The Supreme Court’s Ruling on Obama Health Care Explained

Part of Obamacare is that everyone who
can afford health care but doesn’t buy it gets penalized with a fine. We call
this the individual mandate. Well many states sued the federal
government, saying hey, you don’t have the power to force us to buy something. I mean, if you make us buy health care then you
can make us buy anything, like broccoli or Beanie Babies, and we don’t want the
government forcing us to buy Beanie Babies. The Obama administration defended Obamacare,
saying the Congress does have the power to make you buy something, because
they have the power to regulate commerce, like it says right here in this article
of the Constitution. You see, when this was written in the
Constitution, it was back in the colonial days, and there were certain colonies
that were adding these huge taxes for products that were passing through them, making it unaffordable for this colony to
trade with that colony, and the federal government wanted the
power to be able to stop that. Okay, so with that in mind, the Supreme
Court had to decide whether they had the power through this
commerce clause to mandate that you buy health care. Four Supreme Court justices said, yep, four said, no, and Roberts in the middle, he said, well
as much as I don’t like Obamacare, yeah, it’s legal. But it’s not legal because
Congress has the power to regulate commerce–in other words, Congress can’t
make you buy something. Rather, Congress has the power to tax people. So think of
this fee as really just a tax. It’s like taxing gas, or property, or
anything else. You’re just being taxed for not being insured. Here’s how much the tax costs, and the penalty for not paying is pretty minimal. So starting in 2014, if you don’t
buy health insurance for yourself either because, hey, you’re healthy, you don’t need
it, or because you want to spend your money on something else, or really for whatever reason you don’t buy it, you will have to pay this tax. And this makes you wonder, what else
might Congress one day tax us for not doing…. So Obamacare is now officially deemed legal
by the highest court in the land, but it’s still controversial. So what do you think of the supreme
court ruling?


  1. This is almost like saying the government can tell be to buy a 2 billion mansion. And say I was a hobo. Tuff life for the hobo

  2. If Apple had its way, it would tax us for not buying their premium products. Their defence? It made them for a better society!

  3. Cry all you want kids, but federal health care is working in plenty of other countries. I know, it sucks being dragged kicking and screaming out of the dark ages, doesn't it?

  4. The US has several socialized programs already. The military is the biggest one, not to mention police and fire fighters. None of those organizations turn a profit and are paid for by the entire country. Why aren't you crying about those organizations leading the US to communism?

  5. We are all a little biased (actually probably a lot biased). That is why we are debating. But in debate, you need to answer the points that I make (unless you are surrendering). And you haven't for my last message.

  6. Bah! I apoligize, I thought I actually had a different comment there.

    You're right, No-fault here needs to cover bodily injury and such. I used the no-fault law as a loose comparison, while healthcare and health insurance isn't as cut and dry.

    I see the healthcare reform as an attempt to keep a healthy citizenship up. Families who haven't been insured thinking they didn't need it quickly fell into debt when faced with heavy medical bills. In comparison, Insurance is affordable to injury.

  7. OK–here's episode 2.. Mr Jetski Got-better-things-to-do-with-my-moneyski gets run over by a truck. We can a) let him bleed to death in the middle of the road or we can b) call an ambulance and see that he is given the best possible treatment. Most people would prefer B. But there's a problem—someone has to pay. Mr Jetski can't cover the sky high medical bills . So who's will it be? Of course–everyone else. Mr. Jetski is happy. Freeloaders unite–defeat Obamacare!

  8. So my thought is that if they want people to buy health insurance that much than they should make sure that the insurance costs less than the tax that you would have to pay if you chose not to get it. I DO NOT MEAN BY MAKING THE TAX REALLY HIGH. In fact I mean the oppisite they should make sure that the insurance is SO reasonable in cost that it is cheaper to get it than to pay the tax. Example you pay $100 yearly for the insurance (inexpensive) but you'd have to pay $200 a year if you didn't.

