What we know about Jason Foster

Did the FBI provide any payments
whatsoever to Mr. Steele related to the investigation of Trump associates? That’s Chuck Grassley, the senior Senator from Iowa and the chairman of the
Senate’s powerful Judiciary Committee. And that’s Jason Foster, a senior aide to Grassley and the chief investigative counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee. Foster works behind the scenes, so most of the pictures of him we could
find look like this. According to interviews with congressional staffers
and others, Foster is the architect behind several of Grassley’s most divisive actions on the Judiciary Committee. But before that, while he was a senior
counsel for Grassley on another Senate Committee, he extensively blogged under the handle “extremist” About his anti-Muslim and anti-gay ideology. Here’s what we know about Jason Foster. In 2011, Foster worked with Grassley to push the theory that the Obama administration had purposefully botched an operation that
resulted in federal authorities losing track of hundreds of guns — in an effort
to achieve more restrictive gun laws. Grassley brought the theory to a
national audience telling reporters More recently, Grassley’s office called for a second special counsel to
investigate matters related to Hillary Clinton. And Foster was said to be behind Grassley’s highly unusual public announcement, asking federal prosecutors
to consider criminal charges against Christopher Steele, who compiled the
dossier warning of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the
Kremlin. As Foster has helped drive the Judiciary Committee’s Russia-related investigations, he has also been considered for jobs with the Trump administration. one person told us Foster had actually talked directly with the White House about a job. Maybe an appointment as an inspector general at a federal agency. We asked Grassley’s office about that and they confirmed that Foster had been considered for a job in the administration, but said Foster had ultimately declined and the job inquiries had never posed a conflict of interest. ProPublica recently reviewed hundreds of
blog posts Foster published between 2005 and 2009 under his handle “extremist.” In February 2006, he discussed the appropriateness of “homosexual marriage,” writing: In July 2007, Foster criticized politicians who preached goodwill toward Muslims. And in August 2006, said: In January 2009, he criticized then Attorney General Eric Holder for referring to waterboarding as torture. I agree with you Mr. Chairman,
waterboarding is torture. Foster wrote: And later that year, Foster was furious
that President Obama proposed negotiating with moderate elements of
the Taliban, writing: As far as we can tell,
Foster stopped using the blog in 2009 and after we reached out to him for this
story in January of this year, the blog was made private. Foster did not respond
to ProPublica’s requests for comment for several weeks.


  1. Another American Nazi pulling strings behind the scene to destroy our good American values. The damage they’re doing is incalculable. Even to betraying our country to foreign powers-unless it’s completely normal in DC for most of the staff and family to meet foreign agents and then repeatedly lie about it.

  2. The perennial "sorry" apology after being exposed for his true leanings, naturally emboldened by the the midnight rambler.

  3. Very shameful to divide his countrymen with the problem he has seeing beyond his own hatred, bigotry and nasty attitude. .

  4. Why can a Supremacist hold office in the Senate? Where is the outrage by the chairmens voters? Fuck this Gov

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