAKE: He was there
when you were pregnant? DAVENPORT: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Was he there
before you got pregnant? No. What was the nature
of your relationship? Were you all boyfriend and
girlfriend, what’s going on? We worked at a job together. Um, everything was copacetic
at first, until, like, years later, I started noticing
infidelity, a lot of lies. So, you thought you were
in a committed relationship, but you say Ms. Davenport
was having sex and dating and out with other people. Yes, but, at the same time,
we were in a relationship. No, Your Honor. No, Your Honor. ‘Cause we actually
lived together. He’s lying. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, so,
you lived together? Yeah, we used
to live together. Yes. DAVENPORT: We stayed together. So, were you cheating
on Mr. Johnson,
Ms. Davenport, while you were
living with him? No, Your Honor. He knows I wasn’t. So, where does he get
this notion from? He only… ‘Cause, after I,
uh, had the baby, I posted pictures on Facebook
of Chris and Malaya, saying that he was a dad. Oh, this is what
you put on social media? DAVENPORT: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: “Daddy and Malaya.” And he’s in the hospital
when she’s born. Yes. ‘Cause I didn’t have
no dealing with Malik
at the time. She did, she just don’t
wanna speak on it, but basically,
we were in contact, she said she will let me know
when Malaya was born. And I did not let him know. And I did not find out
until the next following day
on social media through everybody else,
and family members, that she’s got pictures
of another guy on social media, and that’s who the daddy is. I did, because
he was gonna come, but me and him
got into an argument. JOHNSON: That wasn’t the case,
Your Honor. DAVENPORT: I did not wanna
deal with Malik. She didn’t want me there
to sign the birth certificate, and still, even having
another person there she didn’t have him sign
the birth certificate either. JUDGE LAKE: So there’s
no father listed on Malaya’s
birth certificate right now? No, Your Honor. You do realize that
once someone told him, “Ms. Davenport has a picture
up on social media that says, “Daddy and Malaya,”
that would fuel his doubt, “That Malaya’s not mine,
that’s her daddy.” Mm-hmm. And it did, it did, it hurt me
and it had me confused. DAVENPORT: It didn’t have him
confused, Your Honor. I didn’t know. I was pregnant
way before I met
Chris, so he knew. When I found out
I was pregnant,
I took a pregnancy test. I showed him. But the whole time
she was cheating. He was happy. The whole time
it was infidelity. She sat up there,
was trying to rekindle
relationships with her exes. MCIVER: That’s her pattern,
that’s what she does. No, Your Honor. Even now, she’ll try to
rekindle the relationship
with Malik. DAVENPORT: No. She will? Sending him
naked pictures. No, Your Honor. Ask for proof. Texting him what
she made for dinner. JUDGE LAKE: Wait.
Hold on, hold on. Ms. McIver,
what did you say? Yeah, she’ll send him pictures
of her in her lingerie. Send him pictures
of what she done cooked
for dinner. Talking about,
“Oh, you wish, your girl
could cook like this.” Malik was texting me
all the time. And you were calling him
all day, all night. Talking about the baby
at three o’clock
in the morning. JUDGE LAKE:
Wait, hold on, hold on. Texting at three o’clock
in the morning, sending him pictures
of lingerie? From the get go,
it was drama. Every time we get into it,
Malik is like, “Okay, she’s not mine,
she’s not mine.” I’m not gonna deal with that. MCIVER: You say the same
thing though. You’ll sit there
and tell him that
it ain’t his either. JUDGE LAKE: And so,
this makes you upset? Yes. Because he knows,
we planned Malaya. You said you planned her? Yes, and he knows this. And so, what are
you feeling, Ms. Davenport? You feel frustrated
or betrayed? What are you feeling? Betrayed. And why? Because Malik knows,
like, all the stuff
we’ve been through just to have a child. That you went through
a lot to have a baby. Yes. I had two miscarriages
because of Malik. Like, he’s stresses me out. I’ve been there for Malik
through everything. I took Malik in
when he didn’t have
nobody. See, something about this,
to me, is so personal, like I… I want it to just
be about Malaya, but I can see
it’s about a lot more. Mm-hmm, yes. And that she still has
feelings for him. No, I don’t.
