Why Japan Arrests Foreigners


  1. While on leave, my son brought 1 gram of weed into Japan. Got lit on by dog in Airport… He spent 3 years in Jail in Japan.

  2. Good for Japan. In the USA you can get away with a lot of shit. Japan makes it tuff for you. They want to make sure your ass leaves the country and don’t come back.

  3. Japanese police are racist. I lived in Japan for a decade and seen this first hand on a daily basis. They would be out of work if all of a sudden there was no foreigners to arrest! No joke…

  4. The judicial system in Japan is awful. One of the worst in the developed world. It relies mostly on the police and confessions.

  5. Crimes committed by foreigners is what ruins it for the rest of people who go visit Japan by doing idiot things when they should already know that they are not in their home countries and should try their best to avoid doing idiotic things like stealing, I'm sure that no Japanese person would be ok with some one doing graffiti on the walls where they live just like how an american would be pissed if some one graffiti-ed their House or wall fence or even a car, the owner would be pissed right? Then if you know that you would hate that to happen to you then you should respect any place you go traveling in. I for one think that Japan is a great place to visit someday cause i think it's an amazing place to go see and enjoy.

  6. it seems like it's very easy to get arrested in Japan. when you get assaulted by a japanese and you defend yourself, the police will listen to him, not you.

  7. Japan! one of the safest country in the world! Of course, Japan's rape crime is very low!
    (According to the number of cases reported by women…)

  8. Please don't be this dumbass: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/ore-woman-jailed-japan-allegedly-smuggling-adderall-article-1.2133758

  9. The Japanese also don't arrest Japanese for fighting with foreigners, or if a foreigner has a no-fault accident caused by a Japanese citizen, the police will carry out no investigations at all. A British teacher of English in Kobi was cycling to work, knocked from his bicycle, injured very badly, and the police did absolutely nothing at all. The Japanese are still fighting WW2 using commerce. I for one will never go to that Nazi country, just for what they didn't do for my friend.

  10. Does anybody slam Japan for not wanting to be flooded by millions of non-Japanese then forcing the entire Japanese population to "assimilate" until they become non-existent?
    Never heard that, Yet if you oppose the White Genocide being carried out by massive non-white immigration and forced assimilation in Every white country and Only white countries, You are a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White.

  11. Hostage Justice in Japan… But keep in mind that these laws are one of the reasons why Japan is so safe compared to many other countries. Yeah… sorry, but that is a LIE… Japan is NOT safe… I like due process instead of tyrrany… Japan is on the same list as Communist China now… not going.

  12. Desperate Weaboo: "Hello everyone! I will be staying in Japan for one whole year, free!"

    Weaboo arrives in Japan. Outrightly steals an onigiri from Lawson's. Goes to Jail. Comes out 1 year later with full immersive language skills.

  13. Japan is unique of all nations. They are the cleanest, most indigenous, purest race of people on earth. High intelligence is common among the Japanese as they do not make a habit of inter-marrying which keeps their bloodline pure. Law and order is strictly enforced; foreigners will adhere to Japanese law, no exceptions. Islamism is forbidden. Immigration is forbidden. For these reasons, Japan should be a sought-after way of life by all other nations. Japan is being forced to become, once again, an extremely strong military industrial power that will surpass the USA and China because of Japanese intelligence and workmanship. Things are about to change on the world scene.

  14. No the amazing thing is if you commit a crime in their eyes you get arrested as the lawyer said but if a crime is committed against you and your Foreigner the police dismiss it as you're making it up cuz Japanese don't commit crimes Japanese men don't rape women yeah tell me how many blondes have gone to Japan and then felt stuff on the bus on the train and then been followed and forced by many Japanese men to have sex with them you don't call that right but I understand that never had a chance in a hot one like that but it still rape Japanese is a horrible Society it is cruel to the world to the Earth to animals and if you're a liberal you need to make it known that Japan is a rotten country destroying the Earth sand pollution it is off the hook and they push radiation into the ocean and say won't harm anything they're Liars the tightwads and when they arrived here in America to visit us they never tip anyone they know this supposed to but they refuse to do it their attitude is there just doing their job

