Tribunal Vie: S1 Episode 7 “Il n’y a rien de plus beau qu’une femme m’offrant sa virginité” #TBV

MARIAMA : I wanted a virgin girl but I realized that in today’s society it has become complicated ! CIROC : What do you mean complicated MARIAMA : Complicated in the sense of finding a virgin, or a girl who has no sexual experience, etc… MARIKAYNE : I do not know if you guys want virgin girls, but why do men in general want virgin girls? MARIKAYNE : I do not know if you guys want virgin girls, but why do men in general want virgin girls? WHITNEY : they seem surprised by the question MARIKANE: Why men prefer virgin women ? CIROC : who said that ?? MARIKAYNE : ok so you don’t want it? BILOU : If you ask me the question?
Yes me personally I would prefer one. MARIKAYNE : And why do you prefer BILOU: From an ethical point of view WHITNEY : they seem surprised by the question BILOU : in relation to my religious convictions at first, for me virginity is something important that you do not give easily Obviously in the society we’re living in, it has became complicate because we are led to be in relationships where feelings take place and humans are weak.
This being said, I would still prefer a virgin women : I’d prefer a virgin woman based on my religious beliefs in relation to my principles and my morals. It is really a preference nowadays we are in a society where it still exists but it has become rare. It is perhaps because of the influence of the world in which we live. Now I think that it still exists so I’d prefer to have a virgin woman based on my moral and my personal convictions. CIROC : but on the other hand it would not bother you, the opposite of a virgin, a woman who slept with a lot of men BILOU: Of course it would WHITNEY : you’re going to the extreme there Ciroc CIROC : He said it’s complicated, he wants a virgin girl, it’s not the first thing to know about her. A girl who knows what direction she wants to go if he finds himself in front of a girl who wants to set up, move on in life and have children, move on in life and have children, the stories of who she slept with must be left in the past. BILOU: NOOO! EAZY : Are you crazy or what ? If she wants to set up and 20 guys beat her, I don’t give a fuck BYE! CIROC : If 20 guys beat her ? EAZY : yeah CIROC : and then ?? She’s done her life, she had fun, she saw what she really wanted. Now you’re going to take a virgin girl who knows nothing about life. MARIKAYNE: wait so a virgin girl for you is a girl who knows nothing about life? she is a “saint” if I understand you correctly ? CIROC : Excuse me, excuse me a virgin girl is a girl who hasn’t done anything sexually with a man, honestly she does not really know herself as a woman, maybe her desires are going to develop, with the age between 30-40 years your desires change. maybe her desires are going to develop, with the age between 30-40 years your desires change. WHITNEY : yes it’s true, it’s constantly changing CIROC : Sorry I completely changed the subject, as there are guys at first they are straight and become homosexual at forty and fifty years old BILOU: It’s the same for girls who become lesbian CIROC : exactly ! BILOU: You ‘ll never know this , your argument is stupid you say ” with time, with time ” yes we get to know each other but that’s not the point So for you to know each other you have to know each other sexually sex is something private that you share with someone you love, OK ? CIROC : of course BILOU: for me a sex is done with someone special, it is something that we do not give easily. So seeking a virgin, I find it totally normal that a man wants the best for himself CIROC : of course of course MARIAMA : ok, this guy in question who says, he wants a girl who’s a virgin because it’s complicated WHITNEY : The fact that I’m open minded makes me understand a man’s willingness for a virgin or a woman with few experiences It’s a choice like the one who might prefer the woman with more experience It’s all about each individual choice this guy has not banged plenty of girls??
First you have to look at yourself You only have what you deserve.
If you are a correct ” man “, you have not gone left to the right, you can afford to say that you want a virgin girl. But if you’re the type of guy clubbing all year, everyone knows about you. I don’t even wanna hear you. Has he already looked at himself? BILOU : Yeah but the guy has repented MARIAMA : The girl has the right to have repented too then. As I said and I would repeat it every day : you’re not perfect, do not ask for a perfect girl, If you fornicate you will have a fornicating girl PERIOD! BILOU: No I do not agree with what you say WHITNEY : No, I can say something personal as a woman, I partly agree I won’t lie. I unfortunately feel that if you’re a woman you’re not at the same level as the guy Now as a woman personally yes I don’t want a hoe like dude, as you don’t want a woman that has a lot of kilometres on the clock is more or less the same thing. But now it is not because he is a fornicator that he must necessarily be with a fornicator it is not necessarily like that ! It’s not the same ! The difference unfortunately is that a woman has more intention to protect herself it is more rewarding unfortunately in the society as we are more subject to labelling How the woman is put forward, the sexual representation and all you want in relation to the assets you want to show We know what we play we are not stupid and well in this case it may be more rewarding for us to say ” ok maybe you’re sexy or what ” MARIAMA : but nobody said that WHITNEY : With regards to your faith and religion BILOU : As a woman you want the best for yourself MARIAMA : Yes BILOU : Ok, a man also wants the best for him. And frankly, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who gives me her virginity WHITNEY : But what she’s asking you is that even if you prefer virgin women what would you tolerate? BILOU : I think that a non-virgin who wants a virgin woman does not necessarily deserve it but can still ask WHITNEY : Yes it’s right BILOU : We all have a past but today we can repent We get to know each other over time we can question our lives what we have done and I wish everyone to be able to question themselves. But the thing that bothers me is : a guy who wants a girl with experience. WHITNEY : Why? BILOU: because how can the opposite bother you with the opinion you have ? The your advice to someone would be, ” you want a virgin girl, but maybe it’s better to have a woman with experience in your life” You have men who will think ” yes it’s rewarding to have a virgin woman but there is a moment when I know that I love sex , I do not want to cheat on my wife because I had many girlfriends with whom everything went well but sexually I wanted to go elsewhere. And today if I want to build a family, I do not want to go elsewhere, I want my wife to be a slut, unfortunately. EAZY : Why, unfortunately ? WHITNEY : I say unfortunately because of the way people think. I want a woman who has a lot of experience? that assumes its because we know why we want to be together “that means we will be fulfilled at all levels and it’s a form of security Conclusion : she has lived her life, sexually she does the job as I like she is with a man with who she can let go and be who she is without necessarily going elsewhere.
