Wife Claims Husband is Not the Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofKiesel v. Kiesel.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day! Mr. Kiesel, you say
your marriage depends
on today’s paternity results after your wife announced
that the child she is
currently pregnant with may not be yours. You are here to prove
that you are the father, and save your family. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mrs. Kiesel, you say
it breaks your heart to stand in court
to prove that your husband is not your unborn
child’s father. But, you know the truth. Another man is. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Kiesel. Why are today’s results
so important? My marriage
has been
put on the line. A month into our marriage,
she had cheated on me, and it led to where
I might not be the father
of this child. It was supposed to be
a happy, great thing for us,
and it’s just caused problems and heartbreak
and lots of issues for us. So, you’re supposed
to still be in
the honeymoon-newly-wed phase. And instead of that,
you have a paternity issue. Yes, Your Honor. What is your day-to-day
family life like? It’s caused us
a lot of issues. We argue non-stop
about who the father is. If I’m the father,
if he’s the father, it just causes a lot of…It causes us
to be very distant
from each other.
So, Ms. Kiesel, there’s
a lot of arguing going on
in your household? DESTINY: Yes, Your Honor. Explain to the court
how this is affecting you. Um… (SIGHS) It has affected me
in a huge way. Not only just our marriage,
but my pregnancy as well. Because it’s hard for me
to necessarily… I mean, yes,
I’m excited for it, but it makes it harder
when there’s so much stress
put into the pregnancy. Um, rather than being
everybody together, you know, having a good time,
for like a baby shower… Say, we were supposed
to have a baby shower. That ended up
getting canceled because both of the possible
fathers’ families
wanted to be there. And that was
just difficult. Oh. So, it’s put a lot
of stress on me as well. I understand
that I made the mistakes. But it has put
a lot on me as well because of, you know,
not being able
to fully enjoy my pregnancy like a mother should. I need to ask you this. What in the world would
possess you to cheat
on your husband one month
after your wedding day? Um, we really rushed
into a relationship. We had been
dating on and off. But it was back and forth
with my ex and him. Um, we both have
broke up a couple of times while we were dating. And then when we got married,
it just was kind of a “Let’s go
do this” kind of thing. JUDGE LAKE: Got it. It was like,
“Let’s do it today.” So, we did, and I just
feel like we might have
got married a little too young. Not necessarily young,
but quick. Um, so that, I think,
has a big effect
on it as well. Because I wasn’t
fully over my ex. So, how soon after this
cheating happened did you find out
you were pregnant? Um, just a couple
of weeks later. It was around April 1st
that I had… Oh, no, sorry.
The end of March,
I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I
were trying to have a baby. Anyway, so, we had been
taking a test once a week. And I happened to take one
and it was positive. And at first, I was really
happy and excited. And then just a couple
of seconds later, it hit me that I’m about
to have to tell him something
no husband wants to hear. So, you found out
you were pregnant first, and then you knew
you had to tell your husband. Yes. Because you knew
there was a possibility
this other man could also be… Your ex could be the child’s
biological father. Yes, Your Honor. And so, Mr. Kiesel,
describe what happened when you take
this pregnancy test
with your wife, this test you’ve been
doing once a week because you hoped
to conceive a child, and after this moment of
“Yes, we’re pregnant!” you have to get the news
that,”Oh, no,
but you cheated.” It was crushing. We had been trying
for a while and she
was in the bathroom, she walked out
crying and told me
she was pregnant. And I asked
why she was crying, and she told me
that there’s a possibility
that I might not be the father. And I just
broke down myself. And it was heartbreaking
that this thing that was
supposed to be great… We’d been trying,
we finally got it, and I might not even
be the father of it. So, once you found out
you were pregnant,
what did you say to yourself? Did you say, “Okay, let me
figure out a conception window “and let me figure out
who I was with
during that time”? Yes, Your Honor.
I got a conception window. JUDGE LAKE: Take me
through that process. Okay, I got a conception date,
April 1st, at my first… It wasn’t really
a doctor’s appointment,
I had started spotting. So, we went
to the emergency room to confirm that I
was even pregnant because we just
had a home test done. So, April 1st, I went
to the emergency room. And did they give you
your conception date? Yes, they did, Your Honor.
