Woman Accused Of Being “Trash, Trouble, Triflin'” (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello. Hello, your Honor. This is a case of
McBirth, Terrel v. Jackson.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Hughes… You say you’re stuck
between your mother
and your ex-girlfriend… JUDGE LAKE: Who are
in a heated dispute
in court today. Ms. McBirth, you’ve petitioned
the court for DNA test
to prove your son… Kakeitho Hughes, is not
the father of Ms. Jackson’s
2-year-old son, Alijah Jackson. Furthermore, you’re suing Ms. Jackson
for $1,000, for defamation
of character, because, you claim, she posted
comments on social media, claiming, you and your family
are dead beats. Now, Ms. Jackson, you say… Ms. McBirth, has been
poisoning her son by convincing him,
he’s not the biological father
of your child. You claim, the timing
does add up and today’s paternity test,
will prove you right. So, Ms. McBirth,
why do you believe,
your son’s not the father? This woman is trouble. She is, trouble
with a capital “T.” She has… As a matter of fact
I call her the three T’s,
Trash, Trouble and Trifler. That’s what she is.
The little boy looks
nothing like my son. Or any member
of my family. At all… Can I show it? Can I… JUDGE LAKE: Absolutely
ma’am, what did you bring? Piece of evidence, Jerome,
may I see that please? This is… A photo of your son
and the child in question? LISA: Right. JUDGE LAKE:And you say that,
the child looks nothing
like your son.
LISA:That baby,
white as snow.
There’s no way that could
be my grandchild
or my son’s baby.He has no features
like none of us.
Nobody in my family
look like that. JUDGE LAKE:And just by
looking at this child,
you’ve determined
and said to yourself
I do not believe
that’s my grandchild.
LISA:That can’t happen.
There’s no way.
There’s no way. JUDGE LAKE:
So, Ms. Jackson, obviously you have
a different opinion. Yes, ma’am. So, why do you think
she’s in so much doubt
over your child? I have no idea,
to be honest. Like… Maybe, because
he’s so white. Because he all
the way white. He ain’t got
no black in him. MS. MCBIRTH: Only thing I see, got powder puff on it.
I don’t see no chocolate
nowhere, okay! MS. JACKSON: No, ma’am. Whatever. Let me understand
this relationship. so, how long have you
been in a relationship with, Mr. Hughes? For maybe,
about 15, 18 months. Okay, so, little over a year.
Were you in a committed
relationship? I thought we was. JUDGE LAKE: You did. Okay. And, was he the only person
you were intimate with,
during that time? Now, she know, she lying. Yes, ma’am. She lying, she lying. Can I tell you something? Yes, ma’am. MS. TERRELL:
This DNA right here… Has been in our life.
She never was a girlfriend… You are a vampire.
You are just a fly by night. We didn’t know anything
about you. He’s been in a
relationship for 10 years. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hughes has? MS. TERRELL: So… MS. MCBIRTH: In 10 years,
got two babies,
by another woman, and those are
my grandchildren. For 10 years… All she basically was for him,
was a snack cake
on the side of his meal. There was nothing more. Thank you. MS. MCBIRTH:
Thank you. A side chick. MS. TERRELL: And… All she has done, is…
She’s been trying
to put the baby on us. MS. MCBIRTH: Forced…
Yeah, you have… MS. JACKSON: (SCOFFS) She’s trying to push that
baby on… That ain’t mine,
I didn’t sleep with her! That child,
is not ours. When you say, she’s trying
to push the baby on you,
what do you mean? She wants me to acknowledge
that, that child is my son’s. MS. TERRELL: No, I think
she’s more so obsessed. That’s not gonna happen. Ms. McBirth, tell me about the
first time you met, Alijah. I seen him at the
doctor’s office, while I was taking
his real children to the doctor…
And, it was a new born… And I walked past him,
and I kinda glanced over and I seen this little
white baby, I knew,
he wasn’t mine and I had nothing else
to say or do about it
since then. I… She need to get that
out of her head. That child, is not
my son’s baby.
Period. Well, let me first, of course,
state the obvious, which I’m hoping
you know as well being African American, you know
our children come in, all colors, shapes… Alijah is
very white. She told me, she didn’t know
who the father was. First, she changed her story
different times about who’s the father. At first… When I first met
the girl, she saidI asked her. I said, “Okay,
this is my brother’s baby”
She said, “Yes.”
