Trump tax battle: Court puts release of returns on hold


  1. The IRS, FBI and Special Counsel couldn’t find 1 single thing wrong in the President’s tax returns! This is just harassment!!!

  2. We will see ALL THE OLIGARCH money that paid TRUMP off…………….Eric already admitted all our money comes from Russia………….The Mueller report is kids play compared to the crimes that HAVE been and are being perpetuated by these grifters……….. "WE THE PEOPLE" must speak up before we are eating BORSCHT ………………………….A COUP ISN'T ENOUGH

  3. It's amazing how Trump fans will just completely ignore reality in order to support the guy. His tax returns have been subpoenaed. The Trump Organization is currently under investigation by the District Attorney's Office of New York. The investigation concerns whether the Trump Organization violated any New York state laws- – including potentially filing false business records in its effort to reimburse Michael Cohen.

  4. I thought my tax returns were confidential, does this mean people can do a fishing expedition on my tax returns too!

  5. Id like to know who does like to pay taxes. Name me one person who pays more taxes than they needs to what stupid things to say like there is something really wrong with that. I bet you two don't generously slip in a few thousand and say here enjoy some extra. Dumb

  6. I'm betting that there's nothing big in Trump's taxes whatsoever but that Trump fights this battle this hard so he doesn't have to fight other battles where things maybe found. It's called a smart strategy

  7. If this happens then forcing the release of anyone's tax return is fair game. Will we get to see the returns of Obama, Clintons, Bidens, Pelosi, Schiff, Nader, Cummings, etc.? And if not, why not? If suspicion of a crime without evidence is reason enough to force the release of tax returns, then I'm suspicious of all those people and more.

  8. Dems will never see Trump's tax returns. Pelosi and the other 400+ criminals on Capitol Hill better hope Trump doesn't decide to look into all the ill gotten gains they've accumulated since their election. 400 millionaires in Congress and many didn't come to DC wealthy. Drain the swamp and burn it down………………..

  9. In the end the President will not have to show his tax returns. Part of the coup d'etat the socialist are orchestrating.

  10. No where does it state that he has to release his tax returns!… This is happening only bc the Dems have been out to get Trump since the night That Hillary LOST.. ITS down right harassment at this point.

  11. Another Democrat pet obsession and nothing burger. This may be the mother of all the nothings, as they actually have no idea what's in the tax returns. It's a fishing expedition.

  12. Trump's taxes WON'T come out. It's not necessary. EVERYONE PAYS AS LITTLE TAXES AS THEY CAN you TRUMP-HATING JERKS!!!

  13. Why don't you show your taxes. No, its no ones business. I hope trump wins this. Wouldn't pay taxes to Obama who enriched the deep swamp democrats.

  14. They all should have to show their tax returns! President or not. It amazes me how this President is trying to be brought down on all the things that Democrats have done, or are doing….Adam Schiff told a fake Russian that he would be getting back to him for "fake comprising" pictures of candidate Trump. How is that not trying to interefere in an election. Obama and his cabinet knew and solicited Russia's interference, did not alert Trump's campaign, but nothing happens. Hillary's campaign pays for a fake dossier and spends 2 years and 35 million tax dollars on a hoax, and nothing happens, Hillary destroys evidence and lies under oath and nothing happens, etc. What is wrong with our justice system?….

  15. "If I decide to run for office, I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely and I would love to do that." -Donald Trump 2014. But hey his cult of followers dont hold what he says accountable just like mexico paying for the wall.

  16. Unlke Obama, Trump WILL NOT be more flexible with Putin in his second term, and will NOT stand with the Muslims.

  17. I really don’t care about Trump’s tax returns as a private citizen billionaire! He does a phenomenal job as the best US President ever! Why don’t we have Pelosi do a tax return reveal as well as that horrid corrupted money laundering “Clinton Foundation”!

  18. I don't care what his taxes show, I voted for him to do a job and he is doing it. Not many in congress are doing their job. If he is finally forced by the corrupt courts . I feel everyone in public office and those who work for the government no matter who. From the guy who pushed a broom to Maxine Waters, Pelosi , Schifty, Nadler, all of them including the treasury Dept, all IRS employed….I mean everyone connected to the US Gov…no exceptions, even previous employed like Clinton etc that would be a big list and very interesting . They must go back and dig as deep as they will on our rightfully elected President……signed Fed Up!!!

  19. At this point, I'd vote for Trump if he stole my car and then backed over my bike. Cavuto: (no precedent for seeing a President's tax return….you wanna set one? A$shole! You are one of the reasons I'm an OANN viewer now.

