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Welcome to this video by you are law org This is TJ and I want to show you a simple fast way to stop illegal attack now We’re talking about something with a coming after you for something. Maybe criminal child support attacks something where an Agency, or government program is or you and maybe an opposing attorney is simply coming after you for a legal attack this isn’t for something Where there might be a dispute between two private parties? This is really more of an institutional attack? against you So just keep in mind typically most people with dealing with court situations are gonna, try to make things Complex for themselves, and that’s really where they get you they trip you into this complex system We’re gonna show you a very simple system this will only take a few minutes to explain and it literally takes less than 60 seconds to say a Couple of times, but of course in the back-and-forth of the court it may take a few minutes But you have to stay focused so remember these Corporate courts have no authority until you grant it to them. They require you to volunteer for them If you don’t know that concept look into some of our other Studies on that issue, but the bottom line is They don’t have the authority over you unless you’ve harmed somebody and until that’s happened you have to Voluntarily go into some sort of contract arrangement with them, so what we want to do though is to stay respectful But be firm you know treat the treat your honor with honor You might just get a better. You know wish granted to you if you do I’m not there to fight the judge really there to fight the party bringing. It against you, okay, so keep that always in mind They’re presuming these contracts that simply don’t exist Pre if you really look up the the origin of it equals no We’re gonna be doing a lot of studying on the breakdown of language here in the future, but that means there is no contract Just by their presumptions Now this does not require knowledge of statutes and codes It’s just one simple procedure And you know like I said it could be traffic criminal child support Even a lawsuit by a third party debt collector a tax agency something somebody’s could be the grass cops Or the building inspector who knows whoever is bringing in some authority saying they have authority over you You have to challenge that authority again. This is not for this piece between individual parties But put all the burden of proof on the accuser Keep doing this you’re constantly asking questions Or a conditional acceptance. You know does that apply to me or I’ll accept that if you can prove it applies to me That’s a conditional acceptance so keep that methodology in mind We’re always putting the burden of proof on them so in writing or in person this this technique could be used and this has been done by many of our members and recently we had somebody come to us remind us just how simple it really is and this person’s had a Lot of success with multiple cases with this So on the ticket or the document the letter the bill whatever it is You know you’re gonna direct the attention towards that party bringing it to you that agency or that individual We’re really not going to go after the judge We want them on our side, but we want to direct it towards the proper party and get their support You know this really to the party dragging you into something Okay, so you could write this like maybe you get a ticket or an indictment or something? That’s come to you at the delivery to your door the first thing you should do is respond with something along this lines Now this might slightly change, but don’t add much to it keep it simple the simpler the better If I was in court or you were in court you might have to stand up and say something But you could simply write something to this effect if it’s just on the document you might have to do both You might have to write on it and still show up and do it again in court don’t be afraid to do something very simple so you might say well before they call you up you say I’m here on that matter before we can proceed in this matter as director and beneficiary of my legal person and corporation you have 21 days to respond in writing and Provide proof of claim with evidence that you have legal and lawful authority as my public servant to bother me at all Then you could put it in slightly different words if you’re trying to be polite But generally speaking you need to be that blunt and then they would they go on they’ll say well We’re here to enter a plea. We’re here to do this. What’s this sort of thing you’re bringing up here They’re gonna say everything except answer the question usually and then used to say well excuse me But you know until then we cannot proceed and can we I mean I need to know if this If you have the proper authority I’m not challenging whether the court has the authority I’m telling the individual bringing it to me The court gets ticked off when he channels the corporate challenge the party bringing it to the court So don’t fall for their tricks and the court will try to pull you out it off your position They’re gonna go off to other issues say. We’re not here for that whatever You just have to come back to it like all its being like Andy Griffith. Well your honor well I I really don’t understand it by the way We’re using that word understand very carefully because it means I don’t agree without arguing your honor I really don’t understand and isn’t there a matter I’ve raised it still needs to be addressed how can I enter a plea or proceed until this is answered so with all due respect? There is a matter. I’ve raised which needs to be addressed Then repeat the statement the mantra that we just gave you they may test you three times If you didn’t know this the The Wizard of Oz was actually instruction on how the new legal system was going to work after 1933 after the bankruptcy and Many of films have been made that actually have very important messages in them not by accident and then that one they said Dorothy you could have gone home anytime you wanted just kick your heels together three times and you can go home and That’s what she did well. They may test you three times so be prepared for them to ignore it act like it’s stupid or crazy You know try to make you go away and come back sit you down and bring you back later Whenever this happens you start over again Go right back to the same message three times. It’s the charm sometimes So again, I do not understand nor can I consent to proceed until And so you won’t you don’t want to consent to proceed until the answer and prior provide Evidence of authority you’re not just ask him to tell you that there’s a statute you want the evidence of authority then repeat yourself And address the prosecutor or the attorney kem immigrants coming against you okay? Before we can proceed this matter as director and beneficiary for my legal person or corporation you have 21 days to respond in writing By the way memorize this say it a few times until you can say it in your sleep Before we can proceed with this matter as director and beneficiary of my legal person or corporation you have 21 days to respond in writing and provide proof of claim with evidence that you have legal and lawful authority as My public servant to bother me at all until then I cannot consent to proceed do you understand and again keep directing this keep saying this you can do this sort of in writing and In live situation or both be prepared that won’t be hard for you to memorize. These simple lines that stay on script, okay? Then if you want to go into situations like subrogation which we’ve taught We’ve discussed with our members. We’ve had a lot of success with that. That’s a little more complex Where you talk about you know not being the trustee or the beneficiary? Where are their bonds you could bring forth the the silver bond those techniques that we’ve also discussed in our Premium member calls, but again, those, are you need to have that as your plan B? But this is your initial salvo whenever you get into one of these situations start with this first Then bring in those techniques as it moves forward if necessary Hopefully you don’t have to but both of these things is a one-two punch. This simple jurisdictional challenge, which is what this is Plus the subrogation behind, it should help you deal with them vast majority of the situations coming against you You’d be surprised as simple it is if you start arguing and debating and trying to prove something it’s over You’re now just in their court under their jurisdiction So if you want to get more training like this gets you are law org lookup our memberships We have the Premium Membership is where you really get the rich content and the discussions So again go to you our law org and I thank you for taking your time to watch this video We’ll see you as a member

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