Turkey president signs judiciary control law

our turkeys at present has just signed a
controversial new law that tightens government control over the judiciary let’s go straight to Anita
McNaught who is in Istanbul for us and nito what more
can you tell us what this law well this little has been extremely
controversial one 810 basically gives the government now
much more power over the Turkish judiciary the Supreme
Council of judges and prosecutors is the body
responsible for appointments the disciplinary measures and also for
where judges end up serving and as you know in recent
times the turkey one of the things that’s characterized the political
upheaval here and the wake up the launch if the up the
corruption investigation on December 17 not here it that a lot of judges and
prosecutors got me shopping around the country an
attempt by the government to essentially break place or that
covert network working within the judicial system this is the government’s second movie on
the Judiciary and the actions the president have been
seen I a soda a weather vane here turkish President meant to occupy as a neutral position in
Turkish politics for the post he was a senior Minister in now in the
ruling party before he became president many Turks were wondering where he will
stand at these issues all but changing the power the
government changing the into the government became increasingly controversial and
certainly on the issue the judiciary the the president has fallen behind the
government’s reforms that the legislation now I need a more protests are expected
today we can see the police gathered there behind you what’s happened so far well
what line standing on the sidelines old is a rally
at the opposition see HP party now they’ve convened this
rally in the wake up the release of the recordings allegedly at the prime
minister and his son which came out on Monday in Turkey and
allegedly show the two at the discussing how to remove large amounts of cash from
the family home now these recordings how were
immediately removed from you choose I the billy dale the CHP presented them in Parliament yesterday
using his parliamentary immunity that broadcasters cut by the major
television networks and many protested in Turkey many
protested I affiliated with the opposition party
but also not affiliated with the opposition party feel that at the chance to analyze what
exactly did takes represented as being denied the
this is a bit hold a protest here about the corruption
investigations about the government’s moves and of
course a chance for the opposition party to start
putting shape to it 3 local election campaign a very
important milestone in Turkish politics coming up on march thirtieth seen as a litmus test all the
government’s popularity its ability to retain the control and Turkey in such
a turbulent time paramita thank you very much in need to make not
there in Istanbul Turkey


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