The Story of Steppenwolf | Justice League

Albert I’m pretty sure that what made the alien go crazy -i will see about bringing something to the suit ….it will be quick -anything give me an edge you know i paid million of dollars so this building security -yeah , it looks expensive -hi -a new toy ? -prototype troop carrier -I once knew a man who would have loved to fly it -yeah, we’re gonna need more than enough pilot I think there’s an attack coming -not coming Bruce, it’s already here they called him Stephen wolf the end of worlds he lived only to concur millions fell before his blade rose again as his parademons nightmare creatures who feed him fear -yeah I think I met one he didn’t made it off -here in gotham -they’re all over looking for his.. …boxes? -the mother boxes -mother boxes I guess Stephen wolf flipped the one your people were guarding, now there’s two more -I’m impressed -don’t be, I have no idea what’s in them weapon, some kind of power -they don’t contain power They ARE power carried from planer to planet, the mother boxes combine to form the unity an apocalyptic power, not only destroys worlds, but transforms them into the primordial house-gate of Stephen wolf’s birth world we should have died but we formed our own unity amazons, atlantians, all the tribes of men fought side by side warriors of legend allies from other worlds even the gods themselves, all acted as one laying down their lives to drag Stephen wolf away self save drove him mad the disgrace of his first retreat he swore our alliance would crumble the darkness would cover the earth and that he would return, when it did left behind, the mother boxes were too dangerous to be kept together one was entrusted to the amazons, one to the atlantians, both sealed and guarded in secure strong holds the box of men was buried in secret, so that no tribe would be tempted use its power over another such harmony out of such horror It was truly an age of heroes -something tells me we’re not getting the band back together -the atlantians were forced under sea, and amazons to an island they can never leave -oh, I wouldn’t count on the tribes of men we tend to act like the doomsday clock as a snooze button how long until -days at most Stephen wolf’s mistake last time was attacking us, we wanted to make the earth kneel before he destroyed us, this time he’ll just go after the boxes -I’ve got a location of one of our recruits, Barry Allen -what about the other one, victor stone -was hoping you would dig him up -we’re asking people we don’t know to risk their lives -I know so lets win


  1. This scene was one of the only good scenes in this movie if only we got a final battle like this it would have been epic like avengers

  2. Steppenwolf: Has spacefaring technology
    Gods: Have thousands of years of knowledge and superhuman intellect
    Everyone: Fights using swords, spears, and arrows.

  3. This and Endgame's final battle look very similar, ships, gods, heroes, united armies fighting for a very valuable but dangerous things, color scheme. They took inspiration for sure.

  4. So ur telling me the first time around it took literal gods and the greatest fighters ever to beat him, and the second time, it took 6 people…..smh marvel is better

  5. How does Zeus’s lightning barely effect Steppenwolf, yet blows the mother boxes apart like nothing… Superman can toss him around like a toy but still needed cyborgs help to pull the boxes apart.. 🤔

  6. Bro In Wonder Woman it says Zeus made the amazons with his dying breath yet the Amazon’s are here and Zeus is perfectly fine

  7. 'they don't contain power they are power' so what's the difference?I don't see how one is that much different from the other.

  8. Well it was nice of them to throw a Green Lantern in as well. At least we know they exist and can hopefully expect to see Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner or John Stewart sometime in the future, provided the DCEU lives that long.

  9. So the amazons and atlantians keep them in secret vaults meanwhile the humans dug a 2 FOOT FUCKING DITCH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST

  10. Dear Dceu,
    Would have killed for you guys to put a Green Lantern in movie ..
    I know he wouldn't have much to do.. like rest of Justice league..
    But still a fucking Cameo was possible..!

  11. Acording to Zack Snyder This battle was much longer at least 10 minutes and Darkseid appears in the Battlefield and fight against Zeus.

  12. Stuffy Wolf? Who's she?

    The DC movie world cannot compare to the DC TV world, especially with the crossover specials every year! Greg Berlanti & Co. made a Justice League event with the crossovers and they've exceeded the blasé films by far and away!

  13. 02:26 Very short but an amazing Green Lantern Corps scene. Green Lantern should be in this movie. Not Cyborg.

  14. Wtf….one shazam can almost defeat superman but cant defeat steppenwolf bruh literally does not makes sense, i know superman is strong but they make him too powerful but maybe because he was revived by a motherbox

  15. How steppenwolf lost a battle that would’ve let him conquer and control earth

    Steppinwolf: ooooooo a glowy thing

  16. It still sucks. You can't remove the suck from this film, this is a textbook example of how not to make a film. The suck in this film is like stage 5 cancer, you're already dead; it's like a category 5 hurricane, it damn near destroys everything. "Green Lantern" was a better film. This was the "Terminator: Genisys" of superhero movies, I lived through the boy band era and I've had kidney stones, this was worse.

  17. There's something comical about Wayne working by himself on this huge, ultra-sophisticated flying machine with just a Channel Lock pliers.

  18. I'm still trying to figure out how one man…maybe two men, can build a transport ship in a cave while I struggle with an IKEA cabinet.

  19. Superman uses full strength to seperate the boxes ,Zues does it with one blow.
    Zues needs an army to defeat Steppenwolf,Superman does it alone without breaking a sweat.

  20. So the first time we see Steppenwolf, he loses his first battle, has a nervous breakdown over a minor tactical retreat, and gets dragged away by like 4 or 5 of his henchmen. And about 20 minutes earlier, we saw Batman effortlessly kill one of his Parademons, which immediately establishes Batman alone–the physically weakest member of the Justice League–could probably take Steppenwolf with a bit of planning.

    This is not how you write a powerful villain. This is like if Infinity War opened with Loki dragging away a drunken, tearful Thanos.

  21. Really? I didn't even know who Steppenwolf was. Of all villains like Brainiac,Darkseid,etc, they chose him? He is a member of Darkseids elite. Its like making Cull Obsidian the main villain of a Avengers movie.

  22. The green lantern movie should open with this battle and then follow the ring as it journeys through space, being passed from lantern to lantern, and then it goes to Abin Sur.

  23. This is probably one of the most big shity movie of all time, you cannot make anything more american type cliché with no imagination on the scenario and empty characters. Fun fact I only saw this clip and the trailer, not even the movie, but this is all it takes to see how lame it is 😂

  24. Setting aside the entirely CGI third act final battle, this was a fun movie. This flashback in particular, while also relying a little too heavily on CGI, was far better than the final battle. I was especially interested in the ancient Greek god with the power of Hadouken, Zeus, I guess. Then they have the actual goddess Diana, odd given that that's WW's alter-ego name.

  25. Everytime I feel down about stuff I load up a few DCCU Movie's scenes. The lulzy fuckfail badness of them makes me laugh like a fool and boosts my morale in a positive way lmao

  26. It took superman and cyborg quite a while just to separate those boxes. 2:55 Dude separated the boxes with a lightning bolt in a second. Is he stronger than superman?

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