This is why you should NOT study a Law Degree…

– What’s up guys, it’s Rowan
here from Art of Smart TV. And when I ask students,
what do you want to do with your life when you finish school, one of the most common
answers students give me is I wanna study a law degree. And right now I’m standing in front of Sydney University’s Law School. And I actually attended here as a student. And I loved my experience of studying law at Sydney University. But despite this, I’m
actually gonna be sharing with you why you should
not study a law degree. That’s right, why you should not. I know that sounds controversial, but let’s jump in and find out why. (upbeat rock music) So when I decided to study a law degree, I thought it had amazing career prospects. Lots of jobs, great salary. But it turns out, I was incredibly wrong. First of all, there’s
currently about 15,000 students that graduate every year around Australia with a law degree, so that’s a lot. But if we put this in the bigger picture, there’s about 50,000 students that study a law degree in Australia each year. Even more. And then what’s really,
really, crazy about all of this is that there’s currently only about 66,000 practicing
solicitors in Australia. So what we actually have happening here is there is a huge, huge, over
supply of legal graduates. So it means that when you
graduate with a law degree and you go out to find a job,
there’s not a lot of work available as a lawyer. It’s incredibly, incredibly, competitive. The government predicts maybe
there’ll be 5,000 new jobs created in the legal industry
over the next four years. And that’s 45,000 students graduating over the next four years,
four maybe 5,000 new jobs. So, first of all, the employment
prospects are nothing like what I thought and believed
when I picked the degree. So what about salaries? Is that a good reason to become a lawyer? Well if you look at, they give you the average salary that lawyers in Australia earn, and the average salary is about $70,000. Which is, you know, okay. The total range that give is anywhere from $48,000 to $117,000 on the high end. But being frank, the reality
is for the amount of hours that you’re going to need to
work, for the amount of time that you’re spending working as a lawyer, the returns really aren’t there in terms of the salary
that you’re getting. In fact, you’d probably be
better off becoming a teacher. That’s right. Most people don’t think of teachers being necessarily well paid,
but when you compare it to what a lawyer earns,
teachers end up earning in a very similar range,
in the sort of 70 to 110 $120,000 range, and, guess what? You get three months holiday each year and incredibly rewarding work. So, something to think about
here is that you shouldn’t be studying a law degree if number one, you think it’s gonna have
great career prospects, and number two, you shouldn’t
be studying a law degree if you think it’s also gonna provide you with a fantastic salary. There is a third reason
why you shouldn’t study a law degree, and, I think
because there’s so many students that study it, often
one of the reasons to study a law degree is, well,
I’ll do a commerce degree and I’ll add the law
degree to differentiate me. Or I’ll do an engineering
or a law, engineering, arts, or science degree and I’ll
add law to differentiate me. And if so many students
are doing a law degree, 50,000 students studying one right now. Doing a law degree adds
no differentiation. In fact, it’s almost become
like studying an arts degree, the default thing that you do. So, there’s some reasons why you should not study a law degree. But, there are some still
very good reasons why you should think about
studying a law degree. So let’s look at what those might be. So here’s three reasons
though, why you should think about doing a law degree. And the first reason is that
a law degree teaches you how to think and problem solve. The whole structure of the entire degree is about giving you real world problems and then equipping you with
legal frameworks and principles to be able to look at
both sides of an issue. And that’s an incredibly powerful problem solving skill
that you can take into so many different
careers across your life. So, studying a law degree can be really powerful for that reason. The second reason, is that if
you’re genuinely passionate about the role that law
plays in the world around us, and it’s ability to make a
difference on people’s lives, then you should 100% study a law degree because you’re doing it
for the right reasons. You’re doing it because you
have a real passion for it, not because you think it’ll
differentiate yourself or because it’ll give you a
great career with lots of pay, which we know, isn’t true. And the third and final
reason why you should consider doing a law degree, is
because at the end of the day, our lives touch upon the
law every day, all the time. So it’s an incredibly practical
degree that can actually improve the interactions
that you have with the people around you and in lots
of different careers. And what I mean by this
is, when I was studying my law degree and I realized
I didn’t want to be a lawyer, I decided to pick subjects
that were really practical. Advanced contract law, intellectual
property law, media law, subjects that would make a
real difference no matter what I did in my career and in my life. So, there’s three powerful
reasons why you should pick and study a law degree at university. If you’ve got more questions
about studying a law degree, leave them in the comments below. I’d love to be able to
help you make the decision on whether or not you’re gonna
study a law degree or not. Secondly, if you want to
know about different degrees, leave it in the comments below as well. Let us know what degrees
you’re wanting to get the real, honest sort of truth about and
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  1. Hi 🙂 I am currently incredibly interested in doing International Relations/Studies as well as a Law degree after Year 12. My main interest is in International Studies but am still incredibly passionate about studying law. How helpful will these two degrees be if I were interested in a career in foreign affairs, or in the United Nations etc? I am also involved in politics and becoming a politician is a highly intriguing possible career path for me, and was hoping that these two degrees would be highly relevant and useful to a future in politics?

  2. Hi so i was consisdering doing a laws and psych dual degree but only doing law ot differentiate me… perhaps not after this vid haha thank you for informing me. i was wondering what about psychology and commerce? im wanting ot go into hr and possibly becoming an organisational psychologist after getting some experience in the hr field 🙂 cheers!

  3. Maybe consider doing a video on occupational therapy (or maybe other allied health degrees like physio, speech pathology, diagnostic radiography)?

