What’s the process for impeaching a Supreme Court justice?


  1. Why does anyone care about this? It's a 3rd party accusation with no corroboration from the so-called "victim"…….The NYT reporting it as almost fact, then having to retract today, doesn't undo the perceptions of the less diligent readers. GROSS.

  2. Let me just clarify what he would be impeached for:
    He absolutely CAN NOT reasonably be impeached for the sexual misconduct. Even if he did do it (I personally believe he did) he was like 18, the term of limitations have already expired so he wouldn't even face legal charges
    If the Democrats want to make the excuse he lied under oath, which I believe is possible, the question now must be turned to history.
    Bill Clinton notably lied under oath and was impeached, but was acquitted because the charges he was lied about when he was made to testify had no actual legality and were a waste of time.
    This is literally the same situation so the Democrats need to decide, was impeaching bill Clinton a political ploy from the Republicans, or was he a liar and they were wrong to acquit him?

  3. What a Brett Kavanaugh's impeachment would look like would be the Democrats getting their asses handed to them in the 2020 election.

  4. Funny that they are running this when they turned down this story in the first place… And they wonder why a large chunk of the population doesn't believe what they report 🤡 world

  5. FAKE NEWS once again. You people give journalism a BAD name. Carrying water
    for the Democrats has killed your credibility.Really.

  6. NOT HAPPENING!! LOL!!! The NY Times report was unverified!! All the dem candidates jumped aboard, shows u what their judgment is ! RBG is just hanging on and the dems are scared shitless folks, thats all this is. That poor guy, his wife and especially his CHILDREN (ya know how the left always hangs children out there as a pawn, so are Kavanaughs kids different??) …This is a scumbag move by this era of Democrats! Its bad enough Blassey Ford was a lie, Swetnik was an even bigger lie, as Avennatti was found later to be a fraud as well….WHEN IS THE REST OF THE CLUELESS IN THIS COUNTRY GONNA WAKE UP!?!?!

  7. *Yeah Washington Post, don't bother mentioning that the alleged "victim" of this alleged sex crime DOES NOT CORROBORATE the story! It's a story from a 3rd party, a Clinton lawyer. When repeatedly asked about the validity of this accusation, the alleged "victim" has no memory of any such event ever happening! You also forgot to mention that YOUR OWN paper chose NOT to run this new Kavanaugh story!*

    Next, this isn't a 'new' accusation! It was brought out last year, but kicked to the curb due to NO legit evidence! Lastly, the only reason the New York Slimes ran the story, was because 2 of their own reporters wrote a book that's referenced in their article, and they are shamefully promoting their employees' book(so they make more $$), while NOT covering a different book that uses facts to destroy the Blasey-Ford and other accusations proved to be false!

  8. This video literally doesn't meet any need to exist. No new information was presented, no information was summed up, the "story" you did share could have been it's own video discussing impeachment versus removal. Literally this video did nothing other than make you ad money.

  9. Are there really people out there that go to the NY Times and Washington Post for news anymore? Guess they’re aiming for that low info voter.

  10. So as soon as a change is made against him we start talking about impeachment. Innocent until proven guilty has turned into people we don’t like are guilty and this video shown why I have no respect for these people perfectly.

  11. Until he's accused of doing a tenth as much "sexing around" as Kennedy or Clinton, I don't want to hear about it. That's the way it was in the 1970s.

  12. This is Justice Roberts' alleged worst nightmare, given Kavanaugh's accusations and behavior during the confirmation process not only raise questions about his fitness for a Supreme Court bench, but have also renewed scrutiny into Justice Thomas, given that in both cases, the sexual harassment and assault allegations were intentionally under-investigated on account that enough of the Senate didn't care.

    But at this point the Supreme Court is clearly stacked. Five out of nine justices are Federalist Society agents and Catholic (Sotomeyer is also Catholic but not a member of the Federalist Society and subscribes to a consistent non-originalist interpretation of the Constitution of the United States). The rate of split opinions where the Federalist Society justices prevail is accelerating. The preponderance of opinions that favor institutions over the good of the public has ushered in the neo-feudal era, where the public power in federal government has given way to aristocratic rule.

    But the people won't mind, really. They'd really rather an emperor over an elected official anyway.

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  13. What I remember is the paper saying the accuser didn't remember what happened. But it appears several other folks DID remember things. When one has been drinking lots & passes out, do they remember anything? I never did & I'm taking a chance on the young lady also doesn't remember stuff either. But others allegedly did see something & I'm willing to hear what it is & are there any corroborating facts is what I want to know.

