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This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is a case
ofRobinson v. Smith.You all have been together
for two and a half years, you’re living together,
you have three
children together. You previously appeared
in front of Judge Lauren Lake
inPaternity Courtwhere you got your
paternity issues resolved.
But Judge Lake ordered you
to appear in this court because there are unresolved
issues of infidelity. Am I right, Ms. Robinson? Yes, Your Honor. Okay, tell us why
you’ve opened this case. I opened this case
because I’ve been
with Larry for two years and even though we established, you know, paternity
with our children, I feel like our relationship is still on the line
because I think he’s cheating. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) I’m not happy, and I’m pretty sure
he’s not happy. JUDGE DANA: So for
two and a half years, you all have been going
back and forth, back
and forth the entire time? Um, I guess it started
probably three weeks to… Three weeks to a month
into our relationship. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) We’ve been rocky
for a minute now, because in the beginning
of our relationship,
it started with untrust. Like, we got together, I found out she was talking
to some other people,
and other men, so we got into it over that, then her… Over that reaction, I started talking
to other people, so, and that broke the trust
in the beginning. So that’s why we’ve been
having problems down the line. But, Mr. Smith,
right here, right now, what are you here to prove? I’m here to prove
that I’ve been faithful, and we’re trying to just
get this over with, so we can have
a successful family
and move on with our lives. You said, “the first
three weeks”, I hope it was longer than that,
were happy times. Tell me about that
first three weeks
of the beginning. Okay, so… JUDGE DANA: Look at that smile. ‘Cause I love him,
that’s my baby, you know. I love her too. I do love him. JUDGE DANA: That’s
the only reason you all
made it this far. That smile says a lot. It does, it does,
that makes me
feel a little better. Okay, tell me about the… Tell me how he
caught your eye. ROBINSON: So, when I seen him,
I was with my friends, and, I’m like, “You know,
you’re looking real daddyish… It was at the gas station. (ALL LAUGHING) He had the little
sweatpants on. He was
looking good, for real. And then did you
step to him or did he… ROBINSON: I stepped to him. You stepped to him? All right, tell me
what that looked like. (ROBINSON CHUCKLES) Oh, wait a minute,
do you see that…
(IMITATES ROBINSON CHUCKLING) (ALL LAUGHING) Now wait a minute, listen up,
listen up, bring it, bring it. Because I just
had to, you know, I had to pull a little game,
I had him calling me,you know, I pushed off
for two weeks,
didn’t talk to him
for two weeks, you know.
We’ve been together ever since.JUDGE DANA:So it was
some spark there.
ROBINSON:It was.It was definitely a spark. JUDGE DANA: All right,
Mr. Smith, I need to hear… Go ahead, big daddy,
let’s see what you got. (ALL LAUGHING) Let’s see what you got there. Yeah. JUDGE DANA: Well,
look at that smile, huh. Uh-huh, there’s some truth
to the big daddy, ’cause he just smile…
Okay, go ahead. Uh-huh. She was worth waiting
for two weeks, right? SMITH: When I first met her, she was a very
attractive female, pretty, sexy,
intelligent, beautiful. JUDGE DANA: Yeah. You know, she attracted me,
so I had to get her. We talked, and we
took off from there, we’ve been rocking ever since. But it’s just been all these
complications with it, so that’s why we’re here today. So we talked about
the rocking,
which sounds lovely. Tell me about the rolling, why are we here today,
why do you think
he’s cheating? I feel like he’s cheating
because, um, I was going through his
Facebook in his phone one day, and I seen some
Facebook messages, which I have today. JUDGE DANA: Ron, would you get
those for us, please? It’s about two women
that I don’t even know,
you know. JUDGE KEITH:
All right, so this is him.
So, this says “Larry”.
“What you doing”.
SMITH:Mmm-mm.JUDGE DANA:“In… Heights”,
“Blank Heights”.
JUDGE KEITH:Yeah.“What’s pop in?
I’m about to hit the cino.”
