Wife Reveals Bedroom Issues In Court (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Chappell v. Chappell.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Chappell, you’re
a married a woman who admits to having an affair, and now
you say you have questions regarding your five-month-old
daughter’s paternity. MISS CHAPPELL: Yes,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Standing next to
you is your father, Mr. Wells, and he doesn’t want you to
get the results today. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: He claims
when you were a young girl, you learned that he was not
your biological father and that news had
a devastating impact
on your family. Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Chappell, you say you
were elated when your wife told you she was pregnant? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And, then,
that joy turned to pain when she revealed
that you may not be her baby’s biological
father. Yes, your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You admit
you’ll be heartbroken if today’s test results
prove your wife’s lover is, in fact, the child’s
biological father. Yes, your Honor. So, Mr. Wells, why
are you so adamant about not wanting them to
have these results today? Well, ma’am, I met her mother
when she was pregnant… About three months…and it
just come to the point that, you know, we made
an agreement one time, just to walk away
from it. And it’s the point that
the…the granddaughter, I don’t wanna see
her go down that road. Some things are better
left unsaid, ma’am. No offense, Your Honor… Your Honor, it’s-it’s
about Lee and me. I need to find out if
I’m the father or not. She has the right to know,
I have the right to know. Now, we can’t go down
the road… 10, 20 years down the road and not
knowing who her father is. She has the right
to know. JUDGE LAKE: And this court
believes that every child has the right to know… MR. WELLS: Right,
I understand. …who their parents are. Yes, ma’am. I have to ask you,
Miss Chappell, do you still want to proceed in light
of your father’s advice and recommendation? Yes. ‘Cause, no offense to him, it hurt me when I grew
up not knowing who my dad was. And finding out when I
was younger like that, it really tore me apart. My daughter
doesn’t deserve that. She deserves to know. All right, Mr. Wells, please take a seat
and let’s proceed. So, please,
take me back. How did all of this begin? Well, we met at a high
school football game, and it was love
at first sight. We…we got engaged
four months later. We got married
on Valentine’s Day. We had a son together,
probably about a year later. I started getting bored
with our sex life. I kept telling him
and telling him… Your Honor, hey,
it takes two people. It takes two people. Four months later? If I tell you…if I tell you
that we needed to change it, we needed to change it ’cause
I wasn’t happy, sexually, I would ask him… I’m working 40 hours a week. I would ask him… I’m trying to provide
for you and my son. …to try something new. I’d be like, “Well, let’s
go get some handcuffs.” Let’s try something new. Let’s change positions. It’s not all about that. He never wanted to do that. No, it’s not all
about that. Yes, it is, it’s
communication in a marriage. I’m working every day. It takes two. When your wife tells you
she’s not happy like that, you should wanna
listen to her… I disagree. …because that’s what made
me go and do what I did, and I found somebody
that gave me what
I needed sexually. Do I regret it…
Yes, I do. I do regret it every
day, but I don’t
regret my daughter. She’s the best thing that’s
ever happened to me. JUDGE LAKE: And so you admit
to having an affair? MISS CHAPPELL: Yes, I did. JUDGE LAKE: How did
that start? Well, he was a friend,
and we started sexting, and I would hide it. We would send messages
on Facebook. I’d drop my son off
at the babysitter’s. I would tell my husband I
was going somewhere else. We would meet up…
We met in his driveway, a hotel… I mean
we had sex and it was what
I wanted sexually. And I was so excited,
’cause this guy gave
me what I wanted. He wasn’t scared to
go in there and jerk
my clothes off, and say, “I want
you like this.” I want somebody to take
control over me like that. I want that in my sex
life, and I should
be able to experience that with my husband,
but we don’t. He never wanted
to change nothing. JUDGE LAKE: What I want to
understand is, you were sleeping with both men during
the window of conception. MISS CHAPPELL: Yes, ma’am. Get to that. Well, I have the calendar
