Wife Denies Mistress’s Child Is Her Husband’s (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Jackson v. Lipscomb/Jackson.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Jackson,
you say you’re here to confront your
husband’s mistress and to prove her
one-month-old daughter Ke’Asia is not his
biological daughter. MISS JACKSON:
Yes, Your Honor. Furthermore, you say,
if you learn today that the child is
in fact your husband’s, your marriage is over. That’s right,
Your Honor. AUDIENCE: Oh. Miss Lipscomb, you say
that you have no doubt your child is
her husband’s daughter. You claim he had sex
with you, made a baby and now she needs
to deal with the truth. That’s right,
Your Honor. Mr. Jackson is waiting
outside of the courtroom and we’ll meet
him shortly, but first, Miss Jackson,
tell me, how did you
find out your husband may be having a child
with his mistress? Your Honor, let’s talk
about that. I got an epiphany,
call it women’s intuition, whatever you want. I went to my
husband’s job. It was about 9:30
to 10:30 at night. And he approached
the car, we talked for
a few minutes and to end
our conversation, I told him I feel as though
there’s something going on that you hadn’t told me, because he had been distant
in the days prior to. I put him out, so… Your Honor, and as we
were outside talking, we’re in the front
of the building, and the defendant pops up
in the car like she’s Ricky Raccoon
or somebody, Your Honor, upon hearing my voice. I turned around and I went and
knocked on the window. I asked her if she knew
my husband, I called him by name.
She said she did. She introduced herself
as his girlfriend. I said, “Well, hi, girlfriend,
’cause I’m his wife.” (SNICKERS) Like, at that point, your role
is kind of insignificant. Like, “I’m his wife.
Nice to meet you.” So she and I
proceeded to talk. She started to tell me
about how they were intimate, how she lived with him
at the hotel that he was presently
staying at. AUDIENCE: Oh! Um, so Miss Lipscomb,
upon meeting her, she told me she was
three weeks pregnant. This was
November 25th. He wears his…
Well, not lately, Your Honor, but he wore his
wedding band faithfully. Well, if I see a wedding band
on a man’s finger, then I ain’t gonna
continue to talk to him. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) It ain’t no…
I don’t care
what he tell me. So at that time,
she told me, “Oh, well, he told me it was
from a prior marriage.” That didn’t even
sound right. Why would I still
be wearing… So hold on. Let me just go over
to Miss Lipscomb. You remember
this encounter? Yes, and she’s not being
all the way honest. Okay, what is it you feel
she’s leaving out? I don’t know what
her intentions was when she came to that job, why did she come up there or
why didn’t she come up there. ‘Cause that’s my husband. I’ve never seen her
a day in my life. I knew her voice. I was sitting up and… How did you
know her voice? Because when I’m around,
um, Mr. Jackson and she calls
and the kids calls, that’s how I know her voice
is so high-pitched. I can hear her
through the phone. Your Honor. But she was always
labeled as “my B-M,” which is,
“my baby mother.” B-M does not
spell “wife.” “Wife” is spelled
W-I-F-E, not B-M. Oh, she can spell,
Your Honor, wow. So, it didn’t dawn on me to
ask, “Are you married now?” Because if
you’re married now, why have you been
living in a room for
three to four months? He wasn’t at the room for
three to four months. I got clothes
in your room… She had a pair of panties,
Your Honor, in his room. I’m at your room
every day, every night. A pair of panties,
Your Honor. I’ve never seen
this woman. So he never said,
“My wife put me out”? No, I never knew
anything about a wife. She was labeled as B-M… Because she didn’t
care to know. …my baby mother. JUDGE LAKE: And he didn’t
have a ring on? He had the ring, but the ring was never saying
that this is my wife. The ring said this is
from my previous marriage. But why do you wear a ring
from a previous marriage on the ring finger? MISS JACKSON: Thank you.
