Why Most Students Think Law School is Hard (and How to Make it Easier)

– Today we’re going to be talking about why law school is hard and how to make it easy and fun. Believe it or not, it can be fun. (mellow music) I remember in high school everyone said college was going to be twice
the work of high school. And when I got there, I found
that it wasn’t so much harder than it was just different. Law school is the same way. It is very different from college. And while most people think it’s harder, a lot of that is just a
self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s more accurate to say
law school is different. Now everyone would, of course,
agree that in law school, you’ll read more. The reading is challenging, the subjects are unlike
anything you’ve seen before. And you won’t really
have a frame of reference for those subjects. It’s incredibly stressful and oh yeah, your entire
professional career as a lawyer rests on getting good grades. So there’s that. But most would say that
law school is hard, I think mainly because
of the lack of feedback. The lack of feedback makes people insane. They study constantly. But because there is so little feedback, they don’t know if they’re
doing the right thing. You work for an entire semester
studying complex systems of law and it all comes
down to a single final exam. And here’s the real issue. The final exam is a test that is nothing like anything in undergrad. Hell, it’s nothing like the LSAT. As a result, many people
study the wrong things. And what’s worse than that,
they study the wrong things for a long time. They spend hundreds of
hours studying things that won’t help them on the final. When you get to law school, you have to think about the
end game, the end result. And then work backwards from there. We have a ton of videos on
how to succeed in law school, we’ll put them in the links down below. But suffice to say, there are lots of ways to create feedback during
the regular semester, and to figure out what’s going
on before you take the test. Most importantly, you can
improve your law school test-taking skills before
you get to the final. This is probably the single
biggest missed opportunity in all of law school,
not learning how to write law school essays. It’s just like the LSAT. You’ll still have to study,
but you’ll have to learn the strategies and improve
your score over time, and you do that by practicing. But most people don’t do that. Why? Because if they did, they
might confirm their worst fear that they are no longer
at the top of their class. But it’s coming anyway,
whether they avoid it or not. And by avoiding the necessary practice, it again becomes a
self-fulfilling prophecy. One of the biggest problems in law school is that it’s a game that
nobody tells you the rules. And think of it like this. If you wanted to play chess, but your partner refused to explain how the pieces moved,
you’d be in big trouble. And it’s the same with law school. But once you know how the pieces move, you can learn strategies
that will tell you how to move those pieces,
why you’re doing it. And when you know what you’re doing, you can start crushing your opponents. And it’s the same in law school. Once you learn how to take
a law school essay exam, you can then start crushing those, too. Law school takes hard work, and there’s no getting around that. But most people work
harder than they need to, and they make it harder on themselves. Trust me, once you start
taking practice exams, you’ll understand how the law works. You’ll understand how to apply it. And that will make your
studying so much easier. Don’t be one of those students who works too hard for too
long on the wrong things. Learn the strategies, get an edge, and like anything, when
you get good at something, you start having fun. Believe me, when you
get A’s in law school, you’ll start having a lot of fun. Oh, and by the way, if you
wanna get better grades on your next law school
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