So let’s go to the final considerations of the defense lawyer. First of all, yes, I would like to say that yes, the evidence are against my client. Because he was at the crime scene? He was! Are his fingerprints on the murder weapon? They are! Now, my dear Judge, I am gonna ask you a question, and I would like you sir to respond in all honesty to the world. Between the two of them, which one is the cutest? I Didn’t understand your question My question is simple. Between the promoter and my client, which one is the most cute? I guess your client And which is the most handsome? I don’t know, he’s too clothed, I can’t see it Geovani, take off this suit. Look at this Focus on this, ok? And tell me now in all honesty. Come here Geovani. For God’s sake, Mr. Judge, is he hot or not? Yes. I think so. It’s your client. OK. You Can sit Geovani That the prosecution only spoke and spoke, took longer than the pilot of Game Of Thrones And didn’t even mention that he’s cute. And for a clumsy prosecution strategy, we realize that the prosecutor who accuses him is himself overweight. His belly indecent to his age. And with rampant calvary. So, who is the criminal here? Is it my client? This thing is sweating right out of his bodytech He’s crouching with 110lb. While the promoter in question spends the whole afternoon eating patty in Belmonte. Objection. Objection granted. The lawyer is making a completely partial and absurd defense. Am I overweight? Yes I am. But this has nothing to do with patty, it’s Thyroid But on the other hand, I’m already enrolled in spinning. I have not stepped in front of a Belmonte for years, my wife is in proof. I hope that you judge really take this into consideration. You can continue with the defense, please. Thyroid, right? Don’t be stupid, this is called carbohydrate after 6 PM. That everyone knows you shouldn’t eat. Now I just wanted to ask you a question. Did he kill anyone? He did. Corruption of minors. Who has never corrupted minors? Who didn’t stelionate in life that I do not even know what it is. What are our priorities here, for God’s sake? That is my question. I read the whole fucking criminal code and did not have a handsome criminal case You shouldn’t have killed. You can’t, look at the hard work you’re giving me. He already saw, already learned, already told me that he won’t be doing it any longer. Do what you think is best, but please bear in mind that this makes a lot of people happy, sir, your honor. People who have a gray life, who work in an office all week, and the only happy moment of the week, is the time that can escape at lunch time To meet him there on Avenida Passos 57 on top of McDonald’s on the corner with Buenos Aires The defendant is acquitted of the charge for lack of hard evidence. Objection. Objection denied Mr. lawyer, you said Avenida Passos, what number? It’s 57, Sir. Thanks.


  1. Faz muito advogado que trabalha a semana toda no escritório e tira meio hra do almo pra encontra com na esquina do Mcdonald feliz kkk😁😁😁

  2. Qual o nome do réu Geovane que não aparece no elenco. Acho que quando há mais participantes na cena o nome dele deverá vir juntos

  3. Pra quem não entendeu o vídeo, isso foi uma crítica aos extraterrestres napolitanos que derramam goiabada na mesa.

  4. Realmente é uma crítica ao sistema prisional onde realmente só tem gente pobre, já que aos mais abastados lhes é dado direito a fiança, habeas corpus e demais benefícios

  5. Tá tão possível no Brasil atual
    Mto mais do que quando o vídeo foi criado
    Se a Globo veicular essa cena com Moro de juiz vou ver que o vídeo era premonitório mesmo

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