    °the Trump Administration filed an Appeal

    If anyone actually did investigative work you would know this FOX… except for my local DFW Fox news they don't spout lies.

  21. How many alarms do these people need to figure out that Drumpf is A Catastrophic Disaster Of A Fake President And Desperately Needs To Be Removed Along With The Fake Head Of The Department Of Totally Inconceivable Injustice?!


  23. Why this President cannot have privacy and no free speech, peeling him like onion, what is the point, American people and corrupt rotten Dems decadents works like communist to do their best to peel President layer by layer, wonderful, self destructive country! Why every body wants to know what the leaders taught! Why the citizens have to know top national things, none of our business.

  24. If he had any tax problems of any kind don’t you think they would have been leaked already? Mueller looked at his taxes. Those tax problems would have leaked before he got off the escalator. He is a billionaire and he gets amazing tax breaks. Nobody in America are trying to pay more than they owe and that includes Warren, pelosi, schiff ir Schumer! Not a single one ever checked the voluntary “ i’ll pay more” section of the tax forms. What surprisingly we’ve found out from all these investigations is that Trump was operating his business completely above board! His taxes were always done correctly hence him never being in trouble for tax fraud and everything else. Mueller and all the civil rights violators scoured his business dealings and they couldn’t come up with anything! Trump is a workaholic and he values his company and the future of his company more than he wants to cut legal corners to save money or ways to skirt around the law. After all these sneaky delving into his financials and since they haven’t ousted him up until now if they somehow come across crimes i would be sure he was being framed and somehow Dems have manipulated his records.

  25. I pay as little tax as I can. Who doesn't? When you pay an accountant to do your taxes, you are paying someone to make sure you pay the least amount legally possible. I don't see where it should be any different just because you make or have more money than everyone else. If Congress has a problem with certain loopholes, they have the power to close them. They seem to choose not to, and it's probably because they all use them.

  26. Neil you are dumber than a pile of rock. If there were payment why would any smart person show them on a tax return if he were trying to hide, them He would just eat them. This is how stupid the Dems and you are!

  27. Frigan hell they are desperate hey how about all of them supplying their tax returns….nooooo the bloody democrats won’t do why should Trump

  28. So if there was no payment made,
    Why won’t he provide proof, rather than go through this pantomime. Not good from a self proclaimed stable genius.
    Trump is losing it..

  29. No one has the right to anyone else's tax returns. It's ridiculous. I would refuse on principle. I think anyone who thinks he should be forced to display them is living in the wrong country.

  30. The last people on earth that you want in your taxes is the crooked=assed Democrats. Nobody can file a legal tax return. If the IRS wants you, they have you. It appears that they have to be bought like everyone else in gov.

  31. i think this is a game with trump if there were a smoking gun or the irs would have found it, the president's taxes when they come out will likely be the most meticulously legal documents you will ever see . the point behind this is if the president can not protect his returns no congressperson will have a more compelling argument so all their returns will be fair game . and ooo i want to see maxine waters returns so badly !

  32. who really cares about tax returns? why are tose in congress put their tax returns out there? they are so corrupt started out not millionaires and then guess what millionairs

    President Trump is working this. Give it a couple years. He’s gonna turn this into all elected officials being audited every year. President Trump is doing what we elected him to do.
    God Bless America
    TRUMP 2020

  34. Neal you become to Just plain suck at the news your opinions we dont need to here, just report the news you overpaid Crony we see what your about now

  35. My aerospace engineer friend have run the numbers, and they say, his net worth is about $200 million, so, the returns should reveal 45 is much less rich than he claims, not a billionaire, i still support him over the rest of the field

  36. Congress has already had full access to all citizens tax history this whole time.
    Such B.S they need more.
    Congress has had a 3plus year vacation illegally taking $$$ from other countries.

  37. Every pres has turned in their tax returns but this guy, something is def wrong with his paper work. straight up red flag when hiding your taxes..

  38. So shame these Democrats disgrace to this country!! Stop using American taxpayer to pay for Democrats Commie!! We The People!! 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 This country totally broken for 30 years from now!! Without President Trump got elected in 3 years from now,  I guaranteed this country already belongs to China Communist!! Democrats sold their soul they selling everything belong to America gave to China such like all our technology…etc…These traitors corrupted Democrats betray America!!  Must flush Democrats Politicians down to the toilets, they smells like sewers!! Never forgive any traitors sell our country United States to China!! God Bless America & God Bless President Trump & His family!! 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

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