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Judy Sheindlin is one of the most
accomplished women on television. She’s a former prosecutor, author, Emmy-winner, but
most importantly, she’s a judge. Televisions most watched judge of all
time. Hey, everybody! Welcome back to What’s Trending and this is the seven
best Judge Judy cases ever. Let’s start with this recent Judge Judy case where a
dog owner was trying to win back his dog from a woman who bought the dog on the
street. Judge Judy knows that there’s only one witness that she has to call to
the stand: the dog in question. “Madam, listen to me carefully, put the dog down.
Put the dog down.” A case like this obviously has an emotional ending. And then there was that time that a guy showed up to his Judge Judy case completely stoned out of his mind. In this next clip watch how Judge Judy has to break it to
a girl that you can’t sue your former roommates for your rent
now. Don’t get stupid with Judge Judy, but more
importantly don’t get smart with Judge Judy. In this clip 21-year-old Danny
is explaining to Judge Judy how he has ten children and decides he’s going to
try and roast the judge. Oh, bro. You think that’s really gonna help
your case. Judge Judy won’t be intimidated. Take this case where four
men were accused of shooting up the plaintiffs car. But two of the dumb defendants tried to get nasty with Judge Judy. And if you think the stupidity stops there, you’d be
wrong. There actually is a test to be a judge
it’s called the BAR exam. Look it up. The next one on the list is one of the shortest
Judge Judy cases ever. Ginny was seeking damages for her stolen wallet when Judge
Judy asked for a list of what was in the wallet, the defendants made the dumbest
mistake ever. Judge Judy doesn’t have the time to
waste on your stupidity. She also doesn’t have the time for your sassiness. One
young woman from New Jersey accused a man of attacking her while he was drunk.
After a few minutes with Judge Judy, the woman’s story started to fall apart and
she got nasty. Don’t play dumb with Judge Judy. She’s
got your life in her hands. Wait. I’m sorry. What was that word? Did you just add a D to the word loser? Kind of sounds like lizards. Wait. Are they losers or are they lizards? Are they lizards? I wonder what the court stenographer typed
there. After Judge Judy ruled the young woman that she had to pay $4,000, she didn’t take that very well. So guys what’s your favorite Judge Judy case? Let us know in the
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  1. Hahaha! I love that you mentioned the bar exam! Everytime I see this episode I want to scream the same thing. LOL what an idiot!

  2. Judge Judy should actually watch the hideous face she made when mocking a litigant on the 11-07-17 show. She absolutely did herself no favor in revealing the ugliness she usually keeps locked inside. I’m surprised her editors allowed such a grotesque image of her to be broadcast, knowing that many viewers can pause the show at the exact moment she appears most repulsive–when she allowed herself to look like a malicious, old crone. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words!"


  4. who the fuck is this smug bitch. i don't trust a word you say, now i have to go and watch all the relevant episodes if i want to know what really happened.

    nobody like someone that presents themselves as smug and entitled + you have nothing to back it up which makes it even worse. i hope this is just a persona you put on for the camera because if its not i feel unbelievably sorry for anyone that has any interaction with you

  5. Ok, i really like this judge, but the dog One wasn’t solved right. I mean, When a friend of mine that lives in another “state” (sort of, in my country) comes to visit, his dog runs towards me just like that, but only in a “long time no see” attitude for a while.

  6. Most importantly…she's a self proclaimed non-feminist, in fact she dislikes them just like 80% of women. Edit: The girl hosting this video looks like a girl judge Judy would flatten in a boyfriend case.

  7. I never thought she actually said loserds. I always thought she just stuttered at the letter r and happened to sound the letter d.

  8. Just the clips, please.
    No offense, but the lame commentary is completely unnecessary.

    I've had enough of these channels who use other's content to score views,
    and then try to pass it off like it's their own show. Without Judge Judy, you got nothin.
    I'd be impressed if you did something original.

  9. My favourite case of all is when a Ms Peterson sues her former mother-in-law, a religious maniac and councillor, Rosemary Marmelejo. The hideous Marmelejo has never been thwarted before and she can't believe Judge Sheindlin is NOT on her side. Marmelejo refuses to accept the law on heresay and Judge Sheindlin exposes her as the cretin she is.

  10. I believe the people from that last case are from Massachussetts. I saw the entire case years ago, and they all have that typical Boston accent. Also, at the beginning of the case, they do mention in what town this all took place.

  11. fromArabsRussiansIndianspoliticiansandqualifiedlegal representatives. judge judy talks to idiots when she is more idiot, funnier than Benny Hill

  12. She kicked that guy out for being a smartass and said to the gallery, "See what happens when they're short". She is OG Savage, lol

  13. I've been watching Judge Judy forever and I've seen a lot of memorable cases but the case I remember the most involved the "Tupperware Lady". She was a lunatic and I never get sick of it.

  14. It's definitely pure entertainment, but has very little to do with the actual law. This makes sense due to the fact the cases are tried from varying states with equally varying laws. The show claims "The Rulings are Final" which they are legally allowed to claim even though the rulings are NOT final. However, the rulings are "Final" with regards to the show itself; that's the technicality. Several of these cases are re-adjudicated in REAL courts of law after wards by both Plaintiffs and Defendants who felt their case was not heard adequately – and usually they are correct. It's a fun TV Show, but that's all it is … Just another scripted reality show. Still, cool to watch.

  15. P.S. Thank God these TV Judges do not have the final say regarding our American Justice System. If so, we'd all be fu&^%d.

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