It’s a lifestyle choice. BILOU : I like your speech but on one hand it bothers me if you have it like that with your husband there is no problem on the other hand if you speak like this in public, with your girlfriends etc… Me as a husband if my wife talks like that I could not value her. For me it’s devaluing WHITNEY : but why ? this talk remains between me and my husband in all privacy BILOU : Before it’s intimate, a woman who has a lot of experience, who has had a lot of guys in her life who slept with lots of guys who has had a lot of guys in her life who slept with lots of WHITNEY : Not necessarily a lot, you must not go to the extreme, a woman who is no longer simply a virgin Before meeting you she had three partners with whom she gave it up bad Now she is with you and give it bad to you too. BILOU : There are no worries because there were feelings, but a girl who sleeps with men and has friends with benefits me she is a bitch. DSD : No you go to the extreme, Whitney is not in the extreme WHITNEY : you’ve made it general, it’s not true CIROC : Don’t generalize WHITNEY : Today you have girls not virgins I’m sorry here I think we are all self-respecting women and we are not virgin and unfortunately you have some women are no longer a virgin because they slept once! BILOU : Can we assume that you are a no longer virgin ? WHITNEY : I’m a mother, of course I’m not a virgin. I assume it, I’m not ashamed ! why should I be ashamed ?? are you sick I had my child with someone, I did what I had to do. You have girls who are not mums, who are not virgins, who were in a relationship, which had only one partner who they thought they were going to make their life with and BOOM… Listen to me, I’ve known guys who wanted virgins, guys in religion, who told me in the eyes : ” you’re crazy, she’s here, she’s a virgin, I want her, it’s the girl I want, etc. “but deep down he only wanted to sleep with her. All because either it was a pathological lie she was prudish girl, she was too good to be a virgin, “She’s a liar, She’s acting” He did his job, he had the girl, he devoured her , and he treated her like crap and you still have a lot of guys today who say ” hey bro I can wait a year to sleep with her “beside he does what he has to do and the girl believes that he’s the cleanest guy as he does everything well. BILOU : Yes and they are dickheads WHITNEY: There are too many like that ! WHITNEY : Today guys like that are so common that even the girls who got robbed their virginity by these guys they find that normal. Now they say : ” oh ok so I saved myself I respected myself all my life for this? I’m not telling you that because you have fallen on a son of a bitch you must become a whore also respect yourself don’t be stupid but it is traumatic in the sense that he killed the vibe of the girl who wanted to find a guy who would respect her all his life
real To whom I wanted to give what I gave him but still I will follow my convictions but in real this girl wants a guy who wants her for the values she carries but as she was done by a dickhead a guy like you he will label her as you did BILOU : Nooooo , no NO, NO, NO I generalized as you generalized my darling. A girl who tells her life, loud about her body count and who assumes me, it bothers me WHITNEY : Nooo I did not tell you that, do not tell her it’s her personal garden BILOU : I’m just saying that girls like that have a lack of modesty DSD : The advice I would give to the guy today may be that’s hard to meet a virgin but for me he should focus on the values of the woman’s education what she can bring to him and also if they can get along. If a guy meets a non-virgin woman it’s up to him to see if maybe she can teach him things, she will sleep with him and make him addicted so he will forget his stories of the virgin woman. She can ride him in a way he won’t understand anything. The real advice I will give, is to smooth things out naturally to focus on morality and maturity. MARIKAYNE: I hope that the guy who asks the question; ”Are you virgin ?” is virgin, because I find it hypocritical. I know virgin girls today and as soon as they meet a guy who is not virgin he will go away under the pretext that she is a virgin. it’s paradoxical you know what I mean ? You want a virgin and as soon as you have that you go away because she cannot bring what you want or you cheat on her. So finally I find it hypercritical to ask this question all
the time. And I also know guys like you who want a virgin girl but I do not know your situation. For me, from the moment you are no longer virgin how dare you asking that question. FARAH : No you can ask the question are you a virgin; but you cannot demand it. DSD : there are also guys who meet virgin girls with time everything goes well she ask him to do the job, there are guys who will accept other no then… WHITNEY : How does she ask you to do the job, I did not understand DSD : there are girls too who do the job WHITNEY : Yes, but what do you mean ? DSD: yes some woman ask just like that WHITNEY: Like come bang me while I remained virgin 30 years ? DSD : Yes it exists WHITNEY : Kind of chicks who stays virgin late one day she says : that’s it I’m fed up please fuck me ! MARIKAYNE: Yes it exists WHITNEY : She may have another project she needs to train it’ like training ! MARIAMA : You have virgin girls who say at a certain age : don’t understand I’m tired of waiting.  The first man who will drop her a line will get it But it’s not a good logic. WHITNEY : Yeah but  you don’t say  ”I’m a virgin, f*ck me” MARIAMA : Now the guy is looking for a virgin, he finds it difficult to find at that time Iwanna tell him chill out Calm yourself as a person and get closer to the people who can bring you that kind of girl. The environment in which you live is yours. A guy who is used to going out and…. A guy who is used to going out and going to sleep on the left right excuse me but it’s not like that he will find a virgin girl. On the other hand I didn’t say that this method still works but get surrounded by people with a stronger spiritual side, and may create yourself more chances to come across who is a little more calm If you go out all the time you will only fall on them crazy ones. You can also find virgin girls in clubs but excuse me the ones who TWERK they are not the calmest So look at yourself and also look at your entourage with whom you hang out who you go out with and at that time you may have an open mind and realize that it is not with this MARIAMA : For my part, a guy who says he absolutely wants a virgin girl should look at himself. I think he went with enough girls. So before having a lot of requirements you have to look at yourself, look around, with whom you hang out and after if you not happy with it go out of your comfort zone From the moment you step out of your comfort zone you can start to look and see the world differently on the virginity side. CIROC : you said that for him it’s complicated because he is poorly surrounded MARIAMA : yes because he does not leave his comfort zone. And his comfort zone makes sure that he is comfortable, relax in a group and he will say shit I never meet any virgin girl
