There Will Be Quiet – The Story Of Judge (Part 1)


  1. I got curious about this band when a guy at the post office noticed my Black Flag patch when I went to pick up some records and mentioned Judge. I have never quite understood the whole "straight edge" thing. I don't sniff glue myself, but a lot of my heroes are drug and booze guys…A lot of great artists are…That is their trip, who cares? I thought "punk" was supposed to be about individuality…I never did get the self righteous trip…..I dig the "F. You" aspect, and if you don't like the fact that I drink beer, smoke weed, eat steak, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, or even if I did sniff glue, what is it to you? And being a vegetarian of vegan? Are you kidding me? Some good music, but probably one of the weirdest and pompous "scenes" to ever develop….I get the concept of abstaining from druggery if that is your trip…I am a recovering addict and alcoholic myself, but to build a whole scene out of it with such a holier than thou trip to it….I don't get it.

  2. I went to the FUCKIN mall to buy some FUCKIN eggs and FUCKIN milk so that I can FUCKIN make a FUCKIN cake for my FUCKIN wife.

  3. Seems like the younger generations don't have their own version of hardcore, I don't mean the style of music I mean a scene of counter culture.

  4. “straight edge” was a bizarre scene. Punk in general attracted the most cowardly and sheepish people who acted and dressed a certain way to hide their insecurities and weaknesses. A generalization for sure, but somewhat accurate.

  5. Why are they so stoked on a shitty straight edge hardcore band that sounded just like all the other shit straight edge bands if these clowns didn't fUCK with you if you blazed minding your own business. Fuck straight edge bands they were dickheads to everyone if you weren't like them!

  6. God, his story rings so true about the NYHC scene opening up for an outcast kid. I know I can relate to going from a simple question, to a band practice, to having my body battered and my mind blown at a CBGB matinee. I know a lot of us misfits can.

  7. “Like you” shaped my young life. I listened to that song every day for years, and eventually I started a band and we covered that song ourselves at the end of every set. 3000 miles away from New York, and 20 years after it was written, there would still be at least a half dozen kids and maybe even a fully grown ass man or two at the mic screaming along every night. It was amazing, a fucking childhood dream come true. I’m glad to see them getting some acknowledgement for the mark they made on hardcore

  8. Nothing more pissed off than sober people. Doesn’t matter if you’re sxe or not, the music and message is usually on point.

  9. mike is almost as annoying as sick of it all's singer and freddie madball horrible vocailist, john joeseph, roger, hr, are much better performers, and jeff from breakdown slaughters them.

  10. This guy should abandon himself to hard drug addiction.
    It's what his Mom would have wanted.
    Escape from the triviality of reality into the narcosphere.
    Needles and pipes and no more worries.

  11. Nobody around me even understands what hardcore is. My own mother makes fun of me for it but all I know is that it's a sick movement of violent autistic and I love it

  12. Straight Edge kids are the most violent thugs around. Would rather have a show full of drug heads than a bunch of thugs knocking women and others out with elbows.

  13. he has such an intense speaking voice, it's really quite addictive. i wanna listen to him for like 3-4 hours lmao

  14. "They got him down it's three on one , ten of us show , guess who won ?". How many of you have lived that little scenario ? Let me tell you there's not much that's finer in life than seeing or hearing a bunch of your guys coming to the rescue after you've been pummeled and beaten for a couple minutes , fuckin karma time assholes! Anyway, best line in a hardcore song imo. F.C.Skins for life!

  15. I went to my first hardcorepunk show (CIRCLE JERKS) in 1986. I haven't looked back since! I'm almost 48 and I'll be into hardcore, punk, and Oi! until my last breath.

  16. Strife??? Bout the only straight edge band I truly loved.
    An was aware of being straight edge.
    Do something on them…
    Or vision of disorder.


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