A court for Joan of Arc A long time ago, about 10 years ago that I have desire to speak and to make a play about Joan of Arc Joan of Arc from 16 to 19 years old reformulated the history of France helping to crown the king helping to free France from the judgment of the English and this being a woman of humble origin transvestite and facing various obstacles to get what she got. Much is speculated if Joan was crazy psychotic or schizophrenic in fact it don´t matters. It would be no demerit. Quite the opposite. It is often madness that impels the person stripped of all his veils doubts and neurotic fears to go after what he wants to seek what he believes be their mission. Insanity would be to deal with on this issue and not in this woman’s story with 17 years old which changed the course of history. A court for Joan of Arc dialogues with the present day. Because it deals with subjects such as: feminism corruption and religious contradictions. which are widely covered topics here in Brazil and around the world. Joan of Arc was condemned because was against the established power because it was a woman a girl with strength, fiber and energy. That went ahead and turned his back on that that was related to the woman of the time to the role of the woman of the time. And the story of this woman needs to be heard again in Brazil today. Today we face several very similar problems with which Joana faced in the fifteenth century. She is one of the figures more biographies and portrayed from the Middle Ages not having been an aristocrat. And this helped a lot in this script that we have several sources movies books plays, biographies psychographies about the story of Joan of Arc. And for this, to tell this story we count on the collaboration from all of you. I think it’s worth it you watch and collaborate with the history of this Frenchwoman which has a lot to do with Brazil today.

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