Woman Accused of Bouncing Among Fiance, Ex’s, Coworkers (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. -Hello, Your Honor.
-Hello. This is the case
ofJenkins v. Hensley.-Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone.
-[all] Good day. Mr. Jenkins, you say
your girlfriend
is a known cheater who has spent
the last two years bouncing between you,
her ex-boyfriends and her co-workers. And can’t be trusted. You say there is no way you are the father
of her daughter, Asher, and this paternity doubt
has put your wedding on hold. -Is that correct?
-Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Hensley,
you admit to making a mistake early on in your relationship, but say
you have always believed Mr. Jenkins
is your child’s father, and you intend
to prove that today. -Is that correct?
-Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Jenkins, so,
why don’t you trust
your ex-fiancee? I do not trust her because throughout the course
of our relationship, I’ve either caught her cheating
or attempting to cheat with other people. [audience exclaiming] And so, what has
this paternity doubt done
to your relationship? It’s really put
the relationship on a line, because I love being with her, but it’s making me have
more and more doubts
as time goes on, because I keep finding
more and more cases. So, it has eroded the trust… [Jenkins] Yes, Your Honor. [Judge Lake] And you
don’t really have a foundation. -[Jenkins] No, Your Honor.
-[Judge Lake] Because
at this point, you don’t believe anything
she says? -[Jenkins] No, Your Honor, I–
-Which is why you basically
canceled the wedding? Yes, Your Honor.
I’ve been sleeping on the couch and doing very minimal things
to help with the baby and such, since I don’t believe that
it’s mine. -So, you still live together?
-[Jenkins] Yes, we do. [Judge Lake] Hmm,
so that’s gotta be
stressful and awkward. So, how is it at home,
Ms. Hensley? Stressful and awkward? Uh, yeah, it is. And, I have made mistakes
in the past, and I did leave him
when we first got together, and I have thought about
leaving him, so that’s where he’s getting
where I’ve cheated on him. So, Mr. Jenkins, specifically, how have
you caught Ms. Hensley
cheating? There was one time
when we were first together
for four weeks. Um, I… We worked at
the same location. And I happened to text her, and she was going to come over
and spend the night. Well, she ended up
messaging me, saying, “Hey, I’m staying late,
until 2:00 a.m.” At midnight is when
she was supposed to get off. So, I drove by,
about say, one o’clock. And I noticed the business
was already closed. Then I realized, there’s only
two vehicles there. There’s her car, and her ex-boyfriend’s truck. [audience exclaiming] So, why was he there? Well, he has the times wrong. It was actually
during business hours and it was 11:00 p.m. And he needed to talk to me about something
that was really important. And we were together for
a very short time, and so, I was having doubts. But, no,
I did not cheat on him,
nothing happened, and we were in a parking lot. -So, I don’t see–
-Yet the lights were
all the way off. And when you came over
to stay the night that night, I went through your phone, and you had still been
texting him
for about two weeks prior. [audience exclaiming] -As if you had never–
-He came with
the receipts, Ms. Hensley. Mr. Jenkins
is not playing today. [audience chuckling] [Judge Lake] So,
he went through your phone and saw you had been
texting him continuously. -[Hensley] I mean–
-What’s your response to that? That probably is true,
being that we were talking
as friends, -because, I mean–
-You were speaking like
you had never broken up. -Well, we were together–
-What did the messages say,
Mr. Jenkins? They were speaking about
“How I miss you and I love you, and I wish I could be with you
but I’m busy right now.” [audience exclaiming] Wait, and this is when
you were engaged, -or before you were engaged?
-This is four weeks
after we had been together. So you do admit you were still
entertaining your ex when you first met Mr. Jenkins. I had just broken up
with my ex, and met David, -so, that relationship–
-[Judge Lake] All right. So, do you admit
you still have feelings
for your ex? Oh, no, not to this day, no. [Judge Lake] But at that time,
did you? Uh, yeah, I did…
I thought I did. [audience exclaiming] But then when I left him… Uh, when I left David for him, uh, I realized shortly
that I made a mistake. And after about two weeks,
I did go back to David. All right. So, you found out -Mr. Jenkins is
the one I want to be with.
-[Hensley] Mm-hmm. You came back. -You take her back,
Mr. Jenkins?
-Yes. [Judge Lake]
And then you try again. -[Jenkins] Yes, Your Honor.
-[Hensley] Mm-hmm. So what happens
from that point on? Well, we got another job. You see, ’cause, it’s kind of
a reoccurring issue, is that
whenever she goes to a job, she ends up
becoming friends with
some cute guy she met there. -[audience exclaiming]
-But we were working at
a factory at the time. She had a fellow co-worker that would always come over
and like, fake-nudge her, joke with her, flirt with her,
talk with her. They would sit together
on break with me sitting right there
next to them. And I never could trust him. Yet, one night,
I went through, and… I went through her phone again. And she was messaging
her manager -about the co-worker–
-Wasn’t my manager. About the co-worker. Saying, “He’s so cute, but yet he knows about David.” [audience exclaiming] So you submitted
your recollection
of that text exchange -to the Court.