to show I had sex
with both of them on the same day
at one point. Yeah. Okay, Jerome, will you please
hand me that evidence, please? Can’t get any closer
in proximity than that. So, this is a calendar
for the month of May. MISS CHAPPELL: Yes, Ma’am. In red, we have
outlined the dates you were intimate
your husband. MISS CHAPPELL: Yes,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: In green, we have
the days you were intimate with the other
potential father, which inside the window
of conception, which is outlined
in pink here? Yes, Your Honor. So, all of these dates
are in close proximity? Yes, Your Honor. It would be literally
impossible to know. I even had her two weeks
early and that made the doubt even higher
than what it was. ‘Cause they kept changing my
due date, and I was going by the ovulation calculator to
keep from getting pregnant, and I messed up the days and
that’s when I got pregnant. Were you having protected
sex with the gentlemen… No, it was always
unprotected sex. I figured he would pull
out, but he never did. And I would tell him
constantly, “I don’t
wanna get pregnant, “I don’t wanna get pregnant,”
and he would never
listen to me. (COURTROOM GASPING) MR. CHAPPELL: Your Honor, she
had unprotected… Mr. Chappell, how does it feel
to hear this? This is a lot
of information. It makes me sick. JUDGE LAKE: And this
is your wife? Yeah. And I’m working
40 hours a week, trying to provide
for my family… You know I messed up, and you
can’t just blame it all on me, ’cause it’s
a marriage. And I kept telling you
I was unhappy, and you didn’t
want to listen to me. Exactly that the magic
word, marriage. We’re supposed
to be married. That is where we’re at today. And I’m sorry that I messed up
and I went and had sex with somebody else,
but I think she has the right to know, and that’s
why we’re here. And I’m sorry,
but I kept telling you and kept telling you. Yeah, but unprotected
sex…you could’ve
gave me something. You know, there’s stuff out
there you could’ve caught. There’s more of it
than being pregnant. You could’ve caught
something and gave it to me. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Chappell, when she was pregnant,
did you have any idea at that point whether this
affair was going on, that if it was going on? No, I had no idea. I was blindsided. So, all this time you find
out you’re pregnant… When you get news she’s
pregnant, you’re excited ’cause you think you’re
gonna be a dad? Oh, yeah, I was browsing
on the Internet, uh, sitting at the computer, and she told me,
but she was upset, and I was kinda wondering
why she was upset. We’re supposed
to be happy. It didn’t
make sense to me. So, when she was upset
when she told you
she was pregnant, did that ring a bell, or did
a light come on in your mind that said, “Uh-oh”? Uh, I really
didn’t think about it. But, you know, we did fight
a lot, we argued a lot… But, at the time,
I didn’t know. I tried to cover it
up the best I could. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, you support her through
the entire pregnancy? MR. CHAPPELL: Yes. You go to
doctor’s visits? Yes. We tried to invite the other
guy, at first, to… What, I’m sorry? He was…he was okay
with it at first, and
I told him, I said, “You know, this guy
kept making excuses
not to show up.” And, my husband,
he thought… Hold on, hold on,
hold on. You said, “We tried to
invite the other guy to come “to the doctor’s
appointments with us”? Yes. Whenever I told him
I was pregnant, and we had gotten
into an argument… We were on the way home from
the zoo with our son, and we was in an argument. I was back in the backseat
texting the other guy and telling him
that we were arguing. And I was like well,
“Maybe we… “I should just
tell him the truth.” ‘Cause they were both
fussing with me. I was so stressed out. I told him… He
said something to me, “Well, why don’t you find
somebody else?” And I said,
“Well, what if I have?” And he’s like, “Well,
whose baby is that?” And I said, “I don’t know.” And he said, “You messed
up, you’re a slut.” And he was calling me names,
and I was six weeks pregnant. And he’s like, “You need
to get out of my house.” So, I had to go move
in with my family. And the whole
time, this other guy, he doesn’t want me
to tell my husband. He wants to keep
everything a secret, and I couldn’t do
it anymore. And I told him right after
Father’s Day I was pregnant. And I was so upset
’cause I didn’t want
to have to tell him, “Well, I don’t know if
