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Hello, and thank you
for joining us for another special
episode ofCouples Court.Today, we’re following up on some of our more
impassioned cases
involving infidelity. Most recent polls indicate in a third
of all marriages, one or both partners
admit to cheating. And those who have cheated,
are more likely
to cheat again. And we see proof of that
every day in our courtroom. JUDGE KEITH:Now, one of
our more memorable cases
involved an engaged couple,
their roommate,
and a surprising allegation.Watch this. I brought him here today
because I feel that he’s
cheating on me. Were you with another woman? Sexually, no. Are you buying any of this? No. She can accuse me all day,
but I’m not a cheater. That’s what I wanna tell her,
but she don’t believe me. It’s a guilty conscience,
that’s what I’m thinking. So why do you think
she’s deflecting? I’m thinking, you know,
she’s kinda extra close
with my roommate, like, and… JUDGE DANA: Ms. Herrera, what is the nature of you…
you all’s relationship? We’re friends. JUDGE DANA:
Are you more than friends? No. I found a pair
of her panties on my bedroom floor. What are they doing
on my bedroom floor? We live together.
We do our laundry together. (STAMMERS)
Our laundries
are separate. Have you been in a sexual
relationship with Ms. Herrera? Her and I have
messed around, yeah. (SCOFFS) But it hasn’t been
a relationship. But it’s not… That proves everything
right there. That’s crazy. Well, that was
a surprise.So did Ms. John
and Mr. Willette
work through their
infidelity issues?
Or did they ultimately
break off their engagement? Let’s take a look.Since appearing in court,we have took a lot
of the advice of the Cutlers
and we learned
to communicate
a lot better,
and are building
our trust back.
And the relationship
with Stacy,
we took Cutlers’ advicesand we separated our
living arrangement.
Thanks, you guys, um…Since coming to court,
it has helped our
relationship tremendously.
Thank you.Very much. Thank you, guys.Now, what always seems
to surprise me in these infidelity cases is the length our litigates
will go to find the truth.They become their own
private investigators.
And they’ve been
surprisingly good at it. Take a look. I buy his colognes,
so I’ve been measuring it because it’s always
being used extensively. (STAMMERS) Yes. No. You’re on Facebook
pretending to be him? Yes. I waited till he fell asleep. I waited till he fell asleep
so I that can go
through his phone. As he say that
I know his codes and stuff. WOMAN: He said, “Okay,
I’ll meet you in 15 minutes.” So I go across the street,
I’m in the bushes.
Like this. You know, I waited for him. But on top of his pants,
you see her asthma inhaler. And an open condom. When I saw that,
the automatic reaction
to my mind was… “Yo, take a picture
of this right now.” When I got the information,
I took the license plate and I actually put it in, uh, it’s like a thing
you go online in. You look up who
the vehicle own… So you did the regular
Sherlock Holmes. So I did my own investigation. As a woman, I’m not gonna
sit around and look like
nobody’s fool, so I did my own investigation
and it all added up. I have to say,
without their efforts, we wouldn’t have had all
that great evidence in our courtroom
to work with.Like in this next case,Ms. Holt became her own
private investigator
as she hid in the closetto try and dig up
some intel on her husband.
You remember that one? I do. She was a woman
on a mission. Well, here is what
she found out. I have strong suspicions that my husband is cheating
on me with multiple women. So I hid in the closet
in my daughter’s room. He came home. I’m still
in the closet, right? So his friend is outside
with him. They outside talking. So he proceeds
to tell his friend that he had just
broke his… headboard. I go outside.