  9. That could be the the dumbest argument I have yet to hear. It costs money to make healthcare affordable the government would have to pay the hospital the difference in the cost of healthcare so that the hospital would not go bankrupt. The government then needs to find somewhere to get that money from. Where does the government get money? TAXES. So taxes would end up being raised anyway. =( sorry to rain on your parade.

  10. Well im from canada so im pretty biased about this. Right now it seems like most people in america are against it but so was universal healthcare when first introduced to canada. I hope obamacare gets passed.

  11. I would agree that health reform can be useful and we can always look to improve it. No health system is perfect.

    I do not believe this monstrosity is the answer though.

  12. With big bills like this one, it may take several years for us to see the effects of the change in a positive light. The bill passed, found constitutional. And likely, it will be overturned by a administration down the line through a vote. I don't think it's worth saying it's a monstrosity, as it's a harsh word to be using that is both good and bad points to it. Forced Insurance for all is hard to swallow, But for those who need it, but couldn't get it before. Think about how it effects them

  13. I am not calling it a monstrosity as a good or bad thing. I am calling it a monstrosity because it is so huge, that the ordinary person cannot get through it. Even Congress did not know what was in it when it passed (remember Ms. Pelosi's comment).

  14. I love ObamaCare. I just don't like the fact that it's mandate cause the government shouldn't force you what to buy.

  15. Epipheo. I love your channel. You guys talk about a lot of great topics. And I would love you guys to make a video about War or conflicts like that. If you guys would, thank you.

  16. I happen to know that 24% of every dollar we spend on healthcare goes to administrative costs I know that in Germany and Taiwan that number is only 6%. If someone would get off thier ass and fix that problem then we would have more than enough to cover everyone in the country for healthcare. That is not from me that is from Germany's leader in healthcare and he is an economist as well. Just because I did not state that before you think I am dumb maybe you should read my transcripts. 🙂

  17. your math is still off. If you eliminated all the 24% administrative costs then a hundred thousand dollar surgery still costs 76,000 dollars. WoW that is so much more affordable!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I used to think taiwan was great too, then i met someone from there and he told me how bad it really is.) I am not sure that you quite understand the cost of a surgery. Insurance companies would not provide insurance for $200 dollars a month.

  18. Where do you get the best medical care in the world? The united states. Germany and taiwans medicine is not the caliber of our medicine. Their medicine is fine for most things and perfectly adequete and i am sure at least Germany has better medication in some areas than the US but overall the united states has the best medicine. And FIX it YOURSELF you can post pointless stuff all you want on youtube and you WILL NEVER BE HEARD. Dont complain about them not fixing the administration costs;

  19. acc in new zealand is what obama care is, it works fine here , pay a tax and your covered for everything accidental. no accidents that set you back 10 years financially

  20. americans are great. getting upset because the government wants everyone to have healthcare and punishing people that don't chip in for what is good for everyone. I'll never understand that logic.

  21. If you use logic like that then, congress has the right to tax the living sh!t out of everybody. This is why ammendments can be made to the Constitution, to fix these loop holes.

  22. I think the bigger issue is that our constitution is way over expired. I understand that America is afraid of change and likes its tradition but that is no excuse. Our constitution was written for a different age with different problems. If we base todays problems and advances with theirs, we will never get anywhere.

  23. I think health care for everyone is good, but the way obama does it is definitely wrong. in my homecountry (germany) everybody has to have health insurance, and it's just illegal not to have it. If you can't afford it, then you don't have to pay for it: most people don't really need the insurance because the don't get ill that often. But the insurance companies (which are supported by the state) have to pay for you if you don't have the money; noone looses everything just because of an accident.

  24. But I trust you that you are aware of the fact that Germany income tax is much higher compared to the States? Go figure.

  25. Because people are so different now than they were back then, right? Politicians were much less honest and forthright then, but now we can trust them to rewrite the basic foundations of our freedoms and liberties. You'll have to excuse me for not being okay with that.

  26. What about on new car safety features? Nice way to spur the economy. Pay a tax unless you have a care with certain safety features.