But it’s normal because your group is what you are ! CIROC : Are there any groups where we could find virgin girls ? MARIAMA : Of course you can find some. In some communities you can find plenty. EAZY : But what community and where are they in France? we want to know, give me examples. MARIAMA : In African communities you can find virgin girls. EAZY : Yes, but tell us which community and where are they ? because you gave examples of clubs and everything now I want these small groups where we can find virgin girls, please tell me where I can find them I would like to know, advise me. MARIAMA : Everywhere. No he said something crazy EAZY : Us who are looking for virgin girls tell us where can we find them MARIAMA : Muslim brothers and sisters, Christian sisters EAZY : Bullshit ! MARIAMA : You are more likely to find them at home than elsewhere EAZY : Not necessarily because on the contrary there are many people who hide, to put on an image that is not theirs especially in the society we’re living in. If you tell me to go to some isolated places yes, if you tell me to go to another continent than Europe yes but if you tell me in our continent synagogue, churches, all you want there has a lot of people lurking. MARIAMA : So according to you, because you go to Black or White Africa you will find a virgin girl there ??? Check what you say brother ! EAZY : NOOO! But this little group that you are talking about ”brothers and sisters” in religion may be that you find them there.You will be more likely to find virgin girls at hom But here in this system it’s dead MARIAMA : Why ? EAZY : Because with you women there is something you don’t understand. You have a certain vision of love and sex, we men have ours. With us sex starts when we are young, we have a vision based on pornography let’s be real So it’s not necessarily bad when we say to a girl ”s*ck my dick” or put sex at the centre of the relationship it’s just that we grew up like that.  Even the examples we could have seen of our fathers or uncles are like that too. You see your uncle turn up with 2 girls and telling you to shush and giving you 20€. EAZY : In our community, especially in Africa, we are used to seeing an uncle with several women, many friends, now things like that are trivialized this we have two different visions of sex so we can never understand each other, even on the word virgin. That is to say when you give your arguments to the guys who keep their girlfriend but who beside will see elsewhere I will tell you why because I’m a guy : a guy he has his official girlfriend he loves it does everything for her we can even say that in some delusion that the guy is limited sexually . But the woman will not understand, she will not understand that most men love their wives even if they cheat on them with ten women out there in night clubs All of it because we don’t have the same vision of love and sex. EAZY : In our community, especially in Africa, we are used to seeing an uncle with several women, many friends, now things like that are trivialized and you have a different vision of the thing which makes you growing up like that Setting in you a certain vision of love, which makes that without realising it you’ve been influenced by your environment MARIAMA : So it means that your group, the people around you can’t find a virgin girl in your environment is what you mean ? WHITNEY : No, you don’t understand. She explains that it’s hard for him to find a virgin girl but she asks him in the mean time ” did you get out of your comfort zone ?” ” You are in an area where you want to be relax, today you’re not clubbing anymore it’s boring to find always the same crazy girls we know the CV of everyone, you know that you don’t wanna be a night guy anymore. Now what you’re going to do is go to shisha , chilling with your boys you thinking that in places like that it’s different from your old habits but no because you’re still not out of your zone of comfort . Maybe if you go to see other people different from the ones you are used to, you go to their places , they do mad parties, with other personality, there is no girls who twerk , people are wearing humble sneakers There you can maybe find one
Just get out of your comfort zone You search where you are every day or there is the same bread BILOU : The problem is that you’re basing yourself on your lifestyle EAZY : Not necessarily BILOU : I will allow myself to judge you, this is completely libertine WHITNEY : He was shocked by your Uncle’s story BILOU : Yes it shocked me.
When you tell me your uncle comes with two women. It’s something that I don’t endorse, when he comes home he behaves with respect to set a good example. My uncle if he gets caught with two women, it’s going to be more shameful for him than being rewarding you! EAZY : YOU WHO ? BILOU : WAIT WAIT !!! I was going to say YOU but I’m going to calm down right now BILOU : The only thing I can say is that I’m very happy not to be part of EAZY’s family I like him it’s my boy we’ve known each other for a very long time we went to school together but his uncle? The less I see, the better for me. BILOU : Not because you impress me, . but because I was on the verge of being wrong To me people who are in the mode ” I fucked bare girls ” and acting like they something I find them dead DSD : But here we changing topic?!? BILOU : You will get the point
Me what I’m looking for is modesty, it’s so beautiful in a woman. And modesty rhymes with chastity. Let me finish DSD : It’s his point of view, these are his criteria, he has the right. BILOU : The error is human.
One may lead you to sin I will ask you a question.
Is it OK for you to have sex before marriage? WHITNEY : if for me it’s okay to have a relationship outside marriage ? You talk to a botched woman , because now I do not believe in marriage. BILOU : No, but compared to your convictions that you said just now WHITNEY : Yes, but no, I don’t believe in marriage. But I assume to be the greatest spirit of contradiction in relation to my convictions BILOU : No we are not off topic WHITNEY : And me as I don’t believe in marriage . As a mother This is selfish, but I would like my son to bring me a woman who is convinced of home and does not have a lot of mileage. I was a young mother but that doesn’t mean that it makes me a hoe No, he’s asking me a question , sorry we ‘ve moved a little away from the subject BILOU : We’re not off topic, we are completely on topic, only him who thinks we are off topic because he has trouble understanding things My friend we are in the subject !