His back is turned. His friend is looking
towards me. He said, “Hah, hah,
hah, hah.” Because he didn’t know
that I was coming out. That ain’t true. When was the last time
you’ve been intimate
with your ex? Way before me and her
even got married. JUDGE DANA:
But you’re still concerned? I feel I am concerned,
yes, Your Honor. Is he pursuing you? He does. If he knows
I’m coming home,
he calls. He wants to get
a hotel room. And… That’s a lie. If I wanted to,
I could. That’s a lie. So when he makes these
suggestions about
renting a room, have you ever taken
him up on that? No, I haven’t. And what do you respond? And what do you say
when he says, “Hey, let’s do this.” Half of the time,
I don’t respond, you know, but he’ll call. And then he tried
to use the baby to come and see me
or whatever. And every time he called,
it’s never about the child. JUDGE DANA: It’s about you? Seeing me. All right, so you think
he still has some kind
of thing for you? I think he just think it’s
some freebie he can get. We’ll have those results
for you in a minute. But first, we wanted to meet
withCouples Court
aftercare specialist, Dr. Jeff Gardere, who talked to the litigates
after every case. It’s good to see you,
Dr. Jeff. Great to be here,
my dear judges. So, Dr. Jeff,
in your experience,
what is it that we should be looking for
in terms of warning signs
regarding infidelity? Secrecy. Big one, right? Especially not accounting
for where they’ve been
or where they’re going, probably because they shouldn’t
be there in the first place. Right. And in going on
with that secrecy, putting codes
on their telephones, or on their computers. And, of course, diminished
or no intimacy, probably because they’ve
spent themselves not just emotionally,
but physically spending sexy time
with the wrong person, the person who’s
not their spouse. All right, where Ms. Holt’s
gut instincts right? Was her husband
really a cheater? We’ll let you know
after the break. NARRATOR:Coming up…She thinks that I’ve been
going too long at work. That was the case
of Holt versus Martin,where Mrs. Holt’s suspicions
of her husband’s whereabouts
and wrongdoings ran deep.Yet, he denied it all.So did he really cheat? Let’s take a look. JUDGE KEITH:
Since you’ve been married, have you had sexual intercourse
with any other woman? Yes. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) Women or woman? Woman. JUDGE DANA: Ms. Holt,
tell me what you’re feeling. I don’t feel nothing, but I’m ready to sign
them papers. So you’re done? I’m done. Done, done. Whoa. So was Ms. Holt really done or did she decide
to work it out? Ms. Holt sent the court
this update. Ms. Holt was right. But it should be noted
that we often see this
in this courtroom,that people’s gut feelings
aren’t valid at all.
Here’s a few
eyebrow-raising suspicions
that prove to be completely
out of left field. She thinks that I’ve been
going too long at work. She’ll start like
she’s gonna give me oral and smell my private area
to see if it smells
like another female. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) As I tried to pull her
close to me, like,
“Baby, come here.” I… (SNIFFS) I smell
and say, “What, it smells
like latex in here.” He has lost his mind.
He’s lost his mind. There’s something wrong
when we’re all in
the room together. I turn my head,
and they… (SMOOCHES)
staring at each other. Like, basically,
that’s what they doing.
It’s just a lie. So when I come in the house
and I go in my bathroom, and I smell, uh…
musty private part-smelling,
like… You done had, um…
You done had a guy
up in my house. He got off the stage, went to another female
and started singing to her. That’s what they do,
they sing to women. You don’t write a song for your woman
and sing it
to another female. He can’t just sing
to you, am I right? No. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) So, Dr. Jeff,
how does someone know if their suspicions are valid
or they’re just being paranoid? Well, what we tend to see
if the person is rightly
suspicious,there is evidence
or questionable behavior
which is not consistent
with the cheater’s
past behavior. But it can go
in the other direction, too, where they’re basing
all their assumptions on thing that are
not based on fact.And so, you almost see
that paranoia
turning into
a delusional state.
This next case was one
of my favorites. Mr. Washington brought
his girlfriend to court to accuse her of cheating
with his best friend. MR. WASHINGTON: I have found
text messages that were
very strange to me. “Oh, I missed you.
I missed talking to you.” Who are these text
messages from? From Lucky. JUDGE KEITH:
And Lucky’s your best friend? Right. I’m here to prove
that he could trust me, and that I’m here
to fight for my relationship. Mr. Huntsman, have you ever had intimate
relations of any kind with Ms. Turner? HUNTSMAN: No. So what about the text
messages, bro? What about the messages? “I miss you.” “I wanna talk to you.” He said you missed me. Exactly.
What do you miss, bro? You got plenty
of girls to talk to, why would you wanna
talk to my girl? Were Mr. Washington’s
suspicions proven
right or wrong? Well, let’s just say
this case had a very surprising ending that neither of us
saw coming. Stay tuned for the surprise
after the break. NARRATOR:Up next…How did you meet? Welcome back to today’s
special update edition
ofCouples Courtwith our aftercare specialist,
Dr. Jeff Gardere. We’re taking a look
at relationships
on a shaky ground. And it gets even shakier when the other man
or woman comes to court. JUDGE KEITH:
Now, the case you just saw
features Mr. Washington, his girlfriend
and his best friend. But was it really
a love triangle like
Mr. Washington thought? There’s a lot of
“he said- she said”
in this case. But here is what
the lie detector said.The lie detector determined
that she was being…
truthful, Your Honor.(AUDIENCE CHEERING) Arthur Jermaine Washington… (SNIFFLES) (CRYING)
Will you marry me? Wow. I’ll marry you
a thousand times. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Well, we asked
the couple for an update, and here’s what
they had to say.We just wanna
thank you,
Couples Court.We appreciated you guys,and you guys
helped us out a lot.
We’re communicating well.We’ve been doing
a fabulous job. Congratulations. We couldn’t be happier
for the two of you. Now, moving on.Ms. Roden brought
her boyfriend to court
because, she, too, thought
her significant other
was cheating on her
with her best friend.
