Wild Pool Parties Turn Into Cheating Allegations (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With the Cutlers. DANA: This is the case
of Johnson vs. Lane. You have been together
for two years,
you’re living together. And you ahve brought
your boyfriend to
court today because you believe
he’s cheating.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Before we get into that, tell me how
you met this man. Well, I met Mr. Lane
downtown Las Vegas
on Fremont Street. I just got off stage performing and he approached me
maybe five, ten minutes
after I was off stage, and said that he heard
a female singer has just sang. I told him that it was me
and I had already performed. So we sparked a conversation
and from there we formed a relationship
quite quickly, actually, left to go back to California,
I packed up all my things, and I moved to Vegas
and we moved in together, maybe three weeks
after meeting. Wow. That was quick. That’s like love
at first sight, virtually. Yeah. Yeah. For me, it was. Okay, and it took you
how long, Mr. Cutler,
to ask me out? Little longer
than three weeks,
but you didn’t sing. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) If you had sung maybe,
you know, it would’ve
been a little quicker. If I had sung,
we wouldn’t have
got together ’cause I can’t carry a tune
in a bucket. Well, no. All right. Well, Mr. Lane,
it had to be something more
than this lady’s lovely voice that got you interested.
What was it that you
saw in her? What I fell in love with
was her creativity. If my cup is half empty,
she fills it up to the top. You know, she’s very beautiful,
she brightens my morning
any time I’m running late. She just 100 percent
has my back, absolutely. And so, coming here
being accused of
cheating is kind of funny to me
because she knows I have
her back the way she has mine. So you’re here to prove
this to your lady love? Yes. DANA: All right. What happened in the past
to destroy the trust you had? Well, um, we started
arguing a little bit
over a few months of, you know,
after living together, and at the end of 2015, he told me, after a heated
argument that he wanted to stay
with his mom for three weeks. And maybe a few days after
I’m thinking he’s at
his mom’s house. He calls and tells me
he’s with an ex-girlfriend and that they had sex. And, um… I just wasn’t
gonna deal with it,
so I packed my bags and I ended up
moving back to California. Why did you tell her
you were going to be
with your mom? Because her love for me
was a little different
than my love for her. Long story short
is I could pretty much not use
the rest room without her knocking on the door,
“I love you, baby”. We had broken up officially and so I went to
the ex-girlfriend’s house. You can’t be any more
clearer than “I don’t
want to be with you. Wait a minute.
So she was smothering
you with love? That’s your complaint? That is my rebuttal
to the situation, yes. Okay, note to file, “Do not smother
Judge Cutler with love.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Okay, no, I don’t… Is that the takeaway
from this? I don’t think so.
I mean, it sounds to me
like you wanted to play. Not that you were getting
too much love ’cause
that’s a new one. Have you ever heard from
the bench, “I got too much
love from my woman”? No. So, is it that
you were smothered or that
you wanted to go play? It was a combination
of both. You know, and she said
we had rushed into it, she had it in her mind
that we were set
as a couple. I repeatedly told her
along with friends and family
members that had told her, “He’s not ready
for a relationship.” But, you know, I did
move in after three weeks
and he knew I was moving in. So tell me about what
that was like for you? It was very hurtful.
I think that maybe I didn’t fully
consider everything
that could’ve happened, I was thinking
more with my heart. I did pack up everything
and relocate to another state
for this man, you know. And it wasn’t
the smartest decison. But I did it
and here we are. DANA: But clearly,
something happened ’cause you got back
together and you’re here. What did he say or do
to get you to say, “Okay, I’m gonna
do this again.”? You know, I’m a creator
and he’s creative. And we get together
and I have a tendency
to forget the bad times. You know? And so,
I just… I’m a lover. You know what I mean? You followed your heart. I did. I did,
and I love him. I invited her back
the beginning of this year. Um, I said,
“I’ve got my own place, “you’re gorgeous, you’re smart,
you’re beautiful, you’ve got
yourself together, “come ride with me
and let’s turn it up.” She sings R&B,
I rap and produce. And so,
with that being said, you know, it was
an absolute opportunity
for us to grow together. You know,
she’s a phenomenal person. I wake up in the morning
to prayers, I wake up in
the morning to a freak. I’m happy with this woman. Wait… Ho, ho, ho.