The question is simple virgin. DSD : Earlier you said your criteria and preferences, you want a modest girl but it’s not because you want a modest woman that others want the same thing. So don’t start saying that others are in sin because we are all in sin brother ! Everyone is sinning in his own way. WHITNEY : It’s a shame because you didn’t understand yourself. Bilou is shocked by the uncle and I can understand it because in my Algerian family this kind of situation doesn’t exist. If my uncles cheat on their wives, they will never boast about it, you do not mix all that with your family, let me finish. With Africans, my Gabonese father, I saw him and I was 5 years old and I’m not ashamed to say it, I went to see my mother saying : ” Mom dad had a nap with auntie Chantale today”. It means that the father is not ashamed to bring women home. It’s not a community issue DSD : Wow! But don’t generalize because it’s not the same everywhere. WHITNEY : It’s less shocking to see an African who brings a woman back home in secret. MARIAMA : I wanted to come back to your question : ” Is it ok for you to have a relationship outside marriage ? ” We must also see the definition of the word virgin, as you spoke of modesty and chastity, or you are not off topic because it goes together. As you said, even if you cannot get the virgin girl in your circle, you will have to look for the best of the person. Whether she is a person who preserve herself or not. You can preserve yourself in the way you dress. Do not stare.
If you don’t find a virgin girl you can find a girl who pays attention to the way she dresses, her behaviour, the way she walks, talks or looks at people. There you will have what compensates. If for you it bothers you that she is no longer a virgin at least seek for these attributes which compensate. BILOU I think we are in a society that has perverted us all But what distresses me is that we have to review our requirements downwards, relative to society, in relation to this and that. DSD : You was redefining virginity. MARIAMA : No, I told him if he cannot find what he wants out of his comfort zone, compromise. DSD : I give him the same advice .
But according to this problem, we speak of virginity. Virgin is virgin.
Virgin is equal to a locked hymen. CIROC : Yeah but as now it’s complicated and he knows it He must get out of his comfort zone and look for other values BILOU : What’s the limit for you? CIROC : for me the limit comes with age. A 30-year-old woman will not have the same mileage as a 20-year-old woman. WHITNEY : it’s wrong it’s wrong ! what are you talking about.
It’s horrible what you say. CIROC : let me finish ! A 20-year-old girl, if she had more than 10 guysit’s crazy for me. A 30-year-old woman, if she has more than 10 guys it’s normal because something must have happened in her life. She may have had several times. And then really a girl of 20, 21, 22, 23 years old more than 10 guys is too much. EAZY : if it is, she was naive. EAZY : if it is, she was naive.
If it turns out she went out with 10 different guys. Don’t assume that women count their conquests, they realize at the end and be like “oh f*ck ” CIROC : Trust me, when it comes to sex girls know what they do EAZY : Believe me, this come all in one, and they remember all their stories : ” Oh yes, I banged 15 guys .” But when they are in the heat of love and emotion they are blinded BILOU : For you there is a limit ? because apparently you and your uncle EAZY : I’ll tell you a reality, you see that uncle you’re talking about, we all have an uncle like that at home ! Even aunties sometimes … WHITNEY : to accept, do you have limits like Ciroc ? WHITNEY: Answer he ask you ‘what’s ur limits” if u meet a girl with all values you like….. BILOU : Just be careful, I’ll cut you off for a minute and I’ll bounce on you. DSD : No no no no , finish with him first.
You answer your question yourself BILOU : I don’t know DSD : You do not know what ? Say it now ! You ask people now you too answer EAZY : I don’t have one, but it should not be more than 10 BILOU : I agree with CIROC it’s in relation to age. WHITNEY : Age doesn’t mean anything ! I know 19-year-old girls who banged a lot more than 30-year-old women BILOU : Earlier you said that debate shouldn’t be around her being a virgin or not but more about her mentality whether you can go far with her
A girl with whom you can see yourself going far with Get along on a lot of things, but who has had more than 150 partners DSD : You give answer exaggerated example but I will answer anyway.
Me like all the guys in this room I’m not virgin. all have mileage.
I find it unfair. Why would you want to know the number of partner she slept with? I don’t wanna know A mature woman, she is not going to talk about that. WHITNEY : A smart woman, don’t talk about her ex with her current guy. Why would you talk about your ex ?? To do what ??? CIROC : Because she’s my wife , I want to know her past EAZY : Same WHITNEY : So you when you say that you want to marry me and that make your life with me, if I interested you. I interested you because you saw me with my ex ?? Or I interested you for my values, I attracted you for the one I am and not for my past. CIROC : Excuse me, you have interested me physically but after I’m interested in your past, present and your future life If you are my wife you will become my half, I must know everything about you. WHITNEY : When I tell you that I don’t talk about my ex it’s not to hide them. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing to hide. I just think it’s personal. Then I will tell you from a women point of view that I also reproach women The first reflex : “oh yes no he’s a good guy I think we’ll build a real thing ” he knows I’m a girl who has suffered a lot ” ” I told him what my ex did to me” It is reflex that women have to explain to their current guy the why and how of their previous stories. DSD : Yes quickly without going into details . BILOU : Well, you didn’t answered my question, we will reduce the number of conquest, what if she tells you 70 partners DSD : I told you I don’t want to know. From the moment she starts telling me she had 70 partners I wonder why she tells me that, does she want to be valued? what is the purpose? A woman who comes to tell me that I will throw her away. MARIKAYNE : And there he didn’t throw it because she had 70 partners but rather… but maybe she need to tell you her past because she’s scared because she sleep with a friend you know it’s better she tell you before…. what are doing if another guy tell you i sleep with your girl before she tell you the truth WHITNEY: yeah… better for her to talk if she sleep before with a crew…. MARIKAYNE: But you dont want to know her past!!!!! I need to understand what’s is your reaction if some homies tell you they sleep with her DSD: Sincerely today i know exactly what i want in my criteria before to make something with a girl i make inquiries MARIKAYNE, MARIAMA, WHITNEY: You do not answer the question!!!!!!!!…..NIGGA….. WHITNEY: The question is……Marikayne understands you but she say if your girl tell you ‘ ‘Okay i have the past and i think you know some ” and you will be led to know MARIKAYNE: ANSWER!!!!!!!!! I want you answer the question because you stutter now…..!!!! DSD: oooooh….! but your question is too deep…… WHITNEY: he stutter ….. DSD: Basically it means that she has a bad reputation in my opinion BILLOU: It’ not what you say before.. DSD: Noooo…. i just don’t want to know it’s what i say EAZY: You are contradictory DSD: Not the same case …’s different…