Common sense. I mean…
To each his own. He wear what
he want to wear. He do what he want
to do, but… Your Honor,
AKA she trifling, and that’s what
trifling females do. At that point,
I feel like, “If this is your husband
and this is so you say, “y’all working on your family,
you trying to get it together, “why is your husband
in a room and not at home “with you and
your kids?” When I met her in the car
that night, like I said, she told me
she was pregnant. Um, maybe a week after that,
I was talking to… ‘Cause my husband went to
jail that night, Your Honor. You sent him to jail
over a bogus… I was angry enough,
Your Honor… She called the police and
said that he jumped on her and sent him to jail, made him lose his job
and his room. It was an impulsive decision
and I understand it was not the right
decision, Your Honor. Stupid. But, yes, I sent him to jail because I knew that he had
some legal issues going on in another state. The next morning,
I go to the room to find Miss Lipscomb
laying in the bed crying
like she just lost her puppy. I told you I was going
back to the room when you was in
the car talking to me. I have belongings
at that room. I’m going back
to that room and I would not leave
the room until the morning. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
All right. All right. Bottom line, we’ve got
a wife and a mistress fighting over one man and, Jerome, I’m ready
to meet this man. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Wow. Hi. Watch your step going up
the steps, sir. Mr. Jackson, thank you
for joining us today. How you doing,
Your Honor? Ugh, I am, uh… I’m still here, ’cause I’m
listening to a mess. I am listening
to a situation here… MISS JACKSON:
He created it,
Your Honor. …and you are
in the middle of it. MR. JACKSON: You helped. JUDGE LAKE:
Miss Lipscomb says she
had no idea you had a wife. No, she didn’t, ’cause
I never mentioned it
to her, Your Honor. So that part of
her statement is true. You never told her
you were married. No, Your Honor. Mr. Jackson, you are the
perpetrator of this mess… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) …because, I’m-a be
straight up. When Miss Lipscomb
first started talking, I didn’t believe
for one minute that she didn’t really
know you were married, until you sat down
in this chair and confirmed
the lie you told her. MR. JACKSON:
I didn’t tell her no lie. I just didn’t never
mention it to her. She never asked. Oh! I never mentioned it. And so you would need
to learn the lesson that anything less than
the whole truth is a lie. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Your Honor, not only
have we had conversations… Before I didn’t
deny the child, I went and bought
over $900-and-some worth of stuff for her baby,
Your Honor. Lie. It wasn’t $900. And you did that because… MISS JACKSON:
Your Honor, there’s…
Like I told her. From the conversation,
Your Honor, she seemed
really distraught. She said that, um,
I don’t know how it feels not to know who your
child’s father is, Your Honor. So as a woman,
I felt obligated…
Woman to woman, whether it’s my
husband’s child or not, out of the kindness of
my heart, Your Honor. I understand that
we all have shortcomings, so, yes, I went and bought
things for the baby. At that time,
I believed that she had left, like she was done trying
to be with my husband or mess with
my husband, Your Honor, because that’s the idea
that she gave me. As far as I know,
it went on…it ended when Mr. Jackson went to jail,
is what I knew. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay, so let’s stop that. Period, pause. Miss Lipscomb, did the affair
end when he went to jail? Yes, ma’am. Well… So you have not been
intimate with him since? Yes, ma’am, I have.
I’m not even gonna lie. AUDIENCE: Ohh. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Mr. Jackson,
what happened when you found out
your mistress was pregnant? I found out
when I was in jail, ’cause I guess
the beginning of the year, her birthday time,
she got sick and went to the hospital and my wife told me that she said
she was pregnant then. MISS JACKSON:
On her Facebook page,
Your Honor, she had listed that she
was going to the hospital. At that time, Your Honor, she was with another man,
and I have evidence, if you would allow me
to present it, Your Honor, of her talking about
her and this other man
that is not present. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay, so this proves… Jerome, let me see this.
This is… So what you’re saying,
this piece of evidence shows that she was also
dealing with another man. MISS JACKSON:
Yes, Your Honor.
She told me that… It was never a secret
that I had a boyfriend
in the beginning. Your husband knew
just like you. So don’t act like
it was a secret. She said that the young man
was taking care of her. When she was sick,
Your Honor, she said that the young man
was taking care of her. And that it was
the young man’s baby. From my standpoint,
it’s a community baby. It’s anybody’s baby, ’cause
she’s community property. It ain’t yours,
so I don’t understand why you worried about it. Your Honor, I went out… JUDGE LAKE:
So hold on now. Let me just read this. “I’m alive and healthy, “and a lot of people
don’t make it to see 27. “It would be
a blessing for me. “I love you all and I’m
really missing my man.” So you believe that
there’s another man Miss Lipscomb has been
involved with sexually… MISS JACKSON:
She told me,
Your Honor …that could be the
father of this child? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Lipscomb,
when you had the baby, was he
at the hospital? Did he cut the cord? He didn’t cut the cord,
but he was there. So he did come
for the birth. Yes, yes. And, Mr. Jackson, did you
sign the birth certificate? Yes. You did? AUDIENCE:
So if it’s not his child, why would he sign
the birth certificate, even more to speak
on her behalf… So, Mr. Jackson, you’ve
acknowledged paternity. Yes. MISS JACKSON:
Your Honor, that’s why
the baby was placed on my benefits,
my military benefits. MISS LIPSCOMB:
This is what
she keeps saying, that the baby was placed
on her benefits, but… Her baby is what? Placed on my benefits,
Your Honor. I also have proof
of that, Your Honor. Let me see
that paperwork, Jerome. He automatically claimed all legal and financial
responsibilities to that child because he is deemed
as my dependent on my military benefits, at which time, that child
becomes my dependent
as well on my benefits. They have not paid for
anything for my child. My child still have
a $25,500-and-something hospital bill
from the hospital, so if my child
is on your benefits, why haven’t
they paid that? So you don’t believe your
child is on her benefits? No, I just believe
she wants to know if this is his child
so she can divorce him. Don’t use my child
as a crutch. If you want to divorce
him, divorce him. Don’t use my child
as a crutch. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) This woman
is delusional. The whole time
I was pregnant, she swear that
she was pregnant. She’s been pregnant four times
since I have had my daughter. Your Honor, what she’s
not telling you is that
I’m pregnant now. That’s the part that
she hadn’t admitted to. I told you, every time,
every time, every time. JUDGE LAKE:
Hold on, hold on. Let’s get some order. What did you just say,
Miss Jackson? MISS JACKSON:
I’m pregnant now. I’m due May 5th.