She was driving herself
all into a tizzy just thinking about
the worst cast scenarios. I usually go
to Terica’s house
for lunch, and, um, I pull up
at Terica’s house, and, um,
both of their cars
are there. And I’m like, pounding
on the door for, like,
ten minutes. Nobody comes to the door. I opened the door. JUDGE KEITH: And what happened
when the door opened? She kinda had that look
like, “What’s going on?” I had to leave ’cause I
had to go back to work. Shortly after, I come home, and they’re just
kiki and kaka-ing
on the phone. And as soon
as I walk in the door,
he hangs up the phone. Okay, so have you been having
an affair with Mr. Elliott? I have not. JUDGE KEITH:
Mr. Elliott, why are you spending so much time
with your girlfriend’s
best friend? What is that? This right here.
That’s why. And we had a big plan. We’ve been planning
an engagement for her. JUDGE DANA: That’s a nice ring. JUDGE DANA: Aww. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Lian Roden, would you marry me? Yes. Yay! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Now, we asked the happy
couple for an update. Take a look.We learned a lot
from the court.
We learned that we
really love each other,
and our relationship
is much important to us.
We thank you guys
for having us,
and we had a great time.Bye.Now, we’ve seen
time and time again plaintiff standing
at their podium, making their ultimatums
to significant others when it comes to cheating. Dr. Jeff, how do you know
when it’s really time
to leave the relationship? Well, when that cheating
has become serial
or just doesn’t stop, or when one or both
of the partners have lost all respect
for one another, especially if the cheater
is a liar. And then, finally,
if there’s emotional,
verbal or physical abuse. The victim in this kind
of a situation needs to make like
a tree and leave. Well, in this next case, the phrase,
“Should I stay
or should I go?” was put in display
in spectacular fashionas a man was brought
to the court to decide
between his wife
and his mistress.
And it was the first time
the wife and the mistress met, face-to-face. How did you meet? I met him at the club
in Las Vegas. When you approached him
and started talking to him, did he tell you that…
“Hey, I’m married.” No, he did not. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) So how soon after this meeting
did you all have sex? Maybe like few hours
later, we… At his house? And it was on
ever since. So what’s the nature
of your relationship? I love him,
I ain’t gonna lie.
I do. Tell Ms. Davis what
this has done to you. To me, it made me bitter. He tells everybody
all these bad things that I was supposed
to be doing just to have an excuse
to go out and do
the stuff he do. But if I was such
a bad woman, he wouldn’t be with me. Like, she in love with a man
that came back to me. Then he can… I sent him back to you. If I didn’t, we would’ve
still been together right now. No, you wouldn’t.
No, you wouldn’t. Mr. Quinnie, do you want
to continue to be married
to your wife? Yeah, I want…
Yeah, I want my marriage. I ain’t talking to them,
I’m talking to you. JUDGE KEITH: Since you said
you want your marriage
to continue, are you willing
to tell Ms. Davis that this is over? Well, I think you
got your answer. It’s taking you
that long? Do you want her? Believe it or not, Mr. Quinnie does finally
break the silence. Find out which woman
he chose after the break. NARRATOR:Coming up…You don’t know me, Welcome back to
a special update episode
ofCouples Court.As you just saw,
Mr. Quinnie was
asked to decide
between his wife of 16 years
or his mistress.
Let’s see what decision
Mr. Quinnie finally made. My wife. Ms. Davis, are you willing
to stay away from him? In order to do that,
I just have to block
him out of my life. Even though temptation
is hard, and I really do wanna, you know, see him,
pursue his career for culinary art school
and further his education, what she’s not gonna
allow him to do. You don’t know me,
so I wish you quit
talking like you do. He would’ve been
going to school and further his education. How? How? How? You always got him
out there go-getting. MRS. QUINNIE:
You can never add up.
You are miserable. You’re gonna betray him,
and you need to go get
you an education… JUDGE DANA: Ladies! Ladies! Ladies. Ladies. JUDGE DANA: Ms. Quinnie. Now, that was a wild
ending to a wild story. A lot of our viewers
were curious, as am I,as to how it’s working out
for Mr. Quinnie and his wife.
Well, here’s the answer.After getting home,we have tried to seek
a little counseling.
But in most part,
we’ve been doing
our own work,
and trying to keep
our family together.
So I’m hoping that
he’s, um, he’s listening,
’cause if not, I’m gone.Thank you,Couples Court.Thank you.
We appreciate you.
Well, that concludes
this special update
edition ofCouples Court.Thank you for
joining us, Dr. Jeff. Remember to follow us
on Facebook, Twitter
and Instagram. And as we like to say
in our courtroom, don’t cheat yourself
out of a chance for a happy, healthy,
and faithful relationship.


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