  1. Toujours la même chose il faut arrêtez les conneries quand ont est un mec ont a le droit de tout faire et pas l'inverse ? Stop. Je suis désolé mais c'est pareil dans les deux sens. La plupart des mecs qui baisent tous ce que bougent le pire c'est que à 99% ils vont avoir une sœur bien sûre elle n'aura pas le droit de sortir d'avoir une expérience sexuelle si ont va plus loin de boire de l'alcool et s'amuser. Il faut que ça cesse. Comment tu peux exiger quelque chose à quelqu'un que toi même tu n'as pas où ne peux pas offrir ?

  2. Ciroc le seul qui dit la vérité, Whitney elle me fait peur 😨 on dirait une râpeuse quand elle parle en plus elle dit nimp

  3. Les mecs qui veulent des meufs vierges alors qu'ils ont fait des délires c'est n'importe quoi.
    Moi je ne me serai jamais permis de chercher une femme vierge alors que j'ai fait les 400 coups.
    Le plus important c'est d'avoir une femme qui se connaît avec qui tu partages des choses.
    Tu vas pas faire l'inspecteur gadget et chercher les dossiers et cv de ta go.
    Même si une femme volage et un homme volage n'ont pas la même connotation.
    Moi je connais une femme qui s'est mariée vierge et qui regrette amèrement d'avoir attendu car elle est frustrée comme jamais avec son mari.
    Par contre Billal, c'est un putain d'hypocrite: il a fait le hala et demande une femme vierge sous prétexte qu'il s'est repenti ce mytho.
    La vie c'est pas une Playstation: tu appuies sur Reset et tu repars à zéro frère!
    Contrairement à ce qu'il dit la pudeur et la virginité n'ont rien à voir.
    C'est malhonnête de fou

