This X Factor Judge Killed Her Career On Live TV

American reality show competitions like The
Voice and American Idol have long been a great source for viral moments and juicy celebrity
gossip. But nothing in the U.S. can top the 2015 moment
on the New Zealand version of The X Factor when one of the judges killed her own career
live on the air – and took her husband down with her too. The judge in question was the singer-songwriter
now known as Teddy Sinclair, who at the time went by the stage name Natalia Kills. Kills told W in 2011 that she had a lot of
early success in the music industry, explaining “I put a demo on Myspace in 2008, and Perez
Hilton found it and blogged about it. Then suddenly I had 2 million plays and got
to number 1 on Myspace’s unsigned artist charts.” Kills moved from her native Britain to Los
Angeles and worked with Black Eyed Peas mastermind on two albums. And in 2014, she married New Zealand singer
Willy Moon, who had gained worldwide notoriety in 2012 when his single “Yeah Yeah” was used
by Apple in its iPod ads. Everything seemed to be going great for the
pair when they were tapped to become X Factor judges. But that came to a sudden and shocking end
on March 15, 2015 when Kills verbally confronted contestant Joe Irvine. The problem? Kills felt that Irvine was intentionally copying
her husband’s style, from music to fashion. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am just going to
state the obvious: we have a doppelganger in our midst.” She was just getting warmed up, though. “I am disgusted at how much you have copied
my husband. From the hair to the suit.” And she kept piling on. “You’re a laughing stock. It’s cheesy. It’s disgusting.” Even when the crowd started booing, she continued
to pile on. “I personally found it absolutely artistically
atrocious. I am embarrassed.” So what did her husband think? If anything, Moon was even more critical. “It’s like Norman Bates dressing up in his
mother’s clothing.” “I feel like you’re going to stitch someone’s
skin to your face and then kill everybody in the audience.” And that just prompted Kills to go on another
rant. “It’s disgusting. You make me sick. It’s absolutely disgusting. You have no identity. I can’t stand it. I’m ashamed to be here.” Fallout was swift. Kills and Moon were both fired from the show
within 24 hours, with the show’s production company posting a message on Facebook that
read in part, “We have decided Natalia Kills and Willy Moon
are no longer suitable to judge The X Factor NZ and have been removed from the show.” Louis Walsh, a judge from the British version
of the show, slammed Kills on the Irish radio station RTE2fm. “She obviously has no class, no taste, she’ll
never work again I reckon, honestly. I mean, who’s going to hire her? Nobody.” And the show’s creator, Simon Cowell, told
the Daily Mail that the outburst was, quote, “hateful.” For her part, Kills suggested to Billboard
that the show’s producers may have intentionally coached Irvine to copy her husband in order
to get a reaction from her. “Obviously sometimes TV producers plan drama
for ratings and it totally back fire[s] on them. […] It’s awful he got dragged… into this.” As for her music career, Kills co-wrote the
song “Holy Water” for Madonna’s Rebel Heart album, and she even received a Grammy nomination
for co-writing Rihanna’s track, “Kiss It Better,” under the name Natalia Noemi. But when it comes to her solo career as an
artist? Even years later, her performance on The X
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  1. If someone goes thru life using different names they cant be confident in who they are Plus her hubby copyed rockabilly.

  2. Can’t imagine how sad it must have been for that guy to be so excited for the X Factor and then this woman just tears you to shreds before you could even sing. So mad, I love a lot of Natalia‘s music but I had no idea she was so damn rude.

  3. Would have been nice if you showed the contestants performance and part of the skanky judges husband's performance to see if he was really trying to imitate him.
    Imitation is supposed to be the highest form of flattery. No star should be offended when it happens.

  4. Can someone tell her that her husband is not a god and is just a basic white man, like many others existing in this world…

  5. She’s the disgusting one since when did her husband invent and own wearing a suit, having gelled hair? She killed her career very well. Never heard her name till this video

  6. Her husband looks like every other guy. He doesn’t have a unique look and to bash someone on tv in front of everyone ? Shitty attitude, shitty music, shitty boring personality.

  7. I only k ow her for singing on that 1 LMFAO song that wasnt a hit. So what does that tell you? Exactly. She wont make it across the pond in AMERICA. And her husband is basic.

  8. She could’ve just acknowledged that this guy looks like her husband and left it alone. I’m sure that he was inspired by her husband and just tried to make a good first impression. That was so tacky and corny of her to attack him like that.

  9. I don't know whether I feel glad about this witch being fired or of I feel triggered by comments saying her husband is a "generic white man." Y'all bastards need Jesus.

  10. This reminds me of when I was in highschool and some kids thought they invented skinny jeans and anyone else who wore them was copying them >.<

  11. Omg…I don't know her and her husband but I felt so sorry for the contestant…no one deserves such a bad behavior…maybe he was a big fan…that "lady" is the only disgusting person there. This is humiliation…I feel embarrassed for HER!

  12. I love the way the other two judges were just sitting back watching, it's like they were saying go ahead and kill your careers we didn't like you anyway.

  13. her husband is not the only person who can wear, what the guy wear and her husband is not the FIRST person, who made that outfit. the husband and her is INSULTING the contestant (sorry about my spelling and grammar, im not PERFECT OK?)

  14. this makes me upset like he didn’t even do anything to her and she’s being really mean to him for no reason >_<

  15. She's no Simon Cowell that's for sure. When that hole under her nose opens up, all it spews is diarrhea, & the husband's lapping it up !

  16. The whole thing was so absurd it felt staged. They probably asked Natalia to say something stupid for ratings but it backfired so bad it destroyed her carreer

  17. How they could humiliate a person in front all the audience and all the people watched on their tv? And they are children watching the show. They are showing their true colours and who they really are.
    And yes , maybe it was planned by the production that he was dress up like that and could not be his fault, and you can see his teary eyes.

  18. ohhh the gentleman on the stage hot…his husband Moone…he' s jaw really liked a moon hahaha Consitted couple!

  19. So this 14 yr old looking goth is telling us panic at the disco copies her husband? Somebody plz choke her to dead that mans on the stage was absolutely gorgeous and amazing.

  20. What an awful pair! I'd of been honoured if someone wants to look like me! It would show I was doing something right 😁

  21. Does she really think that the guy gives a sh*t about her husband. He came to the auditions not knowing even who she is…😕

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