  4. My dream job is to be a lawyer…. So I can't listen to your reasons.
    My plan is to study and get an international uni transfer to America, so I'm not underpaid as a lawyer like Australia.. In America, the first year is 160,000$ usd.
    It's not all about the money.

  5. I don't believe comparing teaching and law, in 2017 41,000 teachers unemployed in NSW and those three months you talk about aren't holidays, teachers are planning and working during that time and are not being paid for it, long hours for very little return. Also consider the huge mass scale of casualisation of teaching which affects ones ability to really justify 80hr weeks and the expectation of spending your own income into resources and supplies for school. Lawyering at least process an opportunity to run a local business for yourself and can up your social status, much much better than teaching. In fact, I find the huge deliberate over supply of teaching grads unethical and employees continually changing the goals posts for employment. Please don't compare lawyering to teaching as an example.

  6. I'm considering applying for law as a joint becuase I want to use psychology and/or go into social policy but only one university in England does those two together. From what I've gather so far law seems really practical and current, I would definatly prefer it to learning politics as a whole. But I'm also a naturally slow reader, though my comprehension is good and I can improve on speed. So other than reading law jargon material, how else could I test if I'm capable for the degree even as a joint honour, and what is your general advice on the degree for someone who won't necessarily become a lawyer?

  7. If you want to be a lawyer, go ahead and study law! Follow your passion and the money will come regardless of what people might say. Surround yourself with people that motivate you to accomplish your dreams.

  8. I think learning a language if you want to be a lawyer is useful. What language is highly sought after by firms? Mandarin?

  9. Did some research and it seems like commercial and property law are in demand in Australia. That’s because there’s so much land compared to how many people there are – and a lot of immigration into Australia. So that means, development and construction, which opens up these legal jobs! I mean look at how the cities have developed already, and still are. Your video was very useful, but what do you think about the country’s growth and specific laws in demand? Do you think that construction related laws are opening up (e.g health and safety, commercial property, intellectual property and patent laws?)

  10. 100% agree with his points on crippling oversupply and cruel working conditions in Australias legal industry. It's simply not worth it anymore. I wonder if you have any stats on unemployed grads?

  11. People from the Street would argue your claim of oversupply, they're complaining about under-supply and heightened demand.

  12. Fantastic video mate. You might just have saved me 30k in wasted debt. I'm a finance student looking to 'differentiate' from the pack a bit. That being said, given that there are so many people with a law degree now as you state, surely that would also mean that single degree students such as myself are less desired, given that firms would just employ undergrads with one as opposed to without one?

  13. Dude …i just gave 12th exams ….with non medical as my syream …but now am confused what to do ….plllzz help ….

  14. Hi I'm Maryam from Egypt and how can I stop addiction from my mobile. Really I just wanna leave my mobile for ever 😭. (Notice"my language is not good")

  15. This video was made to reduce those figures of law students so Government can control the job market. Fuck that shit. If you really want it bad. Make sure you lose to no one, get competitive, and ofc survival of the fittest, if you didn’t get that job well you didn’t go out of your way did you ?

  16. What you are doing?
    You said no careier after getting law degree?
    You would told me what we would do after getting law degree

  17. I am currently studying law (this is my channel page if anyone wants to follow my journey) and there is about 5 people I have met in my degree that actually want to practice law. The vast majority don’t even want to become lawyers… Might that have anything to do with the number of graduates compared to jobs?

  18. Im not in a university right now or in 11 th grade. This video demotivates a lot i guess. But guys if u want to be a laweyer, be one❤️ yes there are millions of lawyers in the world. And 90% of them cant find a job at the moment. However who says that u will be one those 90%? U will be one of those 10%. If u want to be a lawyer, be a good one and dont worry ull find a great job with great salary. Im sure that all the students who want to be lawyer loves that job and that what matters the most. Lawyer cant do math:) lawyer does history and languages:))) and we love those subjects by heart. Im still small well not that small but i know that i want be a lawyer. Its my biggest dream:) and believe me nothing can make me change my mind. Were all aware of the negative sides of it, but u can be the successful lawyer 🙂 the one that is better than others! Dont give up on ur dreams go ahead and study that law, this profession is the profession that can change the world:)

  19. i earn more cutting trees! (regrowth to be precise) why is law so prestigious? i work less hours and earn more! i can see how some might see it as changing the world, but at what cost? we have to eat and live! what about those with families? interested to see what others say about law who have degrees in other fields.

  20. Reading books that’s what works knowledge is this day and age the only thing I found good was gain knowledge via reference the world grow the internet is swallowing up all the books to PDF files and books are getting redundant.controlling knowledge is what’s happening.

  21. My sister’s currently studying law, and she’s found a job. I want to follow the same path, but at the same time I’ve realised I only want to do it for the money- not for actually enjoying my career. This video helped me realise that, thank you 🙂

  22. Hey, I'm currently an engineering student in Melbourne, and I want to transfer to Law because I believe I have a passion for law and debating. Would you recommend I do this?

  23. 1 critique and a few positives: first off this video was well done and informative. The only critique I have is I would have liked to learn about Law in different countries as I am a U.S student.

    Also I didn't know teachers were so well paid in Australia. Thank you! Thank you! For the food for thought.

  24. lol teachers making 70-100+? not unless you're a professor at a reputable college. Most teachers around here are starting at 30-40k

  25. I am wanting to get into Business Management. Can you please do a brutal honest answer about the pros and cons of that degree please?

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