-[Jenkins] Yes, Your Honor,
it’s right there. [Judge Lake reading]
“Ms. Hensley. Oh, he’s so cute
but he knows about David,”
with a tear eye. -[Jenkins] Yes, Your Honor.
-[audience exclaims] Was there a co-worker,
Ms. Hensley, that you were interested in? Yes, and we were friends, but I made it clear to him
that I had a boyfriend. And that’s why
I told him about that, because people were
trying to get me
to leave David, because they saw the way that
he treated me, for the other guy. And he made it clear that
he would not ever do anything
with me or talk to me like that because I had a boyfriend. Did you ever consider
leaving Mr. Jenkins
for this other guy? Uh, I mean, yeah, I liked him, but we never got to
talking like that at all, because he respected
my relationship and that I wasn’t going to
leave him. You don’t believe that,
Mr. Jenkins? [Jenkins] I don’t believe it
at all. They knew very well that
they could see me, and they could see me
watching them. And yet he would still
come over there like clockwork every two hours for a break. -[audience exclaiming]
-Mm, that don’t sound good. [Judge Lake] So, Mr. Jenkins, take me to the day
you found out
Ms. Hensley was pregnant. [Jenkins]I found out
Shania was pregnant,
and I didn’t, at first,
believe it,
because we had been together
around two years at the time, and we were having
sexual intercourse
two to three times a day, for the whole of
two years long. I’m talking like,
all the way through January, all the way through February, all the way through
every single month. [Judge Lake] You actually
submitted a calendar
to the Court -that outlines
your sexual relationship.
-[audience chuckling] -This is what you say…
-[Jenkins] Yes, Your Honor. [Judge Lake] …outlines
your sexual activity. [Jenkins]As you can see,
the color is coordinated that
every single day in January,
we had sex.
Every single time,
two to three times a day. All the way into February,
and to April, and to… See, as you see there, blue.Every single day,
we had sexual intercourse,
two to three times a day.
-And once again, March.
-January, February… -[Jenkins] All of it. March–
-Every day? -[Jenkins] Every single day.
-[all laughing] [Judge Lake] Two to three times
a day? -We were young teenagers,
Your Honor.
-Oh, my God. And y’all had jobs? -We had jobs, yes.
-[all laughing] She would spend the night
at my house a lot, or we’d moved in together throughout the course
of that time, at one point. We moved in together after,
like, three or four months
of being together. -Yes, Your Honor.
-In high school. And these months keep going.
March… [David laughs]
Yes, Your Honor. April… -April…
-Every single day. [laughs] May, June… -[Jenkins] And that’s all.
And then–
-[Judge Lake] So, every single day,
including weekends, -you all would have sex,
two to three times a day?
-[Jenkins] Yes, Your Honor. And then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere,
she got pregnant. -Because every single time–
-Out of nowhere? -[all laughing]
-[Jenkins] Every single time. [audience applauding] [laughing] -Jerome.
-[Jenkins] Every single time,
Your Honor. He say he done had sex
at least 500 times, -and “out of nowhere…”
-[all laughing] -“Out of nowhere.”
-[Jerome] Imagine that. The thing I don’t understand,
Your Honor, is that, out of all those times,
every single time
was unprotected, and precautions were not taken to make sure that
we did not have a baby. Your point is, “We had sex
that many times a day, for that many months,” and she never got pregnant. -[Jenkins] Yes, Your Honor.
-Unprotected sex. Yes, Your Honor. It wasn’t until “this time when I suspected
she was with someone else, -that she ends up
getting pregnant.”
-Yes, Your Honor. As soon as I started noticing
a lot more activity around other men. I have
a medical condition, so… Uh, it’s hard to get pregnant
if you don’t ovulate, or have a period, so… So, you’re saying,
because of a medical condition, you do not ovulate regularly, have your period regularly. Yeah, I didn’t have a period
the whole time
we were together. -For two years?
-Yeah. I never had a period, so… Well, you had to have one -before Asher was conceived.
-[Hensley] Well,
the doctor said thatshe was pretty much
a miracle baby,
and I did have issues
when I was pregnant with her,
because I wasn’t supposed to
get pregnant.
[crying] [Judge Lake]
And that makes you emotional,
I can see that. It means a lot to you
that you got to have this baby? [sniffling] [audience] Aw. [Judge Lake]
Oh, my goodness, so cute.So, Mr. Jenkins,did you immediately have doubtonce Ms. Hensley told you
she was pregnant? -Yes, ma’am.
-[Judge Lake]
What were your thoughts? I was very surprised
and shocked that she had gotten pregnant, because as I mentioned before, all this time,
and she never once
had gotten pregnant. [Judge Lake] So, all of this
made you have -significant doubt,
Mr. Jenkins?
