Video as Evidence: International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia v. Tolimir

Ladies, dear guests, colleagues, officers and generals. General Gvero asked me to say a few words. It was long ago, in 1992, a difficult year when it was difficult to look at this area even on a map Fortunately there are witnesses. One of them is my wife and several associates and comrades-in-arms… But I am saddened that the most important among them General Tolimir and his wife are not with us tonight As you know he is on assignment in Vienna, fighting for the Serbian people, battling the dragons of the world. The most important decisions were made by a group of five people. This was the inner core of the Main Staff, which in addition to myself, included General Milanovic as my right hand man, General Dukic, Gvero and General Tolimir. From Bokganica, General Tolimir and Kucic fired on Ribioc. I also want to thank the rest of my assistants and associates General Dukic, General Gvero, General Tolimir…

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