Top 10 Judge Judy Savage Moments

How’s it going Youtube I am landon dowlatsingh
and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video. How many of you guys watch Judge Judy. Well judge judy has been on her own tv show
judge judy for 22 seasons which is almost 6,000 episodes. She has the record for having the most epsidoes
as a tv judge by the guisness world records. Well what makes her so popular is how ruthless
and savage she can be. So this right here is the top 10 judge judy
savage moments. Just before we get into this video just letting
you know we now have our own Instagram account @mostamazingofficial come find us on there
we will be doing huge giveaways very soon and we have awesome content already posted. Ok so lets get right into this list, starting
us off at number 10 we have Judge Judy called people dumb. judge Judy has a tendency of calling a ton
of people dumb their must be over 100 people. Also check out what she also loves to call
people at number 9. Take a look at this video. Is this real life right now its funny how
there are so many people who want to come on the show knowing how brutal judge judy
can get. So in this case judge judy explains to this
guy why he is an idiot to millions of people. Wow She made him say his first name so everyone
knows he’s an idiot. Alright let the savage moments continue at
number 8. Judge Judy tells off this teenager who was
getting sued. judge Judy just wasn’t taking the bad attitude
from this teenager. Take a look at what this teenager says next
that made this video clip very viral. wait what the heck did she just say. Loserds. . Ive never heard of this word before lets
google it. Well something actually comes up. It says the word was invented by Alexandra
Nelson the defendant on an episode of Judge Judy. Alright enough of making up words lets move
onto number 7. Sometimes I
do feel like Judge Judy has no emotions but she kinda has to take her emotions out of
these cases so she can make the right and fair ruling. Judge Judy though instead of telling the woman
to calm down and to help her calm down she yells at the woman. Number 6. This next moment also went viral. Judge Judy had to decide who owned this dog
so what she decided to do was bring the dog into the court room and than this happened. So when the dog was placed on the ground the
dog went right to the owner and the case was quickly closed. She wasted no time. Number 5. Its time to kick out a paid extra in Judge
Judys audience. Judge Judy just doesn’t give a dam. Its not only terrifying to be getting sued
on tv but its nerve raking sitting in the audience as well apparently this guy was laughing
to loud or something. Number 4. Judge Judy is actually pretty calm in this
next part but what she says is pretty savage and intimidating. This girl was being sued by her ex boyfriend
after they split. All this girl did in court was lying and Judge
Judy quickly figured it all out and pointed it out. Moving into number 3 we have these two ladies
who are not listening to Judge Judy when she tells them to be quite they keep talking and
talking so Judge judy doesn’t even want to talk to them so he turns to her security
and tells That is just ruthless, I guess this is a lesson
learn. These girls have to learn how to listen how
can Judge Judy hear your case if your both talking to each other and your not answering
the questions shes trying to ask you. Number 2. Judge Judy goes off on this witness who is
the defendants husband. Judge Judy points out that the shirt he is
wearing was a horrible shirt and he made a horrible decision by wearing that shirt. Wow. She just took things to a personal level. Finally at number 1 the last savage moment
I have was actually on a Family guy episode where judge judy was made fun of watch.


  1. Ignoring the fact that the woman in #8 said "loserds," I can't remember a time when claiming the plaintiffs were losers ever was a legitimate defense. At the end of the day, she ended up being the real "loserd" when Judge Judy ruled against her.

  2. I LOVE Judge Judy! She is the best tv judge ever. I could watch her show all day, everyday, and never get sick of her.

  3. I have a friend called arya who watches judge judy and when he said it in class and my teacher began to relate and they got closer

  4. I don’t mean to objectify the presenter of these videos but he has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They just melt my icy heart each time.

  5. This reminds me of the course why would u why would u..
    Don't break the law the reason why is because i break the law.

  6. I know Landon didn't just make fun of someone for mispronouncing a word… when he does that in literally EVERY video!

  7. What’s savage about her? She is a freaking Judge and she is not taking anything personal you dumb host. A judge literally owns you once you go to court and you keep over talking and disrespecting? Well, that’s what you deserve then.

  8. How about you shut up and lets us watch in peace what we came here for? Garbage video because of a narrator that can't close his pie hole for a millisecond.

  9. Ok, hear me out. Judge Judy, Gordon Ramsay, and Simon Cowell do a crossover in which the plaintiff and defendant have to sing and cook in addition to settling their cases! Make it happen!

  10. I've been watching Judge Judy since year one. I'd never seen anyone like her before and became an instant fan!! I rarely miss her but if by chance I do I keep up with her on YouTube!! I LOVE JUDGE JUDY!!

  11. I'd love to see a savage moments compilation of all the hate you've gotten in the comment section.

  12. I didn't see anything wrong, except the cartoon was not even funny. She wants the reason, she wants the facts.

  13. If somebody tied his hands up, I doubt he could utter a word. Good lord, dude….give your arms a rest.

  14. ROFLMAOOOO…That Waddell case was funny ASF….I was dying!!!! LOVE Judge Judy…SHE is a legit SAVAGE!!!!!!

  15. While she is a SAVAGE and pulls no punches…She has compassion for other's, she just can't show it. Like the episode where the woman who's teenage daughter died in a car wreck and the woman responsible had the nerve to try and sue the woman who was clearly still mourning the loss of her child who was only 16, for the damages to the car and her son's medical bills, when her dumb [email protected]@ was the one that allowed her 14 year old son and the 16 year old girl to use the car…Judy dug into her real good. Judy also advocates for kids that are mistreated and animals as well…I can think of many cases where you do see she has a heart, you won't get tears but you do see that she cares…

  16. why does everything have commentaries these days? Can we just watch a compilation without someone talking every five seconds?

  17. Stop the bloody narration… Could have been a compilation.. Instead it was a narrated video and that was annoying.

  18. If she gives that stare or points at you or waves her hands at you you know she’s angry what other Language does she use

  19. Judy alcoholic seems she still sips it the way she screams while not knowing what is happening.. well i think it's all filming not a true court

  20. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT a an utter rubbish!! The voice, the gesturing (more like wild hand swirling or what that may be..) and obnoxious, ear pulling voice and gutter-like pronunciation!! The guy who´s "moderating" this "video" has absolutely repulsive performance!! I stopped watching in first 5 secs. cuz it literally is unbearable!!

  21. Absolutely no Idea
    Why People always do like "best moments" and then they keeep talking and talking and telling their opinion
    This Video is like 20% Judge Julie Moments and 80% your Opinion

  22. I don't require a constant running commentary what is happening in the video….I can see it, have to tell you…I'm gone! Watching it elsewhere instead…. dude u love your own voice too much!

  23. I watched 30 seconds of this and had to hit PAUSE. I rolled down for the comments. Just wanted to say, ya'll are my kind of folks: Love Judge Judy and why the hecK is this guy talking?

  24. Wow!! This guy is taking his patreon fund straight to the dope man. He is coked-out Or on adderal or something, he can't shut up. I thought this was a video.

  25. Dude UR AWESOME!! Can I find the one where judge Judy points to her watch says "Sushi"!?? Lmao she's hilarious I've been looking everywhere!! Ty so much!

  26. I disagree with the dog thing. Everytime I got to my sisters house her dog is pretty much attached to me and wont listen to her. So I guess Riley is my dog 💁 I need to go get my dog then 😂

  27. If all the Jews the Nazis killed where like judge judy and her type, they would have done a good thing. She is ugly inside and out

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