-Yes, Your Honor. And that then affected
how you felt for the baby. It’s all because
she broke my trust as soon as
we first got together,
Your Honor. [Judge Lake] And so,
what is your relationship like
with Asher? I love her, because I was there
when she was born. And I somewhat help
to take care of her. But I put very minimal effort
into it. -Did you sign
the birth certificate?
-Yes, Your Honor. [Judge Lake] Even though
you had doubts? I was in a state of mind
where I was very shocked, as of what I had just seen,
’cause I had never seen
a child being born before. [all laughing] So, what, -it scared you into signing
the birth certificate?
-[audience laughing] I still don’t understand
why you signed
the birth certificate if you have doubt. I was complete frazzled
at the time. I didn’t know
what was going on. Okay. So, you decided to sign
the birth certificate. What is your relationship like
with Asher now? She’s six months old. [Jenkins]I get along with her
and she knows who I am,
but I don’t let her know…
I don’t call myself “Daddy”
in front of her.
I want to be 100% sure, ’cause I don’t want to raise
a child that’s not mine.I still care for her.
I’ve been with her
since she first was conceived.
-But you admittedly
are holding back.
-[Jenkins] Yes. You really aren’t
giving this child the love and the care that she deserves, because you have doubts? Yes, Your Honor. [Judge Lake] And when
you hear that, Ms. Hensley,and you look at
your beautiful baby,
just six months old,how do you feel? That has to be hard
on a new mom. Yeah. It makes me really sad ’cause she calls him “Dada”
and… [tearfully] I don’t even know
where she learned that from. But she refers to him as Dada,
but I’ve never called him that. [audience exclaiming] [sniffling] Like, she’s
already starting to talk
and everything. She’s only six months. [Judge Lake] Wow. And she calls me Mama
and she calls him Dada. And so, it makes me sad
when she says that, because he doesn’t
refer to himself
as really anything. [Judge Lake]So, Mr. Jenkins,have you really come to grips
with the fact that you may not be Asher’s
biological father? I mean, it’s one thing to say
“I have doubts, so I’m not gonna connect myself
to the child, and I’m just gonna hold back.” I see that a lot. It’s another thing
to get the result and hear for certain
you are not a child’s
biological father. -Have you prepared yourself?
-Yes, Your Honor. [Judge Lake] You have? I still plan, fully,
to help Shania
raise this child, because as I said,
I love Shania, and I am with her.I’ve just been holding back
because I want to know
if it’s mine or not.
But see, that really don’t make
no sense. -[audience member] Yeah.
-[audience chuckling] You know, I… [sighs]
That just don’t make no sense, because when people say that,
I’m like, “Okay, that was
a beautiful sentiment, but if you’re really gonna
be there for her regardless of whether or not you’re the biological father
or not, then why aren’t you
fully committed
and with her now?” [audience murmuring
and applauding] You know, don’t tell me
what you think I want to hear. Tell me the truth. I just can’t throw away
a child’s life. I can’t be one of those guys
that does not care for somebody just because
they’re not theirs. I get that. But caring for her
and taking care of her are two different things. And what it sounds like is, you’re not stepping up
right now to really be a true presence
in her life because you have the doubts. And if I tell you
in a few moments you are not
her biological father, I don’t believe that
you’re going to be an ever-present father
and protector to this child. Because if
you were gonna be that,
you’d already be that. [audience murmuring
in agreement] Just my two cents.
I’m just the judge. Jerome, the envelope. [audience laughing
and applauding] These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and it reads as follows. In the case
ofJenkins v. Hensley,when it comes to
six-month-old Asher Jenkins… It has been determined
by this Court, Mr. Jenkins, you, are the father. [audience cheering] We can all exhale. [all laughing] I see that you’re happy. Yes, Your Honor. -[sniffling]
-[audience] Aw. [sniffling] See, that’s when I know
the paternity doubts eat away at people,
relationships… Because I could tell
you really love Ms. Hensley, and I could tell
you love the baby. But when you told me
you weren’t really giving your all to that baby
right now, I said, “Oh, no,
it’s eating him up.” [sniffling] It’s been hard,
Your Honor. Not being able to care for her, let her know that I am her dad. It’s been very hard. And I feel like
a very terrible person for not being there for her. [audience murmuring
sympathetically] You’re not alone. Ms. Hensley, you have
a part to play in this. -And you see where
all of the burden fell, right?
-[Hensley] Yeah. -[Judge Lake]
This beautiful baby.
-Yeah, that’s true. [Judge Lake] These are
important bonding months. A lot of development happens in the first three years
of a child’s life.It’s supernatural.Really, children are
the closest thing to God. They’re not all messed up
and crazy like us. [all chuckling] It’s the truth. And this is a miracle. Right? You said it yourself.
The doctors said
this is a miracle baby. So, I wanna see you appreciate
this miracle, by turning around your actions
and your commitment, and the way
you approach parenting. All right? I wish you all the very best.
Court is adjourned. [audience applauding]

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