I said…
I said, “Do you know,
or do you think?”
She said, “I think.”So when we asked her…
While she was pregnant
We asked her for a DNA test. And what did she say? MS. TERRELL:
She was like… “Oh, okay.”
She was all for it. At that time, she was
all for it, the DNA test. All of a sudden… When she had the baby
that was out the question. Because, she come up
with this lie, talking about oh, well, I can’t…
He can’t do it, because
he’s not here. No, that’s a lie.
You know exactly,
where he was at. And there was…
And he had no other…
If he… If she truly wanted him
to take a DNA test, MS. TERRELL: she could’ve
had it done, but she
didn’t want to. Plus, the baby has
her ex-husband’s last name. That’s because, that’s my
last name. And, so, hold on now…
If you don’t think
the child is his, why would she be
trying to change the name? We’ve been trying
to change the name. Couple of weeks ago,
even, we talked about it. MS. TERRELL: His name is not
even on the birth certificate. Okay, whose name is on the
birth certificate,
do you know? Nobody’s. Exactly. Cause it’s… Because he went…
He was not there when
he was born. He could be
anybody’s baby. Exactly. I could put anybody
on there, but I didn’t. (BOTH PARTIES ARGUING) …until he gets back,
that way, he could be
on the birth certificate. So, I was waiting
for him. So, hold on, now.
Hold on one second and
let’s get some order. I wanna understand this,
was he there,
when you had the baby? MS. JACKSON: No. It was another guy,
that’s why. There was nobody else there
but my mom and my sister. Your mom is in Germany,
so you said.
Where did these people come? My… Mom,
over here in the states. So, you just got caught
in another lie. I’m sick of all these
little hookers, trying to say
my son is the daddy. I’m sick of it. I get babies dropped off
here, dropped off there.
I’m sick of it! It will stop today.
‘Cause, that baby
is not my son’s. Here’s the thing that she
does… MS. JACKSON: It is… MS. JACKSON: Sorry, It is… That’s a lie, That’s a lie.
That’s a lie. MS. TERRELL: First of all,
she’s a liar, because you just had a wild sex party
that got shut down
by the police last week. No, ma’am. That is not true. MS. TERRELL: Yes, you did.
Yes, you did. Yes, you did.♪ There’s a ho
in this house
♪ There’s a ho
in this house ♪
MS. JACKSON: Not true… MS. TERRELL: Yes, it is.
Yes, it is. It is true… Not true. Not true. Because why is
your neighbors. Why is your neighbors
complaining about the sex,
that goes on in your house. Yes… There was no sex
going on! No. Read the police report. You’re drunk and high… Read the police report. Ladies, ladies, ladies.
Let’s get some order. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. McBirth,
I have to ask you, you’re very tough
on Ms. Jackson. Do you have anything to say
about your son’s behavior? MS. MCBIRTH: My son has… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Yeah. I know, exactly
what type of person he is. He’s just as trifling
as she is. MS. MCBIRTH:
He’s a handsome guy,
he’s my son. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) And I know, what he do… But he’s still…
No matter what he do,
he still gonna be my son. So, hold on one second.
Just take a look
at the monitor. When you look at this
picture. MS. MCBIRTH: It make me
wanna throw up! It seems like your son
is kissing the baby. It makes you wanna throw up? MS. MCBIRTH: It make me
wanna throw up! JUDG LAKE:Why! For your…MS. MCBIRTH:Because it’s
a lie.
Son, to be kissing
an innocent child?
Because, it’s not his.JUDGE LAKE: It doesn’t matter
really who the child loves. It’s not his. It’s not his. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) If your brother is sleeping
with her and not using
protection, couldn’t he possibly be JUDGE LAKE: Alijah’s father? No, not in this case.
