Trump/McConnell Supreme Court Poses New Threat To Roe V. Wade | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. When women don't care about their kids we have reached a bad point in society and you cant make them care but you don't have to provide legal murder! I don't care if you do it yourself in that abortion is never pretty for the child! Do it your self fall down the stairs, use a coat hanger, smoke copious amounts of crack just do it yourself!

  2. Prior to Roe vs Wade, almost every emergency room across the US had to create a separate triage center to handle the volume of women who had a back alley abortions. If they weren't lucky enough to make to and be saved by the emergency room, most victims of back alley abortions bleed to death or died a horrific and painful death from an infection.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every 8 minutes a woman in a developing nation will die of complications arising from a back alley abortion.

  3. I guess with impeachment flopping in the polls, Madcow has new marching orders to push abortion fear.
    Why did she bother getting a degree?

  4. Women will still become pregnant with unwanted children matter not their religious beliefs. The religious right will make this country mostly Blue…I rather that not happen. It's obvious the Bible Thumpers are, via their elected officials, will get their way and the result will be the decline of religion in this country. The voodoo will be replaced with knowledge as another chapter of human evolution closes at its own hand. Ponder this country's challenges that organized religion has historically promoter – Native People extermination, women's roles, prohibition, slavery, Jim Crow….. Sadly, you don't have to be all that bright to be a politician or a preacher, just willing. 2030 the Church will pivot as the pews get sold off at yard sales. SAD. MAGA – sponsored by liars, endorsed by the illiterate that can manage to vote!

  5. All pro lifers are hypocrites. If one of these morons pays taxes in the US, then they help pay for Israeli women to get government funded abortions. Don't want an abortion, don't get one. As women can't get pregnant without men, maybe vasectomies should be required of men.

  6. Stupid white men and white women longing to be abused just can't live without being angry about other women's wombs, and what's in them. They're obsessed. They can't exist without giving their children firearms and arguing about a strangers womb. It's the cult of the brain dead abused by their parents womb fantasist, or "Republicans".

  7. Dumb story. You're looking for law in the wrong place. Row v Wade states that abortion is not unconstitutional. That leaves the issue on hazy ground. Whats missing is codified statutes. Being "not illegal" is not the same as "being legal". The solution is not to be found in the Supreme Court, they don't pass laws. Look to the Legislature to clear the fog. Example:
    Owing slaves:: Supreme Court : Not unconstitutional Solution: 13th Amendment
    No vote for women Supreme Court : Not unconstitutional Solution: 19th Amendment
    Abortion Rights Supreme Court : Not unconstitutional Solution: ?????????

  8. Government and courts have no business in women's bodies, religion should mind there own business they have no right trying to enforce their ideas on people either they should be taken to court and made them to prove their god is real period

  9. wow listening to Rachel confirms my understanding of how backward the US is – protect the fetus and screw the pregnant woman and the 'baby/child' when born !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. We have a POTUS with the mortality of an alley cat. 5 children by 3 different women. Never faithful to any of them. Courts need to regulate where men put their🍆. Abortion problem solved.

  11. Abortion needs to be safe and legal to save the lives of the women and children who are already here. The problem is the religious know this. They just care more about stirring controversy than they do about women.

    The funny thing is, if Jesus existed as he appears in the bible, he would have been a radical leftist who spent time with prostitutes. You don't think they were having abortions? The religious leaders know that these are rules they made up. As the quote goes, 'Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.'

  12. Anti abortion is not concerning women rights (usually). It concerns the rights of both, women and men (considering a family). So, it can be considered a violation of human rights! It is the family right to decide, not just a women right.

  13. This is what you get when you're just too stupid to realise that any judiciary system where the courts are filled with political hacks will never work.

  14. At first, I thought I was looking at a map of the most uneducated states. Turns out the Bible Belt and uneducated close minded people go hand in hand

  15. the government needs to stop abortion cause they still need slaves to keep the rich, rich , guess whos getting abortions mostly .allegetly

  16. Add insurance claims for wrongful death, car ins, W/C claims, general liability, etc. No one is going to want to touch the millions of potential claims for natural miscarriages that everyone will be entitled to file whenever a miscarriage occurs.