  15. I listen to what this Japanese lawyer said the police will beat you you won't have a lawyer or witness present they're not going to leave any marks on you cuz it good at the job they have a 99% conviction rate you never heard of such a rate of conviction and the reason they can fix so many is because everyone confesses once they start hitting you in the gut beating you on the side of the neck next to your head and many other good methods of interrogation they have remember these are the same people that killed hundreds of thousands a pows in World War II they methods of interrogation an interrogation never stops the sacral Society never visit them never buy any their products and remember how they devastate the environment through their pollution the nuclear radiation and the killing about whales Dolphins other predators in the ocean to preserve the precious sushi the rain supposed Environmental Protection Agency said that many of the mammals in the ocean must be eliminated because it's too many whales Dolphins penguins even sharks aren't mammals high on the list shark's fin soup in China is valuable you strip the shark of its fins throwback in the ocean that can't swim and it dies but it doesn't anymore sushi

  16. Stealing and fighting gets you arrested in Japan, no way who would have know.
    Seriously though, why not give people useful information.

  17. コメント欄が差別主義者で溢れかえってるな

  18. Embassies…. where you can get a message sent home and a list of lawyers, and then ignored for the rest of your time in the pokie…. THANKS, OBAMA!!! 🙄🙄🙄

  19. Ignore the title, and have this as the only real valuable takeaway: getting arrested in a foreign country when you don't speak the language or have an interpreter is difficult.

    It's a bit stunning how many people still believe everything they read or hear from one single source even after we have seen so many lies on social media. Take a moment and look things up for yourself and you will see that this is absolute hogwash.

    Any sense that someone is more likely to go to jail in Japan is absolutely ludicrous. In the US you are more than 15 times more likely to end up in jail than in Japan. Out of every 100,000 people in Japan, 41 are in jail. In the US? Try 655 out of every 100,000.

    How silly for us to try to drum up fear of their legal system.

  20. I want to know what is the most common thing that foreigners do illegally but didn't realized it was illegal to do?

  21. If I ever visit Japan I will travel Canadian.  LOL  I will wear the Maple Leaf on everything.  Sweatshirts and t-shirts.  I will tell people I am from Toronto.  Because in my opinion if a crime happens they usually go looking for the American tourist.  Remember what happened to Amanda Knox in Italy.  Her roommate who she barely knew was murdered by some African guy and they pinned it on her.  The authorities claimed it was some sort of sex game that went horribly wrong.  That the victim was raped by several men and Amanda participated to.  Never mind she didn't have a scratch on her and the crime scene was so contaminated by the police investigators it was useless.  Plus apparently Amanda who worked three jobs to pay for the trip became this sexual predator within a month.  The really sad thing is the victim's parents bought all of the bullshit the Italians told them and to this day believe Amanda got away with murder.  It's pretty messed up.

  22. I've been here since 2006. Had very little trouble with cops, even though I've had some encounters. Most cops are reasonable, if you are being reasonable. Stand on your "rights," scream and whine like is standard in the USA, and you'll suffer for it. Can people be falsely arrested? Sure just like elsewhere.
    My advice? 1)Keep yourself away from suspicious situations, 2)don't use drugs here [just don't], 3)don't destroy property or vandalize anything, 4)don't get in a bar fight, and 5)don't steal anything [and I mean ANYTHING: not a bike, not a beer]. Follow that advice and your vacation should be just fine.
    You can't handle that much self-control? Go be a problem for some other country that's used to it, like the USA.

  23. How do you explain about the reason why the country with such flawed criminal justice system overestimating the crime rate recorded the lowest crime rate although the number of foreigners is rising up??

  24. Also if you’re a foreigner and go to the police for help they are useless. I was harassed and stalked for over a year but the police refused to do anything because I don’t look Japanese. I am part Japanese but don’t look it. It wasn’t until my Japanese grandmother went in before they would do anything to help.

    I knew an American who dated a Japanese girl, her ex broke into the guys apartment and attacked him, ther American beat the guy up and was detained and was basically told he should have run away which is ridiculous.
    If your being attacked in your own home you have no where to go.

  25. 一つの動画の情報だけで全てを判断してほしくない。

  26. Wow they finally in a place they love.just to go shoplift.he mentioned bar fights.sounds like traveling college folks.they say anywhere in the world they can always tell an American

  27. What do they consider as a crime for foreigners japan ? Can I chew gum while driving , can I eat noodle without chop stick ?