It was March 8th. March 8th. And now, Mr. Kiesel,
when were you intimate
with your wife? We were intimate
on the 8th. JUDGE LAKE: You were? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
so that’s gonna be
a ‘K’ for Mr. Kiesel. I gotta ask you this,
Ms. Kiesel. When were you intimate
with your ex? Which day? The 7th and the 9th. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE LAKE: Okay. JUDGE LAKE:So, I don’t
think I have to say
that these dates
are very close
in proximity. Yes, Your Honor. Which only further
fuels the doubt. So, Ms. Kiesel,
are you certain
about these days? Yes, Your Honor, because
on the 9th, I actually
got in a car wreck and I had been taken
to the hospital, and then later that night…
That’s how I
remember the 9th. And that I just remember
that two days prior was also. But, the 8th, he wasn’t
around on the 8th. I know that for sure
because he was working. So, Mr. Kiesel, are you sure
of the date you gave the court?
March 8th? DUNCAN:I’m
almost positive of it.
And so, you believe,
despite these dates
being so close in proximity, that you are
the child’s father? I do, Your Honor. Tell the court why. We have a nose
that looks a lot alike. Mine goes down
and then bubbles
at the end.And with the ultrasounds
that we had, the child
had the same kind of nose.
You believe
that by looking
at this ultrasound, it appears that you have
a similar nose to the child. And we have
fat upper lips.I see it
in the ultrasound as well.
DESTINY:Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:Yes.I hope he is the dad. I want our marriage to work,
and I want everything
to be fine. And well, not fine,
’cause we’re still gonna
have to work on, you know, the dishonesty
and stuff like that, but I do hope
he is the dad. And I hope, you know,
things turn out
for the best. But, regardless… But you understand
that a hope is not proof. A hope is not evidence. Yes, Your Honor. So, you say you believe
the child is not his. You hope it is,
but you believe
it is not. I have strong doubt,
Your Honor. You do,
and that’s because… DESTINY:
The conception date. Do you remember being
intimate with your husband
on March 8th? I honestly don’t
remember, Your Honor. The only reason I remember
the ex is because of it being
on the day of the car wreck. JUDGE LAKE: And then
you remembered you’d also had sex with him
two days before. Yes, and he was
not there on the 8th,
because he was working. And so… And so, the truth is, you don’t
even remember being intimate
with your husband on March 8th, but you do remember
sleeping with your ex
on the 7th and the 9th. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You do? Yes. So, Mr. Kiesel,
are you just hoping
you are the father? But you really
don’t have any proof. Anything you can
really hang your hat on? Honestly, I have
a cleft chin. And in some of the pictures,
it’s a little hard to see, but it’s a very
dominant trait. And I was born
with bilateral clubfoot
and my father was and my two brothers
were as well, so,
it seems to run in my family. Whenever we were going
through ultrasounds
and having that done, it actually looked like
his feet might have had
some deformities in it as well.So that’s another reason
I also thought that the child
would be mine.
Okay, so you’re seeing
more than just this nose You’re saying
from these ultrasounds, you believe that there are
other characteristics
that run in your family. Yes, Your Honor. Your child also has. DESTINY: Your Honor? Yes. We actually took some
of the ultrasounds
to my new doctor, and she actually did
an ultrasound as well. And she did not believe
there was any deformities or anything wrong,
medically, with him.So, that’s another…So you’re saying that this
clubfoot that he believes
he sees in the ultrasound, you’ve been told by your doctor
that she did not seem
to see any indication… Yes, Your Honor. Yes. …of this physical condition. So, Mr. Kiesel,
you talked about that
they run in your family, and many of the other men
in your family
have this characteristic. I want to learn
more about that. Jerome, would you please escort
Dr. Samantha Brown-Parks
into the courtroom? I’d like
to hear from her. JEROME: Watch your step. DR. SAMANTHA: Hi, there. JUDGE LAKE: Hello, Doctor. JUDGE LAKE: Hello.