she’s yours or not,” ’cause that’s hard
to tell somebody. But I wanted to be honest, I wanted to be
the woman honest with… How…how do you think it’s
gonna make me feel that, you know, she’s pregnant by…
Possible with another man? You know, how you think
it’s gonna make me feel? But I made a mistake, and you
shouldn’t judge me for that if I’m honest with you. I’m still stuck at,
“We invited him “to the doctor’s
appointments.” No, “She.” JUDGE LAKE: You
invited your husband and the man you had
an affair with to the doctor’s appointments
while you were pregnant? Yes, Your Honor. Together? MISS CHAPPELL: Yes. MR. CHAPPELL: No. JUDGE LAKE: Did he come? No, he didn’t. No. But if there was a chance
he was the father, I wanted him to get
to experience that, too. MR. CHAPPELL: Your Honor,
we’re married. You know, I wanted
to be the father. I wouldn’t look good with
two guys at a doctor’s office. How often do you see two men
at the doctor’s office? JUDGE LAKE: So, at
that point, it’s clear. When your wife tells you we
might wanna invite this man to the doctor’s appointment,
you know this? Nah… Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: There
is no certainty whether or not you’re this
child’s biological father? How can we work out our
marriage with another man at the doctor’s office? I mean, it’s just so… I mean, I understand that,
but you have to… You have to
look at it, too. I was just trying to do the
right thing for my little girl ’cause I wanted her to know,
“Well, if there’s a chance “somebody else
can be my daddy, “then why didn’t you
introduce him to me?” When she’s born and
she gets older, I don’t want
somebody to say, “Well, you know what?
He ain’t your daddy.” And she’s gonna be like,
“Mama, why didn’t you tell me? “Why didn’t you tell me
that this is happening?”
I don’t want… But while she’s in the womb… I know. She probably doesn’t know whether two men are there
at the doctor’s appointment. And, look, you know,
Miss Chappell, giving what you’ve been
through and your father has attested to
the fact that you grew up and you had to endure
this kind of pain of learning the man you
believed was your father was not your biological
father… Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: I understand. MR. CHAPPELL: Your Honor,
I went to his house, and I was gonna meet him
man-to-man, face-to-face, and he wouldn’t
even come out. He looked out the window. And if he really wanted
to be with my wife, why didn’t he come meet
me man-to-man outside? Well, the question was he did
want to be with your wife… Sexually. Right. My granny always said,
“The grass always
looks greener “on the other side,
but you gotta be careful “’cause there could be
a river or a lake.” What happened was it looked
good on the other side with this man. Right. It seemed fine. He was doing all
the things you wanted
him to do “sexually.” And, yet, when it was
time for him to deal with the consequences,
he’s not available. He doesn’t wanna come
to the appointments. Your own husband goes
to talk to him to say, “Yo, man, let’s figure
out what’s going on. “We got a situation.” He’s not even man enough
to have a conversation. MR. CHAPPELL: I couldn’t
get no response from him. A couple of days later,
I went back to his house, I informed his
wife what was going on. (AUDIENCE GROANING) JUDGE LAKE: Oh! You all didn’t say
this other man was married. MR. CHAPPELL: Yeah. No wonder he was
conveniently absent. I’ve even told his wife
what was going on. I sent her a message
on Facebook, yes. So, you sent his
wife a message? MISS CHAPPELL: Yes,
I have it right here. JUDGE LAKE: Uh, Jerome,
let me see that. I told her that I didn’t
want nothing from him. This is your
message to the wife. Yes. “The truth is we
did mess around, “and he might have a baby,
but I never wanted
anything from him. “I know it’s a hard thing to
take in and to think about, “but I think you
should know the truth”. Did you get
a response? No, she blocked
me on Facebook. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) She didn’t want to accept
the fact of what he was doing behind her back, and I
didn’t think that was right. ‘Cause I was honest
in my marriage. Uh, you were honest… I did come out. Everything he asked
me about my affair, I did come out
and tell him. So, now, listen,
Mr. Chappell, at some point you say
you went to the house… Yes, Your Honor. …talked to this wife and
told her what was going on. Yes, Your Honor. Yes, Your Honor. And her response? She still didn’t
believe you? She…she