I don’t want him. Yes, you do. You still got feelings
for me. Yes, you do. DAVENPORT: I don’t even
wanna talk to him. He is always
texting my phone. Like, when she’s not around. So, the bottom line is…
The bottom line is, you still had some
personal feelings for him and he was stringing you
along? No, Your Honor. JOHNSON: That’s exactly… JUDGE LAKE: Well, that’s
what it sounds like. No, Your Honor. Why is it you doubt Malaya
is your biological child? Uh… Were you there
for the pregnancy? Were you there supporting
her through the pregnancy? Um, yes, ma’am,
in the beginning, but she also sat up there
and told me that I wasn’t
her dad. I even have text messages
over this. Have you told him he was
not the biological father? Yes, Your Honor. You have done that. Yes, Your Honor. Okay, so you rang that bell,
now he can’t unring it, ’cause once you said that,
now he’s got doubt. Right. But he knows,
he was there,
we planned this. I don’t… Malaya was
a planned… Just because you planned it,
doesn’t mean you couldn’t have been having sex
with somebody else. Once you tell him,
“She’s not your biological
child,” he’s not gonna forget that. Mr. Johnson, you actually
submitted a text message
to the court. She said… (JUDGE LAKE READING) Your Honor,
that’s when I was like, “Do you even have
an inkling in your mind
that this could be your child? “Step up for her,
’cause when it gets
said and done, “and she 18,
and she comes to you, “you wanna be able to say,
‘I did something for you. “‘I did everything
in my power,
despite your mother.'” But he hasn’t
done anything. So, I pushed Malik to start
paying for the daycare. Daycare. She did came back
and said, “Oh, thanks for paying
for all my kid’s daycare.” That’s why we stopped. DAVENPORT: ‘Cause he don’t
wanna step up and do what
he supposed to. That is not true,
I am not the type
of woman that’s gonna let my man
not step up. And you know he stepped up. But you gotta step up
for your son. So don’t sit here.
And I don’t. You did. It’s you, it’s not us. No, it wasn’t. You the drama queen. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay, ladies, ladies. Let’s get some order. (INDISTINCT)
It be Malik. That’s why me and her
stay in touch because of Malik. And I had told her,
plenty of time, “Malik is doing this,
Malik is texting me,
can you tell him to stop?” He’s doing all this stuff,
and I had told her
plenty of times, but she wanna believe
everything that Malik says. Then she’ll go
and she’ll text Malik. She’ll say I’m not texting
Malik, and I’ll be sitting
right next to Malik, and she’ll be texting him. Because the whole thing was,
they were supposed to go
through me, because they be
at each other’s throats. This is not emotional,
they were trying to
embarrass me. “Oh, can you meet me here?
Can you meet me there?”
And all that stuff. And he got mad
because I wouldn’t. And that’s why
they stopped, again,
seeing Malaya. MCIVER: No, that’s a lie. Yes, Your Honor. Okay, so once you said that,
now he’s got doubt. Mr. Johnson, do you have
a relationship with Malaya?
She’s three. Yes, Your Honor. What kind of relationship
do you have? Um, basically, when I first
started getting to see her, or getting her,
she was still very small
and very young. She calls
the other guy “daddy”. Does she call you “daddy” too? JOHNSON: No. And so, how does she
refer to you, “Mr. Johnson”? No, she don’t say
none of them. JUDGE LAKE: She doesn’t say
anything, she’s just three. Right, she understands
my authority, and she listens
to me. JUDGE LAKE: So she knows
that you are someone
that’s in her life regularly? As much as possible,
but not regularly, because, of course,
Tiffany, every time
she gets upset or every time her boyfriend
are at good terms with each
other, I can’t get my daughter. Because he feels insecure. DAVENPORT: Lies, Your Honor. Because it was a situation
where Tiffany set it up, where she wanted me
to have sex with her,
in order to see my child. DAVENPORT: That’s a lie,
Your Honor. That is a lie. That’s not true,
because you called
my phone back in October and said y’all had sex
in my car. Yes, he lied
about that, right? With that being said,
you just told him
he’s not telling the truth. You’re not telling the truth. JUDGE LAKE: Wait, hold on,
Ms. McIVer. What did… What happened? MCIVER: She called me
a year ago, in October, and I’m like, “Tiffany,
what do you want now? “What drama are
you going today?” And she was like,
“I just wanna get it off
my chest, cos I feel bad, “but me and Malik
had sex in your car.” JUDGE LAKE: In your car? In my car. Do not. ‘Cause I let them
get the car to facilitate
a new beginning
for their daughter. I’ve been trying to help
them co-parent and be copacetic
with each other. Not that…
Not that copacetic. Not that copacetic,
Your Honor. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
So, wait a minute. You let them use your car so they could work on
exchanging of Malaya and make sure
everything was safe, and they could get along
and things could be
going on schedule. And they end up
having sex in your car? Mm-hmm,
yes, Your Honor. Is that true,
Ms. Davenport? Yes, Your Honor. Is that true,
Mr. Johnson? Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) But that was her
stipulation. He couldn’t…
She texted his phone
and told him, he couldn’t see
her daughter unless
he had sex with her. They are lying,
Your Honor. I was just trying
to be a stand up guy
at the end of the day. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, you was
trying to be a stand up guy. Yeah. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) DAVENPORT: Malaya
wasn’t even around, Malaya wasn’t
even around. So, he would call me
and text me. He would even try
to pick me up
from work. Mr. Johnson,
your credibility just sunk. This relationship
is a mess. It’s a hot mess.
