UN-backed tribunal finds Khmer Rouge prison chief guilty of war crimes

Former Khmer Rouge prison
chief Duch has been found guilty of crimes
against humanity by Cambodia’s UN-backed
war crimes tribunal. The 67 year old was sentenced
to 35 years in prison. Duch was the notoriously
brutal commander at the Khmer Rouge run political
prison, Tuol Sleng or S-21. He had pleaded guilty to
the charges against him. “I would like to say that I am responsible
for the crimes committed at S-21 especially the tortures and the
execution of the people there.” Only about a dozen people, of the
estimated 15,000 who were held at Tuol Sleng, are
thought to have survived. Chum Mey is one of them  “Whenever I come here
my tears always fall” As many as two million
Cambodians died during the Khmer Rouges’s
4 year reign of terror. Duch will likely serve 19
years of his sentence, after 16 were deducted,
taking into account the time he has
been held already.

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