Understanding the Victorian Mental Health Tribunal

Hello I’m Matthew Carroll the President
of the Mental Health Tribunal. Under the Mental Health Act, when a person is
experiencing very serious symptoms of a mental illness and needs immediate
treatment they might be placed on what’s called a compulsory Treatment Order. That order means that they have to have treatment, sometimes this will be in
hospital other times it will be while they’re still living at home. If this
happens to you you’ll be invited to a Tribunal hearing within 28 days. The
purpose of the hearing is to decide whether or not the Order should remain
in place and if so for how long. Your hearing is an important opportunity to have your say about whether or not you need compulsory treatment and your
preferences for treatment in the future. At the Tribunal we really want you to
attend your hearing so you can tell us what you think and be part of the
discussion and decision making process. You’re also welcome to bring a support
person. They might help you to talk to us or they may tell us things that it’s
important that we understand before making a decision. You can find out more
about the Tribunal and how to prepare for a hearing by exploring this website.

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