There Will Be Quiet – The Story Of Judge (Part 1)

one of the things about great bands is that there’s always a folklore story a myth around the singer judge was a very important band judges a controversial ban I was lucky enough to see judge three times from the beginning it was just super intense and they got better every time and I was like a super fan of strage hardcore it’s ironic but music specifically hardcore saved my life a couple of times the thing about Mike before I actually met him he was already mythical kind of taciturn serious guy kids took his lyrics maybe just too far and people sort of associated judge with violence kids have all this kind of like you know wrong expectations about first of all what he’s about how violent he is he became his character where people made him something that he wasn’t yeah they just pictured this guy with like a baseball bat if you crossed this path with like a joint or a beer he’s got like you don’t beach it yeah it just became it just blew up into this whole thing and then we broke up you know I don’t know exactly why we broke up Mike just disappeared that’s what was so mysterious like you just completely vanished into thin air next thing you know judge just didn’t exist anymore people were just that guy and we love judge you know what in here all these rumors he’s in the Hells Angels yeah face running God it’s just like a biker dude now how can you walk away from something that was so cool you know this was such a great band it was a here and gone I think it was a real head-scratcher and fitting for myself and friends that were like ah we love John well I was I was just born and raised like a Knockaround guy I’ve always I’ve always been like a kind of like a up little kid my mother died when I was like a little leaven or claw she destroyed her heart with pills my father was you know like this hard-working guy you know he’s just like he’s just a hard hard man drank hard at night you know she died on a Saturday it was a massive heart attack that killed her and we’re like sitting in silence and and I know something’s up and he just goes listen I’m going to tell you something I don’t want you to cry I like what like your mom’s dead mom died don’t cry about it so I was alright and I didn’t cry about it now let I grew up with not much tenderness and like room for you know sappiness you get hurt you know suck it up you know don’t be a wimp don’t be a and I made me like this introvert who could like socialize really really good with people and the first thing I remember like actually like enjoying with like listening to the radio eventually moving on to like my brothers record collection going through our record collection like I would listen to every record you know and it wasn’t like I’m going to listen to this song all now I want to hear something else I would just put on that record to listen to that record and I would study the gatefold and I would read all the names of the players they used to listen to it all and just make pretend I just started making attend I was in the band you know then one day I going through the record collection I grab the David Bowie Ziggy Stardust record I don’t know if you’re familiar when you start us and like you know the songs about a band you know like in my little mind I was like now I’m Ziggy Stardust I’m that guitar player he’s you know with the golden hands and constantly like from the time I walked through the door after school till the time my father came home and made me go to sleep I was playing concerts in my room on air guitar you know so basically I was like I don’t need anybody you know I got this world I don’t need anybody else I get to high school and it’s like a torture chamber in there you know like I just don’t fit in like I didn’t know how to like hang out with people and I didn’t know how to talk with people so I was an easy target and every once awhile I see like this like this dude he’s got like you know like this weird haircut it was like wearing a leather jacket or something I had no idea what they were about I just know that there’s not many of them and these people are like making fun of him but he doesn’t even give a yeah and I used to think that was so cool because I was like these guys do that to me and it scares the out of me and I was like man I wish I could be like that dude who he just doesn’t give a it’s just everything bounces off him and then I would see another guy like that and and I got the courage up to be like hey dude what is where are those guys he’s like oh they’re punk rock if you listen to punk rock going what the hell is punk rock and he’s like why don’t you come with us after school my band is practicing and I was like I’m I’m playing it cool but inside the cycle we can be in bands you know like this is great then that weekend they take me to the first matinees like Saturday matinees a cbet right we go and his agnostic front is playing with the first singer John Watson and I was blown away man I just walked away from it going I’m never gonna miss another one of these I don’t care well I could be half dead but I’m gonna make every matinee forever because I was such a loner up kid you know and then all sudden I find this group of loner up kids in New York and now I don’t feel so alone that became my family like that whole scene that whole city it became my reason for like living because I just wanted it to be got it I gotta be alive so I can make it to the matinee on Saturday anybody have to toughen up yeah boy I wrote this next song a long time ago when I wasn’t in a band I wrote it about a family member I’m just doing it get her together it all ended when she was too up protect her six-year-old daughter from the friends she decided to party with this song is called in my way that song in my way was the song that I wrote that line about my cousin something had happened with my little niece because of her mother and dope a right or wrong I remember saying for what she has done I wish those drugs would just kill her before I get my hands on her that’s the line in the song those drugs are going to kill you if I don’t get to you first that’s like a awful thing to think about anybody and then I’m thinking about it and it’s my own blood you know I’m hoping that what that lyric is really written about no one else that has had to go through that it’s just the truth of the matter is the pain behind it all is overwhelming I just keep reminding myself is yell yelling screaming as early as I can remember there was a booze everywhere in my in my house my my father was a big drinker I can’t even remember how old I was when I first snuck you know bottle of booze from my dad’s cabin tell it what I mean the booze wasn’t even in a cabinet it was just lined up on on the table in the corner you know I started drinking at a at a very early age it was just a normal thing it gave me confidence and I stuck with that and then like I guess the most pivotal moment for me I went into City by myself and was a weeknight like a Wednesday or Thursday night and a show at CBGB’s when I got down to CBS I walked across the street the bodega I bought like whatever bottle of booze I have enough money for and proceeded to get like annihilated and most of it is a blur but I must have did something wrong because I got I got the kicked out I just remember I kind of like shaking my head you know shaking the cobwebs off I was on the floor in this little dark corner of CDs fat lip and screwed up nose black eyes it you know nodded up head bells going off in my head you know it just I’m up there was no straightedge there was no straightedge scene I didn’t even know this that you know I haven’t even heard my thread but I just knew that I was never going to get handled like that again and first step in doing it was no drinking no drinking no drugs now is the beginning because of that asking I take the bus home and I’m walking down this long road as I was walking and I see this car it’s like Camaro the tell-tale sign of his jock asshole usually I stare at the ground trying not to make eye contact because I was afraid of me they all seemed bigger than me they all seemed meaner than you know just like tough but for some reason I just look at this card I look right at a magical muck and then it dawned on me that wasn’t afraid of this guy because four or five hours ago I was getting the kicked out of me by this like 250 pounds tattooed mania you know yeah a mohawk and leather jacket with daggers and spike sticking out of it all sudden this truck from jock and a varsity jacket ain’t so scary now you know they get a car and they look at me and they’re like what’s up and I and I look at him like you know what they look a lot smaller today you know I mean that was it but I did turn red everything changed after that I was on like such a different set of tracks by the time I wanted to start judge things that happened earlier on in my life with the switch I wasn’t so much afraid of being heard you know I wanted to that caused a ruckus right you got dough you