  17. Let’s call the GOP what it is: a fascist party.
    Anyone with a bit of education and experience on abortion knows that all this craze is just to control women.

  18. Its the hypocolypse. The Mueller report DID NOT exonerate. He is accused of the EXACT same offense and cover ups as the Russia deal with the Ukraine Deal. Remember the same people making laws about Womens bodies are the ones making the laws about your genetic information.

    We need to make Billionaires illegal, that has to be step one.

    Imagine you were on a spaceship for life and three of the hundred crew aboard wanted 97% of everything. Think those three would be hitch hiking?

  19. Why do these old criminal GOP WANTS to turn around everything that is good for women? . They MUST be hate their own mothers . They must really hate that they cannot CONTROL WOMEN . YOU OVER BLIATED , OVERFGRIWN BABYMANCHILD WILL NEVER TELL WOMEN WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO . MAYBE YOUR MOM'S SHOULD HAVE ABORTED YOU ALL ..THEN WE WOULDN'T BE HERE WITH YOU MEN TRYING TO TAKE IT AWay .

  20. If you think the last election was fun seeing the liberals turn religious, falling to their knees, and crying to the heavens, Trump’s 2020 win is going to be epic! #Trump2020

  21. Awesome….NO MORE BABY KILLING. This country has done enough murders in the name of that green backed god of CHOICE. SHUT 'EM DOWN!

  22. There are two types of people in this world, those that want everyone to have the freedom to choose how they live their lives without harming others ability to do the same, then you have those that want to ensure that you don't change their lives but at the same time want to force everyone else to live lives just like them.

    When you write a piece of legislation into law that both protects peoples right to make choices for themselves AND helps improve the majority of folks lives, there should be no way any future court can ever strike it down. For most issues if YOU do not agree with a law that won't force you to make a decision you disagree with and that won't affect you and your life then there is no issue, the issue comes when your beliefs encroach on others lawful right to make decisions for themselves.

  23. Republicans don't give a crap about abortions. They only use it as a weapon, a wedge issue to hurt Democrats. P.S. I will never vote for another politician that takes "special interest" money ever again btw…

  24. Only the lunatic left thinks killing babies is ok. Once these crybabies ignite a civil war after trumps reelection we can deal with all these issues they have caused

  25. Well what I would do if I were for #abortion is. Next time the #religious mobs attack you. Make sure to #supeonna #GOD as a #WITNESS in your case!😁
    Let's just prove god doesnt exist. Take their tax exempt status from their cult and move on to science.

  26. Lord. The coathanger carnage, especially for poor people of color who can't afford to travel half a country away, will be frightening.

  27. Thank you President Trump for penetrating our supreme court with your large and powerful judges. No one cares if Madcow consented anyways.

  28. Kavanaugh, the sexual assaulter, is anti-abortion. I'll take bets on how fast he'd demand one of his victims have an abortion had they become pregnant, and how fast his wealthy parents would pony up the money to hide the whole thing. The man is a pig in a robe.

  29. My body, my choice. And btw, why are politics and religion mixed up in this when the US is clear about separation between state and church in anything else…. The insecurity of men towards wormen is killer, in more ways than one.

  30. 408 other comments in this here comment section. I wonder if my brilliance will continue to be ignored, because lefties find it too vulgar or PIC, and righties are too stupid to respond effectively. Not that I need validation from you losers, but I truly hate watching you flounder in your ignorance. What can I say, I don't actually love you idiots, but I'm not a cruel or vindictive person, and I am a professional educator

    RvW will not be overturned because it represents the ultimate victory for the crazy fundies. If overturned, these lunatics will have far less reason to actually vote, putting the exploitative piggish right-wankers at a decided electoral disadvantage, one that almost certainly becomes impossible to defend against regardless of gerrymandering or the electoral college idiocy

    Thus, if overturned, it will mark the true and final death of the ratpublican party, because middle class suburban white women will surely see to its demise. Here's to hoping that they'll overturn RvW

  31. I wonder how many abortions Donald Trump paid for during his dashing debonair Playboy years in New York. But then again, considering how cheap he is, he may have made them foot the bill themselves.

