Tribunal pénal international pour l’Ex-Yougoslavie (TPIY) – Justice pénale internationale

After our last two videos on
International Military Tribunals (Nuremberg) and Tokyo), we will see the evolution
of International Criminal Law today, International Criminal Tribunals, until the creation of the International Criminal Court. Renewal of international criminal law after
half a century of lethargy with creation International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. The infatuation of the 1990s led to the adoption of an international permanent criminal court. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia The failure of the international community to stop the conflict in the former Yugoslavia generated an unexpected response from the United Nations Security Council: the creation of the ICTY by two resolutions of the SC No. 808 of 22 February 1993 and 827 of 25 May 1993 The ICTY in a few words and figures: ■ Subsidiary Body of the United Nations established under Chapter VII of the Charter ■ Based in the Netherlands in The Hague ■ Composed of 16 permanent judges, and 12 ad litem judges, elected by the GA for a term of 4 years ■ Trial Chambers consist of 3 permanent judges (+ a maximum of 6 ad litem judges) and sit in Section of 3 judges ■ The Appeals Chamber is composed of 7
permanent judges (5 ICTY + 2 ICTR). ■ The ICTY is responsible for repressing international crimes that are affected by its status: war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of genocide committed during the conflict armed since 1991 in the territory of the former Yugoslavia ■ Has an independent prosecutor, responsible for investigations and prosecutions, appointed by consensus by the UN CS on proposal
of the UN SG. ■ No trial in absentia ■ Sentences limited to imprisonment ■ No exclusive jurisdiction but principle of primacy plays in favor of the ICTY – situation strengthened today by the existence of the Special War Crimes Chamber in Bosnia and Herzegovina ■ Should close in 2011. A fugitive still actively sought
: Mladic ratio. To deepen your knowledge of international criminal justice, I propose to read a lot of very interesting books,
select to satisfy you! I put you the link in the description of
the video. It was the International Criminal Court
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