Top 10 Richest Criminals of All Time

Hello and welcome back to most amazing top
10! I am Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking
about the top 10 Richest Criminals of All Time. While it seems pretty clear that crime pays,
it is a short term gain…..should you be wondering where these criminals are now….they’re
almost all in jail or dead. 10 – Anthony Salerno, AKA Fat Tony, with 600
million dollars Fat Tony has become synonymous with the stereotypical
gangster as he would often wear a fedora and could be seen chomping on a cigar! Born in East Harlem in 1911, Fat Tony made
his money as a New York Mobster. He was originally a member of the 116th street
crew, which was behind a major loan sharking operation, headed up by Trigger Mike. When Trigger Mike went on the run, Fat Tony
took over. He eventually mad most of his fortune in a
numbers racket operation. He was eventually imprisoned in 1986 and died
in 1992. 9 – El Chapo – 1 billion dollars
Ah, El Chapo! Real name Joaquin Guzman, El Chapo is head
of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel. He became Mexico’s drug kingpin in 2003
and is known as the most powerful drug trafficker in the world. Thought to be worth at least a billion dollars,
El Chapo specializes in cocaine and is widely considered to be the next Pablo Escobar and
also public enemy number one in America. He was first sent to prison in 1993 but was
able to escape in 2001. He escaped prison a second time in 2015, but
was caught again then extradited to the USA in 2017. He is still alive, but it seems unlikely he’ll
ever escape prison again. Next up, the only woman on our list, and she
is FASCINATING, we have Griselda Blanco, “The Godmother” or the black Widow – Who was
worth $2 billion dollars before her death This absolutely vicious woman was a leading
member of the Medellín Cartel. A rare female druglord in a male dominated
field, Gridelda was every bit as fierce has her male counterparts, or perhaps even worse. She ordered 200 deaths in her time and the
Colombian national was a huge influence in the Miami Drug War. Raking in the cash and racking up the bodies,
Gridela was eventually sent to prison, although later released. She was killed in Colombia in 2012 age 69. 7 – Rodríguez Orejuela (ORA-HULA) Brothers
worth 3 plus billion The Orejuela (ORA-HULA) brothers formed the
Cali Cartel, a Columbian Drug Smuggling group. These guys at one point were responsible for
nearly all the product in the United States and Europe. These two drug lords made a heck of a lot
of money, and it has to be said that the Cali cartel were less violent than the Medellín
Cartel, who were more of a distraction to the Colombian Police. Eventually the pair of brothers were arrested
and their assets seized. Both are imprisoned at separate jails in the
United States. Another Colombian Drug Lord at number 6 Carlos
Lehder who individually had 2 Billion dollars or more. Carlos Lehder was one of the co-founders of
the murderous Medellín cartel. He was in charge of drug running from Colombia
to an island in the Bahamas off the coast of Florida using a stolen light aircraft. Carlos was also a member of the Guerilla group,
MAS, a violent retaliation group that fought against the kidnapping of cartel members and
family members. He eventually was extradited in 1987 and sent
to prison in the United States for 55 years. 5 – Khun Sa worth 5 billion dollars
Khun Sa was a Shan warlord from then Burma. Seizing Shan and Wa, Khun went into opium
production and heroine trade, making himself a successful ad very rich drug lord. Despite requests form the US government that
he be extradited when he was discovered shipping heroin, The Burmese government allowed him
to stay in the country. He died in 2007 age 73. 4 – Al Capone with 100 million dollars
Head of the Chicago Outfit, a south side crime syndicate, Al Capone made a huge amount of
money in the prohibition era of the 1920s by running a bootlegging business. It is reported at the height of his criminal
career, Al Capone was said to make 100 million a year, which in its day was worth a heck
of a lot more than it is now, perhaps closer to a billion a year. Capone was sent to Alcatraz, a famous high
security prison. He was diagnosed with syphilis and ghonerrea,
which eventually lead to his serious decline in health and death in 1947. With 6.7 billion dollars at number three,
we have Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar. Dawood is an Indian Gangster and extremely
wanted man. Currently 61 years old, he is at the top of
the largest organized crime syndicate in South East Asia D- Company. His busines include smuggling drugs and weapons
and the US Government have called him an international terrorist. There is a reward for $25 million dollars
for his capture and imprisonment. 2 – Amado Carrillo Fuentes who was worth around
$25 billion dollars The second richest criminal of all time was
the boss of the Mexican Juarez Cartel until 1997. He took the crown after killing the former
kingpin. Often known as Lord of The Skies because of
his vast number of jet planes used to smuggle drugs, and became so rich and successful that
both the Mexican and American governments wanted him arrested. As a result of the mountain pressure for his
capture, he underwent plastic surgery to change his face. Unfortunately for him, his rise to power had
left a sour taste in many mouths and he was murdered, along with his surgeons, while he
was under the knife. Finally, at number one, we have Pablo Escobar
– who before his death was worth up to $30 Bil
Everybody knows Pablo Escobar as the most infamous druglord of all time. The man was so stinking rich at one point
that he had his own zoo. The richest criminal of all time, before his
murder in the 90s he was worth an estimated 30 billion dollars, like 55 billion today. His drug network was the Medallin cartel and
he had trade routes across the world. His resume is pretty extensive so it is worth
researching this guy in his own right. Suffice to say, he raged a brutal and bloody
war within Colombia, although many Colombians still hold him in high esteem. He was shot and killed by the police the day
after his 44th Birthday.

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