Thank you so much. Our couple,
Mr. and Mrs. Kiesel
are here, and they are desperately
trying to determine
whether or not Mr. Kiesel is this child’s
biological father. He has talked about
having a physical condition that runs in his family,
a clubfoot. And I need to know from you,
is this something
that is hereditary? Is this something you can
diagnose in the womb? Please tell the court
more about this. Okay. So, clubfoot happens
in about one in a thousand
live births in the US. So it’s a fairly
common birth defect. One-fourth of those
have a family history of someone in their family
having a clubfoot also. Is it genetic?
Um, it is familial. Meaning that there are
multiple factors. In fact, we know
from a study in 2010 that tells us
on chromosome 17, there’s at least
four different genes
that play a role. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, you can inherit those genes
from one or both parents. And they can
make you more likely
to develop clubfoot. There’s not one gene
in clubfoot. There’s
multiple genes. Oh. As far as whether or not
you can diagnose in utero, you can, for sure, see it. At about 20 weeks,
we do an anatomic scan
of the fetus and we look
for abnormalities. So, from the picture
that we’ve seen, the still shot,
the 2-D shot
of the foot, it’s not possible
to tell yes or no. Okay. Because the court did give you
the scans we received, and you were able
to review those. DR. SAMANTHA: Correct. And upon reviewing them,
you don’t feel like
you can say. DR. SAMANTHA:
Cannot say yes or no.
JUDGE LAKE:Okay.JUDGE LAKE:After hearing
the testimony
of the doctor, Mr. Kiesel,
has your opinion changed
as to whether or not
you believe this child is your biological child? Not really,
Your Honor. From what I saw
in the ultrasounds,
I thought I saw the clubfoot. I see many resemblances
between us, and… But have you been honest
with yourself about these feelings
you’ve had thus far? Meaning, “I want the child
to be mine, I believe
the child is mine, “but I do know
for certain that there
is a very real possibility “that this is not
my biological child”? I understand
the possibilities. I want this child
more than anything. We had been trying
for a child,
and then we finally got it. I missed one appointment
due to work,
and that’s all I’ve missed. And I’ve been here
every step of the way. This is my child,
and it needs
to be my child. And how does it make you feel
that your wife is saying, “I don’t think
you are the father”? That hurts extremely bad,
seeing that I’m there. Instead of it just
being, “You might
not be the father,” she’s saying
she thinks I’m not. And that dampens
the mood between us. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) I can imagine. Mrs. Kiesel,
you said earlier
in your testimony, you believe
the child is not his. You hope it is,
but you believe
it is not. Yes, I want him
more than anything
to be the biological father. But we don’t
have any proof yet, which is why
we’re here today, is to finally settle this,
because afterwards,
there won’t be any doubt. No matter which way it goes,
we don’t have
to wonder anymore. Absolutely, and I don’t
want you to wonder anymore. So I want to
get you these results. Jerome. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In order for us
to determine paternity, a prenatal DNA test
was performed. A blood sample
was drawn from the mother and fetal DNA
was isolated
from the sample. Genetic analysis
was performed and a probability
of paternity
was generated. In the case of
Kiesel v. Kiesel,
when it comes to the child
Mrs. Kiesel
is currently carrying, it has been determined
by this Court Mr. Kiesel, you are the father. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) I know that
has to feel good. AUDIENCE: Aw. I’m sorry. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I love you. I love you. How does it feel, sir? DUNCAN: (VOICE BREAKING)
Amazing. (SOBBING) I’m so happy for you. And I know those
are tears of joy. And I can imagine you have
cried the other kinds of tears
up until this point. And that’s why I believe
the truth is so special, and so important,
and so necessary. Especially in situations
like these. And I’m so happy
you had the courage
to come here today before the baby was born,
and have this done
and have this settled. So now you all can regain
and reclaim the joy you lost
in the doubt, right? DUNCAN: Yes, Your Honor. Right. And prepare
for the delivery. I love alliteration. I want you all
to talk to Dr. Jeff and deal with some
of the feelings, Ms. Kiesel,
that you even talked about here so that you can learn
how to create good boundaries
in your life with exes and other people
that may come in and negatively influence
your relationship
and your marriage and put it at jeopardy. Because now,
you’ve got a new baby, and we want you all
to raise that baby up right. All right? DESTINY: Thank you. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Congratulations,
Mr. Kiesel. DUNCAN: Thank you. Court is adjourned.


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