Uh huh. No, no, no. You know what. Saying goes, Mama’s baby’s,
papa’s maybe. Maybe. That’s my point. Mr. Hughes, what is
your side of this? JUDGE LAKE:
Please stand, sir. Step up to the podium. Do you believe, you are Alijah’s father? I just gave them the benefit
of doubt ’cause I’m bi-racial,
My father’s white, you know. So… AUDIENCE: Awww… (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) That child is not
my son’s. Okay. She got men coming
and going in and out
of her house. My father’s a blonde hair,
blue eyed dude, so…
(SCOFFS) How you know? He just gonna say that
because, you know… She gonna freak
him after this. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: So, now, wait… You’re accusing your brother
of not having enough sense to testify as to
his own experience? MS. TERRELL: He told us
it wasn’t his baby. He just told us that,
it wasn’t his baby. So, how come… JUDGE LAKE: When did he
tell you this? MS. TERRELL: Last night. I never said that. JUDGE LAKE:
What is that ma’am? Can I show you this?He has no features,
of nobody in my family.
pass me Ms. McBirth’s
evidence please.
There’s no feature…
One more question…MS. JACKSON:
They got the same nose. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. McBirth,
explain this… The baby, has no features
of any of us. He don’t look like
nobody, I know. Nothing. Nobody. He don’t look like
nobody, I know. MS. MCBIRTH: All my
grand-babies don’t have
a bridge on their nose. MS. MCBIRTH:
That little boy got a bridge.
My grandchildren
all look alike,
every last one of them.
MS. TERRELL: His… His kids,
all his kids look alike. JUDGE LAKE: So, wait, we’re We’re looking at the bridge
of the nose… MS. MCBIRTH: Right. And you’re saying,
none of those match?None of those match.MS. TERRELL:All of his
children look alike.
He doesn’t look nothing…Nothing like my son’s…All of his kids,
they look alike.
MS. TERRELL:His youngest
two… His youngest
daughter and his son…
The people think that
they’re twins because
they look identical.
JUDGE LAKE:Okay.I heard her, it was
about a month ago, I was coming home from work
and I heard her
tell another guy, who was out in the
parking lot. She told him, she said… “Cash, come home
with daddy” Come with… I’ve heard him call other
dudes daddy though… Ooh! Let me explain that. Uh-huh, go ahead trash,
tell the truth.
Tell the truth. MR. HUGHES: She makes it hard
on herself basically, ’cause she’s got a lot
of doubts in this situation. MS. MCBIRTH: Exactly. JUDGE LAKE: So, hold on. Were you having your son
Alijah, call someone
else daddy? No, ma’am. It’s… When he see’s somebody
light skinned… When my son see’s somebody,
cause he’s not… I mean, he’s around but
he’s not there every day
and all day, you know. So, when my son see’s like
a tall light skinned guy
with a hat on, he’s like daddy and I’m… MS. TERRELL: No,
that man was black. That man was black
as my mom, you liar. JUDGE LAKE: You were,
wait, wait, wait. So, were you telling him
to call someone else daddy
or you were… He knows, when he sees him
he knows, “Oh, daddy!”
‘Cause that’s his daddy. That’s not what you said.
you said, Alijah come on,
let’s go with daddy. Those were your
exact words. And you made… JUDGE LAKE:
Mr. Hughes, Mr. Hughes. Mr. Hughes, have you
ever heard, Alijah call
somebody else daddy? MR. HUGHES: A few times… You have? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: When? She was with… Just like the last guy
she was with, I heard
him call him daddy. He’s nowhere near
my complexion. You know, he don’t wear
hats either. Oooh! Tell the truth son,
tell the truth. She still has doubts
in the situations,
you know what I’m saying? I know she was with another
bi-racial dude before
she was with me. Like three months before
and I was five weeks pregnant. when we found out,
I was pregnant. MS. MCBIRTH: You get around,
don’t you? MS. MCBIRTH: Do you know
how many times… A girl has said,
“This is my son’s child.”
This one. This one. I got one, two, three, four
five, six, seven.
I’m sick of it. First of all, she’s talking
about previous people. All these babies… Okay, now. Hold on! Hold on!
Stop talking, ’cause finally
Ms. McBirth, is speaking the real truth,
of what she’s really
frustrated about. I… I’ve been through hell. Every time I look around,
it’s a baby here,
it’s a baby there… And I’m the one stuck,
helping… Gotta feed them,
take care of the clothes,
and… Keep them while their
mom and daddy either go
to work or run the street. I’m sick of it. I’m done.