You say what? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You say you got to bed
with prayers and wake up
with a freak. Did I hear that
come out your mouth? Absolutely. It’s always the innocent, you know, baby face was
to pop off like that. I would’ve never
seen that coming. Well, there you have it. There it be. (CHUCKLING) All right, tell me why
you believe he’s cheating now. Because he has been
locking his phone, he has been starting
arguments with me
and my opinion to go outside, to get
on the phone to talk
to co-workers. I have found some
text messages between him
and a friend of his, or a co-worker,
that have been
very lovey-dovey. A little too friendly
in my opinion. Now you submitted
some of these messages. Yes. And your recollection of
the text messages are
from the other woman. “Hey, babe,
what are you doing today?” And Mr. Lane responded, “Looking forward
to seeing you.” DANA: “Me, too.” That’s right. And then, “I’ll try to
call you back later.
She’s around.” (AUDIENCE GASPING) DANA: “Talk to you soon.” It’s pretty clear
what bothered you was, “She’s around.” “She’s around.” If that doesn’t
look suspicious, Why can’t you talk
to this co-worker
when your girlfriend’s around? To be honest,
I don’t have an answer
for that one in particular. I don’t think I sent that
because that’s not
my character. I mean, to me, personally, Um, I’m not gonna say
I 100 percent didn’t. Has there been a time
when you told your
co-workers, or females, “Hey, I can’t talk to you
’cause my woman’s around.”? “I’m on the way home,
I’ll call you back ’cause
I’m on the way home.” Okay, but here’s the thing. You invited her back to you. And you’re testifying that
she’s getting, basically,
sort of on your nerves. Is that accurate? Absolutely. Okay, how… Okay, but you’re supposed
to be in this committed
relationship. Absolutely. And in
a committed relationship in order for us to grow
together, we have to
focus on growth and not things that would
drive one or the other away. Do you want to be in
a committed relationship? I love this woman.
I’m rocking with her the
same way she rocks with me. Okay. Have you
cheated on her? No. I’ve never cheated on her. Anytime that I slept with
somebody else or she’s been
with whoever she’s been with we were broken up. that have been very
lovey-dovey, a little too
friendly in my opinion. Miss Johnson, are there
any other women that you’re
concerned he’s being with? A few weeks ago,
we got into an argument
and he left. I followed him and I saw him at a bus stop
with his co-worker. Well, they got
on the bus and left, and he texts me about five,
ten minutes saying they were
going to a naked pool party. I believe that
he met her there and he knew
that he was gonna go with her. DANA: Mr. Lane… There’s no way…
It’s physically,
literally impossible for me to be
arguing with her and be on the phone
with another woman
saying, “Hey, get undressed. We’re going to
a naked pool party.” But you were on your phone
a lot texting. You already know…
Okay, where are those? All right, so Mr. Lane
what you’re saying is
it’s just a coincidence that you ran into
this co-worker
at the bus stop, and both of you go
to a naked pool party? Yes, it was.
Absolutely 100% true. Do you always invite
your co-workers to join you
at a naked pool party? Hey, if it’s a pretty woman,
let’s go. There’s one co-worker
I would invite to
a naked pool party. But it would just be
a private party. All right, Mr. Cutler,
stop flirting with me. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Okay. The bottom line is this, you believe that
he invited this co-worker because they were
having an affair. Yes. And do you believe that
at this naked pool party
they got it on? I think it’s a possibility.
Yes. Do you think that
they’ve had sex
since the naked pool party? I think that
that’s a possibility. They are very friendly. And I think that he started
a fight with me that day so that he could storm off
and meet her at the bus stop. Have you ever slept
with this co-worker? No, absolutely not. Um-hmm 100% no. DANA: All right. And then a week ago
he asked me if she could
move in with us. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Yeah. Because she had scorpions
in her house. Okay, that’s some kind of bull. I mean, that’s just bull. Absolutely. Did you say yes or no? I said, “Hell no.” DANA: All right. No. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) DANA: No. Mm-mmm. No. Don’t even think about it. There is his side, there’s her side, and apparently there’s
the naked pool party
co-worker’s side. And she’s here right now. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Ron, would you escort
the next witness in? Yes, Your Honor. Ma’am. Hi. Hey, if it’s a pretty woman,
let’s go. Would you state
your name, please
for the court? My name is Lee Ann Derringer. KEITH: Ms. Derringer,
what is your relationship
with Mr. Lane? Um, he is my co-worker… Ex-co-worker and a friend. Did you attend
a naked pool party
with Mr. Lane? I did, Your Honor. Okay, can you tell me
how this came about? You know, I was
coming home from a class, um, and literally
I saw him walking
across the street. Then he said, you know,
they’re fighting, but he’s going to a naked
pool party and he’s like,
“Yeah, let’s go.” Had you seen Mr. Lane naked
before this event? Not before the
naked pool party. No. So what happened
at this naked pool party? I like saying that. It’s like a pool party.
You have barbeque couple
naked volleyball games, and, um… All right, so wait a minute.
