UniSA Online: Criminal Justice

The criminal justice degree, it’s a brand new degree 100% Online. Having worked in the criminal justice industry for such a long time as a police officer and then as an educator, finally someone has got a degree which I am so proud to be involved in because it just is this wonderfully well rounded degree that looks at all of the challenges and all of the rewarding facets of working in the criminal justice space. The suite of courses in the criminal justice degree is just awesome. There is a lot of contemporary stuff there. Cutting edge on trend things like cyber crime, the latest in policing investigation and intelligence criminal law, criminology, victimology, the social world which is looking at sociology investigative psychology it’s really exciting. The reality is the workforce has changed and a good deal of our work is just online. That’s the new world that we work in, let’s study in that world. Students have the opportunity to study when ever and where ever they want to at a time and a place that will suit their learning. One of the wonderful things about UniSA Online is the level of student support. Our online tutors are going to be available seven days a week and it’s a variety of different ways they can reach the tutors and the tutors can reach them that’s through messaging through the online learning platform, emails, discussions forums and of course phone calls. The assessments mirror the job. So whatever it is that you would be expected to complete a task, solving a problem then we mirror that the same way that you would find it in industry. What happens in the criminal justice space really affects people’s lives. So you have to have the right people occupying those roles that make very difficult and challenging decisions. And the criminal justice degree is going to get that student ready. They will understand the variety of roles, the headsets that will sit at the tables that make those important decisions that impact on people’s lives.

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