Mr. Jackson knows about it. I’ve invited him to
doctor’s appointments. He and I talked about it.
He said to me, “Well, I don’t care
what nobody think
’cause you my wife, “and at the end of the day,
that’s just what it is. “You my wife and I don’t care
what people think.” (SIGHS)
So, Mr. Jackson, now your wife is pregnant. That’s what she say,
she’s pregnant, Your Honor… So now you don’t believe
she’s pregnant? I don’t know if she is
or she’s not, Your Honor. Miss Lipscomb is… Are you still in
a relationship with him, too? It’s… It’s…
We friends, it’s iffy. It’s whatever.
We’re friends. MISS JACKSON:
But he’s married,
Your Honor. She just made
the point of saying… Since she said,
“A”, Your Honor, she just made the point
of saying I’m not
the type of person that would break up
a happy home. Oh, your home was
already broke up and your home was not happy
when I came into the picture. Your home was broke up
and it wasn’t happy then. (GAVEL BANGING) Listen, ladies. And I’m being generous
with my language. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I don’t know if you all
think you scoring points or impressing anybody with
this tit-for-tat nonsense, but you just look silly. Because ultimately, he not fighting
for either one of y’all. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) He’s sitting
over here, quiet, just watching
a random tennis match with two women going back
and forth, back and forth and he’s sitting there with
a smirk on his face, like, “I’m done
with all this nonsense.” He’s a coward, Your Honor. So I don’t know what… Yeah, but you carrying
a coward’s child! Your Honor…
Right, Your Honor. And you have said it
4,000 times in open court that’s your husband. He is my husband. Your husband
ain’t saying nothing. Right, Your Honor. This is why, ’cause
this is all you get. Even if I do say something,
what’s the point? They’re still gonna go
backwards and forward, it’s still gonna be text
message, so… So, Mr. Jackson, look. Do you believe Miss Lipscomb’s
child is your child? Do you believe Ke’Asia
is your child? Yes, Your Honor, it
could be a possibility. It is a possibility. And yet you did sign
the birth certificate… Yes, Your Honor. …and acknowledge
paternity. Yes, Your Honor. So you legally are
the father of this child. Yes. Are you paying
child support? No. But she’s on your wife’s
military benefits. MR. JACKSON:
Yes. Now, you know that don’t
make no sense. I don’t even know how that
happened when it happened. She brought that up. I’ll tell you how it happened. On the day when you
doubtfully signed paternity and created
another dependent. Are you gonna
raise this baby? Uh… What? What? It’s like you say… I’m not your wife.
I want an answer. It’s like you say… Are you gonna
raise the baby? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) You not gonna
raise this baby. See, see, you up at…
Up at the hospital performing. You performing. Now, you this baby’s
legal father and sitting up here
and I ask you are you gonna raise her
three times, you ain’t answer me
yet two feet away. Come on. Stop the nonsense. You see this? Yes, ma’am. That’s your child’s
legal father. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) I’m not laughing. This is exactly how
lying, secrecy, sexual irresponsibility, infidelity… This is how
it all mixes up to create
an absolute nightmare for a gorgeous little girl. MISS JACKSON:
She is beautiful. Oh, I’m talking
about beautiful. She make me
want another one. Your Honor… Just a beautiful
little girl. But what I dislike most
about this situation is that we have been here
talking back and forth about the nonsense,
messiness that you caused, you allowed
him to cause and you realized
he was causing and still got
pregnant by him again and we not talking enough
about Ke’Asia. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Yes, Your Honor.
Yes, Your Honor. Before I get
to the results, if I said to you,
Mr. Jackson, you could step down off
of that witness stand and go stand
at either podium next to the woman you support in this drama you created. I wouldn’t
stand by neither one. I’d just stand
in the middle, ’cause there’s
still gonna be drama. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) It really would. Ladies, you heard that, right? Yes, ma’am. Your Honor, Ray Charles
could see this. Now you know. It don’t even matter. Okay, results, please. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Jerome, let’s just
stand in the middle in Mr. Jackson’s place. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) (SIGHS) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows… In the case of
Jackson v. Lipscomb/Jackson,
when it comes to
one-month-old Ke’Asia Jackson, Mr. Jackson… You are not the father. AUDIENCE: Whoo! MISS JACKSON:
Thank you. It’s still over.
It’s still over,
Your Honor. Now it’s not even
her husband’s child. After all of this. What about this
beautiful little baby? Do you know
who her father is? Yes, Your Honor. Is he gonna wanna be
a part of her life? No, probably not. AUDIENCE: Oh. Ladies, there’s some days where you gotta put
your big-girl panties on. You put them on,
do what you gotta do and figure out
what you gotta figure out and you get it done,
’cause he not gonna help. What were you saying? Is it okay? That would be wonderful. She asked could she
give you a hug. I’m sorry, Keonna.
With that said, we have
resources for you all. Yes, Your Honor. I wish you the best of luck.
I will be checking on you all. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)


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    At age 56, he found out the man wasn't his biological dad. It broke him.

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