“The Tunnel Battle” ‘Justice League’ Behind The Scenes [+Subtitles]

(GRUNTING) (c; ROWL5) HIROTA: The tunnel battle, you have Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash and Cyborg. We built a pretty large set.
This is supposed to be the remnants of a transit system that would run
between Metropolis and Gotham. But it’s sort of abandoned. So we had
three separate environments built over there in London. One for the lower tunnel set, one for
the catwalk that they jump across, and one for the machine room where SteppenwoIf’s holding
the scientists hostage. GADOT: He’s already here
on action when I land. Yeah, you overlap.
You overlap your landing. And then you turn,
you watch Batman land. Batman walks forward
when he punches Flash. HUTHART: We’re close to about
50 feet off the groundand it’s tricky ’cause
one of our characters
is on a wire because he fires
his grapple gun and swings. So what you’ve gotta do there
is show that he’s on a wire which is what we always try not to do’cause you never want people
to believe they’re on
awire,if that makes sense,
when they’re doing something. And our other character has to leap
as if she’s doing it all by herself and nothing’s helped her. So, that was quite
an interesting process for us. -For this angle, don’t go quite so low.
-Okay. If you go too low,
I can’t see you. HIROTA: Steppenwolf and Parademons were
all played primarily by stunt performers in performance capture suits,
so then we had to replace them with CG versions of those characters. MULCASTER:
The anatomy of the characters that we designed didn’t actually match
real life humans, so we had Steppenwolf.
He was a nine-foot alien. And then these Parademons
with these giant arms, these massive hands,
so we had to upscale everything in order to match
these alien creatures. We have families. Why does everyone keep telling me that? (GRUNTING) Probably the biggest VFX model
we did in the tunnel battle is The Flash assisting Wonder Woman
with her sword. The Flash takes off by jumping over
a rail and starts running down the wall. He has a different sense of
linear time than humans and you immediately have a complication’cause The Flash moves
at one speed of time.
And because we ‘re moving with him,
then everything needs to be frozen.
We madeaconceit in this movie ’cause
we thought it was more interesting
that in the frozen time we would
keep things slightly moving, as opposed to freezing it 100%. Trying to get the idea that
because The Flash moves so fast, the impression of The Flash for a human,
it’s almost as if he teleports around. When you’re gonna get shot,
remember, it’s like a circle so you kind of came in like that. – You would have come from…
– MILLER: Right, yep, yep. And I would have, like,
started tumbling, right? Yeah, you would have probably
rolled into it. -MAN: Action.
-(GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) The neat thing sort of
about Flash in his effects are… I mean we absolutely are using
state-of-the-art software and computers to do his effects, but largely the attitude
and the style of them are sort of a throwback to more
hand-drawn lightning and animation. The electrical discharges
on The Flash’s body. It became a lot more satisfying
if we were able to pick and choose what happened when by hand. HOWISON: Computer procedural
solutions are random. Lightning just… (MIMICS LIGHTNING) It goes off and look at it,
it looks random. So when we draw this stuff,
it’s all motivated by Ezra. His actions, he’s moving and
anticipating, so you find a story from his performance and then use that
to take the lightning this way and that way. So in that sense it seems
a lot like pure chaos with an underlying human touch to it.


  1. Snyder's direction visuals and storytelling are awesome. Creative work isn't understableable to everyone and critics don't like creative work that's the problem.
    Throw some money and they would praise any kind of lame shit..

  2. Cyborg – “I heard about you. Didn’t think you were real.”
    Batman – “I’m real when it’s useful.”

    I miss Zack.

  3. I was 200% sure that the scene where the Flash pinched WW's sword was directed by the King of Slow-mo Zack Snyder ❤️

  4. I love it when we get to see the magic that gets put into these movies. Something about it thats so freakin cool!

  5. The colouring at 1:21 is sooooooooo much better

    Why the fuuuuuuuuck do they always insist on ruining the natural colors in these films??? why aim for particular colors of costumes just to drown in out in blue or orange

  6. That flash time was pretty nice. Too bad it is probably not going to be a lot of it happening in flashpoint if they try to make it match the comic or the flashpoint animated movie I saw.

  7. So there is its for everyone who complained whedon made the flash fall for a funny gag, it was snyder. this movie was unsalvageble, be thankfull for what you got

  8. Situation suspend vision environmental colony thousand battle bike develop awareness appearance fail wrong.

  9. One of the only scenes that was mostly kept the same. The other 85% of the movie was reshot to shit. I still cannot believe what they did. It’s like they were trying to make it worse. Pandering to the mcu simps. Didn’t work. Now you lost the real fans too WB. RELEASE THE SNYDER CUT.

  10. So… WB gives the order to cut frames (WW going through the wall) from the movie and then leave them in the behind the scenes?

  11. What a great team what a great movie it have been. Still thow its a good movie . Haters will be alweys hate what they dont understent

  12. The CGI artist said in an interview that after they watched the abomination that was Henry cavill's cgi moustache they said to each other wtf is that.

  13. The snyder cuts wouldn't do the movie that great of "justice". It was a turd for the most part and whedon came in and just made it shinier. I know the studio ruined the movie for us, but even when zack was in full control he still fell short.

  14. And what a bad movie this was. The watchmen was a classic and that's how Zach should have brought justice league up.

  15. So wat ????? Look at the garbage cgi porn . "I know mother yes mother" . What a disgrace to the reputation of dc animation and comics built by talented directors like Paul Dini and Bruce Timm , Lauren Montogomery.

  16. Who the F told him to run like that! Is that how your mommy let you run! Are you a Little girl? No?! Of course not, because little girls don’t run like idiots!

  17. So he ran like that on a treadmill?! Why didn’t they correct his running? He looked so stupid in the movie like he is constantly going to fall.

  18. So what possessed Ezra Millar to decide to run like he's retarded when at super speed. I sh!t you not. When I was growing up I had a neighbor who ran just like he does. She was retarded.

  19. The awkward moment when the movie is so bland and forgettable you read this title and your first thought is "there was a tunnel fight!?!?!"

  20. Love flash visuals. Haven't seen the movie though I have seen behind the scenes of Snyder. It's funny you don't see Josh Whedon behind the scenes even though majority of the movie was managed by him and left at the cutting floor. I guess shift the blame to innocent director, am I right bonus loving WB?

  21. Wht does it matters dc flopped n broken our heart 😠😠😠😠zack snyder us an idiot n ben affleck is a dumpass who ruined the batnan 4 ever!!

  22. Ben affleck useless, he's wearing the batsuit only when he stands, fighting scenes are done by stunts. #Shitbatman, Bale was way better

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