Valley – Park Bench


  1. woweeeee ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT!!!!!!! Literally wearing your merch in honor of this special day

  2. Wow the visuals!!!!!!!😍 Incredible song and a killer music video!!!! Really proud of you all. Much love 💖

  3. what a precious band :>

    i hope y'all become very successful; world tours and all that ✨ bc u deserve it

  4. my life mission atm is trying desperately to spread the word of your music troughout Norway, because I cannot let my fellow Norwegians live without your bangers in their lives. And someday in the future when you go on a Eropean tour I will be front and centre on every single show <3

  5. oh noooooo I'm so sad! I was supposed to come to this shoot but got sick:( but this is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. I listen to you guys every morning driving to work/school, and I sing my own flippin ears off and noooow I have to dance my legs off too lol! You guys are 100% amazing and I can’t wait for the day I can see you live! Excellent Video!

  7. DAMN THIS MAKES ME SO EXCITED FOR MAYBE SIDE B!!!! I love this song + the video so much, you guys are simply amazing I have no words. <3

  8. in love with you all and everything you do always, so excited about the world you're creating through your videos and visuals

  9. Hey guys! We're super proud of this one, can't believe it's finally out! We are NOT dancers by any means but everything came together thanks to Ardamilo Productions and Jordan Boyle our choreographer and our amazing fans who showed up and absolutely killed it!
    You can stream & download ‘Park Bench' here ->

  10. i cant get enoughhhhhh of you guys. you guys make me just want to dance around. come back to california & soon 🙂

  11. you guys are supper underated, im not a fan of pop music and stuff like this but like its good and i feel like you guys will be really popular

  12. Well, I think you’re going to be good knowing and your name will be everywhere so here I am telling you I am the one in 2,301 subscribers.. I knew you before two years but I didn’t subscribe idk why .. sorry for my bad English.

  13. I’m so glad y’all randomly popped up in my Daily Mix on Spotify. You are now on my list of favorite bands.

  14. i want them to blow up wtf i’ve watched this 100 times and i keep asking myself how in the hell is this not on the radio playing everywhere

  15. ahhhh, brilliant! Canada delivers again; possibly in similarity to The Most Serene Republic? <3 you all sincerely!!

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