  14. This biggest issue is can you prove it happened? No because it never happened. These people are so hell bent on beating Trump and since he appointed Brett Kavanaugh they've after him to. It's scary that they see a conservative court as an evil they cannot allow. They are comfortable lying and destroying innocent people's lives to get their way and this spoiled brats mentally must stop before it's to late and this selfish brats shred the constitution and bill of rights.

  15. Re Kavanaugh:
    The way to get him out of the SC is to complete two investigations; one of his sexual misconduct, which was long ago and statute-limited, but vividly scandalous; the other of his financial chicanery, which was recent, a disbarment offense, but MEGO for the public. Then, when ready, call K in for a frank private talk. Say: "We could disbar you and jail you for that $250,000 you mysteriously acquired; or you could resign 'to spend more time with your family' because of the sex scandal. Your choice."

    You see, the system doesn't take rape as seriously as it does swindling; and swindling can be verified by public records.

  16. A 3rd party person reported this so called horrible action but both accused people involved say it didn't happen and/or they dont remember it ever happening but these spoiled brats want to talk impeachment! Think God we are innocent until proven guilty in this country! The fact this BS made national news shows how desperate they are!


  18. I wonder how much Trump and Kavanaugh paid to have trolls flood the comment sections. Soooo many posts by accounts that have no watch history, no playlists, no content, no profile nor an avatar but they sure are defending Kavanaugh and Trump.
    The paid trolls don't even try anymore. No rubles for you lazy fucks!

  19. I think it's totally wrong that the ones running to try be a President still got right to be a senator or congressman as they are running. They should never have right to still be doing that.. And I think ones running should half give up there seat totally when they try to run for President….And they do not got right to go back to seat after running is over……….

  20. So basically you are saying nothing will happen and will cost a tax payers tons of money just so the Democrats look like they are doing something. What have they done so far? Nothing but BS hearings, bashing our law enforcement and trying to take away our constitutional rights. Both WP and Democrats are useless and meaningless, complete utter joke. I get better news coverage from my local independent news channel and they do better journalism than you over paid shitheads.

  21. Lololol!! "Kavanaugh LIED under Oathz!!!"
    Anyone seen that quote today? Stupid Twitter Sheeplings.
    Yeah…..He "lied under oath"….Okay, says Who? By what authority? I tried a fact check on it, and it all goes back to "stories" that were deemed BULLSHIT during the investigation, and Oddly enough, the only "Authority" figures saying it, are the figures that are Politically/Ideologically opposed to his politics, with large Twitter followings…..
    I really dont understand what they are trying to prove….even if enough reps in Congress move to Impeach for "Conduct Accusations" He WONT be removed from SCOTUS……because the Senate will never view "he said, she said" from 30 years ago a criminal offense.
    If the D's were still my party (im independent permanently) I would be writing the leadership to Stfu and quit making us look like a bunch of desperate morons. If there was actual criminal evidence, then yeah go for it.

  22. What a joke. The Alt Left candidates are going to actually make their follower believe that they can remove Kavanaugh and bring in a left judge. This is insane even for them, the actual victim of this supposive crime has even said they do not claim this occured. How far will our alt left media go in blaten lies?

  23. Its seems Washington post's subscribers aren't even gunna back this ridiculously bias, with no facts pertaining to what he may or MAY NOT have done….keep trying to paint awful pictures to people who actually believe the crap y'all put out on the web. I feel bad for those people it's so disrespectful.

  24. Let's face it, this will not end until those that deface and destroy lives for personal gain get sued out of existence. These are not journalists, including the Washington Post. Journalism died long ago. These are political hacks, purveyors of lies and misinformation for political gain and we all know that. So what can we, the People do? Very simple: BOYCOTT THEM! Americans know that if they are looking for facts and unbiased news, the Fake News media is NOT the place where they'll be found.

  25. Let's face it, this will not end until those that deface and destroy lives for personal gain get sued out of existence. These are not journalists, including the Washington Post. Journalism died long ago. These are political hacks, purveyors of lies and misinformation for political gain and we all know that. So what can we, the People do? Very simple: BOYCOTT THEM! Americans know that if they are looking for facts and unbiased news, the Fake News media is NOT the place where they'll be found.

  26. Kavenaugh is not going away he did nothing wrong. RBG for all her faults is a really nice person and does get it right sometimes but probably is going away. Her replacement will be a Trump pick. If the Democrats think they are going to ignore rulings coming out of the SCOTUS they are in for a rude awakening.The last time the Democrat party went their own way something happened that the country still talks about to this day.

