What is Social Justice? Animated Video

Hey Guys, it’s Meat for Thought. Have you ever wondered why so many politicians use the term- social justice? Why don’t they use word justice instead? There must be a reason for that. Let’s have a closer look at what social justice is and what is not. Social justice many politicians suggest is a way to improve equality in the society. What is hidden by this description? All kinds of stuff like- People who earn more money should pay higher taxes Redistribution of goods collecting money in taxes and directing them to specific groups of people which are considered as worse off than rest of the society. Robin Hood alike, take from the rich and give to the poor. Minimum wage and all types of work policies Legal trade unions Free social care Free schools and universities Free health care Compulsory pension system Social justice, in essence, gives all the power to the state to organise everything. The state is like a nanny and citizens are children that need constant help and control. This is not my opinion, though. This is just as it is. I say what I see. Now there is the second part. What is social justice not? Based on what I said previously, social justice is not… justice. Because if that would be justice, then what’s the point of putting word social before it. Everything that is not justice should be called injustice. Therefore, social justice is actually an injustice. Simple logic. Something can’t be partially just the same as you can’t be half-pregnant or half-married you either are or not. Politicians no matter which option they call themselves, right or left, majority of them prefer social justice rather than normal, old-school justice. Probably you know by now why they do prefer it. Social justice makes room for more politics, more bureaucracy, more public sector which keeps politicians “busy” fighting with artificial problems. Now time for the final question, ask yourself- Do I favour justice over injustice? If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to this channel. Thanks guys and stay tuned for more…


  1. I hope this is a satire/troll video. I hate the SJWs as much as the next guys, but come on, "Anything that isn't justice is injustice" so a piece of bread is now injustice? Otherwise a good video.

  2. this dude doesn't even bother to explain how social justice is not justify.. he just begged the question. .. though I would figure social justice is apart of the general concept of justice.. just involved with the 'social' side of it.

  3. The term "Social Justice" is a term created and used by Russian intelligence. It is not new, it is from the 1960's. "Social Justice" is a signature term of Soviet/Russian intelligence and is a key element of how they subvert societies to communism. A "Social Justice" campaign ALWAYS originates with Soviet/Russian intelligence. ALWAYS!!!

    Here, allow the legendary KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov to explain the true nature of the world too you in just one hour! "SJW" is simply another term for "useful idiot". Vladimir Lenin's useful idiots are created through a "Social Justice" campaign, this is how Russian intelligence operates. Two generations of my family worked as counter intelligence agents for the Defense Intelligence Agency, I really do know what I am talking about.

    And so does does Yuri…


  4. (SJW) Social Justice is in my opinion a new descriptive term. It has nothing to do with true Justice. Social Justice in my opinion is a form of anti Justice. Everything about it I think is anti human. It is actually descriptive of chaos. It gives every one a social right to make any personal choice with out justification and require all others to accept their choice. SJW is anti Christian, descriptive of the murder of unborn children, euthanasia, carbon reduction through depopulation, sex change operations, fornication, sodomy, pedophilia, any thing LGBTxyz, Multi sexual, anti patriotic, anti free speech, anti family, ect…. and, if it is one of the ten commandments not listed above it is probably happening and will be added here as soon as they can make it acceptable. SJW's, social justice warriors is a useful term for these people. These people don't care about humanity! They only care about satisfying their vanity

  5. Social justice is called 'social' justice because it's a lens. A hyper-focused application of justice, not 'injustice'. Good lord.

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