JUDGE DANA:“That’s what’s up.”(ALL LAUGHING) And then the second one says,
and this is a different woman, “About to go to sleep now,
I was up ’cause my baby
was up.” JUDGE KEITH:And so he asks,
“You got a hubby now?”
JUDGE DANA: And she’s saying,
“Why, why you say that?” “‘Cause I was trying
to wassup with you.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) And you found these
in his phone, on his Facebook? Okay, wait. Wait, wait, why you trying
to wassup with somebody? I ain’t trying
to wassup with them, I just needed to talk to them,
’cause I don’t talk… Talk to them about what?
What are you talking to them? You got me to talk to. You don’t talk, I mean… So what you’re
saying here was, “I was trying
to wassup with you.” Which means you were
trying to do something. No, I wasn’t trying
to do anything. That’s what it’s saying. It was just talking,
I was just
trying to just… But then, here’s
the other part. Okay. The part before that. “You got a hubby now?” Why was that important
if you weren’t trying
to wassup with them? Right? See, you had to first find out
whether they had a hubby. Dude, you trying to be
her hubby or something? JUDGE DANA: All right. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Smith, did you find out wassup
with this woman? SMITH: No. It never happened. I believe he did,
I think he did find out
wassup with… You did not have any
kind of sexual relationship… SMITH: No. No.
Nothing. Or contact with this woman? SMITH: Nothing. All right, what about… ROBINSON: I believe
he did… The one
at the casino? ROBINSON: Have something
with her. Or as you say, “the cino”,
did you hook up with her? No, nothing ever happened
with neither one of them,
we just talked. JUDGE DANA: So,
you’re just talking. Just talking. That’s it. That’s your testimony? SMITH: That’s my testimony. He keeps on saying
he’s just talking, okay, so why didn’t he come
home? He don’t come home. JUDGE KEITH:
Give me an example. Okay, so he gets
off of work about, you know, between 3:00 to 6:00,
depending on how
his bus filling. So, he calls me… We didn’t talk till
about 6:00-7:00. By that time, we’re FaceTiming, I see him outside,
standing at the bus stop, you know, I’m like, “Okay”… So, you FaceTiming him,
he’s on the bus stop. He FaceTimed me to prove to me
that he’s on his way home, I didn’t even
ask for a FaceTime. JUDGE KEITH: And this
is about what time? This was about 7:00. 7:00 in the evening. So, I’m like, “Okay,
you’re on your way”, so I didn’t mess with him
until about, you know, 8:00,
an hour later. And no call, no show,
no answer, phone going to voicemail,
he not active on Facebook. But I’m like, “You just left
your family house”, I didn’t start getting worried
until it started…
Until about 10:00, 11:00. And it started… So three, four hours later. ROBINSON:
Yeah, when it started
raining bad. I’m looking, it’s 12:00, all the warnings
on the TV going off, I’m like, I’m trying
to call him, like, “What’s
going on with you?” So seven hours later. And, yeah. Situation was, I got off work. On my way, on my way to my…
Back home, it started raining,
it was a huge rain storm. But it didn’t start
until 12:00-1:00. I got a flood warning
sent to my phone, saying that it was
really raining, I’m already halfway soaked,
already halfway soaked
just getting off of work, so my family member
lived right down the street. So, I’m like, I might
as well go over here instead of standing
in the rain. But if it wasn’t… JUDGE DANA: Hold on, hold on. So in that process… When I went over there,
stayed over with my
family member house, it ended up being
a power outage. So, now, I don’t have
no communication. Ah, liar. If they had what was
used to call
a landline. We could use that. SMITH: No they didn’t
have no landline, Now, you could use the charger,
everybody has them. My family member phone
was dead as well, he couldn’t charge
his phone up as well. So now, nobody got a charger. Here’s the deal,
based on your court papers and what you all have
put in them, we did a little research. And we have
a “Court Uncovers” here. And what I have here
is something from
the newspaper that says, “Severe Metro
Detroit Rainstorm”. So there was a rainstorm. (JUDGE DANA READING) JUDGE DANA: “A severe
thunderstorm warning
was issued at approximately “1:00 A.M.” Four hours after
