UK Immigration News 19th August 2017

Home Office backs down on nearly 13,000 immigration
appeals in five years. THE Home Office has been forced to back down from almost 13,000
immigration appeals in the past five years, according to figures obtained by The National
through Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation. The vast majority of these were lodged from
within the UK. The release of the figures marks a significant
stage in The National’s long-running battle with the Home Office, and only came to light
after the Information Commissioner warned the department could face legal action for
not responding to our original FOI request within the required timescale. Last November
we asked a series of questions relating to the number of appeals made against visa decisions
since 2012; the number that had been upheld and rejected; and the number from which the
Home Office withdrew before a hearing. ‘Migrant ass kissers get tae f***’: Racist
thugs scrawl graffiti on Govanhill Baths. A COMMUNITY hub uniting different nationalities
has been targeted by racists. Thugs have scrawled racist graffiti on Govanhill
Baths – for a second time. As well as vile comments outside the Calder
Street building, staff said racist writing has appeared on phone booths in the area.
Words include “Britain First”, “Migrants Out”, “Migrants Must Go” and “Slovaks
Out”. Another reads: “Migrant ass kissers get tae
f***”. Bosses at Govanhill Baths link the racist
attacks to the launch of the Govanhill Against Racism event, which is being held later this
month. EU Migrants Can Enter UK Without Border Checks
After Brexit, Government Confirms. EU migrants and black-market goods will be able to cross
into the UK without any checks after Brexit, the Government admitted today.
The Brexit Department confirmed there would be no immigration or customs checks on the
Northern Ireland/Ireland border once the UK leaves the EU – despite Britain seeking
an end to free movement of people. Government officials revealed the only measure
of control would be to stop migrants getting the legal right to work in the UK – a move
that could force them into cash-in-hand work in the unregulated black market. Children’s Society says lone migrant children
cut off from justice due to legal aid cuts. The Children’s Society yesterday released
an important new report which finds unaccompanied migrant children are facing a punishing combination
of cuts to legal aid and skyrocketing Home Office fees as they struggle to resolve complex
immigration cases. ‘We’ll be sovereign!’ Tory says Brexit
means migrants will come to UK ‘for right reasons’. A TORY Brexiteer has insisted the
EU divorce will mean European migrants will come to the UK “for the right reasons”
with the UK removing the “pull of benefits”. The Rise Of White Nationalism And Anti-Immigration
Bias. The recent violence in Charlottesville by white supremacists is cause for concern
not just for the United States but for the global community at large. Some have predicted
that the next wave of terrorism may not come from religious extremists but from far-right
and alt-right groups. Such was also the case with the recent attack
by a 48-year-old white man who used his van to mow down Muslim worshippers outside of
Finsbury Mosque on June 19. Talking to reporters London’s Mayor Sadiq
Khan had stated, “Terrorism is terrorism. It doesn’t matter whether you’re inspired
by a perverse force of Islam — a perverse version of Islam — or you’re inspired
by some other motives to try and terrorize others. The intention is the same.” Home Office shrugs off dreadful asylum living
conditions. AN asylum seeker from the Congo contacted this newspaper this week in desperation
and hope that we could provide a “voice for the voiceless”.
We are happy to oblige. The group of people living in the Home Office’s “dispersal
accommodation” in Kilburn are living in horrendous conditions that should bring shame
on this country. Ruth Davidson calls for government to review
immigration target. Scottish Conservative leader’s remarks highlight split at top
of party over its ‘tens of thousands’ immigration pledge. A split at the top of
the Conservatives on immigration policy has emerged after the Scottish Tory leader, Ruth
Davidson, called on the government to consider scrapping its target of reducing the number
of new arrivals to tens of thousands a year. Hiring refugees: ‘we have an amazing wealth
of talent on our hands’. Finding work as a migrant comes with huge challenges, even for
the highly skilled – but there are entrepreneurs offering a lifeline. Laughing with customers
one baking hot Saturday last month, while encouraging them to taste chai teas from a
market stall in Forest Hill, south-east London, marked a momentous occasion for Ahmed Yousefi*.
After a long battle to find employment, it was the Iranian refugee’s first day of work
since arriving in the UK eight months ago. “I really enjoyed it as I could practise
my English and meet different people,” says Yousefi, whose dream is to be a dentist. “It’s
interesting – I think it’ll be a fun place to work.”
Although he’s applied for jobs, 22-year-old Yousefi has faced challenges common among
refugees when seeking work: a language barrier and no local work experience or references.
He’s just started a part-time job with tea company Chaigaram, which provides employment
to refugees and aims to help them better integrate into the UK. Syrians can now upgrade to full refugee status:
new form issued. Virtual hearings to be trialled in immigration
tribunal from October 2017. To make sure we reduce inconvenience and cost to our users
and provide greater flexibility and access to our services, we must deal with cases in
the most efficient and proportionate way. Study finds asylum judges fail to assist vulnerable
appellants. Really interesting study, which should be
carefully considered in the Immigration and Asylum Chambers. A genuine couple can enter in a marriage of
convenience, says High Court. A couple may enter into a “marriage of convenience”,
even if they are in a genuine relationship. Upper Tribunal provides guidance in cases
of judicial bias. In Sivapatham (Appearance of Bias: Sri Lanka)
[2017] UKUT 293 (IAC) (7 July 2017) frustrated novelist and president of the Upper Tribunal
McCloskey J considers the law surrounding judicial bias in the tribunal. EU migrants barred from claiming benefits
after Brexit as Theresa May revives David Cameron pledge. EU migrants will be barred
from claiming in-work benefits unless they have been employed for at least four years
after Brexit under plans to revive a pledge by David Cameron. We Need A Fairer Immigration System For Young
People Who Have Grown Up In The UK. This year, International Youth Day was dedicated to celebrating
young people’s contributions to inclusion and social justice. Yet there are currently
thousands of young people living in the UK who are both denied justice and prevented
from fully contributing to the country they call home. Thousands will have grown up in
the UK, been educated here, and think of themselves as British but are ‘undocumented’: living
here without regular immigration status. Theresa May’s immigration target is leaving
her increasingly isolated. I have never known a government policy supported
by so few members of the Government. It is May’s target and her ministers barely pay
lip service to it. Brexit is becoming a hall of mirrors. The Government wants to leave
the EU customs union but then replicate it. Ministers insist that free movement will end
in 2019, but say that EU nationals will still be able to come to the UK. Immigration officials branded “racist” after
Uganda’s Queen of TV denied visa to enter UK. A CAMPAIGNER has accused the Home Office
of institutional racism after an award-winning Ugandan actress who was due to appear at the
Edinburgh Festival was denied a visa to enter the UK.
EU citizens ‘WILL be free to live in Britain after Brexit but will need permits to work
under new Home Office immigration plans’. The NHS and benefits rights of new EU workers
are not clear – but four-year “waiting period” for benefits has been suggested. EU CITIZENS
will still be able to travel to and live in Britain after Brexit under new immigration
plans, it has been reported. The principles of freedom of movement will
stay in place for those who want to visit or stay in the UK but a system of permits
will limit the number of working migrants under the Home Office proposals.

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