  32. If there is a separation of Church and State, 1st amendment,?? Why do they deem it necessary to enact laws telling women what they can and cannot do in making choices in regards to their bodies?? Next thing you know the US will be just like China telling women how many girls or boys they can have??

  33. Women aren’t smart enough to make rational decisions. Their cycles get in the way. I can’t wait till roe vs wade is overturned. It’s fun to watch you take to the streets and destroy the cities you live in.

  34. Who ever thought that America would make it criminal for women to decide for themselves whether to remain pregnant? It is a giant step backward and certainly not what a free America should be throwing at the female population. Woman: stand up and vote to remove the repugnant Republicans. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, VOTE DEMOCRAT and wipe out the swamp of evil Republicans along with tRump.

  35. It's time we we pass laws in abortion cases that if your the father you get castrated also because men cant just get off literally free of charge.

  36. Donald Trump will be POTUS in 2020 and America knows that the RAT party obstructed His first term ,Trump will get a THIRD TERM in 2024.MAGA AND RAT FREE FOREVER.A THREE TERM POTUS .

  37. If abortion is made illegal in one state, yet legal in another, then prosecution would lead to cruel and unusual punishment, wouldn't it?

  38. If Ruth passes before trumps term end please delay filling that seat and allow the voters to decide as the republicans did during the last adm.

  39. It makes me so angry to see those vile hypocrite bigots pretend like they want less government, while at the same time they want to rule over the most intimate part of women's bodies. It's disgusting and despicable!

  40. Men (and other women) have no right to dictate to women when to reproduce or not. This is a human right for women and women alone and no business of either the state or federal government. That this is even an issue again is unbelievable. To those who would restrict a woman's right to choose – MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

  41. Republicans don't mind when their mistress's have abortions, I bet if men had to deal with bs like this abortions would be free in every state.

  42. Ok Rachel…would love to hear your views directly on Bernie….you may be the last reason I watch and subscribe to MSNBC

  43. It took me far too long to realize that liars will go to extremes to keep up their lies. 1. They refuse to listen. 2. They change the story and create a lie. 3. They will keep up this distraction while attacking you with hatred and lies. 4. They deny. It's a vicious cycle. You can't get anywhere talking with these kind of people when they revert to this persistent habit of theirs. I'm not going to speak about abortion. While there are things to be learned from it, news and TV serves as just another distraction. The reality is that the world is overpopulated, and we are in a climate emergency. You want to discuss god and procreation? The world's leaders are impotent on the issue of global heating.

  44. If Row fails then all men who force themselves on females need to be killed for it, harshness for harshness

  45. The anti-abortion groups are prime examples of the USA's Sharia law supporters. After all a Sharia law is "the law represents a divinely ordained path of conduct that guides Muslims toward a practical expression of religious conviction in this world and the goal of divine favor in the world to come". Ergo the so-called evangelical Christian right are no different from the Muslim Imams.

  46. 1. Murder is defined as killing the life of an innocent human being.
    2. A fetus has genes within the human gene pool.
    3. A fetus has DNA that is unique and different from the mother.
    4. A fetus is therefore, an INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING.


  47. Hey, remember when you folks were saying "Kavanaugh's going to take a scalpel to Roe v Wade"?
    Remember when RBG praised him?
    Of course you dont.
    It's almost like Maddow makes her living installing boogeymen under people's beds.
    To be fair, a whole lot of her viewers LIKE the boogeymen she conjures up.
    Have fun screaming and protesting the next scotus pick over abortion rights that are firmly cemented into law.
    Is there such thing as protest addiction?

  48. I knew that was part of the court-stacking game by djt/gop, if it were Gov telling them they HAD to cut their balls off after 1 kid, they wouldn't be on board; it's the same thing. Gov control over an individual's body!😡🇺🇸🌊


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