you left work. ROBINSON: Yes, yes. Seven hours. That’s what I’m saying. Seven hours. ROBINSON:
That’s what I’m saying. ‘Cause it didn’t start raining
until it was like 12:00. I’m like, “So what’s going on?” Then the warning
expired at 1:45 A.M. So why didn’t you go home? No, that’s not what happened. (ALL LAUGHING) ROBINSON: That is
what happened. Newspaper says that it is. That is what happened. That’s what I’m saying… This looks like
a perfect storm to me…
Of crazy. Yeah, there’s a different
kind of storm going on. Yeah, a whole different
kind of storm. And that’s why
I don’t trust him. JUDGE DANA: So did he
come home that night? No, he did not
come home that night. I have no choice
but to feel like he’s cheating. Because I come home, I never spent a night out
in our relationship, we’ve been together
for two and a half years, and I, shoot, I don’t even
go nowhere. Okay, so… So he came home
at some point, right? By 9:00, I went to sleep
at 5:00, woke at about 9:00 ’cause I know he’d be
at work by that time. And if I know anything,
he’s gonna go to work. The next day? ROBINSON: The next day. Okay. And you still ain’t seen
or heard from him? I still ain’t seen
or heard from him. JUDGE DANA: All right. I go to Facebook and it says
he’s active on Facebook. So I call him, and he answers, he’s just so nonchalant
about it. He’s like, “Oh, well,
it was raining, “if it’s raining,
I’m not coming home.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) “if it’s raining,
I’m not coming home.” That’s a mess,
I’m like, “Okay”. So I took my babies,
my three babies in my one little stroller,
and little twin little carrier, we took two buses
to this man’s job. And I tried to go up there
calm and collected, you know. But when I seen him,
I was just so mad, I’m like, “Dang, you’re really
gonna play me like this?” Ms. Robinson, now me
and you both know
you went there to fire him up. Yeah. I had to go over there. That’s exactly what happened. That’s exactly
what happened too. That’s exactly what happened. When she load up
them twins and that baby, she was coming in
as a hurricane. Yeah. So there was a storm
the night before, there’s
gonna storm that morning. I’m just still at work,
and the next thing I know, I see her at the door,
I’m scared, I’m like,
“What’s going on?” SMITH: “What’s your problem?” Now, wait a minute,
Mr. Smith, if you don’t say
nothing else true,
I know that’s true. SMITH: Man, oh, my God, I’m like, “I don’t even get
a chance to explain the story
or nothing.” He just was too nonchalant
for me. She just started… JUDGE DANA:
So the bottom line is, you think that while that
storm was kicking off,
he was kicking off. With somebody else. JUDGE DANA: With somebody else. Yeah, because, okay, so
when he finally came home, you working, you moving
and stuff, you know, and you ain’t been home
in two days, ain’t no way
you smell like soap. Smell like soap? ROBINSON: He smell like… JUDGE DANA: Okay,
wait a minute, hold up. He smelled like
pure soap, okay. I’m like, even if he did
got off that day, you feel me, I kinda feel like
he got off at 2:00 and probably
slid off somewhere, so he smelled so clean for me. Despite being gone
for two days. I’m getting accused of cheating
because I smell like soap. I was over at my family
member house that morning, so why wouldn’t I wash up
and then got to work? Why would I go
to work stinking,
that don’t make sense. But you still smelled like soap
after you got off of that day. That’s just common sense. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. I didn’t stop nowhere,
I didn’t go nowhere, I went to work
and I came home
and that was it. So here’s what I
want to know for sure. Mr. Smith, it is
your testimony that the day that you
came home from the storm,
after the storm, after the storm
came down to your job, you were not
with another woman. Yes, Your Honor. And it’s your testimony
that you have been faithful. SMITH: Yes, Your Honor. That there has been
no cheating on your part. Yes, Your Honor. All right, Mr. Cutler,
I think we got what we need. I do and here’s
what we’re looking at. JUDGE KEITH: She thinks he’s
cheating, and if you find out
he is cheating… I got to be done with this. JUDGE DANA: All right. This court has done a full
and complete investigation. At this time, the court