  28. Japan..a country that has blacked out media…according to THE COVE. most of Japan don’t even know about the barbaric killings of 🐬 dolphins and whales 🐋 …😭
    Small villages feed it to school children giving them mercury poisoning

  29. I was there in 1989 for the Regan/Thatcher Summit and wanted to drive a car as they are like England; opposite road side /drivers side and thought it would be fun…Passed a check point and got pulled over!!! No license, no international license and no excuse other than i said "I am sorry, I thought it would be fun"…The officer smiled and took me to a little shack on a corner (apparently the police shack) and made a ph call… He hung up and said in very good English; you go now, you drive "NO MORE" here..he smiled again and gave me my passport back and I hugged him and kissed his cheek!

  30. Though if you do get arrested and it goes to trial, there is a way you can get out of it.

    Get your defence lawyer to stand up, shout 'objection', and point the finger of blame at one of the witnesses…

  31. The Constitution of Japan:
    Article 33. No person shall be apprehended except upon warrant issued by a competent judicial officer which specifies the offense with which the person is charged, unless he is apprehended, the offense being committed. Article 34.  No person shall be arrested or detained without being at once informed of the charges against him or without the immediate privilege of counsel; nor shall he be detained without adequate cause; and upon demand of any person such cause must be immediately shown in open court in his presence and the presence of his counsel. Article 35.  The right of all persons to be secure in their homes, papers and effects against entries, searches and seizures shall not be impaired except upon warrant issued for adequate cause and particularly describing the place to be searched and things to be seized, or except as provided by Article 33.
    Each search or seizure shall be made upon separate warrant issued by a competent judicial officer. Article 36.  The infliction of torture by any public officer and cruel punishments are absolutely forbidden. Article 37.  In all criminal cases the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial tribunal.
    He shall be permitted full opportunity to examine all witnesses, and he shall have the right of compulsory process for obtaining witnesses on his behalf at public expense.
    At all times the accused shall have the assistance of competent counsel who shall, if the accused is unable to secure the same by his own efforts, be assigned to his use by the State. Article 38. No person shall be compelled to testify against himself.
    Confession made under compulsion, torture or threat, or after prolonged arrest or detention shall not be admitted in evidence.
    No person shall be convicted or punished in cases where the only proof against him is his own confession.

  32. That sad reality is even if you are innocent… They will force a confession. If someone looks like you and does a crime or a Japanese person accuses you of a crime. Your done. Thanks for the video.

  33. If there's a low crime rate I presume having even a petty crime on your record is going to look really bad to an employer . This seems like a catch 22 for a Japanese citizen wrongly accused of a crime . Take the detention and risk losing your current job . Pead guilty and risk screwing up future employment . Not just foreigners getting screwed .

  34. Why the F*** would you go to japan, when in reality all your human rights can and will be abused. Here I thought islamic countries were bad.

  35. Don't steal, don't do drugs, drink with measure and don't drive badly.
    Seems like common sense.
    Driving (atleast for tourists) seems weird to me. Anyone who wants to drive in a foreign country should check out their driving laws and signs because each country has them bit different.

  36. So, basically…don't commit crimes. Especially, when you visit a foreign country. If you don't do stuff like shoplift, buy/sell drugs, get into fights, or drink and drive, then your likelihood of being detained is likely very low.

  37. Omg… Your editing is terrible. There's like a cut every 2 seconds. Maybe speak a whole sentence at once instead of this… butchering of video material. XD

  38. I love to travel but after listening to this and others that Japanese will be so nice to your face but really hate foreigners, Japan is not even on my radar any more!

  39. 1. JUSTICE IS BLIND, people know it for thousands of years.
    2. ACAB it is eternal fact as well.
    3. 99% confession rate suggest crime made by law enforcers themlselves. Like other guys said. 99% is inquisition banana republic level antiwitch terror.

    I don´t agree with bailing out with money like in US. If you are succesful criminal, you just bail out with crime money. Therefore american law allows bribes and accepts crime money. But if you are unsuccesful insignificant criminal with no infulence, you don´t have this money, so they will let real big criminals free and unfornutate people gets into jail. But I do not expect anything good from USA. Those bitches banned most multifunctional plant and one of best cancer cures and cure for almost every problem there is and forced other countries to do the same. That is a treason against the humanity and nature. It crimes starts in politics, you cannot expect law for normal people would be any good and meaningful.

  40. And about graffiti…. City itself is quilty of polution and destruction of nature. It is ugly concrete jungle, and it would be better to give graffiti artists more freedom, so they could focus more on painting and paint your ugly shit city for free.

  41. lol. a country with low crime rate means the justice system isn't justified. remember folks, Japan allowed a SERIAL KILLER to go FREE. a SERIAL KILLER.

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