didn’t believe me. She said that they
didn’t do anything. I said,
“You’ll find out.” JUDGE LAKE: So, tell me about
the birth of the baby. Did the man show up? MISS CHAPPELL: No, Your Honor. Okay, so just you were
there, Mr. Chappell? Yes. I have pictures
when she was first born. She didn’t really like…she
looked like the other guy, but then she had features
of my husband, too. Your Honor, I had
the same feelings for her as I did for my son. When she was born, she had
blonde, curly hair like I did. You know, everything
was all good. I thought, you
know, she was mine. And this is a picture
of the baby… MISS CHAPPELL: That’s
when she was first born. JUDGE LAKE: And you. When you saw her for the first
time, did you look at her and say, “I wonder,
does she look like me?” MR. CHAPPELL: I saw
the blonde, curly hair, and… And it kinda gave me
excitement about it, ’cause I knew I had blonde,
curly hair when I was a baby, and, uh, I was
happy about it. Ms. Chappell,
how did you feel? When I first saw her,
I thought that she
kind of looked like the other guy, but they
both had blonde hair when they were younger,
so that’s what gave us, like, the doubt. When…when she got
older, her eyes started
becoming more blue. JUDGE LAKE: And that’s when
you started having doubts? Having doubts. Because nobody on his side of
the family has blue eyes, and I’m not really sure
on my side of the family if they have blue eyes, but she’s still got the same
eye shape as my husband. You feel like you see
a similar eye shape? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And what do you
have to present, Mr. Chappell? I have a, uh,
birth certificate. I was on it when
she was first born. JUDGE LAKE: And you signed
the birth certificate? Yes. Yes, ma’am. MR. CHAPPELL: I just wanted
to be the father of her. You know, I was happy. So, despite your doubts, you
signed the birth certificate, acknowledged paternity…
And, truthfully, a child born
within a marriage, you’re presumed to be this
child’s father, anyway,
under the law. MR. CHAPPELL: It’s holding
a lot of weight on
my shoulders. I need to find
out, you know? MISS CHAPPELL: When she
was two months old, the other guy agreed
to do a test, but then he
just disappeared. No contact? No contact. He has completely, like, wiped
everything to where you can’t reach him at all. JUDGE LAKE: All right. You’ve heard your
father’s position, and you know this
Court’s position, that we do believe
every child deserves to know who their parents are. All right, Jerome, I think
it’s time for the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you. I have no idea what’s
in this envelope. I learn the results
along with you. When I tell you, I’m finding them out
for the first time myself. And I just need to ask you, do you want to know
what’s in this envelope? Yes, Your Honor. Yes, Your Honor. If she doesn’t come out to be
his, I’m really sorry, and I’m gonna have
to live with that for
the rest of my life. But I know she’ll always
have you as her daddy, and I’m hoping and
praying that he comes
out to be her dad, ’cause I love him. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Mr. Chappell,
is there anything you’d like to
say to your wife? If she is mine, you know,
we’ll just go home, throw a big ol’ party. But if she ain’t mine,
I don’t know if we can let this
marriage carry on. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics, and they read as follows… In the case of
Chappell v. Chappell,
when it comes to
Leah Chappell… It has been determined
by this court, Mr. Chappell… You… Are not her
biological father. What’d you do
this for? (CRYING) I’m so sorry. I really am. I’m still gonna
be there for her. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) That’s exactly what this
Court wanted to hear. Now, Miss Chappell, this
is a generational curse that you have got
to break right now, ’cause the effects of
your mistake can be your child going through
the exact same thing you did. You don’t want that. With that said, I wish
the both of you so much luck. Court is adjourned. (POUNDS GAVEL) Jerome, will you please
call Mr. Chappell up to the bench, please? Hi. Hey. I’m so sorry. I know that’s not what
you wanted to hear. And she made
one huge mistake. You’ve had enough
forgiveness in your heart to make it to
this point. I think you can
work through this. Yeah. I wish you
the best of luck. Thank you. Take care of that
beautiful baby girl. I will. All right. Thank you.


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