UNEXPECTED VOICES! 3 Auditions That Took Judges By Surprise On American Idol X Factor & Got Talent

Where do I do? I oh wow hi everybody here we go how now brown cow What’s your name muppit with the senior Katie with the K and I already think this friendship off to a great start I don’t drink coffee or tea Or any caffeine. This is just pure like adrenaline like let’s let’s hit it Let’s go okay. Pull your hop back just a little bit more, but I throw it to the side So we can put some money in it i need it Alright, you guys ready. Oh, yeah. I have a question um Do you write your own songs? Yeah? Yeah? I want to hear 21st century machine 21st century machine it’s kind of about how Media affected me when I was an impressionable young child and kind of like my bitter myths to it But it will also sound like a gosh darn genius Here’s the intro People on the airwaves always preach who I should be how to dress how to talk baby how to breathe Wicked artists use they’re limber fingers to paint pictures away young girls are to aspire I’m not on a legal weed. I’m not in love without a man sitting next to me Tell me if this is all in allusion or if I’m just a cog in the 21st century machine It’s the place to be in the 21st century machine flight and live precariously Yeah, okay That is such a good song you’re a spectacular Songwriter I love where your mind’s eye, I think Man, let’s just comment. Yes, Katie’s saying it you are interesting and brilliant beyond your years Yeah, I love you the sound of your voice every once in a while. You know a a Martian lands and We happened to see the Martian. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see you all right? I’m just fascinated with your brain, and your writing is Crazy great, okay? So that’s my that’s my kind of take a vote do you have a cellphone or? You have Instagram and all that you read all that garbage. Yeah, yeah, she’s Scrolls. Just go high Yeah, I’m saying yes You don’t go and read anything. What people say about you because I don’t want the outside world to mess with your beautiful brain Strong wait she knows what it’s your answer. I am actually pleased to say for my first time out Yes absolutely I Think your point of view is very fresh and necessary You understand what it means to be a female this day and age, and I love that so you’re going to Hollywood If you look inside your heart If you look into your son In the sorrow that you know will melt away With the strength to carry on To be No you can’t sir Hero lies in you Damnit I was not expecting that voice at all that was You’re a star have you got a hell of a voice amazing? Tell me I love when people take me by surprise and you were amazing Deme that is exactly what this show is being designed for Understand me when I say this. I don’t really think a hero lies in you I think the x-factor lies in Europe You need three yeses to go through to bootcamp, and I will kick it off yes It’s a massive yes from me down It is 4001 yes I wasn’t expecting that at all not at all I’m calling 219 and I work in a computer shop in Plymouth And you’re playing the guitar for us obviously and singing and singing as well he’s very good at this a little my mum and dad in a caravan so I could not abridge and so – It’s not about actually it’s quite posh really. I have a little key cart open the gates. He’s at that It’s pretty good. He’ll have you got down here with Francis good Sarah got baby on the way. It wasn’t planned, but obviously it just happened about a year, and I forgot the poster It was a stupid place to do it But in a place called buffets city or you can eat Chinese restaurant in front of her mom and her sister She was embarrassed and start crying But Chinese in a pipe it’s gotta be done The only competition I ever entered was not just got talent that my local pub forgot go on to win the competition Praying for her the Queen Varieties again just be class I would just love to do that Hello sir welcome to Britain’s Got Talent, what is your name? My name’s Michael colleagues is where you’re from ready from Plymouth, and what are you doing for a living? Now? Oh? I’m an IT engineer Okay Michael what is your dream to be a successful recording artist so lots of albums play all over the world Alright, and you think your challenge will get you to the finals and 100,000 pounds. I hope so alright stage is yours Michael On easy James Maybe together we can get somewhere anyplace is better Started from zero car nothing to lose. Maybe we’ll make something me myself. I got nothing to prove You’ve got a fast car it’s faster, so we go fly away. We gotta make a decision But we can stay here live and die this way Remember we were driving driving your car to me was so fast, but I was wrong city I stayed out for hours young fella my soul and I and feeling that I belong and I I feel ill I can be someone be someone be someone That’s the best reaction we got all day congratulate I Thought you sang well, you sang well with heart you put the song across and get a beautiful job Michael I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t expect much from you to be honest. You’ve got a really interesting Qualities your voice and and you really delivered Come out you’re an IT engineer you’re dressed in your sherbert leisure wear you plot yourself down and then our parts are great boys that Instantly connected with the audience. It was an instant moment Of men Yes Yes for me too, Michael Britain’s Got Talent you are in Well done haha Raising the entire experience more like Greeley’s I’ve never been out playing that many people it’s just levels and levels of people. Yes are we? Could you feel that from there? It’s just been slapped in the face basically

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