would like to call certified polygraph examiner,
Kendall Shull, to determine, is he cheating. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Kendall Shull. SHULL: Thank you. Uh, would you please share
for the court record, and for our litigates,
your credentials? I was privileged to be hired
by J. Edgar Hoover in the FBI right after I graduated
from college. Spent almost 30 years
with the FBI in Washington, DC. You asked Mr. Smith, “When you didn’t come home
and claimed it was due
to the weather, “did you have physical,
sexual contact “with another woman
other than your girlfriend
Ms. Robinson?” What was Mr. Smith’s response? He said “no”. Are you nervous? No, I’m not… (LAUGHING) What did the lie detector
determine, Mr. Shull? Well, the lie detector
determined that he was
being truthful, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) (MUMBLING) Okay, okay. Let’s find out some more. I told you, man, I told you. That made me smile. It was just raining. That made me smile. You asked Mr. Smith,
“After your girlfriend,
Ms. Robinson, “confronted you at work
because you didn’t come home, “did you have physical,
sexual contact with another
woman on that day?” What was his response? His response was “no”. What did
the lie detector determine? On this question,
the lie detector determined that he was
also being truthful. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) I told you, baby… I mean,
it ain’t nothing like that. ROBINSON: Okay. JUDGE DANA: She’s smiling. She’s smiling like
when she was saying daddy. Okay, you might
be a little more daddy, let me finish
hearing this, all right. Finish hearing this, all right. Now, we’ve got
one more question. (SIGHS) You asked Mr. Smith, “During your two and a half
year relationship
with Ms. Robinson, “have you had physical,
sexual contact ” with anyone other than
Ms. Robinson?” What was his response
to that question? His response was “no”. What did
the lie detector determine? Your Honor, on this question,
it determined that
he was actually being… Your Honor, on this question,
it determined that he was
actually being… Deceptive. What? No way. That’s not cool. (SIGHS) No, don’t get
to doing that “No ways”. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Smith. Yes, Your Honor. This woman loves you. You owe it to her
to come clean. So if you’ve been kissing… That could be kissing,
hugging, oral sex, any type of physical contact. Yeah, I did. What happened? We had an apartment together. And we was going
back and forth,
we was arguing every day, she was coming in late
from work every day, just making me think
she was doing something, so, yeah, I talked to a female, hugged or whatever,
we talked or whatever,
we kicked it. But I ain’t never had
no physical penetration… ROBINSON: You’re a liar. No sex with her like that. ROBINSON: You’re a liar. So what did you do with her? Was it oral sex? Yeah. JUDGE DANA: Okay. All right. And that’s the only one
you’re saying that you did… That was it. That was the only time
I ever did something. Well, Ms. Robinson,
what we need to know… Mmm-hmm. You came here
to get some answers,
you got those answers, where is this relationship
going from here? (CHUCKLES) JUDGE DANA:
And let me just say this. And I’m talking to you,
woman to woman, okay. It’s okay to forgive him, and work it out. You don’t have to go,
“I’m out.” Now, you can… And I don’t want to
just do that but, I mean, JUDGE DANA: You can
go either way. what just… What irritates me is I told him
just to tell me the truth because we can
work things out better if he’d just tell me the truth. JUDGE KEITH:
And he’s done that. And I feel like I’ve been
lied to about it. You have. You have been lied to
but you’ve gotten
what you asked for. This was a long road
to get to the truth
but you’re there. But it’s okay if you want
to take him back. But you’re gonna
have to change. JUDGE KEITH: If you’re willing
to change, she’ll take
you back. I get that sense. Now, we have counseling
available for you all. And Dr. Jeff would be able
to help you do these things
we’re talking about. And as we say
in this courtroom, do not cheat yourself
out of an opportunity to have a happy, healthy,
trust-filled relationship. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

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