  4. Wesh pourquoi ça lui dérange que quelqu’un dit qu’il a déjà eu des rapports sexuelle alors que le sexe c’est naturel?🧐🤨

  5. Laissez vous parlez ! Chacun son tour! Ce que vous avez à dire est fort ! Mais laisser la paroles à celui qui donne son avis ! Quand c'est dit! c'est DIT!!!!!! Donne TA VERITER! ORHHHH JE kiffe ce genre debat ..CONTINUEZ je m'amuse avec ma femme vous avez tous une part de vérité….. FORCE!

  6. La virginité et la pudeur ça a rien à voir, faut dissocier les deux et pour moi si tu te focalisés sur le fait que ta copine est vierge ou pas c'est que ta un problème tu veux qq part la contrôler, après si toi tu l'es toi même okay, c'est normal, mais sinon non c bizarre

  7. « une meuf vierge c’est une meuf qui a pas passer le cap sexuellement et ce CONNAÎT PAS en tant que femme » « une meuf de 20 ans qui a 10 mec c’est pas normal mais a 30 ans sava » Ciroc.
    Que dire svp ? franchement jsuis déboussolé de lui le pire cst qu’il a l’air tellement sur de lui avec ces idées incroyables.

    «  un mec qui veut une femme qui a de l’expérience sa me dérange »Bilou.
    Mais qu’est-ce qu’il chie lui ? pourquoi sa le dérange? il se sentira moins homme ? y’a quel soucis svp??a chaque fois qu’il ouvre la bouche j’ai envie dle baffer cmec incroyable

    « Vous etes des mec c’est pas pareil » 32:06 Whitney qui dis sa par rapport au mec à lunettes car il a dis du genre « les mec qui bz a droite a gauche.. » il avais pas fini sa phrase mais direct elle contre attaque avec ce vieu argument « les mec c’est pas pareil » déçu d’elle un peu car dans tt les autres debat elle était rationnelle mais la euh.

    Mami. 15:14 a dit tout c’que jpense fin.

    sur le teaser j’avais mis un commentaire mais jcroyais qu’il allait être faux mais enft j’avais raison et j’espérais me tromper mais enft non.(j’avais dis du genre que sur la video je m’attendais a ce que qlq dise que la virginité était une sorte de trophée pour l’homme sachant que lui avais bz partout)

    Et j’espere vraiment que leurs exigences qu’ils appliquent au meufs s’applique aussi sur eux si c’est le cas mon commentaire n’a plus de sens. mais si cst pas le cas bah on est mal barrés nous meufs avec ce genre de ga et leurs mentalités 2.0

  8. hé please viré whitney c'est plus possible les conneries que elle raconte en plus la meuf elle est metisse et elle dit kherlouche pour les noirs c'est péjoratif kerlhouche par contre mami au top en plus d'être belle et intelligente et à l'air posé

  9. Avant de regarder la vidéo on était tous chaud sur Ciroc mais finalement il a géré le boug 👍🏾👏🏾 Mamy franchement t'a totalement raison il ya pas chercher midi à 14h. T'es un mec tout ta vie t'es en resoi, tu pinda des meufs à gauche et à droite et maintenant genre tu veux une meuf vierge ???? Mais w'Allah bouge à gauche, tu ne t'ai pas préservé mais tu veux une meuf vierge ! Oublie pas que Dieu est juste et tu n'auras que ce que tu mérite 😒

  10. Je comprends pas comment c'est possible pour un homme de pouvoir parler à la place d'une femme ? Et comment c'est possible que quand on parle de la virginité on doit toujours focaliser le sujet sur la femme et non l'homme ? Merci de me répondre 🙂

  11. Le gars avec le t short bleu qui dit que tout le monde a eu le fameux oncle j'aimerais lui demander qu'il arrête de généraliser. J'ai tellement d'oncles j'ai grandit avec tellement d'homme et de jeunes garçons autour de moi et pourtant je n'ai jamais vu ça. Alors bon soit ma famille est une exception, soit la sienne en est une

  12. Les deux meuf au milieu elles servent à rien elles vont juste la deco 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  13. Mais Mdr celui qui dit que pour ses principes et valeurs religieux il veut une fille vierge. Sait-il qu'il incitera sa meuf ou sa prochaine meuf (qui est donc vierge si vous suivez bien) à pécher ? De nos jours les hommes s'excluent du fait que eux aussi ont une virginité. Sous prétexte que c'est une femme celle-ci doit être vierge pour avoir de la valeur et être digne d'un homme. Arrêté de dire que c'est par principes religieux ou je ne sais quoi arrêtez de mêler Dieu à toute vos bêtises et accepté le fait que c'est pour votre estime et vous confortez dans le fait que vous êtes un bon pratiquant. Depuis quand un mec qui fornique qui incite une personne a pecher est un bon pratiquant !!!!? MMDDDRRRR vous êtes des oufs les mecs. Imaginez une petite seconde une meuf dire moi je veux un mec vierge les gens diront tout de suite MAIS POURQUOI ? toi tu l'es pas je vois pas pq tu veux un mec vierge. A la rigueur si il sait qu'il va attendre et lui faire l'amour à partir du mariage y'a pas de soucis mais à partir du moment où le gars sait qu'il va céder au bout d'un 1 ans sans avoir passer la bague au doigt de sa meuf qu'il ne parle absolument pas de valeurs religieuses.