  1. I got curious about this band when a guy at the post office noticed my Black Flag patch when I went to pick up some records and mentioned Judge. I have never quite understood the whole "straight edge" thing. I don't sniff glue myself, but a lot of my heroes are drug and booze guys…A lot of great artists are…That is their trip, who cares? I thought "punk" was supposed to be about individuality…I never did get the self righteous trip…..I dig the "F. You" aspect, and if you don't like the fact that I drink beer, smoke weed, eat steak, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, or even if I did sniff glue, what is it to you? And being a vegetarian of vegan? Are you kidding me? Some good music, but probably one of the weirdest and pompous "scenes" to ever develop….I get the concept of abstaining from druggery if that is your trip…I am a recovering addict and alcoholic myself, but to build a whole scene out of it with such a holier than thou trip to it….I don't get it.

  2. I went to the FUCKIN mall to buy some FUCKIN eggs and FUCKIN milk so that I can FUCKIN make a FUCKIN cake for my FUCKIN wife.

  3. Seems like the younger generations don't have their own version of hardcore, I don't mean the style of music I mean a scene of counter culture.

  4. “straight edge” was a bizarre scene. Punk in general attracted the most cowardly and sheepish people who acted and dressed a certain way to hide their insecurities and weaknesses. A generalization for sure, but somewhat accurate.

  5. Why are they so stoked on a shitty straight edge hardcore band that sounded just like all the other shit straight edge bands if these clowns didn't fUCK with you if you blazed minding your own business. Fuck straight edge bands they were dickheads to everyone if you weren't like them!

  6. God, his story rings so true about the NYHC scene opening up for an outcast kid. I know I can relate to going from a simple question, to a band practice, to having my body battered and my mind blown at a CBGB matinee. I know a lot of us misfits can.

  7. “Like you” shaped my young life. I listened to that song every day for years, and eventually I started a band and we covered that song ourselves at the end of every set. 3000 miles away from New York, and 20 years after it was written, there would still be at least a half dozen kids and maybe even a fully grown ass man or two at the mic screaming along every night. It was amazing, a fucking childhood dream come true. I’m glad to see them getting some acknowledgement for the mark they made on hardcore

  8. Nothing more pissed off than sober people. Doesn’t matter if you’re sxe or not, the music and message is usually on point.

  9. mike is almost as annoying as sick of it all's singer and freddie madball horrible vocailist, john joeseph, roger, hr, are much better performers, and jeff from breakdown slaughters them.

  10. This guy should abandon himself to hard drug addiction.
    It's what his Mom would have wanted.
    Escape from the triviality of reality into the narcosphere.
    Needles and pipes and no more worries.

  11. Nobody around me even understands what hardcore is. My own mother makes fun of me for it but all I know is that it's a sick movement of violent autistic and I love it

  12. Straight Edge kids are the most violent thugs around. Would rather have a show full of drug heads than a bunch of thugs knocking women and others out with elbows.

  13. he has such an intense speaking voice, it's really quite addictive. i wanna listen to him for like 3-4 hours lmao

  14. "They got him down it's three on one , ten of us show , guess who won ?". How many of you have lived that little scenario ? Let me tell you there's not much that's finer in life than seeing or hearing a bunch of your guys coming to the rescue after you've been pummeled and beaten for a couple minutes , fuckin karma time assholes! Anyway, best line in a hardcore song imo. F.C.Skins for life!

  15. I went to my first hardcorepunk show (CIRCLE JERKS) in 1986. I haven't looked back since! I'm almost 48 and I'll be into hardcore, punk, and Oi! until my last breath.

  16. Strife??? Bout the only straight edge band I truly loved.
    An was aware of being straight edge.
    Do something on them…
    Or vision of disorder.


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