Hold on, let me get this. You are playing
naked volleyball? Mm-hmm. That is frightening to me. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) It’s not frigtening. It’s so much splashing
and bouncing going on. That could be dangerous. Okay. KEITH: I mean, from what she described,
you have barbecue, you have volleyball… That’s another thing
to be worried about. …you have, you know? Don’t want something fall on
the grill that ain’t supposed
to be on the grill. I mean, it sounds
just like a regular party. Everybody’s just
kinda hanging out. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Yes, Your Honor. KEITH: Is that fair? LEE: That is correct, sir. Thank you, Mr. Cutler. Okay, I mean,
just think of this court. Just think about it. No, I don’t want to. About us all being naked? Naked couples court
with the Cutlers. No! No, no. Oh, okay. Let me just…
(MIMICS RECORD SCRATCHING) I’m scratching that
out my brain. I don’t even wanna
think about that. Okay. DANA: Now here’s the question. Have you been intimate
with Mr. Lane? Nope. Did you witness Mr. Lane
being intimate with anyone
at the party? No. Has he ever talked to you about
being intimate with someone
other than his girlfriend? No. So, Ms. Johnson,
if you find out that Mr. Lane
has been cheating… I’m out. I’m gone. DANA: Are you coming back
if he asks? No, not this time. DANA: You done. Yeah, I’m done. I’m packing up my stuff
and I’m going back to Cali. Now, when the results come in and you see it for yourself
right here right now,
then what? Then I’m gonna apologise. For a long time. I’mma apologize one time.
One time. DANA: All right. To investigate this matter
the court has retained
the services of licensed
Private Investigator and certified
Polygraph Examiner,
Kendall Shull. Ron, would you please escort
Mr. Shull into the courtroom? Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Shull, how are you? Good, Your Honor.
Thank you. So, Mr. Shull, what did you do
to investigate in this case? We decided to put
Mr. Lane to the test and see how he would react when placed in a room
with an attractive female
and hidden cameras. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So what happened? After becoming comfortable
with the undercover associate Mr. Lane suggested that
they hang out. And then he invited her
to a special kinda party. Let’s take a listen. (BOTH LAUGHING) So you invited somebody
to a fetish ball? It is a…
It’s not necessarily
a fetish as in, uh, leather whips
and chains and stuff that you would get
the image of
by hearing the word. It’s a Halloween party. You got your
Halloween costume on,
there’s… I don’t know.
It’s one of the biggest
parties in the world. KEITH: Why you
shaking your head? ‘Cause he’s a mess. (CHRISTOPHER LAUGHING) He’s a mess. He wants to have his cake
and eat it, too. KEITH: All right. Ms. Johnson, because
you had concerns
about his activity and about him being involved
with other womenincluding possibly a co-worker,we had him submit
to a polygraph examinationand we have those results
as welli.
(AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Shull, you asked Mr. Lane, “Since getting back
together with Ms. Johnson “have you had physical
sexual contact or intercourse “with Ms. Derringer?” What was his reponse
to that question? He answered, “No.” What did the lie detector
determine? The lie detector determine
he was being truthful. (ALL APPLAUDING) Okay. You’re smiling. Well, that makes me happy. DANA: But hold on,
we have another question. You asked Mr. Lane, “Since getting back together “have you had physical,
sexual contact or intercourse “with anyone
other than Ms. Johnson?” I interject. You asked Mr. Lane, “Since getting back together “have you had physical,
sexual contact or intercourse “with anyone
other than Ms. Johnson?” What was his response? He said, “No.” What did the lie
detector determine? The lie detector determine
that he was being truthful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) LATAEVIA: Okay Okay. I interject. LATAEVIA: Oh, God. We don’t have interjections
but I’ll let you make
a comment. Give me a hug. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Oh, whatever. Yada-yada. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Complete. None of that. I wrote him a little something.
I wanted to know if
I could sing it to him. All right. LATAEVIA: I’m sorry, baby. I apologize.♪ Can’t nobody do me
Quite like you
♪ It’s the little things
that you do
♪ I couldn’t help
but to fall for you
♪ And this is what
it feels like
♪ When I’m with you♪ Ooh, oh♪ Huh, yeah♪ Ooh, oh♪ Huh, yeah♪ You love me right
You treat me right
♪ You know just what I likeThat was lovely. (ALL CLAPPING) That is what this
is all about, love. KEITH: I think
they’re on the right track. They’re together,
they’re both on one accord. They each know what
they need to do,
stop doing. They’re ready to go. And as we say
in this courtroom, don’t cheat yourself
out of a chance for
a good relationship. Court is adjourned. LATAEVIA: Thank you.

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