  14. et a 17:00 quand il dit que les freres et sœurs en religion sont en parti des personnes qui se voilent la face c'est la même chose que les mecs qui disent qu'ils veulent une meuf vierge

  15. Ciroc sur cet épisode il ma grave surprise j’adhère à son état d’esprit . Mami géniale rien a dire le mec en bleu il dit vrai des oncles. Qui sans gènes te ramènes des femmes te faisant croire c est boulot ou amie 🤣🤣 et pour finir #teamwhitney tu as un côté misogyne assumé Jsuis fan quand tu as tenté de reprendre le mec à lunette pour dire l’homme et la femme pas pareil sur sexe je comprend mais de nos jours ce n’est plus le cas mais tu es une ancienne donc #teamwhitney #teammami🙋🏿‍♀️

  16. Ce debat est ridicule je le termine dans l'oeuf ..qui en 2019 veut une meuf vierge serieux on s'en fou vierge ou pas on veut juste une meuf bien bordel

  17. Mais elle raconte quoi Whitney ? Hé c'est pas parce qur ton papa affichait ses tromperies sans complexes qu'elle est représentatif de tous les noirs en Afrique ! N'importe quoi !

  18. Le mec il parle de religion, ok dieu dit les fornicateur aux fornicatrices mtn il parle jsp quel langue arrête mon gars soit logique. Je suis fatiguée

  19. je vais même pas regarder la vidéo parseque je sens que sa va m’énerver arrêter de faire des grands débat pour avoir aucun argument concret wsh les gars c’est toul temps la même excuse nous somme des garçons bla-bla-bla et tg frère si tu t’es respectait un minimum tu arrêteras de koker à gauche à droite !bref Et les gars vous êtes grave hypocrite c’est vous les premiers à retirer la virginité des fille mais sa pose problème bref parseque se genre de sujet bref

  20. Je suis d’abord avec Bilou de la première jusque la toute dernière minute. Ses arguments sont toujours construits , intelligemment développés… ce qui fait que même quand il s’amuse à défendre le fait qu’on nous dise des « t’es belle pour une renoi » bah au final il a pas tellement tort puisque c’est justifié. 👍🏾

  21. Attendez vous croyez que les femmes vierges veulent des hommes déjà dépucèle ? Les seuls candidats que nous acceptons sont les puceaux …

    Puis c’est quand même audacieux et surtout injuste de vouloir nous femme vierge en sachant que ces derniers ont couchés avec plusieurs femmes et ils ont pu également jouir de ce plaisir.

  22. Je demande à mettre des remplaçants a certains figurants qui s'assoient sur des chaises pour faire passer le temps. Déjà qu'on utilise notre batterie pour regarder vos vidéos. Donc si toi en tant que titulaire tes KO laisse ta place… Nous on veut Lol

  23. Eazy est souvent raisonné mais son exemple est archifaux: tous les africaines ne sont pas le même s. Moi j'ai jamais eu de tonton player.
    Après la religion joue peut être un rôle…
    Et j'ai connu des cercles avec des femmes pudiques voire vierges.
    Regarde avec qui tu traînes je te dirai qui tu es.

  24. déjà pour commencer c'est pas parce qu'on grandit dans un certain environnement qu'on doit reproduire ou accepter ce qui c'est passé. la conception de l'amour et du sexe peuvent très bien changé pour les hommes comme pour les femmes et si les hommes pouvait arrêter de ne voir que ce qui les arranges et de penser qu'as eux les choses iraient peut être mieux parce que de mon point de vue inconsciemment ça vous arrange qu'on dise que parce que vous êtes des hommes vous pouvez vous permettre certaine chose. breff passons depuis quand la teuchat des gens c'est devenue un cadeau en fait ça parle de offrir ici et la les années avance ouvrez vos yeux le sexes c'est entre 2 personnes c'est un partage pas un marché. ensuite une femme est censé ken parce quelle a envie et se sent prête pas pour faire plaisir a quelqu’un. mais il y a énormément de femme qui sacralise cela et donc ce qui leur ferais plaisir ce serait donc selon elle de le donner a un homme qui … je ne connais pas les critères. je pense très sincèrement qu une femme peut baiser avec 150 mec et êtres très respectable pour peux quelle est baiser avec des hommes respectable une bonne personne ne se définit pas par son nombre de conquête.