  27. People WERE way different back then and times are different too. As for trust, thats a tricky situation we already trust them to legislate and run everything and even if we are unhappy about it we deal with it. Obviously its a self correcting situation ALL of them are not going to agree to take away our rights get me, idk if im explaining it well

  28. But don't we already pay taxes for medicaid which helps people who can't afford private health care? isn't this just another tax?

  29. Do we? Or do we just pick one or the other because there is no other choice? They obviously don't run everything correctly. So, we have a document that has held us in relatively good stead in one hand, and a collection of people who have a pretty spotty record of governance in the other. Record spending, compulsory purchasing laws, the PATRIOT act (Which Obama extended) that has fun things like roving wiretaps, library record retrieval, warrantless searches, etc. You mean those people, right?

  30. Well when you think about it either way the government already has the power to amend if they were so inclined to do so they could go off and amend the bill of rights if it was truly a conspiracy. But it isnt and we already trust them with this power why dont we just revisit the constitution every so often? Im not saying to scrap the thing obviously some things hold true but we have brand new issues that are hard for the courts to figure if they are constitutional because of this very reason.

  31. No, they could not amend the Bill of Rights. They'd have to first get a full 2/3rds majority in each house, and then 3/4ths of all the State legislatures must ratify the agreement. It is because these are foundational concepts of our nation and not to be changed lightly. It's difficult to alter on purpose. If you really think giving politicians the power to change your fundamental rights and protections whenever they deem it necessary or politically expedient…all I can say is good luck to you.

  32. Im saying that if there WAS a conspiracy to fuck us over they would have done it. But for the same reasons they dont do it now they wont do it when we revise the constitution. It would take tremendous amounts of arguing and debating to change it to come to a consensus on what is best for everyone. I think under the right regulations it would work

  33. i think k it legal but is it right like what if you are poor and cant buy it so Obamacare is legal but still is it right

  34. I think Republicans are bad at choosing Supreme Court nominees to carry forward their values to the Supreme Court. When Democrats have a triple crown, we get the partisan Ginsburg. Most Americans hate her opinions. When Republicans have a triple crown, we get someone who never issued an opinion in his entire career and believed in a living constitution. It's worth taking the hit in popularity today to get a judge with your jurisprudence philosophy on the Court tomorrow as this ruling shows.

  35. fundamental freedoms are what is at stake…the constitution is as good today as when it was written..Corrupt politicians and corrupt policies are the problem..The constitution cannot be destroyed but it can be left behind and then no one will have freedom from government dictators..Our freedom doesnt not come from gov therefore gov has no right to dictate our lives..

  36. People don't change,,we all want freedom to make our own choices, freedom to love and be loved, freedom to work where we want, keep what we earn, spend our earnings where and for what we choose, freedom to defend and protect our lives, loved one's homes and property, to feel safe, grow, live, and to pursue happiness..

  37. Boom, pause at 0:35. That's not what the commerce clause EVER meant. "regulate" back in 1787 meant "to rule in court". Meaning, the states decided to allow the feds to have authority over state disputes regarding commercial activity. morons. Ron Paul or die

  38. alright good points. But still you have to at least agree that today's problems are infinitely different than ones in the 1700, and the constitution cannot solve these problems. There must be a better way that we could all agree based off the constitution.

  39. Every house must have a solid foundation.. .Within a house there are many rooms,,within a family there are many personalities, everything works together for the good as long as the foundation remains solid, the house stands and everyone is safe..

  40. we have maori and pacific islanders but we dont see them as aliens seeing as europeans only came here 150 years ago, the general consensus is that this is not one races land, america would be wise to think the same

  41. …aaand by that definition the government is already "forcing" you to buy dinner for every single person employed by the state, and a lot of other things like roads etc. Comparing the well being of the people to a product – It pains me to say this, but only in america.