I’m done. So do you understand what your
mother is saying, Mr. Hughes? MR. HUGHES: Yes ma’am. Because her level
of frustration, and anger,
and resentment, that has allowed her
and your sister to come
into this court room and really speak… Terribly about
an innocent child… I’m glad I’m in this chair
’cause I get to see
the big picture. The big picture of this is
she not sick of the baby,
she sick of you. Cause you wandering
around here… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) No. You running around here,
you’re having babies… I’m not running… She just said it! At the end of the day, I don’t know what they… it falls on her, the weight
falls on her. The responsibility
falls on her. I don’t sleep around
like that. Well, I don’t know
how many kids you got! I don’t know. But she just
said to me, she’s got a lot… You got kids
and she’s just tired! Do you understand, what your
mother is saying, Mr. Hughes? Yes, ma’am. (AUDIENCE JEERING) So, I’m gonna go to these
results in just a moment,
but I need to understand, Ms. McBirth, you say… Ms. Jackson defamed you. MS. MCBIRTH: Yeah, she did. That’s your law suit, $1000,
she defamed you. She going around… Right. Please explain
to this court how you… She going around telling everybody why we’re
deadbeats… We don’t do
nothing for the babies. How am I supposed to do
something for a child
that I don’t know is mine? But what proof did you bring
to court that these
statements occurred? What proof? MS. TERRELL: If I had my
phone, I’d pull out
my Facebook but she posted on Facebook. JUDGE LAKE: That’s what
we need! We need proof, MS. JACKSON: Yeah, I want… I’ve never said anything
disrespectful about you guys that she defamed you… and I never will because I… First of all, you on five
get down to three. As their parent…
Me and him… Lower your tone! Let’s get some control ladies,
this is just going
way off the deep end, and it doesn’t serve
Alijah at all. I don’t have proof
of the false statements. And I don’t have proof
of any injuries
that was caused… That’s fine. And for that reason, I have
to dismiss your claim. Now, I’m ready
for the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Jerome… Let’s get to the results. MS. TERRELL: Come on! These results were
prepared by
DNA Diagnostics. they read as follows… JUDGE LAKE: In the case of McBirth… Terrell v. Jackson Pertaining to 2-year-old
Alijah Jackson. Pertaining to 2-year-old
Alijah Jackson.And whether Mr. Hughes
is the father…
Mr. Hughes, you… Are Alijah’s father. No! (AUDIENCE CHEERS) MS. TERRELL: No! No! MS. MCBIRTH: That’s a lie. That’s a lie. That’s a lie. That’s a lie. The devil is alive. That’s not true. You are lying…
What did you do? MR. HUGHES: Hey, hey, hey… What did you do? We can’t get rid of Satan… (INAUDIBLE ARUGING) I’m through.
I know that’s a damn lie!
I know that’s a damn lie. MS. MCBIRTH: I’m sick of that! (MS. MCBIRTH BAWLING) Somebody fix this!
(CRYING) Somebody fix this! (CRYING) It’s Mr. Hughes’s son!And everything
you’re saying right now…
Believe me and I say this…
I say this earnestly… You will regret one day.
No, no, no. MS. MCBIRTH: I hope I do. MS. TERRELL: I hope I do. You will. Because… You’ve ever had… You will, you will.
You will. You’re right. It’s not becoming,
it’s not necessary. LAKE JUDGE: The baby
didn’t walk into this world
on its own. Talking about people’s bridge,
no bridge, hair, no hair, irrelevent evidence
when the truth is right here,
in this lab report. That’s not the case… Listen. Listen. Ultimately, I don’t even
have to argue anymore,
because the DNA has spoken for us all… So, listen… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hughes… You have a beautiful,
beautiful son. MR. HUGHES: Thank you. Ms. Jackson… I don’t know where
you two go from here.
But one thing I do know. Let me show you
something as a mother. Anybody in this world… That wants to clap,
(CLAPS) at the thought of not being
in my baby’s life… Don’t ever have to sing it! Do you understand? MS. MCBIRTH:
Thank you. Like I don’t… You don’t call them
for anything! And one day
when he asks… Why my grandmother
don’t wanna be
a part of my life? Why my Auntie not wanna be
a part of my life? You… Let them try
to explain it to him. Court is adjourned. BOTH PARTIES: Thank you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS)


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