Urgent tribunal hearing over removal of Rena wreckage

An urgent Waitangi Tribunal
inquiry into the Rena. There are three claimants; the Motiti Island Trust,
Mataatua Maori Council, and Ngai Te Hapu,
a composite group from Motiti. They’re saying the Crown
has not honoured the Treaty. We’re asking the Crown to get on board and work with us in the Environment Court to get the wreckage removed. It’s said to be NZ’s worst maritime
disaster to date. It will be a costly and dangerous
task to remove the wreck, estimated to cost
in the hundreds of millions. Local iwi insist it must be removed. One key point of dispute is the Crown allegedly agreeing
to a deal in private which would see
parts of the wreckage remain. Sums of $27m paid
by the Rena owners, and an additional $10.4m
are the figures being bandied about. But others from Motiti
have a different point of view and are OK with leaving the wreck as long as they are compensated. Compensation to pay for our lands, roads and waters. Although resource consent
has been granted to leave the remnants
of the wreckage on the reef, claimants are hoping
to take the tribunal’s ruling to the Environment Court. Kereama Wright, Te Karere.

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