  42. In my opinion, obamacare is care for obama, no Us. I can't wait till he's out of office, as u would a criminal that robbed your house

  43. this is just an example of the government having to much power and over taxing the American public

  44. In Norway we all get taxed. And that includes helthcare. If some thing happends to me i don't need to pay a million dollars. Becouse i pay taxes. If you dont pay taxes you will still get covered buy the state. And if you think you guys in the us pay high taxes? I pay 36% of my income in taxes. And 25% of the money i spend when i buy stuff will go to det state.


  45. The broccoli tax is kind of a joke, but I don't think it's too far out there.

    Not everyone agrees what the government's job really is, but there's quite a few people (myself included) that agree the governments purpose is to benefit mankind. Education, healthcare, living standard etc. One of the ways to do that is to tax things to make them less appealing. Plenty of countries do it for liquor and tobacco.

    So yeah, I think this is exactly the right thing for a government to do.

  46. obamacare is really just free healthcare that u get cause someone had to be taxed more by the government so the government could get more money to pay for that free health care

  47. So we are Robin Hood now, steal from the middle class to feed the poor. Dependance on this bill removes discomfort which is the psychological characteristic that is needed for change within an individual. Pain and discomfort is the motivation to succeed for most. So when you remove this pain and discomfort you remove the motivation to lift yourself out of your current situation, it becomes easier to live in your situation then it is to find the motivation to change thus keeping you down.

  48. Very few will get "free" healthcare. Perhaps, at most, 20% of the population. The rest of the population will probably see an increase in rates.

  49. Just because that's the way it is doesn't mean it's right. Just in the same way I wouldn't force you to pay for something that I thought was beneficial for you, I don't think it's right for the majority or the state through governmental power to force others to buy healthcare.

    This is the most basic form of ethics we've learned since Kindergarten, and it still applies, believe it or not.

  50. This view is quite modern. Governments have the worst record ever of providing "good things" for their citizens.

    "Rummel estimates that there have been 262 million victims of democide in the last century. According to his figures, six times as many people have died from the actions of people working for governments than have died in battle."

    The free market, on the other hand, while not perfect, has a promising history. And yet we squelch it with federal mandates, taxation, regulation

  51. This may be true, but we most consider other factors. The US pays more on military than the rest of the modernized world combined. Who really pays for it? The American citizens. That's why taxes are so high.

    Taxation does not equal prosperity, but when you compare apples to oranges (like comparing Sweden to the US) you get misleading results.

  52. I love yor videos guys but I'm dissapointed with this one, you should avoid being so bias when you "inform" people. You are not FOX News. :S

  53. I thought that Obamacare was like a state healthcare system for the poor. I had no idea all it did was make people purchase health insurance. That is such a stupid, useless law. Normally I hate Republicans, but I'm with them on opposing this. If Mr Obama wishes to improve healthcare in the US, he should peer over to us in Europe and see the solution.

  54. It should be noted that the commerce clause is located under Article I, Section 8 and not under Article II, Section 8 as stated in the video. Further, Article II has only 4 sections. 

  55. First of all, Obamacare does a bunch of other stuff besides tax for noncooperation, so it does not work under the Tax Clause. Furthermore, it was not passed as a tax. According to the Constitution, taxes have to originate in the House, and Obamacare originated in the Senate. And it doesn't work under the Commerce Clause either, 1) because it does more than force people to buy things, and 2) because the Constitution specifically says "between the several states"…it's talking about INTERSTATE commerce, not commerce in general.

  56. @Ziggle21 not sure where my comment is that my math is off on considering I do not believe I did any math. I believe what I simply said about the 24% in administartive costs is that a FAMOUS Economist (NOT ME) said that if we could reduce the current 24% we use in administrative costs to 12% (which other countries like Tiwan, Germany, Japan etc… are at aruond 6% administartive costs) then our country would have MORE than enough money to provide Universal Heathcare for the whold country. THat means no one would have to pay for ANY surgery it would be convered the same way it is in EVERY other industrialized nation in the WORLD.

  57. How'sabout paying for our healthcare out of our taxes, instead of using our taxes to pay their salaries…that'd be a fresh idea. 

  58. The firs time in American history citizens are taxed for not purchasing a product. Lets all sit back and think about that for a moment.

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