Vine Court – Your Room Guide

Hi there, I’m Jordan and I’m going to
be showing you around Vine Court, one of our on-campus accommodations here, at the University
of Liverpool. Staff can appreciate that it can be daunting
moving into halls, so we want to give you as much information as possible about what
to expect and what you’ll need to bring with you when moving in.
Vine Court has about 750 rooms, containing single and double beds. There are self-catered
and catered options available. The halls are based on south campus, next
door to the Sydney Jones Library, Management School and local shops.
Let’s take a look at a typical room at Vine. They’re super cosy inside, but as you can
see there’s plenty of space – particularly in the premier and premier plus rooms.
You get a mattress, but you will need a mattress protector, duvet, pillows and sheets.
There’s a large desk for you to work at, with a chair, notice board, lighting and shelves,
so there’s no excuse not to study. Storage is one thing you won’t be short
of here. There’s a sizeable wardrobe in all of our rooms with a rail, even more drawers,
and also plenty of space under the bed. Our single rooms are very similar – you’ll
get everything that you get with our premier rooms, except it’s more compact and it’s
a bit cheaper. However, there’s still plenty of room for
your stuff. You’ll also get a mirror, hooks, Wi-Fi and
temperature controls included, all to help you feel right at home.
All rooms at Vine Court are en-suite and, as you can see, they’re super modern.
They come complete with a powerful shower, toilet and sink, and you’ve also got a huge
mirror to help you get ready for those big nights out.
As your bathroom is, well, yours… you’ll be responsible for cleaning, as well as providing
your own bathmats, towels and toiletries. Let’s run through what you’ll need for
your room – bring as much as you can on arrival day, but don’t worry if you’ve
forgotten something as there’s plenty of shops around and you’re only 10-15 minutes’
walk from the city centre. Bring a few posters and photos from home.
Decorating your room can help you to settle in if this is your first time away from home.
Things like clothes, your computer and mobile phone are good, but coat hangers, chargers
and cables are just as important. Please remember not to bring any fairy lights
or candles to Vine Court as they don’t meet the health and safety regulations of the halls.
In shared flats you will get some space to prepare and cook food, as well as relax with
your friends. The communal area comes complete with a flat
screen TV for streaming videos, games or live television, and there’s plenty of seating
for you and your friends. There’s lots of counter space for preparing
food and your kitchen has all the cupboards you could possibly need.
There are communal cupboards under the sink and around the room, but in addition to this
you get at least one or two cupboards to yourself. You’ll be able to find yours by looking
for the label which matches your room number. You’ll have a hob, microwave, toaster, kettle
and oven, and you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t have to go out and buy yourself
a fridge-freezer, because we took care of that too!
In larger flats, you might have more than one of each appliance.
The size of the communal area and the arrangement of the room will depend entirely on the number
of people in the flat and your room type. If you are self-catered, it’s essential
that you grab yourself a set of plates, bowls, cutlery, mugs and glasses, but please don’t
spend too much on these as things can easily get broken throughout the year.
Tea towels, wooden spoons, ladles, pots, pans and chopping boards are all equally as important.
If you’re in a catered room, you might want to bring a few utensils to prepare snacks,
but don’t worry too much! Most of your food will be cooked here!
Liv2Eat is our fabulous on-site restaurant available to catered students.
Residents can come down twice a day to receive a freshly cooked breakfast and 3 course dinner
and, I can confirm that the hash browns are delicious!
There’s plenty of seating around and flats often tend to come down as a group to eat,
so the catered option can be a pretty social way to start the day.
The team here are super friendly, so if you do have any questions about the day’s menu,
just ask! If you have any problems during your residency,
the 24 hour reception team can help. They can assist you with problems in the room
or even collect parcels on your behalf. Vine Court’s very own common room, on the
mezzanine above reception, comes complete with study space, a communal Xbox, as well
as board games and books to help keep you occupied during your downtime.
With an on-site repairs team, laundry facilities, bike storage and more… we think you’ll
love your time at Vine Court. Our on-site residential advisor team are on
hand if you have any trouble when you’ve moved in and the accommodation team – based
at Crown Place – can help with your accommodation-related queries.
Before making an application, we strongly recommend that you visit our website, where
you’ll find information about each of our halls of residence.
You can also visit our Halls Life website and social media pages, which give you an
idea of what it’s like to live in our halls. You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
and YouTube. All the links you need can be found in the
description, below. You can apply for accommodation as soon as
you receive your Student ID number via email. Applications are made via the Accommodation
Portal on Liverpool Life – apply early and think carefully about what is important to
you when choosing your preferences. If you have any questions about Vine – or
any of our accommodations – be sure to visit our website at,
or email the team at [email protected] We’re always happy to help!

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