  27. [email protected] is reportedly an anti-trust advocate.  That would explain the desperate slanders liberals & Big Tech are willing to lie about to hide the truth.  Follow the money.  From legislation to foundations, community centers, PP, to money laundering Hedge funds, to Book Sales, campaign funds, straight into politicians pockets  (they get to keep unused campaign funds, yknow, why you think they always run for office?)

  28. Unfortunately what the New York Times did not report. is that this Brett was unsuccessful in sports so he would take his frustration out on females that were smaller later younger. That soft lazy desperation Is the common basic average normal behavior that is demonstrated from those who are physically inadequate submissive subservient. Asexual failure is now in a position to show lenience to sexual criminals. Nothing like protecting them borders from illegal rapist. The good news similar to life not being free souls and spirits have paid out are picking up the tab on the end result of sexual failures and sexual crimes. The one thing they both have in common is they are acts of sacrilege against love honor and the creation of life. if you support people like Donald Trump brett don't think for a second your soul and spirit is not being managed directly maintain similar to a blowup doll punching bag so forth and so on etc. etc. and that is the shortlist. Of what is waiting for you when you finish living out your sentencing as a failed attempt at life case closed mercy forgiveness spiritual welfare are not changing these facts. Protecting carrying compensating any souls or spirits that are freely connected to a life that does not do its best to improve upon and maintain the quality of it. Now I wish and pray for my soul and spirit to be held spiritually accountable to the statements I proclaim to the way I'm living personally professionally. I guarantee you never see hear another body man of power persons of legal religious authority leaders ever freely validate the statements they proclaim with that level of certainty. One reason they don't have the best interest of the majority of the population's needs at heart. Another reason they cum from a breed of cowards. Or a simple generic learned behavior either way it is physically mentally spiritually useless to freely live and die in such a low quality manner.

  29. The kavanough acusers and accusations have all been outed as lies to 1 keep kavanough out of office and 2 make money, it was all a hoax people the media just wanted to sell books you all got played congratulations

  30. The allegations are fake news so impeachment is the dream of loons with Trump derangement syndrome. A supermajority in the senate will never remove him.

  31. "Previously Unreported"??? Its the REMIREZ story again.. The NYT's already walked the storyback saying the accusation was based on a "GUT" feeling by the author of the silly book.

  32. Conclusions are often drawn by people with no credibility, namely, those who’s hearts have little or no love to give. The ‘my way or the highway’ syndrome.

  33. Freedom of the Press does not give you the Freedom to Lie. Nor does it the right to discriminate against people.

    Bigots don’t belong in America. Go to China or North Korea where assholes like you belong.

  34. the process is to be a snowflake liberal, scared of your own shadow, complain for 2+ years about trump and russia, then expect the media to be your savior. Then get beat again in 2020 like you did in 2016

  35. of course again a woman – looking like biblical esther – äther – with a dog in the fight..

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    the dogma is big in you… are you stupid?

    whats the obsession with ginsberg, the kinsey fake reprot – part one and two – then the real criminal stuff of the namblia obsessed..

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    this is a bush guy – went hundret times throug the security clearence process.. and clinton never… why???

    what do you realy fear?????
    a series of mccarthy hearings? high time — look at the corrupte freakshow of zombies in congress… unbelivible…

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    rewirte history again – dance of vampires… hahah.. what a bunch of lyers..

  36. Vile trump trailer trash supporters on this thread are EVIL, Satan followers, born from incest. I love how many of you took the bait and ran 😆😅😅😃😂 I'm having a great evening reading the comments. THANKS for the entertainment, FOOTBALL GAME IS BORING 13-3

  37. Kavanaugh is not Supreme Court material, clearly. He was a marginal student who drank heavily. This is America, but that don't mean any old drunk should have a chance at a Supreme Court appointment.

  38. It would look like a circus. Cause the level of evidence is laughable.
    Even the supposed new "accuser" doesn't even remember it happening.

  39. I HATE REPUBLICANS. I HATE DEMOCRATS. I am totally neutral. And as such, I will say this: The MSM is the best friend of the Republicans. You guys pull so much BS that you literally run half of America into the arms of a guy like Trump. Trump is a clear con-man, sexual predator, racist and 1% elitist. And despite how much of a sleazeball he has ALWAYS been, you guys are SO BAD, that people would choose him, over your vision for America. This is just the latest example. I really despise the media and politicians. How people give you influence is question of the ages to me.

  40. "A number of Democrat Candidates have spoken out calling for Kavanaugh's impeachment". Since the 35 year old accusations have been bogus, how about not electing the lightweight wannabe's who were on that stage and were so easily fooled.

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