  25. C'est triste de penser que toutes les femmes ne sont plus vierge.

    Certes, un bon nombre de femmes le sont mais de là à en faire une généralité là je ne suis pas d'accord avec EAZY.
    On dirai que l'on est née déviergé !

    Sachez que de bon nombre de femme ce préserve 😍💕.
    Et c'est personnes là je les respect homme comme femme ❤.

  26. Mon avis : Bon alors les mecs de cité qui disent qu’ils veulent une femme vierge , alors qu’ils font des paris sportifs , qui couchent avc pleins de meufs (et pas que … ) pr certains , qui boivent de l’alcool à tout va en soirée , qui ne prient pas 5x par jours , sont les plus grand hypocrites de cette planète, c les mm qui disent wallah en guise de ponctuation, mais les mm qui jugent la fille qui va passer en mini jupe,  mais c les mm qui vont essayer de la serrer en soirée s’ils recroissent cette mm fille . On en a parle des filles « Muslim du dimanche » qui font tout sauf la pénétration vaginale y’a n’a bcp aussi d’hypocrisie. Un gars qui peut « demander » une fille vierge c un gars qui a très peu d’expériences et qu’il respecte les femmes surtout. Ds le catholicisme aussi y’a bcp de filles qui veulent rester vierge c pas que lislam. Qd tu rencontre une personne tu lui demande pas son cv sexe c ahurissant , tu prend la personne tél quel est, plus la personne est âgée plus y’a des chances qu’elle est coucher plusieurs fois et encore après c pas linéaire aussi ça dépend de l’individu

  27. Putain celui qui parle à 17min il dit vraiment n’importe quoi! Bien sur qu’il y a des groupes de copines où elles sont toutes vierges. Il est tellement sûr de lui, tellement têtu ! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Donc tu connais toute la Terre toi ? Sors de chez toi !
    Enfin bref, il n’y a même pas de débat à avoir sur la virginité des autres, c’est de l’ordre de l’intime, il n’y a pas à frustrer les gens sur ça. Tout le monde est convaincu ici alors que c’est de l’ordre du personnel. Il y a des généralités comme pas possible dans cette vidéo ! Restez sur vos histoires, arrêtez de dire « ouais les africains noirs, ouais toutes les filles si », parlez d’exemple concret et n’en faites pas généralités. Vous n’êtes qu’une infime partie de la société, le monde tourne autour de vous, il y a d’autres choses qui se passent.

  28. Les mecs sont tellement aigri qu’ils sont obligé de dénigrer des gens qui sont fort et confiants dans leur religion 🤦🏽‍♀️. Vous êtes vicieux ne mettez pas tout le monde dans le même sac

  29. Je comprends pas comment vous pouvez évoqué des sujets dont vous ne maîtrisez pas! Vôtre élocution est lamentable ainsi que votre raisonnement ! Vous êtes incapable de vous écoutez ! Ont ne comprends rien du tous …que ce soit les hommes ou les femmes vous avez un bas niveau intellectuel !

  30. Bilou a dit : « On vit dans une société qui nous a perverti et malheureusement on doit revoir nos critères à la baisse ! »

    C’est très vrai ce qu’il dit surtout d’un point de vue spirituel !
    Mais les filles ont également raison,
    c’est à toi de côtoyer les bonnes personnes, sortir de ta zone de confort si tu vois que l’environnement dans lequel tu te trouves n’est pas adapté à la vie que tu veux mener, changes d’entourage. Et marche avec des gens avec qui tu sais qu’ils partagent la même vision de vie que toi, qui ont les mêmes démarches spirituelles que toi et autres. Ce n’est que comme ça que l’on ne sera pas obligé de revoir nos critères à la baisse.

  31. C'est marrant les commentaires qui disent "ça bz à gauche et à droite mais ça veut des meufs vierges" alors qu'on sait bien que très souvent les meufs (vierge ou pas) voudrons des mecs qui ont de L'EXPÉRIENCES avec les femmes que d'un mec puceau. C'est pas pour rien que les go choissient des gars plus âgés qui dit plus âgés dit souvent plus D'EXPÉRIENCES SEXUELLE.
    Donc quand un ga dit "j'veux une go vierges" alors qu'il trampe son biscuit partout partout il sait très bien que très souvent une go ne le jetera pas pour ça…

  32. La suite la suite !!!!! C’est comment ??? Bon sujet bon débat bonne ambiance force a vous 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 Mais please la suite svp

  33. Arrêter de définir la virginité d’une femme comme si c’était un cadeau ou un trésor. Alors qu’un homme on s’en fou. Il faut totalement casser cette image de la femme comme ça. La virginité et la sexualité c’est quelque de propre à soit. Arrêter de mélanger le respect de soi et le nombre de partenaire. Respectez la liberté sexuelle bon sang. Laissez les gens libres. Les meufs couchés avec qui vous voulez et les gars aussi on a qu’une vie.

  34. Il y a certaines filles « vierges »qui font des choses , pas clean .
    Être vierge ne signifie pas être pure à 100%.
    Ne plus l’être ne sig’nifie pas être une femme légère.
    « Nous sommes tous des hram chacun à ça façon» Il a tout dit 😂😂😂😂
    J’en ai fini ,Merci bien.

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