It is, I mean… So, Ms. Davenport,
do you truly believe Mr. Johnson is Malaya’s
biological father, or are you just
hung up on this man and caught up in
this net he’s thrown out? DAVENPORT:
No, Your Honor,
I believe… I believe, and I
know in my heart,
that he is the father. Well, your heart is… JUDGE LAKE:
And if you had moved on,
and you got the new boyfriend, why are you having
sex with him in the car? ‘Cause that’s
what she do, that’s why there’s
doubts now, ’cause that’s the type
of stuff that she does. She does. Yeah, so he starts
texting and calling again. JUDGE LAKE: Well, no, no, no. JOHNSON: That ain’t gonna
happen again. Hold on, hold on. DAVENPORT: Okay. Now, after I’ve heard
what I’ve heard, yeah, I know
he probably was texting. You all were texting
back and forth. We’re not even going
to trip about that, you’re having sex in cars. Yeah, you texting. And if you’re
gonna do that, you gonna keep texting, you gonna send pictures,
all of that… All that was happening It’s a fact. But another fact,
that I think is of
paramount importance, is that, Ms. Davenport,
you’re here because you’re trying
to break a generational curse Yes. because you didn’t
have your father. Yes, Your Honor. A young woman
doesn’t operate like this unless there’s some
very, very deep wounds. And even though
the testimony may
have been hard, at the end of the day,
we have to go through this to make sure
Malaya doesn’t. Because if you don’t
confront generational curses and things
that affect you… You pass ’em down. What are you feeling
in this moment? DAVENPORT: Hurt. Why? I don’t know, all the stuff
I’ve been through. And I didn’t think
he would do this. JUDGE LAKE: Well, I think,
it’s important in this moment that we begin to see
how we move forward. And, I think, one of
the best ways to do so, is start with
getting the truth. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Before I go
to the results, I have to ask you,
Ms. Davenport, have you considered,
have you thought about if he isn’t
the biological father? I know that in my mind,
and I know in my heart,
that he is. You haven’t even thought
about what you will do? No. How about you,
Mr. Johnson? I mean, you all have developed
a relationship with this baby, she may not
call you daddy, but… But my daughters
call her sister. My daughters still,
when they say yo-yo… My daughters
are being affected ’cause they look at Malaya
like she’s their little sister. Absolutely.
It affects the whole family. MCIVER: We haven’t been
able to see her, and they’re like,
“Where’s our sister,
when she’s coming over?” JUDGE LAKE:
And have you considered, “If I’m not
the biological father,” what then will you tell
the children? MCIVER: I just want
the crazy dysfunction
and yo-yo-ing to stop, because it’s affecting
my kids. JOHNSON: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: I am concerned
for Malaya, I’m not gonna lie. There’s a lot going on here, and I wanna get the answers
for you and for her now, so we can figure out
how we pull this thing
together. Jerome, I’m ready
for the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics, and they read as follows. In the case of Johnson/McIver
v. Davenport… I mean, you all have
developed a relationship
with this baby. When it comes
to three-year-old
Malaya Davenport… It has been determined
by this court… You are the father. Mr. Johnson, you… Are the father. DAVENPORT: Told you. I know, I know. JUDGE LAKE:
Now he finally knows. (CHUCKLES) You are the father. Does it feel good
to finally know? Yes, Your Honor.
Thank you. JUDGE LAKE:
How do you feel,
Ms. Davenport? I’m happy. You look happy. JUDGE LAKE: Tears of joy? Yes, ma’am. Just glad it’s over? Yes. Nobody has to doubt
your baby anymore. She can have the love
of her entire village. And you can have
some support. To be a mother,
it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot. And it’s important
for a child to have
their father, to be able to step up
and just help raise her. Teach her how a young woman
should be treated. I say that, Mr. Johnson,
because I’m turning
to you next. You can’t teach a child
something you don’t know. (AUDIENCE CONCURRING) You’re right,
Your Honor. I mean, I feel, like,
Ms. McIver has put
herself out there, as far as she can go. You gotta take it
from here. And I don’t mean
using her car to have sex
with Ms. Davenport, when she trusts you to be
dropping off your child. Nuh-uh, this is real talk. Yes, Your Honor. You would never want somebody
treating your little girl the way you’re doing
these two women. You gotta
straighten up.
Yes, Your Honor. Because you’re gonna
be the example to her as to what a man should be,
how they should treat me… WOMAN: Mm-hmm. What I should expect. And what I see my daddy do, is what I’m gonna think
is okay for a man to do. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Right? Right. All right. We have counseling
and resources for you. And I wish you all
the very best. JOHNSON: Thank you,
Your Honor. Court is adjourned.


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